Comments from Supporters in 2003 – After Surgery

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew it sounds like you are getting through this and you are such an inspiration to anyone who knows about you! I am so glad you got to have a “mini-winter formal” – you have such awesome friends from LCC!!! But I am not surprised either – there are awesome kids at LCC! Have you found the car of your dreams yet? Your dad makes it sound like you are on a mission to find it! All kidding aside – in due time dear Andrew – the good Lord will provide when it is His perfect time. Keep up the positive attitude and all the hard work – you are always in our prayers!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hello SUPERMAN! i was glad to hear you had such a good time riding around in that limo and of course of what a jokester you are ;). just wanted to say hey and you are doing an amazing job with everything. i’m proud of you along with many others. see ya soon, love ya buddy

Name: Alexis
Comments: Hey Andrew, I didn’t see you at formal, I hope you had a great time. I also hope you had a wonderful Holiday and New Years. I am glad to hear that you are doing better.

Name: Kim
Comments: I haven’t signed this thing in months so I just wanted to say Andrew, you’re one of the craziest people i know and I’m never going to stop eating off your plate.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud. Well, winter quarter of college is officially underway and let me tell you, it’s no cake walk, that’s for sure. I’m glad to hear that you had an awesome time driving around in the limo with your friends on Formal night. Keep fighting bud, I know you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if every now and then it gets shielded for whatever reason. I love ya Andrew.

Name: LCC senior
Comments: We love you Andrew. Keep that chin up… you brighten our day with each smile and each update of progress. You’re rounding the bend, almost there buddy. Stay tough.

Name: Keith, Bonnie and Ryan Regan
Comments: Sending our best wishes and prayers. We are looking forward to seeing you in ’04. All our love, Keith, Bonnie and Ryan

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: HELLLLLLLO SUPERMAN!! how the heck are ya?? just wanted to say hey and hang in there, the chemo is supposed to almost be over! you’re getting there and you have a hell of a story to tell so far. love ya buddy, keep up the good work

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Just saying hi from Mammoth….the kids up here are really trying to prove that I almost canh’t keep up! Sounds like you had a great Christmas…Hang in there…you are one amazing person!

Name: Lily Geisler
Comments: HEY ANDREW!!!! i hope you are doing well…we need to hang out sometime soon! well just know that i am always praying for you, and i’m always here if you need anything! keep wearin’ that smile….LOVE YOU! best wishes. -Lily

Name: Jason “Whitey” White
Comments: Yo Andrew, had a great time with you and your mom and ryan in the hospital for one of your chemo treatments. I love your candor – you tell it like it is, no beating around the bush. keep shooting straight. and don’t forget the boba – that stuff rocks. see you soon! -jason

Name: Schwartz bill,laurie,ali & kev, family
Comments: happy new year andrew, keep up the good work.Glad you enjoyed the steak. Have dad take you to LG’s in Palm Desert for a real prime treat. Make sure he saves up some coin first. You are definitley on a mission to keep your grades up. late.

Name: Deborah & Daniel (from RSF)
Comments: Just wanted to say hi and thank you, Dave, for keeping all of us updated. Your family’s dedication and strength is nothing short of inspirational. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: Simone Turnhout
Comments: hey u sound like a sweetie chat 2 me at xxx

Name: cousin Laurie
Comments: Happy New Year to you! It is a new start for you as you reinvent yourself(your dad,s line). You continue to amaze us with your recovery and healing process.Keep fighting the good fight because you are going to win. We believe in you.God has great plans for you and how great for you to figure it out!!! Love you

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Happy New Year to all of you. The latest news is all good. We are so proud of you Andrew. This is exciting! Tell your Mom, Dad, and Alex that we all said hello. We left a voice message at your house for your Mom. Dave, thank you for the continual updates. Alex, you are a great Big Bro! Andrew, keep doing whatever it is that you are doing…it is working!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Happy New Year Andrew. What a year, huh? I can’t even begin to describe how much I admire you and all the work you have put into your recovery since day one. I’m so happy to be part of your life and I hope I always am. Have an amazing 2004 bud!

Name: Mom
Comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR, my sweet angel! When we cut through all the daily “challenges”, what we have left is your incredible faith, your amazing strength, and your focus on reality with the importance of being normal. Well, Punkin’, you have never been “normal” so continue your quest for perfection and challenge yourself to the max. You are supported by constant prayers from loving friends, forever hugs from your sweet family, and God’s reminder of the miracle of life and the gift of YOU! Remember how we see and feel it daily?– just let it lift you up. OK, so the countdown of just 5 more chemos starts and the healing continues…

Name: The Hartleys
Comments: andrew.. what up stud? i hope you had a great new year. this will be a good one. just hang in there buddy. best of luck.

Name: Phil Shadoan
Comments: Hey man hanging out and watching Animal House was fun the other night. Hope you passed that history test. Ill talk to you later.

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: you are in my thoguhts often and i cant even describe how much i admire you. there are very few people i can imagine going through what you have been dealing with everyday and i know in my heart of hearts that you can face anything. you are my hero and i thank you for the selfless inspiration you have given me over these months. I love you .

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: New Years Eve is no time to pop wheelies or go wild with abandon-Tell the folks to celebrate quietly. As for us we’ll say a prayer for you and go to bed early. Love, Nana and Gramps

Name: Louis Petrella
Comments: Our prayers are with you Andrew if you need any moral support please let me know Lou Petrella 760-436-3685

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hellllllo superman!! just wanted to say hey and xmas was great of course. a whole new year is coming up so be ready for that!! love ya buddy, hang in there

Name: Carrie Dew
Comments: that was jeremy but i do want to play again but i don’t know about the headstand thing

Name: Carrie (weirdo) dew
Comments: I want to play nintendo with you again!and then we can stand on our heads

Name: Jeremy Wustman
Comments: what up dogg me and the boys will drop by some day, its been a while i hope your hanging

Name: cousin Bill
Comments: Happy new year Andrew. This is truly a NEW YEAR for your continued rehab and all of us to keep living our faith through your COURAGE

Name: cousin Bill
Comments: Merrrrry Xmas Andrew, Keep up the hard work. Your autobiographer is doing a find job and you should send him all the props possible. We know your drive to survive through “biodude”. No you may not win a soccer game but you are winning a LIFE. And not just your own. Everyone who is in touch with your website is motivated to just TRY. God blesses all.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well just wishing you an amazing New Year, I hope that this year is one filled with hope and blessings. Andrew you can only get stronger, and with God in the driving seat , you are headed in the perfect direction. Everyone in South Africa sents their love and prayers

Name: eileen goss
Comments: Hi Andrew, I’m a friend of friends of your mom’s and want to wish you a good year. I am inspired by your incredible courage and the unbelievable support you have. Keep living one day at a time. Eileen Goss

Name: The Jenuine Family
Comments: Hey Andrew! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. We’re always thinking about you. smile πŸ™‚

Name: The Young Family
Comments: Andrew, We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Take care.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Kindly give your Dad a Birthday hug from us. Love,

Name: Mrs. Moore
Comments: Feliz Navidad Andrew. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Merry Christmas Andrew. This has been an incredibly long and demanding six months for you, yet I find it to also have been the strongest display of character and strength I’ve ever witnessed. You have impressed every one of your friends and family, and though I know you haven’t proved enough to yourself yet (we’re always our own toughest critics), there is no doubt in my mind that you will. Have an amazing holiday with your family, you all deserve it.

Name: The Spiro Family
Comments: Sending you the best wishes we can. Looking forward to what the year 2004 will bring.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hey SUPERMAN…just wanted to say an early Merry Christman, it’ll be a great one! Hang in here and I’ll be seeing you soon, love ya buddy

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Merry Christmas to all who visit this site, and we all know that the New Year WILL be better than the last because we have prayed to make it so. Andrew, we love you so keep the Faith.

Name: Lauren
Comments: Hey I don’t know you very well, but I just wanted to say hello and wish you and your family happy holidays. I know how hard things can be but this is a time for joy. If you ever need a friend just write to me.

Name: Robin Ramos
Comments: Andrew and Family… Merry Christmas!! I check the website everyday just to stay in touch. I am so happy you are kickin’ butt with this cancer. Take care and remember to cut your parents some slack πŸ˜‰

Name: Molly
Comments: Hey andrew! Im thinking about you and I hope you have a wonderful christmas! Much love…

Name: The Hartley Family
Comments: Hey Andrew! It was great to see you shopping with another amazing person who would be the only Diane Giblin. It is amazing that your parents knew who to pick for your godmother. You two together are a scary pair. It is great to see you looking so good and cruising around. You are on the downhill side and this christmas brings alot to be thankful for. I think most of us will agree you have given us strength that we probably would have never had if we hadn’t met you. Well all the older kids are home so it will make the next 6 weeks go by quickly and you will be that much closer to being done!! Have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year be the best ever for you! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, just checking up on you. Hopefully you get out on Monday and that you have some time to get ready for an AMAZING holiday. You always amaze me and at this time of year, I hope for all the best for you and that all your wishes come true. You never give up and I know you never will…I’m proud to be part of your life bud.

Name: Teresa
Comments: Andrew, I pray for you everyday, and you are still on the list at St. James in Solana Beach, so that means the whole parish is praying for you. And will continue. You are so inspiring! Thanks you for that, for being the incredible person you are, and merry Christmas. 2003 sure had its ups and downs– may 2004 provide smoother sailing.

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Here’s a silly joke for you: How much does it cost to buy Santa’s reindeer?…………………………..Ready?………Nothing. They’re on the house! Sorry, kiddo, just had to do it. Think about you all the time…

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud, lunch with you and your dad was awesome. Hopefully you got to EAT some of yours…I’m not sure if you did cuz you were so busy throwing it to the birds at the beach! I had so much fun with you two, and your teacher seems to be awesome (just ask Billy). You’re gonna do awesome in this chemo treatment and before you know it…IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!!! Love ya bud.

Name: Amy Clogher
Comments: Hey Andrew! I am your brother Alex’s best friend in Native American Literature class…I’m so much smarter than him…jk (he’s such a genius) Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I’ll be praying for you.

Name: tamilyn
Comments: Well i am in the middle of my finals and thought i better take a break from studying before i go mental. But hey i always seem to miss you everytime i have gone over to your house, so i hope the next time i come over i can see you. But I hope you are getting stonger daily, and are ready to kick Alex’s butt when he comes home. cheers

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: PS. the alumni soccer game is this Friday the 19th – we would love to have you and your family as our guests!

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – we are constantly praying for you – I know this is so hard for you but you should have seen the people that came to the blood drive at LCC for you! They were so overbooked – it was wonderful and so heartwarming! Sorry my two boys couldn’t be there but they are doing finals so they couldn’t. You are such a champ Andrew! God Bless you! The Liberty’s

Name: Barbara
Comments: Yo, Andrew!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, we did it..we watched The Recruit for the second time…and we UNDERSTOOD it!!! We Rock huh? It was awesome spending the evening with you, except for the a** kicking in Bond….loser. I’ll see you on Monday or Tuesday before you go back in. It’s nice to finally see some meat on those bones!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: well hello superman, just writing to check in on you, hoping everything is going absolutely splendid. looks like i will be seeing you tomorrow, so you better be ready. love ya buddy

Name: Natassia
Comments: HEy there you stud you! Well it was absolutely wonderful to see you and your brother and dad the other day when you stopped by my house. i was so thrillled to see how amazing you look! so keep up the good work! i love you man!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud, I COME HOME TOMORROW (Friday). I assure you I will be over on Saturday or Sunday to watch some movies, eat some grub and just have a “high old time”!

Name: Candace Leone
Comments: Just to let you know that you still hold the record here for the most pull ups. Hope you are doing better.

Name: Don Rizzi
Comments: Wow! It’s great to see that you are still getting such great support from every one. What a great “family” you’ve developed. It reminds me of how many great students there are at LCC.

Name: Eva M. Connell
Comments: My niece, Liddy Shriver,in NY has Ewing’s sarcoma. She has gone thru chemo,radiations and even brain surgery. We pray for your success. Eva

Name: Rebecca Makely
Comments: Andrew!! I can’t believe you were at Scripps on Sunday for P.T. with Ryan and I missed you!! We NEED to get together. I miss you and hope you are doing well. All my love~

Name: Trisha and Tom Kelly
Comments: Hey, Andrew, we miss you! We follow your progress on this wonderful website but now would like see you. Don’t know if your in the hospital (if so we’ll come for a visit) or if you would want to come to the studio for a little “bowling.” Don’t want to bother your mom so maybe we’ll call Kay and see if she knows what would be best – or even if you up to a visit. We can be reached at Happy holidays, Andrew. You’re our hero.

Name: cus Bill
Comments: Keep the faith Andrew. Time is on your side and we pray daily for your healthy return to normalcy. Stay on the field and finish the game.

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew! We are glad to see that the sophmore year is finally behind you! You are cruzin thru with lightning speed. This round of Chemo sounds tough, but keep your head up! You are rounding the bend and the light is right around the corner! The big guys will be home in a couple of weeks, and you will be back to playing poker and hearing all of the college stories. We are praying for ya, and by the looks of this web page there are still plenty of people in your corner!! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Nealy Shvil
Comments: I don’t know if you remember me, but i met you like 2 years ago at Lindsey’s Price’s 16th birthday party. im so sorry about what has happened to you, and i hope you get better. you’ll be in my prayers. Love, Nealy

Name: Lauren Berg
Comments: You’re in everyone’s prayers, and you’re amazing for keeping OUR spirits up!

Name: jamie D
Comments: oh yeah and one more thing i forgot to mention…if you are strugglin with the schoolwork………get glasses. i got em and i swear…the I.Q. skyrockets the second they sit on your nose….amen to that

Name: Jamie Degs….booyeah
Comments: so i hear you’ve gotten pretty good in that wheelchair of yours, huh?….So i challenge you to a race. it just me, you, and finish line. Oh you think you’re hot stuff huh?….well let me tell you i race hard, dirty, and have one MEAN inside turn. think you can handle it? it’s goin down…12/19/03….you better start practicing. my skills are moderate to exceptional and i take no prisoners. On another note though, it was nice chattin with you at the field hockey finals and it sounds like you’re doin good….but i’ve decided you’re missing one thing……the wheelchair needs spinners…….BLING! much love..jamie D

Name: Mrs.Moore
Comments: Hang in there Andrew.My prayers are with you and your family.I’m glad to hear that your 2003 spring semester se acabo.Espero que recuperas pronto.

Name: Lisa Silverwood
Comments: Hi Andrew, We hope to meet you someday. My daughter Katelyn and you sound so much alike. She is recovering from brain cancer and will graduate from Torrey Pines this year. Lots and lots of detremination from you both. You sound amazing so keep the faith and God will grant you the strenghth. Speaking of faith we hear you want to meet Faith Hill.Katelyn speaks for Make a Wish now and we heard thru the grapevine.. In doing some surfing of our own we came across a e-mail address that might help.Check out Hope this will help make a dream come true. You are special to our heart and we hope to meet you someday.Our e-mail

Name: Shelly
Comments: Andrew!! I wasn’t able to make it down to Children’s at all this week – stuff was crazy with me – it sounds like it was crazy there as well! I’ll def. be there Monday, maybe other days next week too. On one hand I would like to say “It would be great to see ya while I’ll be there,” but…I want you to be back home by then, not still at Children’s!! πŸ™‚ well, whatever the case may be, I’ll still be praying for ya kid…hang in there and remember just how much you are loved. You’re awesome! much love & peace

Name: Katie “I love you” Fogelsong
Comments: I’m Adrienne’s roomie. I’ve heard all about you and I love you and hope for the best.

Name: Gabe
Comments: Andrew, Sounds like you are doing a good job hanging in there. Congrats on finishing your sophomore year – it seems like only yesterday when I was graduating from 10th grade myself. Time may seem to pass pretty slowly these days but in a few years when you’re graduated you won’t even think about these hard times anymore. We’re praying for you bud. Gabe Stanford University

Name: Dennis
Comments: Dear Andrew, I am a freshman at Stanford University. Your friend, Adrienne Keene, requested prayers from the dorm. I want you to know that I am praying for you. I hope that God reveals Himself to you and heals you completely. I also pray to St. Peregrine Laziosi, the patron of cancer patients, that he may intercede and help you. God Bless You, and I pray for the best. In peace, Dennis

Name: your brother in Christ
Comments: hey big man. i just want u to know that you have prayers being sent to you from stanford. God said in His Word that if two people were to agree in His Name on one thing, that His Will shall be done. we’re praying for you brother. hang in there.

Name: Hey Buddy!
Comments: I cant even begin to imagine how hard this is for you! keep going!! all of us at LCC are still thinking about you. we miss you and can’t for you to get better and come back! you are amazing! we love you…

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Man. Well, I was planning on seeing you over Thanksgiving break, but I got sick myself, and I know those germs aren’t openly received in your humble abode. But I’m gonna be 100% for Winter Break (3 WEEKS!!!), which means TONS of movie nights, basketball and physical therapy…sounds like a party! Love ya bud!

Name: Adrienne Keene
Comments: hey andrew, I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. there are so many people in this world who couldn’t handle all of this, but not you! You’ve got prayers flying your way from stanford now too…everyone up here sends love!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, Wishing better health and happy times during the holiday season and 2004! All of our thoughts and prayers are with all the Tebos.

Name: Gavin Landreth and Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, I’m so glad your doing well. I hope your recovering process is going good. I heard about your little incident in Matt’s car, haha i’m glad your alright. Your in all of our prayers~!

Name: Gavin
Comments: Andrew I want your babies!!!!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: to the one and only superman…welcome to the 11th grade! i am so proud of you for finishing sophomore year and for just being who you are. i know you had a good ‘ol fashioned turkey day, so keep the rest of the days bright and colorful. i love you more than anything, always will. later stud.

Name: jessica Symonds
Comments: I am so happy to hear you passed your test and the 10th grade is now history! good for chu! I keep thinking Im comming to visit, but my kids, and all kinds of things keep me from it but I often read your whats new page and I know whats going on. I want to visit soon before Chirstmas!1 Love Jessica

Comments: i hope you got the present we left you at your front door…please call man!!! ~the girls

Name: Mike Hinckley
Comments: Andrew- It was great seeing you at Battle of the Bands…Great seeing you, and just remember that everyone at SDA is pulling for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Comments: Andrew you’re my hero… Happy Thanksgiving! God is good whether you are on top of the mountain or the mountain is on top of you… stay strong.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving Andrew. I know we all have a lot to be thankful for, and my friendship with you goes high on that list. I love ya man.

Name: Armento Family
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us! We are thankful that you are home, Andrew, and have completed so much. You will, of course, be in our prayers today as we count our blessings–your strength and attitude have blessed us all–and we are praying for your continued progress and healing. God bless you and your family today and always. With love, Linda Kevin Amy and Laura

Name: The Nowaks
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Glad to hear you are officially in the 11th grade. Keep up the good work. We love you guys and miss you.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Whoever gave the advice of “One step at a time……” certainly didn’t have to take math exams. Hope you take a couple days’ respite before moving along the academic trail. Keep up the good work!

Name: A sister in Christ
Comments: We want to make sure you know how much we care about you and are supporting you 10,000%. You are such a perfect example of the strength and perserverance of Christ. Keep on fighting the good fight and win this one for us Andrew. You truly are an inspiration. So many people are thinking about you during the day and sending prayers out to you during class…you’ve got some serious fans. Don’t ever forget how much we love you and that no matter what Jesus is right there with you. One million kisses and a hug whenever you feel lonely. A sister in Christ

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Those who know your name will trust you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalms 9:10

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Congrats, Andrew, on completing your sophomore year! You’re amazing!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving event. We are grateful for your courage, perseverance and smile. Gobble, gobble!

Name: Lauren
Comments: Hey Andrew! Thanks for coming to the game last Saturday! And thanks for allowing me to experience that outting on Friday … o geeze … your trouble! Call me sometime – LA

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bro, whats up!? I’m going to be home tomorrow!!! Hopefully I’ll be making an appearance at your house on Wednesday…sounds like a partay!!! I miss ya a lot bud…and yes, to give you some future hope…YOU WILL LOVE COLLEGE!

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hello andrew! I hope that things are good for you it sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Im happy to hear that you are doing social activities which is cool. Keep staying strong and keep up with that good work. Much love.

Name: Drewsta
Comments: Hey Andrew. Now that you are in the final few months of chemo, I just wanted to remind you how much everyone is rooting for you. You have been through more than anyone can even imagine and we all look up to you for it. Once again in the words of the famous, (or maybe more infamous), Michael Jackson, “just beat it”! HaHa. I’ll call you when I get home and then we can all hang out. (I can still beat you in any video game). See ya man.

Name: *sis*
Comments: Andrew…I don’t even know where to start. Nothing I say could convey how much you mean to me. You have been such an inspiration and a constant reminder of how powerful our God is. I know you’ll get through this, yeah it sucks, but look how many lives you’ve touched and how many people are pulling for you. It’s all for a purpose pal, and it’s for God’s purpose…that makes it all worthwhile. Never give up and always know that Jesus loves you more than you could possibly know and he will never give you more than you can handle. You are so strong. I’m praying for you constantly and hoping you’ll be back to yourself in no time. I love you and so does Jesus. A Sister in Christ

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well hey i think i am goign to stop by and say hi tomorrow, i would love to see you. Everyone here at PTloma says hi, and their prayers are pouring your way daily. Just remember who is smiling down at your amazing strength each day. He is always with you. You can talk to me anytime, just remember that.

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew….The best part of Saturday afternoon was having the opportunity to see you…okay maybe it was the second best thing…the Field Hockey girls winning CIF was the best! I would offer to help with the tons of homework, but I think that you are way beyond me! You look great..what an inspiration you are to everyone. Love you…

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Glad to hear your new chair is an improvement. Andrew, any time you feel at all down, look at the postings here. You certainly have touched ALOT of people, some who have never even met you. You are an inspiration to many and a force to be reckoned with. You are special, and here for a special reason, even if that reason seems fuzzy or incomprehensible at times. My hope for you is that the positive energy you have sowed in the universe will return to you; even a fraction of it would bowl you over. Keep that radiant smile, kiddo. Lots of love surrounds you.

Name: megan forster
Comments: Hey andrew, just checking in to say hi and let you know you’re doing a great job! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!xoxo

Name: L dawg Adams
Comments: Hello my love, just saying hello! I am looking forward to tomorrow night!!!! ~LA

Name: Jayce Fitch
Comments: Andrew, Its been a while since I’ve seen you but I have been thinkin about you and I wanted to tell you to keep up the hard work. Everyone I ask about you has nothing but encouraging things to say and no one can believe how strong you are staying. Keep up the good work buddy. I’ll see you in a few days when I’m back in town. Later

Name: Dede Ozbirn (MAW)
Comments: I see that Faith Hill won the award for favorite female country artist. That should pale in comparison to the fun she’ll have when she gets to meet you!

Name: Kelly GIblin
Comments: helllllo my SUPERMAN…just wanted to say hello and good work on getting through this hard round of chemo. you’re the best there ever could be and always will be. i’ll be seeing you soon. Love ya buddy

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, it’s great to hear your home safely from another round of chemo. You never cease to amaze me as you tackle this seemingly inevitable process. You’re doing this better than anyone else could, and you have so much support with mom and dad there…I miss ya bud, and I’ll see ya in a week and a half.

Name: P. J. Fagaly
Comments: St. Andrew’s continues to pray . . .:)

Name: Big Bro
Comments: You looked great in chemo yesterday, and it sucks, but only you can do this, and you ARE doing it. and know that for every time I have to sit there and watch you get a massage you owe me 5 massages.

Name: Robbie
Comments: Hey whatup stud, haven’t seen you in what feels like years, even though it has only been like a two weeks..if that. Anywho(who uses a word like that) just wanted to say hello and let ya know I’m thinking about u stud. Keeping on fighting homie. USD needs a lil’ appearance from u sometime soon. Girls just havent been the same after your last trip. Well I gotta go get back to the endless reading of college. We definitely have to get another quality poker night going on again soon. And we will have to get some more girls up at home too. Geez last time was definitely lacking on our part. Anyways I’ll talk to u later. And whenever u want to talk just im me @ srfsnwboy, or send an email my Me and your bro are holding it down here at USD. Lates.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: what’s goin on superman?? just wanted to give a simple hello and hope you are sitting in your new chair! enjoy the week, love ya buddy

Name: Shelly
Comments: Hey Andrew! good seeing you again today (Tuesday) at Children’s…so, who ended up winning that car-lifting contest? haha..I think the two of us could have definitely beaten those other guys πŸ˜‰ Well, I’m going down to Children’s again tomorrow around noon, if I have some time I’ll be sure to poke my head in & say hi again. In the meantime, tell your dad to find the tv remote – and stay away from that cafeteria food, hee hee πŸ™‚ much love & peace – Shelly

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hello my man! I know you’re missing me horribly and you can’t wait to see me beat you in basketball. Hope all is well big man, and I can’t wait to hang out with you.

Name: Loud Speaker!!
Comments: I know you are home and everything just want to say we are all waiting for you to come back to school!! miss you vacuum!

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Andrew!! Hey buddy i hope that your doing well and that all your treatment is going well. I also hope that this holiday season is great for you. God bless!

Name: Cordelia Manis
Comments: Andrew–Just had to let you know we’ve been playing Trouble daily since we got it! I keep losing, which is no doubt why I hated it as a kid. The girls think you are the greatest for letting them have it. Thanks for sharing. If you ever miss it, just call and we’ll bring it back and you can play with Tacy and Allie :).

Name: Katelyn Silverwood
Comments: Hi! Im not sure if it was mentioned but my mom gave blood recently and gave the name of an advocate we are now using… i had a brain tumor and had to do chemo/ radiation. i just wanted to say hi and i know it sounds repetive, but i know how sucky this all is. so take care, God bless and if you want it my email is oh also you know your math tutor terri? shes also my tutor! =)

Name: Kathleen Dowling πŸ™‚
Comments: Hey Andrew! Keep hanging in there. I hope you’ll be home for Thanksgiving weekend cuz I want to come visit! (That’s only 18 days away and I can’t wait cuz I’m FREEZING here in Boston!) πŸ™‚ Anyway… still thinking of you. Tell your family I say hi! Miss you all. Stay tough.

Name: Owen Beitner (SMHS)
Comments: Whats up Andrew? My names Owen. You’ve never met me or anything but I went to the LCC Homecoming game. I have some friends that go to your school (as well as girlfriend) and they’ve been telling me all about you. I hope everything is going well and wish you the best of luck. -Owen

Name: Barbara
Comments: Hi Andrew Just to let you know, we are thinking of you often, and praying for you daily, even though you do not see us with your eyes.


Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: What up lover … the panties are “sitting” fine!!!!!!!!! hahaha. I love ya tons and tons! ~Lauren

Name: cus. bill
Comments: A new throne for the king. I hope it fits your new “put on lot’s of pounds” body. Keep up the good work and feed’n your face.

Name: cousin Laurie
Comments: Hail Prince Andrew!!!! Just checking up on your web site. Thanks Dave for the updates.I think about you all the time and am keeping the faith for you!!!!Take care and keep fighting (:

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hey andrew!!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…glad to see the updates are back. Our appreciation to your Dad, but our prayers and good thoughts are for you!

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Now that you’re cruising the slopes in Spirit it’s time to spend a few minutes doing square roots. Thinking of you 24/7—I wonder if you can FEEL the energy generated by all these folks praying, hoping good things, and Thinking of you. Regards to the tribe. Nana and Gramps

Name: Lyric
Comments: You’re in my thoughts and I treasure you! In your honor, I have taken the time to fold 1000 paper cranes,a Japanese tradition representing hope and eternal happiness! I miss you Andrew!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: . . .The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you. 2 Chronicles 15:2

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…hope all is well. I enjoyed talking to your Mom last week. Please ask your Dad to update all that’s new. Larry and I miss our daily updates. Love, Deborah

Name: jamie degnan……..and some others (continued)
Comments: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ooooohh……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..suspense……………………………………………………………..they say “we wanna rock that too!”…so now you are cruizin the slopes out here in the CO with some of the CUST shreddas……..we all send you our love………you are larger than life…..booyeah.

Name: jamie degnan……..and some others
Comments: so i go to the store the other day right…the art store k, to get some paint markers right. so that i can do this uber radical unlamesauce art on my snowboard…it’s this niftily crafted muralish sort of deal that says ANDREWTEBO.COM and got some hearts behind and what not k. cause you are such an inspiration i think that others should know about you, and it reminds me to put everything i’ve got into life cause of how precious it really is………intense,,,…….. so i go shredding the other day (shredding means snowboarding for all you non-understanders) with some of the members from my team (the colorado university snowboard team “CUST”) so i’m with some CUST shreds k, and they are like…what’s, and i’m like it’s this kid who so crazy right and they are like whoa then what do they say…………………….suspense..(continued in the next box up

Name: Jase
Comments: Hey Andrew i know you havent heard from me in awhile but ive been praying for you man, and ive been trying to call your dad to get to see you. I just wanted to see how you are doing and to let you know that i am having a bunch of problems with my brain right now and am going to be staying in the hospital for awhile and your courage and me looking at what youve been through will help me get through it, you are the greatest, and you know it much love

Name: Godmother
Comments: andrew, It is only fitting that a Prince has a throne. We love you! Diane, Mike, Nolan & Kelly

Name: buckley
Comments: this is kelly’s friend from colorado that you met last weekend. you’re so strong for what you’ve been though. kelly’s got me checking up on you now. rock on!!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, guess what? I’m going to be home in three weeks for Thanksgiving! You know what that means….I’m gonna beat you and Kelly in basketball! Can’t wait to see you bro.

Name: Austin Landow
Comments: Hey Andrew! Congrats on Homecoming 2003. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to you in a while, but my family’s thoughts are still with you. Want some gum? (Inside jokes are always the funniest.)

Name: Audra Grossfeld
Comments: Hey Andrew! I just wanted to say that you were amazing at Homecoming! You made everyones weekend a blast and I am so glad I got to hang out with you a little with kelly. You were obviousy the most handsome out of anyone who won! I can’t wait to see your smiling face back at school. Miss ya babe!

Name: David Leon
Comments: Andrew get better i know you can do it. Everyone one prays for you all the time..fight through it i know you can!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: heyhey superman…that was quite the night, good times as always. just wanted to say you’re the best by far and i love ya buddy. have a good one

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hey andrew! I hope things are going well. I still can’t believe all these people who are watching after you. Just goes to show how amazing you actually are. You are giving us all hope. Much love, god bless!

Name: Jamie “Love” Degnan
Comments: so basically i’m out here in colorado right, and i’m talking to some college students right…and they don’t even know you but when they hear your tale, they’re “like whoa” “that’s crazier than red dinosaurs on crack riding coffee tables down stairs on a tuesday evening” so i said…yeah..i know. Well now they want to give blood in your name. Can they do that from out in landlocked CO?…basically…you are the man and are going nationwide………………………………….. …………………………………. ……………….. ………………………………………………………. oh…and the girls think you’re hot….maybe YOU can put in a good word for ME if you’re out here anytime soon…..much love

Name: Drewsta
Comments: Who’s this Shelly chick Andrew… you pimp you. Just wanted to write and remind you that everyone thinks about you everyday. You have become a hero. Call me soon… I have “mass stories” for you too! haha. Keep beating it Andrew… peace and love

Name: Shelly
Comments: hey Tebo, I’m the girl you met this morning (Saturday 10/25) at Children’s πŸ™‚ you’re doing an awesome job, keep your hope and keep that awesome smile on your face! Maybe I’ll see ya around again – I’ll be going down there every week, so I’ll keep an eye out for you. much love & peace – Shelly

Name: The Hows (Preschool folk)
Comments: Hi Andrew! Congratulations on being nominated “Prince” of the Junior class. Just wanted to let you know we are still thinking about you, and we wish you all the best. Jeremy, Jane, Alex and Zach How

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: ANDREW!!!! my love … i have mass stories for you- call me and we’ll do lunch!!!! xoxoxox- Lauren

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hye Andrew! I hope that your doing well I saw you at the homecoming game, i wish that i could have talked to you. I just wanted to let you know that today at cross country Kylie Green sang us a song that she wrote about you. Most of us were crying, including me. It just goes to show that we are all thinking about you and hope that you will come back soon. We love you so much.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…. Just saw the wonderful Homecoming pictures that your Dad emailed to Larry. Hope it was everything that you wanted Homecoming to be. The Collettes

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: There’s something about a dignitary sitting in back of a convertible surrounded by a bevy of beautiful young ladies that … breathtaking. Love, Nana and Gramps

Comments: you are hot

Name: jeremy wustman
Comments: andrew, you are the KING!!

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: Hey Andrew, it was so great to see you Friday night at the game. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see you again, keep smiling! you inspire me!

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: andrew- ohh yeah congrats on homecomin!i hope u had fun! u have to tel me about it when i get back!!

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: andrew- hey whats up? im in mexico city right now and i was thinking about u! how is everything? good i hope. anyway i just wanted to say hey and see how u were! anyway ill be back in a week or so! till then– love gabby xoxo

Name: Taylor Reeve
Comments: Congrats on your homecoming win!! Glad to head La Costa knows how to put a real King in the court. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day- still thinking of you

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: And there it is! That ceremony was absolutely amazing Andrew. I had so much fun spending the evening with you and I am so glad I was able to come down to see such an awesome event. That ovation you received last night was the perfect example of the effect you have had on the people around you. You are always in my thoughts, and I guess now the question is…what next?

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hey SUPERMAN!! you were quite the stud out there for all the homecoming stuff. Well, you’re the man and it’s been fun this past week. ADIOS i’ll be seein ya. love ya buddy

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well what an amazing standing novation tonight, gee andrew those screams and shouts were no doubt just a pinch of the love you have flowing your direction. It was awesome seeing you coming down that aisle, you deserved ever second. And tomorrow is going to be even better, more screaming fans, that are there to support So have fun tomorrow, and i will cross my fingers that is does not rain. Anyway andrew always remember how proud we are of you. YOu are amazing

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: I’m gonna be there in a day man! I can’t wait. I’ll be home Friday afternoon and I’m coming over to get you ready for the big day! Maybe we can pop some wheelies in the chair huh?

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew…Just got home from visiting Melissa in Chico and then a few days in Mammoth…a relaxing few days. You’ll hear me cheering for you on Friday night…so do we need to address you as Prince Andrew now??? Have a blast on Friday night!

Name: The Neubauer’s
Comments: PRINCE TEBO!-Sounds good, eh? Prince Harry-look out! Congrats and enjoy every minute of the homecoming festivities.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, Have a blast at the Homecoming Dance! As always, our thoughts and prayers are with you. P.S. Nancy…please send us some pictures.

Comments: you are absolutely amazing.

Name: Paula McCann
Comments: Hopefully you are back home today. We pray for you every night and continue to marvel at you perserverance. Looking forward to seeing you at Homecoming. All our love, The McCann Family

Name: Big Bro
Comments: There is something about the way you are changing others, Andrew. It’s incredible to hear some things that people tell me about how their life has changed because of you…and changed in such an amazingly optimistic way. You’re continuing to set an example for each one of those millions of individuals that hear about your situation, and only YOU can do that. People are inspired by all this gnarly stuff because ANDREW THIBEAULT is the one setting the example, and no other. And if you ever let mom put Tiger’s litter pan in my room again I’m gonna kick your butt and put Billy’s litter pan in your bed.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Name: Kathleen Dowling πŸ™‚
Comments: Hey Prince! I haven’t written in a long time but I haven’t stopped thinking about you at all. Congratulations on Homecoming… that’s so exciting! Have fun with it! πŸ™‚ Keep being tough and know that you’re loved from coast to coast!

Name: Lauren Nicholl
Comments: you are always in my thoughts and in my heart, andrew. stay strong like you always have been. i know you’ll beat this thing. your friend for life, lauren

Name: Pattty Nicholl and Family
Comments: Hi Andrew, You are a remarkable and courageous young man! Keep up the hard work and continue to fight this cancer. You’ll do it! Have an awesome time at LCC’s homecoming. You are dearly missed.

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: We were so happy to hear about your nomination for Jr. Homecoming Prince. What a great honor. It just Shows that everyones loves you and you’re always on their minds. Congrats. Keep up the good work. You’re quite an inspiration to us all. The Kesslers

Name: cousin Bill
Comments: good luck at Homecoming. Your high school is awesome to involve you in homecoming and your presence will light up the school. Keep fightin and everyone else keep prayin. Andrew, you’ve got lot’s to do still for our world. God Bless

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Well now I don’t know whether to call you Superman or Prince…you’re a hell of a guy and deserve that homecoming spot. Had some good times hanging with you last night and I’ll see ya soon. Love ya buddy

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Andrew, Tell your handlers to keep a tight rein on you at the football game; you’re likely to get too close and want to trip someone with your crutches. Enjoy the attention-you deserve it. Love, Nana and Gramps

Name: John Ward
Comments: Hi Andrew, Dropped by your website to see whats going on. I was touched by your strong desire to get back to the ranch after your stay at the other place. I well remember the second time I checked into Mercy Hospital after my inital surgery to remove my pelvis. This time it was because of a secondary infection of the bone. This requrired them to open me backup and clean the area up. The first time in the hospital was only about a week. The second time was about twice that long. Oh how I wanted to get out of there. PT told me that if I didn’t get up on my walker and walk at least 150 feet that I would not be going home but to rehab.That got my attention and I jumped through their hoops to get back home. HOPE is the word here. My purpose in sharing with you is to share in your journey and to let you know that hope and good attitude will get you through the valleys. I,m so encouraged by by all the notes sent to you and share with them all the best to you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, well, well…Andrew Thibeault is the La Costa Canyon Junior Class Homecoming Nominee…any questions? This just basically sums up what you’ve done and accomplished bud. Everyine admires your courage and hard fought battle. Keep on fightin, and who knows where you’ll be next? I’ll see you at the Homecoming game brother.

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hey andrew congrats about homecoming! I hope that you are doing well, you are constantly in my thoughts. I’m really happy that you are staying stong, never give up the fight, we all love you so much. God bless!

Comments: Congrats on being the Junior Homecoming Prince!!!

Comments: Andrew, congrats on the homecoming nomination (all fingers and toes are crossed for you!!)

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Jesus loves you so much Andrew – know that!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hey Andrew… We are so glad to hear that you are home. What is this about Homecoming? Sounds interesting. Laura heard from your Big Bro that he had lunch with a friend of hers from Littleton. Small world and all. Your Dad should save all of the entries he has made here for you. They tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way. Someday it will be good for you and all of your friends and family to look back on them to realize how strong you are. Get well soon.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Being nominated is an honor in itself–winning is merely the frosting on the cake!!!!! Good luck, Love, Nana and Gramps

Name: tamilyn
Comments: well you better call me straight away if you win homecoming, as i am going to stand in the crowd with a huge poster rooting for you. I love you, it was so wonderful seeing you this weekend, you looked like you are getting your energy back, and gee the food is amazing. God is good, all the time, see you soon, and all the girls here at PT-Loma say Hi, and are still praying

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Hey Andrew! Congrats on the Homecoming nomination! I think you will win hands down! Who can resist that big smile and positive personality?! You are an inspiration and a great blessing to so many people! Good luck – hope you win! Margi, Coach Justin, and Luke

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: The Lord will keep you from all harm – He will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalms 121:7,8

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hello superman! Just wanted to send my best wishes and hope you feeling real good. I will talk to you later and have a wonderful one. Love you buddy!

Name: Natassia…aka College Girl
Comments: Hey congrats on the HOmeCominG nomination…YOu have it in the bag bro!

Name: Natassia…aka College Girl
Comments: Hey Andrew! I am such a slacker…and I really apologize for not coming to visit you lately! I promise that I will soon! You are so amazing! Really you are the coolest guy in the entire world! I love you man!

Name: Melissa Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew-we’re thinking about you here in Chico always

Name: Dyanne
Comments: Hey Andrew!i think Ryan told you about me, he used my computer in Costa Rica to get in touch with you..i just wanted you to know that im praying for you. i also heard about you getting nominated for homecoming..thats Awesome!.. God Bless, Dyanne

Name: Dyanne..
Comments: P.S. I heard about your homecoming nomination!!!thats awesome! rock on!

Name: Dyanne
Comments: Hey Andrew,my name is Dyanne. I think Ryan told you about how he used my computer to get in touch with you from Costa Rica. Well anyways, i just wanted u to know that i am praying for you and no matter what GOD is always going to be there… Peace, Dyanne

Name: Kelly McCann
Comments: Hey Stud, I miss you and hope you are doing well. Keep fighting. Love Kelly

Name: Doctor Titus
Comments: Wow, the term infectious smile takes on a whole new meaning with you Andrew! Keep up the tremendous attitude, and know the Titus family is in your corner.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Homecoming Nomination, huh? Hahaha, man, you do it all. I’m missing you all the time up here, but I’m still checking up every day on your progress in recuperation. Stay tough, and believe me, you’re going to LOVE college.

Name: secrest
Comments: prefiero que tu apredenas el subjuntivo Andrew-had a great night with you! You are so full of joy and it’s amazing to see that! Like that other person said, “thanks for being YOU” That’s all that matters to me, is that no matter what, Andrew Thibeault is sill Andrew Thibeault. See yah later “punkin”

Name: Caty Tsu
Comments: Hey Andrew, CONGRATS on your HOMECOMING nomination!! I’m ROOTIN’ for you and Kelly (I WISH I COULD VOTE)!!! Hope all is well!

Comments: Andrew!!! Congratulations on your homecoming nomination! It just goes to show that you can still do anything. Good luck!

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hey andrew!! I’m just checkin in to see how your doing. Sounds like the chemo is doing good. Keep staying strong. I’m sending you my love and prayers

Name: Kelly
Comments: Hey Andrew this is Tamilyn’s friend kelly. Even though i’m all the way in Colorado i’m still thinking about you. Tamillyn just called and told me what’s up now, but you’ve been through so much to make you so strong and i know you can get through this. Keep the faith.

Name: Dear Andrew
Comments: Just heard about you from a friend of yours, Tamilyn Foster. We teared up, then promised each other that we would pray for you. Hope you’re doing better. Lord bless, Alan Hueth, Professor of Communication, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, California, USA

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, We are thinking about you and hope things are really looking up. We’ll keep pulling for you and you do your part and get rid of that infection.

Name: Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – the infection is a small “set back” – keep up the good fight! We are praying for you constantly!

Name: Susan Nixon
Comments: Hi Andrew and Family, My name is Susan Nixon I was in CA last week and met Sue Dowd who told me about your situation. My husband Mike and I run a childrens charity ( and have come across some great Dr’s. One cromes to mind that may be of help to you Dr Wadajo at Washington Hospital Center. He has already looked at your website and would be happy to consult or help in anyway. Please call me 703 930 9048 or Mike at 703 627 1828

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Sometimes I am at a lack of words when it comes to you because you don’t need my well wishes of words of wisdom, cuz you are strong enough as you are. I love you like my own brother bud, and I will be home for Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you’ll be more ripped and energetic than me. Miss ya dude.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Let me know when you feel strong enough to terrorize the neighborhood again. Whenever I’m late I just tell people my ancestors arrived on the JUNEflower. Love and prayers, Nana and Gramps

Comments: andrew, thank you so much for your spirit and your perserverance. You truly are such a role model and so amazing for someone your age. Thank you for all that you have taught me from afar and for those lessons of life that you continually remind us of. Your strength and passion shows you for the amazing person you are, so thanks for being you.

Name: The Youngs
Comments: Andrew, sorry that we did not get a chance to spend some time with you while we were down at Children’s. We hope that you are feeling better (and home) soon.

Name: John Ward
Comments: Andrew, It is so good to see all the lives God has touched by what you are going through.The Lord always brings good out of difficult situations. You are an insprition to me. Hope to meet you sometime.

Name: clemens
Comments: andrew…wishing you luck with your chemo this week, be strong as always…giblin is right, you are superman.

Name: Kusunose Family
Comments: Wow, what a continual out-pouring of love. You have so many people wrapped around you in love that it certainly has the ability to create a healing force. We pray for you to stay strong in faith and kick out the infection and the cancer. We are determined in prayer to help you kick it out of your body. Let’s do it! From our family to yours-more praying and kicking to come- love the Kusunoses

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Andrew, fight the infection so I can eventually uncross my fingers. Hope all our prayers are being heard by Somebody. Something for you to ponder::::: My family coat of arms ties at the back…is that normal? Mucho Love, Nana and Grumpy(oops) Gramps.

Name: The Hartley Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, We were glad to see that you were home. Sorry that was a short visit, keep your head up, you have a lot of people cheering for you. Rob said he saw you last weekend at USD. I think everyone has seen him more than us. We did get to see him at the dreaded Torrey Pines/LCC game. Hang in there, and the next time I check you will be back home again. Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hi Andrew! So glad you are back home now and I am praying that your side-effects are minimal. Lord knows you have been through enough already! Just know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers and we send you lots of love!

Name: P. J. Fagaly
Comments: Ah, home sweet home. Have a good weekend. I continue to pray for you and your family.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, any will court your favor. Job 11:18,19

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Superman! I know you are toughing it out with the chemo right now, so I just thought I’d send my best wishes. The other night was a blast…looking forward to many more after this round of chemo. Hang in there, it will all pay off very soon! Love ya buddy!

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: well andrew, I know that you are in Hospital at the moment , but you are still in all of our thoughts and prayers here at Point Loma. I have been praying for you so much, that not only your physical body will gain strength , but that you will grow spiritually and that you will be comforted by the Lord’s touch. Andrew remember that we are supporting you everyday, i hope to see you soon,

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Atta boy! He just keeps on going doesn’t he folks? Andrew, you’re awesome and I miss our fun nights back home…I can’t wait to see you over my break! (you’ll probably be ripped too, right?)

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: If you make the Most High your dwelling – even the Lord, who is my refuge – Then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. Psalms 91:9,10

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: Good Luck with your Chemo this week. I’m thinking about you all the time. Hang in there Bud!!

Name: Bruce Dillon
Comments: Just checking in. I just got word that you and I will be working together on U.S. History. I’ll let you contact me when you are ready to begin. Take care.

Name: Harriet Cooke and family
Comments: Hi Andrew, Just want to wish you well for adventure at Childrens. Sending you lots of good vibes and hugs. Thanks for sharing your Mom with us at preschool.

Name: Sra. Kay Dillon
Comments: Siento que no estes en mi clase ahora. Buena suerte con el resto de tu horario y esperamos verte aqui muy pronto. Saludos de Periodo 6.

Comments: Andrew ~ You continue to inspire those you don’t even know…you may not feel amazing, but know that you are. You have such spirit and have the ability to touch those that need it. We would love to hear from you and have you tell us how your feeling…in mind, spirit and body. God Bless

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hellllllo superman…glad you had such a good weekend and you are getting stronger on those crutches. stay strong with your next chemo treatment this week, you can beat it! have a good one, love ya buddy

Name: Beverly Maturo
Comments: Hi Andrew……I am a friend of your nana Marie, I delivered the morning paper to her for many years.I moved away from beautiful California to the state of Pennsyvania. Hope today is a good one for you.My email is care

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, I’m leaving for school soon, and I said goodbye to you tonight. If only you could see yourself today and compare it to June 4th, we’re talking two different worlds. You’ve taught me so much, and above all else, I have found myself a close friend. I love you Andrew, and don’t think my messages stop here. You’re the man.

Name: Godmother
Comments: So Andrew, how bad do you think it is to take your Godson to a brewery??? I guess that’s why you don’t call me goodmother.(: We love you! Diane & Mike

Name: Cus Bill
Comments: keep up the good work A. We will be having Easter pie this season. I hear there is a Buick model wheelchair. Thanks DAAAAAAVE for keeping us updated. Andrew, your dad is awesome. We know about your health through him. we keep on a prayin and God keeps on a healin.Continuous love.

Name: Brooke Hoyt
Comments: Andrew, you are truly amazing. I just had a Bible study at USD with Alex. I graduated with him and have kept you in my prayers. Alex tells me how strong you are in your faith and what a light you are to those around you. Keep it up. God will bless you abundantly for that and He only gives you trials that He knows you can handle according to the Bible. “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 God Bless You Andrew!!

Name: Alyssa Hara
Comments: Hey Andrew! Wats up? I am Paula Hara’s daughter, the nurse that was taking care of u before ur surgeries……well i have heard so many stories about u! U seem like an awesome guy u have my prayers Alyssa

Name: The Sobieski Family
Comments: The best to you as you go through this, Andrew. We are all keeping you in our prayers. With love, The Sobs

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: Andrew!!!!!!! I miss you and i want to come visit!! call me when you’re free!! love u

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: What’s up bud? Well, I’m in Arizona and it is somewhat toasty here. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, and when I come home we got some major catchin up to do. I miss ya bud, and I have full confidence in you…always.

Name: Kristen Eck
Comments: hey, i just realized youre in my science and spanish classes! how lucky can one guy get?? Only joking, but i cant wait until you can come back. miss you lots, andrew!

Name: Julia Gordon
Comments: Hey Andrew! I met your brother here at USD and he told me about your condition. I just want to let you know that I’ll be keeping you in my prayers all the time.

Name: Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Donna
Comments: Made it back home alright. Rode the diamond lane most of the way. Enjoyed seeing you in better spirits than the last time, and we’re hoping the progress is on a steady climb. Looking up a few words for your essay-till later, adieu, with Love, All of us

Name: Godmother
Comments: Who’s that sexy guy sportin’ those super shades???!!!! Looking forward to next Wednesday. I love you!!!

Name: Whitney Smith
Comments: guess what buddy! you are going to be in my ceramics class….mr. lenc read your name off the role on the first day of class! wahoo! im excited for you to come back to school so we can play with clay together! yeahhhhh….hey guess what else? i think you are also in my history class, but im not sure (Cassaw 2nd period)….woot woot! yeah anyways i look forward to your return to school! have an awesome day!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: lovin ya and missin ya…keep up the hard work superman

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – praying for you as always. It was good to see you the other night! And of course your mom – God bless her! Many thanks to Dave and Alex for showing up to the blood drive – I can’t thank you both enough for that – to take time away from Andrew and come there was awesome! It was a good drive – of course over-achiever me I wanted us to do 100 plus but such is life – we did 72 units which they tell me is good! Thank you to all who showed up for Rancho Santa Fe Soccer; from LCC; and thanks Coach Justin for bringing your college soccer teammates! I told Andrew about that big strong soccer player who was throwing up from the needles and passing out! Andrew – keep up the good work and stay strong! God bless and keep you!

Name: Jennifer Chase
Comments: Hey playgroup pal! I miss you tons and so has everybody else. My family has been praying for you the whole way through and so have i and we will keep continuing to do so. I was supposed to come over and visit you some time but our bonehead playgroup friend named kelly forgot, typical, jk. Anyways i hope that you are doing well and i just want to say that you are a really amazing guy, and a stud muffin! By the way u have a whole lot of fans out there who really trully care about you. Don’t ever forget we will always be behind u! Love ya tons!! – JChase

Name: Ryan
Comments: hey t-bo. good luck with everything superman. u r the coolest person alive and i never want u to change. hang in there bro and im prayin for ya.good things will come. love ya bro.

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Andrew, Keep up the good work and hope you are feeling better after this big hurdle. You will need to take your Dad to more Metalica concerts, I hear the crowds are very entertaining too. Hang in there.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud. Well, chemo #1 is done and you did awesome. Now you have a couple weeks to recuperate and get back on top of things. I know none of this is easy to go through, but watching you go step by step so toughis just amazing. I love ya bud, and I’ll see ya very soon.

Name: Ian Metzger (your brothers roomate at USD)
Comments: Hi, I’ve heard all about you from your big brother. I hope that everything is going well and that you get well soon. I told your brother that if you guys need anything just let me know because I would be glad to help any way I can. All the guys and I from Missions A, San Jose are praying for you. Good luck.

Name: Big Bro
Comments: The first set of chemo treatment: Finished. And a bunch more to go, but just enough time to prove that nothing will ever come even close to bringing you down. Time to prove it, Andrew. I’m with ya.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hey buddy…miss you and love you…hang in there superman.

Name: Kristen Eck
Comments: Hey Andrew!!! Thanks for being so strong and the coolest kid I’ve met for a long time, even if you do giggle when you watch what you shouldnt on HBO. Lots of support and love!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…hang in there and keep gaining strength. We are rooting for you!

Name: Kelly McCann
Comments: Hey, Missing you and hoping everything is going well. You are so strong and I truely admire you. I’m here for you any time you need me. love kelly

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew! We continue to think about you daily! Just think this is the last hump of the hill, you have come Sooo Far and it looks like you still have tons of peopls in your corner. With Alex and Tamilyn you now have two colleges praying for you! Keep up the positive attitude and you will get through this hurdle too. You are an inspiration to more people than you can imagine. Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Jim, Pauline, Brett and Katie Benson
Comments: Hey Andrew… you are still in our prayers. Saw your dad a few weeks ago at the Credit Union– he gave us an update on you….we were all there getting Brett and Katie atm cards for their accounts for college stuff. Keep tough and hold on through these rough days–know that your fight is not alone. The Bensons

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: While your thoughts are racing along with the chemo you might want to be developing your “inspirational” speeches that you WILL be asked to give as soon as you’re stronger. Motivational Speakers are always in demand, and we know that folks will listen very carefully to your message. Love, Always,

Name: John Ward
Comments: Hi Andrew, Just read some of your recent recent updates.I read your diet will soon include ICE tea. I would choose SevenUp, but then again Iam not the Doc. Thinking of you. John Ward

Name: Susie
Comments: Hi Andrew, Hope you’re ready to come home – we miss you “in the hood”. Can you believe you’ve had more than 21,000 hits!!! After reading some of the entries, it’s clear that so many of us continue to think about you so much each day and keep you in our prayers. Keep up the good appetite (I guess that must be the Italian in me – I want you to eat good!) Hugs to you and your mom. Love Suz

Name: The Cavanagh Family
Comments: Hang in there!!! We are keeping you in our prayers. Peace and Love to you!!!!

Name: Cousin laurie
Comments: Hey Andrew, It was great seeing you on Monday! It was even better seeing you up walking with only one crutch!!!!! You are an amazing teen and Im sorry you have to go through more chemo, but I know you will beat this and get on with life! Yeah. Love and prayers

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118.8 Andrew – this is the center message in the center of the bible that wants to be the center of your life. God bless and keep you at this time.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: here we go t-bo…this is where the next 6 months of chemo kick off. start off strong so the rest will be a breeze. there is no doubt in my mind that you will conquer through this. good luck and stay strong super man. love ya buddy

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Dude! Well, I know that these next 4 days are tough to start off this chemo, but knowing you, fighting has become second nature. After this initail period, you will beat this easily, no problem, and you and I both know that. Had any time to check out Jayce and Robbie’s gift? Good times man, and there are PLENTY more in front of you.

Name: Mike & Sofia O.
Comments: Sofia and I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and that God, your all in all, has you. No matter the odds or how bad things may seem, don’t ever forget that,”IT IS FINISHED”! Much Love, Mike O.(BOB)

Name: Eileen Goss
Comments: Keep fighting the good fight, Andrew! You have a tough road ahead so good luck.

Name: Porters
Comments: hey Andrew, The Porters send you wishes and love. stay strong. Love, The Porter fam.

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: I almost forgot – thanks Dave for putting my phone number on the site for the blood drive! Margi

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew we are praying for you to stay “tough”. Just remember that the good Lord is there to “hold you tight” and give you courage! I am praying that this blood drive will be a huge success for you! Hey – EVERYONE OUT THERE PLEASE CALL ME AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO GIVE BLOOD! IF I DON’T GET MORE APPOINTMENTS BY THURSDAY MORNING THEY WILL CANCEL AND WE DON’T WANT THAT!!! MY NUMBER IS 760-753-3476 AND PLEASE LEAVE A NUMBER THAT I CAN CALL YOU AT IN THE EVENINGS! I do work for a living believe it or not! God bless you Andrew!

Name: Big D
Comments: Andrew… best of luck with the chemo. I hope those hot nurses will give you the right materials to “beat it”… haha. Don’t forget what we said about the web-cam. We will all come and visit you soon. You’re a strong kid… you will be up pimpin’ town before you know it. See ya soon stud.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: well point loma is going ok, it’s school basically but you know no one and have to try to find your place in life again, classes are just harder with more reading then anything else. But classes are shorter which is a good thing but you have minimum of 2hours homework each day for that one hour, so yip thats college. Oh yes and i have to live with 300 other girls in a dorm, so that is pretty interesting, but lots of fun into the wee hours of the morning. BUt hey i am praying for you today as you start your chemo, and all the girls on my floor all have you in their prayers too and ask about you all the time, so just think about that a bunch of college girls thinking about you, gee that is not bad hey. My RA for my floor put this verse on my door today, and i think it is perfect . ” come to me , all you who are weary and burdened , and i will give you rest. ” Matthew 11:28 ANdrew we all love you so much , and so never feel that you are alone, WHO;s THE MAN ?

Name: Collettes
Comments: Andrew…glad to hear that you were home over the weekend. Keep getting strong and better!

Name: Big Bro
Comments: Slowly but surely you’ll get even more prayer from some awesome people at USD. I know you’ll kick the chemo’s booty. you’re FUERTISIMO!!

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hi Andrew! Tamilyn told me that you were in the hospital again, but i know that with all the praying i am doing and everyone else that loves you, you’ll be fine. Good luck with the chemo. I wish you well.

Name: Kevin Spiro
Comments: Hang in there Andrew. Order is evil. Order is evil. Order is evil. Order is evil. Order is evil. Order is evil.

Name: micahn Doell
Comments: Hey Andrew it’s your long lost hairdresser again. How are you? I was talkind to Drew the other day and he said you had a little set back, I am so sorry kiddo you have been through the ringer havent you. I cant wait to see what an amazingly strong person you have become when you have come out the other side of this thing, God has some mighty strange ways of testing our patientnce sometimes dosent he. Andrew you are often in my thoughts and you are allways in my prayers,keep your chin up and keep on fighting this crap! I hope to see you soon, Love Micahn

Name: Kat Dowling
Comments: Hey Andrew.. I just moved into Boston University along with 3950 other freshmen… CRAZY. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and beat this infection… thinking about you and your family even from 3000 miles away… I’m glad that I can read this and stay updated. Hang in there and lots of love, Kat πŸ™‚

Name: Krausz House
Comments: Hi Andrew. WE know you’ll beat this darn infection. Stay strong, stay tough. We’re always on your team. Love to you, kiddo.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hello Superman(ya Marc, you got it right!). Hope you are feeling good and ready to get back to fighting with chemo. I am so sorry i can’t go to the hospital today…field hockey it getting in the way! But I will definitely come tomorrow or whenever you want me to. Love you

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey “superman”, lol, did I get that right? Hey, I had a blast with you at the hospital last night, even though you kicked my butt in cards and took all my “money”. Your mood increased dramatically from the time I got there and when I left…you are amazing. You have so much going on right now, but somehow you are able to maintain a level head and have a strong, positive outlook on all the events as they come. Hope you survived with Miriam and that soon enough you can actualy take advantage of certain gifts you have received…I love ya bud.

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Hey Andrew: So sorry to hear that you’re back in the hospital. I’m sure you’ll fight off this infection quickly and you’ll be able to get on with your Chemo sooner than later. We all know that you’re a tough guy and a real fighter. Just hang in there… There is light at the end of the tunnel!! Be strong. Will it be a Chocolate or Vanilla shake this weekend? Susan

Name: Cathie Brown
Comments: Our family is always thinking of you and praying for you! Stay tough!! You will beat this!

Name: The Neubauer’s
Comments: Hope you are home from the hospital and feeling somewhat better. This was just a temporary glitch in the plan. Hang in there Andrew and give your Mom a big hug for us.

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hey Andrew! First thing each morning I check on you via your web-site and lift you up in prayer. You are on my heart so often, as well as your family, as you endure this tremendous trial in your life. Just keep remembering to lift it up to God each time you feel scared, overwhelmed, defeated, anxious. He is there to carry your burdens with you and for you. Trust that. I know this is easy for me to say, I also know there is peace and comfort in giving it up to Him esp. when you feel powerless. We love you and care about you.

Name: Jaymie
Comments: Hey, buddy….thanks for sharing your mom with us at Preschool! It was so great to be with her-what an awesome lady-and to get filled in on your progress. I know you feel disappointed that chemo is held up a week-that stuff is brutal but so amazingly powerful. Just lay your faith at His feet-the timing may seem to get screwed up but remember, it’s His timing! I hate it to sometimes!!!!!! As always, you are in our prayers. Love you lots! Jaymie

Name: The Weiners
Comments: Andrew, I worked with your Dad many moons ago and stay in contact with him via email. I have been one of the many who keeps visiting the website to check up on you. From what your Dad is saying about your many tribulations, you are a fighter and will win these battles. Additionally, it doesn’t surprise me that you beat him in Basketball and Poker. We, my family and I, wish you and your family all the best in your next stage of chemo. Best wishes. Our prayers are with you.

Name: Khara Morris and Barry Hendler
Comments: Hi Andrew – we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and praying a lot. We hope that you are feeling strong today………..PS: We hope you liked the Dave Matthews hat!!

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: I’m glad to hear the fever is gone. Get those healing vibes going for the next week, and beware cancer cells – here comes the big stick! You are stronger than most, Andrew. Hang in there and keep fighting. All of us on your side are directing cosmic energy your way to help you. And a great big cosmic hug…

Name: The Swansen’s
Comments: Hi Andrew, We’re so encouraged after reading your dad’s entry for today (8/26). Knowing that you had wanted to start the chemo tomorrow, I’m sure the news is somewhat disappointing, but better that it wasn’t more serious. Life doesn’t work out like we plan it. It just doesn’t work that way. And you’ve had more than your share of major challenges. We don’t have any alternative either with the cards we are dealt. But after reading some of the entries in your guestbook, I can tell that so many friends and family are sending you positive energy. You are truly blessed with so many well wishers. Our daily prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Love Sue & Bill

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Ok bud, it’s time to do it one more time. Let’s beat this sickness right now and move on to the chemo, cuz we both know that the chemo doesn’t stand a chance. I’m hoping for the best for the results of the draining last night and today…I know all will be fine. You are in the best hands right now, all you have to do is stay positive and look past the chemo to days of basketball, surfing, movies and more car adventures! You’re the Man Andrew.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hey Andrew….get strong and well soon. We are all thinking about you and wishing you the best for a bright and speedy recovery. Keep fighting. I think it is time that all your admirers start to hound Faith Hill….does she know what she is missing?

Comments: Hey Andrew, know that people are thinking of you every single day and all are sending you good vibes and prayers to give you strength and to keep on fighting. I know that you have tough times ahead with that bad ass chemo, but you have already shown all of us your strength and your integrity. You put all of us to shame…never give up and feel all of the love that everyone is sending your way.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: OK Tebo…we ened you to be stronger than ever at this point. Work through this so you can move on to chemo and keep taking steps forward into recovery. Stay strong super man, stay strong. Love you

Comments: Andrew, It breaks my heart to see you so uncomfortable. We love you and just want you well. Godmother and the Giblins

Name: That Silly Simba
Comments: Hello my cat loving friend: I understand you’re back in the hospital and I just wanted you to know how much all the cool cats in the ‘hood (are there any other besides me?) miss you and hope that this will be a short hiatus from home. We hope you’re feeling better and that the temp is back to normal. SSSSSSSimbahhhh

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Do you realize that over 20,000 people have been to this website? You amaze me bud. I hope you feeel better and that you stay strong against this little bug and then the upcoming chemo. Enjoy my drawing on your board, it’s quality! Miss ya…oh yeah, I’m teaching your lame-o brother to surf…HAHA!

Name: Eva King
Comments: I was at the pancake breakfast and signed your book, and tied a bow on the quilt. Today is the 23rd of Aug. I pray all is going much better for you. I’m a grandma with a grandaughter your age. You are a remarkably brave young man. Many people are praying for you.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: So I see the little scare last night as no big thing, for it will not set you back. This next set of chemo is another chance to prove your greatness and strong will. There is no doubt that you will come out on top and even stronger. So bring on the chemo….cuz you’re ready! Love ya buddy

Name: Bryan Barth
Comments: Andrew….I hope you are doing well. Everyone in the Barth family is thinking about you and praying for you. Keep your head up. You’re the man.

Name: Ryan Secrest
Comments: Like Alex said… I had so much fun with that Nitrice Oxide (however you spell it.. laughing gas) with getting my wisdom teeth out. Now i get to sit and order people around, which was the fun part when you had it done. I just wanted to say how amazing you are. On Thursday night, before you went to bed, when you were telling me that you are ready to beat the cancer, and that you are really stronger than the cancer, and when you “get hit hard by chemo and the cancer doesn’t get up to fight again, I [you] will”. That is totally you Andrew! You can and you WILL do it! I’ll be with you every step of the way, cuz I know you would be for me! I love you man! I’m always praying for you, along with thousands of other people who are behind you! You are going to do it Andrew Thibeault!

Name: Allison McCann
Comments: Hey Andrew~ i don’t know if you really remember me but i’m kelly’s little sister. i met you once when you came over to do that video and you had to wear spandex and my pink sweatband. i hope you’re feeling better becuz you looked great when i came by and visited. i just wanted to say hi and hope you’re doing well and maybe see you sometime at LCC. ~Allison McCann

Name: Shelley McQuerter
Comments: Hey Andrew, I check your progress all the time and pray for you everyday for a long time while I prune my roses…for some reason they always make me think of you. Sending Light and Love to you, Shelley (Jayce’s mom)

Name: The Sommers Family
Comments: Hope you are feeling better Andrew! Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

Name: J. D. and June Boyd
Comments: Our prayers are with you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Alright buddy, time for a new chemo treatment? Bring it on! You’ve already proved what it is you can do during the rough times, you’ve just got to do it one more time. This will be an easier month than you expect…and I’ll be there, evey step of the way. Good luck my friend (not that you are even close to needing it).

Name: Big Bro
Comments: Well, I’m back from Europe and you are looking sexier than ever. What a HUGE improvement!!! Keep up the good work, little bro.

Name: kali
Comments: just saying hi !! hope all is well and cant wait to see you at school again!!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Hello superman. The other night was simply classic…you know you loved the movie deep down. It is great that you are getting more independent and I can’t wait for another boxing match! Have a great one and I’ll be seeing you soon. Love ya bud

Name: Dylan Ody
Comments: Hey buddy you are the man and everythings going to be just fine. With your strength your golden. Your in my prayers. Stick in there and can’t wait to see you. WE LOVE YOU

Name: Margi Liberty
Comments: Hi Andrew! Please tell your dad to put my phone number for contact information for the Rancho Soccer League Blood Drive – it is 760-753-3476. To all who read this – PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR THAT DAY! I WOULD LOVE TO SAY THAT THIS WAS THE ‘BEST’ BLOOD DRIVE! (Okay so maybe not but we can try!) You were asleep the other night when I came over – but it is always great to get those good hugs from your mom! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work Andrew – would love to see you at the blood drive on the 7th? God bless! Margi

Name: John Ward
Comments: Good Morning Andrew, I’m the guy that had the same surgery. I was just thinking about you today. Hope this day is a better day for you. John

Name: P. J. Fagaly
Comments: Hope you weren’t too uncomfortable during the humid weather. Still praying. πŸ™‚

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: He will have no fear of bad news, his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. PSALMS 112:7

Name: Brian Carroll
Comments: Hey dude, whats up? We just got back from Philmont And we were all thinking about you while we were there. I would pray for you everyday while we were in the back country because it all reminded me of the first time I really got to know you. And just like last time I was wrong almost everyday on the weather predictions. Then the very first thing I did when I came home was have an apple Pancake, with you in mind. I send you my love, Brian

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: How bout that sunset, huh? The beach was awesome with you and your bro the other night. Soon enough you’ll be out on that surfboard and dick-diving those waves…(successfully). Miss ya bud, see ya soon!

Name: Linda Huston
Comments: Dear Andrew and Co. (I believe you have “companions” who are angels and saints!) I’ve been keeping track of your valiant “battles” and inspiring successes. (all your life before prepared you so well for this….your family, your faith, your athleticism…)Wow! I hope, when you have time between exercising, going to concerts, harrassing your dad :), and algebra (What?! I always told you English was more important than math!!!)…I hope you’re WRITING. You always expressed yourself so well and now you have a story to tell that is so unique and inspirational. I believe you can both magnify your joys/successes and ameliorate your pains/fears if you put them down on “paper.” If not for others to share what’s really in your head, then for your own release and self-expression. Besides, after the book is published and the movie rights have been bought, your can star in the film, as yourself, and Faith Hill will be only ONE of the beautiful co-stars! God bless you and your family and keep on k

Name: jesse,trever,amber sham
Comments: hey andrew~ we just wanted to say what’s up and that we hope you are doing well. my mom told us about your page so we thought we’d say hello. we hope that your recovery is going well. it sounds like things are going much better. we’ve wanted to contact u but we know your a popular guy so we will update ourself on your site. we hope all is well with you and your family. tell them we all said hello and if u need anything at all please don’t hesitate to let us know. your in our hearts always and make sure to take extra care of yourself. have alex call jesse he wants to know all about his trip. take care t-bo family!

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Sorry to have missed you yesterday…you were getting some much needed zzzzz’s. Call me and we can talk books. I think I know some authors that you might like…..

Name: Alyson Gilmore (St. Andrew’s Preschool Mom)
Comments: I continue to check on your progress every few days. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks to your Dad for including us all on your journey. You remain in our thoughts and daily prayers.

Name: The Hartley Family
Comments: Hey Andrew! Dave Matthews, Metallica, there is no doubt that Faith Hill will be knocking on your door anyday! We are amazed everyday at your progress and determination! Look how far you have come since the first writings of this website! It is truly amazing. We are praying for ya everyday. Keep up the positive attitude, and work hard. Love all of us.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: You seem to amaze me in a way that no one has ever come to do before. Everyday I sit back and think about the progress you have made and every single time I find myself in awe. I know it would be simply impossible to tell you how proud I am of you, yet I know that you will come realize it the day you are walking on your own. No matter how far that day may seem, just know that it will come and patience is key at this point. So keep it up and I’ll be seeing ya soon. Love you much buddy, always will.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: DMB, Metallica…what’s next? Climbing Mt. Everest sounds like the next thing in line, huh? You are amazing bud, and with your strength and your family’s dediaction, all we have to do is be patient, and all else will be taken care of. See you soon.

Name: Godmother
Comments: Hi Andrew! Your mom probably told you I called today. You were busy doing your exercises. I’m going to be kind of busy at work this week and next cuz Debbie is on vacation. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need me however. I will always find time for you. Know that I continually think about you, pray for you, and wear your bracelet with great pride. I love you!!!

Name: Paula McCann
Comments: Great to see you tonight…hope you could get some steak down…we are all so impressed with your determination, inspiration and hard work. We look forward to stopping by again as you are feeling stronger. Keep it up!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: So sorry to have been missing you everyday Brother Andrew – going through my own trials! The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

Name: cindy Shamshoian
Comments: I knew I should not have gotten so excited that I had this all figured out I cut off the other part to my ‘short note’I now have to try and remember the rest ,you know at my age that could be a problem! here it goes.. Liz is graduating from high school in june 2004 and plans to attend U of A.I am giving her your e-mail address so she can write you when she getsback from her 2nd camp for Cancer patients of the summer she got promoted to jr. counselor at the camp she attended 4 weeks ago for siblings too it sounds great I saw so pictures looks like fun Liz says they treat you look great from good food, activites and a warddrobe of cool tshirts and sweats. She is attending another one this week.You will be hearing from her soon.xo cindy

Name: Robert Koran
Comments: I give as often as I can just for this reason.

Name: Cindy Shamshoian
Comments: Hey Andrew! THIS GUESTBOOK IS AMAZING!I just had to write you a short note to say WOW! Andrew you sure have alot of Love and support out there and you deserve it all!! It’s so funny to see some of the names of my preschool students names from when you were there 11 years ago! You have all kept those friendships that just warms my heart! It’s hard to believe that Harriet,Julia and my students from the 1st year are graduating from high scool this past June including Matthew Alexander!(Alex) I am so glad I can finley see whats going on first hand ! I didn’t want to be calling all the time, theres only 24 hours in the day and I know how busy your mom is so now I can just look here! I am so glad your doing so well and I know your enough like your Mom that you will continue to persevere.I just spent a week with My boyfriends Niece Liz, who is 17 she has been in remission for 1 and half years she was 15 when she was dignosed with Limphoma she fought her way through chemo, and is doing great

Name: Ryan
Comments: Hey Andrew, sorry it’s me again. I just said i would email you but i can’t get to AOL, the internet is slow here at the Bed & Breakfast, so i can’t email you. Could you do me a huge favor, and call my dad’s work 1800-266-6006 (just ask for him) and tell him that I can’t get to email, but tell him everything is going well, but i can’t get to my email. That would be great if you could do that! Thanks so much! Talk to you when I can get a phone card, see ya. (If you can’t get a hold of him at work, then ask his assistant for his cell phone number, or you dad might still have it) Thanks

Name: Ryan Secrest
Comments: Hey there Andrew! I’m so glad to read about the Metallica concert and that everything went well. I just talked to you last night (it’s night here in S.A.) and you sounded like you were doing very well. Too bad you missed “One” but at least you got Master of Puppets and some other good ones. All of us are now back in Paarl, after about 6 hours driving today, and this morning, we went on a game drive to see lions and giraffs and rinos. It was amazing! I’ll show you the pictures. I forgot to tell that on Friday, we stopped by a Bungy Jumping site and a whole bunch of people whent, including Cubbie. I took some cool pics. Well, i better get off to bed now, i’m still a little sick and we are teaching in the schools, for the rest of the week. Keep playing the drums! Hope you are enjoying the snare! See you on Saturday. (hey… check your email, i’m going to send you one.. thanks, bye)

Name: Emily Longiaru

Name: Barbara Carroll – T776
Comments: Hi, Andrew I know you must feel the prayers we are all sending you. I ask God every day to hold you (and your parents and Alex) in His hands. Keep the faith!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: HOW WAS METALLICA??! I hope you had an amazing time with your newly returned (and pierced and unshaven) brother at the concert. It’s nice to have both the T-Bo boys back at home for a while…Keep it up big man! Oh yeah, how did the algebra test go? I’m sure you aced it!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Thatta baby t-bo… are doing amazing with your physical therapy and everything else of course. Glad that Alex is back, he must be in awe with your progress. Keep it up superman…see ya soon. Love ya buddy

Name: Marianne Horrell – St. Andrew’s – August 8, 2003
Comments: Hi, Andrew – Just wanted to let you know you and your family are in my prayers every day and we at St. Andrew’s are thinking about new ways to help. Love, Marianne

Name: Ryan Secrest
Comments: Hey Andrew! I’m so glad to hear you are doing well! It’s the first time I have got to an Internet Cafe. I’ve been teaching in the schools, this whole week. It has been one of the most amazing weeks in my life. God has just used me to talk to these kids, and the impact on them has been huge! The AIDS down here is a very large problem, and they have to realize that, and be prepared to say no to sex. It’s definately hard, but like i said, the impact has been huge on these kids in the schools. We are in Paarl, South Africa (which is outside of Cape Town) and we are working in the poor part of Paarl, where there is the highest rate of crime/gangs and rape in all South Africa (except Johannesburg, which is among the world’s worst). I really miss you but it sounds like you are doing well! It’s freezing here! But the sunrise and sunsets over these huge mountains are amazing! Tomorrow, we leave for Plettanburg Bay for the weekend. It’s great to see Cubbie! He will be home in Novem

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Glad to hear you are doing the things that teenagers do! That simply means that everything is getting back to normal.

Name: Sis in Christ from TX
Comments: “But seek first this kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” Matthew 6:33-34

Name: Cous Bill
Comments: Dave Mathews Band? Andrew, you deserve that and you earned it. Keep up the rehab. I feel your future is full of awesome things.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Hey there, well i called the other day, but i know that you are really busy which is great, as that means that you are getting stronger and stronger. I will call tomorrow to try pop by and bring some pictures. I spoke to my family in South Africa yesterday and they all sent their love and prayers, as they have you on their minds all the time. Hey and one of my cousin even moved to Reunion Island, which is a french island near Madagascar, so even people on a little island in the middle of the Indian Oceans are hearing your story. What did i tell you, you’re famous. Well i will see you this week. Cheers

Name: Big Bro
Comments: hello from Germany. see u in 6 dayz! schus

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, last night was a blast, even though I didn’t understand a single thing in the entire movie. It was great chillin with you and I’ll be back soon with some In-N-Out too. Stay tough.

Name: Sylvania
Comments: Hi! Glad to hear you are moving right along. Not easy, but you are sure to continue to prove to yourself and each of us the amazing strength you have! That’s why we all love you! I will stop by this week to see you. I think about you often. Love, Lauren’s mom..Sylvania


Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

Name: Hartley’s
Comments: **Andrew** each day you seem to get better and better. keep it up stud! You are in our thoughts and prayers. take care much love.

Name: Sauer’s
Comments: Hi Andrew and all the family, Wow, it sounds like you are making a lot of progress Andrew. We continue to pray for a speedy recovery and some cooler weather. It sounds like Alex is having a great trip. I’m sure he will have a lot of stories to tell you when he returns. Keep up the good work with physical therapy. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers always. God Bless. Love, The Sauers!

Name: Karina Moya
Comments: ANDREW!!!! Well ur with out a doubt sooo popular and amazing. im hoping u remember me. i was in ur science class last yr. You know Mr Herms ahhh what a pain huh??? well u were always there to help me, thanks a bunch. well i hope ur doing very well and enjoying your summer. I will pray for you every night and ur such a strong kid who is trying his best. but dont worry everything is gonna be alright!!! well i hope to see you soon i miss your cute little smile <3 always, Karina

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: D’oh! Wow, today was just the day of postponement wasn’t it? You are just such a busy young man that you were too poular for me, haha! I’ll be over some night this weekend to kick your butt with some physical therapy and then to bring some quality food (I’m thinking In-N-Out?). Peace Dude.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. John 15:7

Name: Trisha and Tom Kelly
Comments: Andrew, do you remember us telling you about our friend, Sifu Brown, who overcame cerebral palsy to become a Kung Fu master? Well he’s here in Encinitas for two days and will be giving a talk and demonstration tomorrow night (Friday). I realize that you probably can’t make it (if you’re up for it, that would be great!) but we would like to bring him to meet you. We told him about your situation and he very much wants to spend a little time with you. We have been wanting to see you also and this would be a good chance. Do you have any time tomorrow and if so, what would be good for you? My number is 753-7972, email is

Name: Your sister in Christ from TX
Comments: “Let us fix our eyes on Jeusus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2 Keep the faith and stay strong. The Lord is with you always

Name: Big Bro
Comments: You better be practicing drums because I want to hear you play when I get back–Im so sick of all this sappy pop crap thats all over the radios here. Ciao!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here I am. . . . Isaiah 58:9

Name: Clayton
Comments: I had the pleasure of teaching a friend of yours this summer who sent me to your page. While I don’t know you, I imagine that if you’re a friend of Kelly’s you must be an awesome human being and your website is an inspirational tour de force for all of those whose lives have been touched by cancer. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best.

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Hey Andrew! Its been so long since I’ve talked to you, or signed this, but I just wanted you to know that you’re still in my prayers and thoughts. Its great to hear that you’re doing so well, and one of these days I’ll come by and see you, and we’ll talk about that Jaguar I’m gonna win some day. Keep it up, you’re amazing! Love always, Caitlin

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: …My Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:23,24

Name: Barbara Cope
Comments: You are on the San Dieguito Methodist Church prayer chain and I keep up my prayers for your return to good health.

Name: Khara Morris
Comments: Hi Andrew!! I work at Dr. McElroy’s dental office (near Frog’s Gym). Your friend, Ryan Secrest, is a patient at our office and was here today. Ryan told me that you are going to the Dave Matthews concert tonight and I wanted to tell you to have a great time!! (I am going, also, and will look for you and Ryan!!)

Name: nurse sam
Comments: Heeeyyy andrew!! dr kim told me about your insane surgery experience. i couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards and i hope everything is going ok. we miss seeing your smiling face on the floor and i send you ten thousand wishes for a speedy recovery.

Name: Jim, Pauline,Brett and Katie Benson
Comments: Hi Andrew…just wanted you to know that you have been in our prayers, daily since we first heard. Having read some of your guestbook notes, we can tell that God must be quite aware of how special you truly are to so many. In true T-Bo fashion, it looks like you and your family are continuing to persevere!!! Please know that a day doesn’t go by, that we don’t remember you,your bro and parents! The Bensons

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well just got back from a great time in cabo, we will have to come over and tell you about all of the craziness. More and more people are finding out about you, and all are amazed by your strength, so when ever you are thinking about why on earth did this happen, just think of all those THOUSANDS of people that you have encouraged through your life, you are going to be written down in the book of life, as a young man that shocked not only San Diego but the world. Just you wait , you will see your name in lights one day. Andrew thank you.

Name: drew and jessica
Comments: hey bub we miss you a lot and will hopefully see you fri!!!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Buddy! Work’s been busy lately, so I haven’t had a chance to stop by, but Thursday sounds like the day that I come and kick your behind in HORSE, ok? Stay tough bud, it’s downhill from here.



Name: Margi
Comments: Andrew – how is the book coming? πŸ™‚ Hang in there and never give up! Remember that our God is a God of Love and Satan is the god of doubts and fear – don’t let him win sweetie! See you soon!

Name: Carole
Comments: Andrew, God loves you way more than you could ever know! Keep up the good work! You are an awesome young man! God has big plans for you I am sure of it!

Name: cous Bill
Comments: Lance Armstrong won his 5th in a row. Man, that’s doin what you gotta do!!

Name: schwartz fam
Comments: keep up the work, “A”. We don’t feel your pain but we know your feelings through Jesus. Your mom and dad are your backbone and the rest of us support their courage. Be tough. Jesus is ALWAYS there.

Name: Taylor Reeve and Family
Comments: Just wanted to let you know we’re still sending you positive vibes- hang in there kid- you’re proving to everyone what a fighter you are!

Name: John Ward
Comments: Hi Andrew, I meet your friend Ryan today at CCC. I have heard about your surgery and wanted to let you now that I went through the same surgery on my right pelvis in 1995. I certinly know what you are going through and would like visit you sometime when you are feeling like a visitor. I would have loved to talked to some one when I was going through this. Sincerely, John Ward

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: I want to remind you that success in life is based on hard slogging. There will be periods when discouragement is great and upsetting, and the antidote for this is calmness and fortitude and a modest yet firm belief in your competence. Be sure that your priorities are in order so that you can proceed in a logical manner, and be ever mindful that nothing will take the place of persistence. — Publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg in a letter to his son. Keep up the good work!!! You’re doing great!

Name: Big Bro
Comments: Whats up Andrew from Italy. We just got off a 22 hour train ride from Madrid, Spain to Torino, Italy. Saw a bullfight in Madrid and walked through The Village, the place where all the Olympic Teams and players hang out. I also accidentally walked into the place where all the players sign up and they kicked me out. haha hang in there, and i wanna see some progress when i return! adios

Comments: Hey Andrew, I just wanted to say hellow I was just on a two week vacation my husband and I went to yellowstone park in wyoming and to visit some friends in Montana, I thought about you while we were in Montana because someone was talking about an incredible person who had beat Cancer so I shared my story about my incredible friend Andrew who has survived cancer. You are quit amazing you know that!! You hang in there ok. I will try to come see you in the coming weeks. God bless Lot’s of Love, Micahn

Name: Jenn
Comments: hey andrew.. you don’t know me, but i found out about you through a friend of yours’. and i just wanted to say that you’re such a strong person, and i wish you the best of luck in getting past this as quick as possible. get well soon, you seem to be an amazing person. πŸ™‚

Name: jessica symonds
Comments: I am happy you are doing so well, Its good to know you are such a strong young man!!love always jessica say hi to your parents for me and tell them to behave!!!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: well there superman, it is safe to say that you are getting better every single day, even if you can’t seem to realize it yet. i am still amazed by your drive and will never to give up. thanks for the good times we continue to make, from the hundreds of movies to the strolls around the block….i love them all. have a good one, keep at it. love ya much

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: What up Stud? Well, I’m back from Orientation at UCLA and I can’t wait to see you. Miriam said you were doing well, so that is always excellent to hear. Keep at it bro.

Name: a friend πŸ™‚
Comments: …I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday…There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling… Psalm 91 God is with you Andrew.  Love and prayer surrounds you like the feathers of His wings! Much Love, a friend

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Aloha Andrew, Sorry for not writing earlier. We were in HI for pleasure and Davis for college business. We were melting in 105 degrees in NorCal…yuck! Glad to hear you’re keeping up with your physical therapy, meds and socializing with friends. We hope to drop in soon. Keep smiling!!

Name: Sobieski’s
Comments: Andrew, Glad you are persevering and working hard. Your godmother is THE BEST! …she’ll have the ladies lining up at your front door before you know it (if she’s not already!) Hang in there…you are an inspiration to us all…God Bless…

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7,8

Name: ‘Mr. H’s’ mom
Comments: Hi Andrew, Just wanted you to know that we think of you all the time. Doug keeps us updated on how good you’re progressing. Keep up the good work, it will pay off !! You’re in our prayers!!

Name: Marilyn Bieck
Comments: Just returned from Nebraska and the first thing I did was check up on you. Old teachers never give up on their students and always want to encourage them. I know it’s a long, hard journey but I admire your perseverence. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Jordy
Comments: Hey dude… sorry it’s been a while. The real receptionist at my job (apparently that makes me the “fake” receptionist) took a sudden early maternity leave, so I’m the head honcho at the front desk now, and it gets a little crazy. Who ever heard of a job where you actually have to work!? rip off, if you ask me :-). Anyways, I hope you’re feeling not just better but GREAT EXCELLENT WONDERFUL PERFECT MARVELOUS FANTASTIC EXQUISITE and MAGNIFIQUE! see ya, bud!

Comments: U R A Stud!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “. . .Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord. “And I will heal them.” Isaiah 57:19

Name: The Hartley Family
Comments: Hey Andrew! I am glad to hear that you have been gettin out, even though we haven’t had the usual San Diego summer. Keep up the hard work, and remember to eat as much as u can. THis way when Alex comes home you will be bigger than him. Who knows what he is eating over there! We will check in later! Love, The Hartley Family

Comments: A little birdie told me that your not eating too well these days…just remember it isn’t possilble to keep up your strength unless you feed it. How on earth are you going to be able to check out “hot chicks” again or beat a girl at HORSE if you don’t keep up with the eating? Just a thought.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: Hey buddy! It was awesome to be able to do your rehab with you the other day. Pete is very excited about the wood block he and his uncle made you and he hopes it’s working out fine. It is also good to hear that you are cruisin the beach again and scopin’ the ladies. I’ll be by soon and we’re always thinking of you!

Name: David Boone
Comments: Hey Andrew. Good to see you have been online and its good hearing from you. Melissa is mad tha you havne’t called her back. I hope to see you soon. Keep it up. Love ya man. See you soon

Name: Rob Carter
Comments: rock on man love.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Mornin’ sunshine! So I’m back and I’ll be over hanging out as usual, don’t you worry. I hope you’ve been working on your shot, you can’t lose to a girl again! I heard you and my mom had a wonderful at the beach checkin out all the girls…..thatta boy! Hang in there, keep working hard. Love ya bud.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, So glad to hear that you are getting better. We were impressed to hear that you are getting out and about more often and doing the things teenagers do. Keep up the good work and have fun. It is great to hear news from you directly, even though we do like your Dad! The Colorado Collettes

Name: Godmother
Comments: Hi Andrew! I’m so glad you enjoyed our little joy ride. Thank you for not publishing any of the sordid details {: Looking forward to the day when you’re driving me around, preferaby in a Jaguar or a Ferarri {: I LOVE YOU! Godmother

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: It’s good to see that you’re getting up and out more and more. Your dedication to this slow, dragging process is admirable. See you soon!

Name: Sister IN Christ
Comments: But he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13

Name: Alyson Gilmore (St. Andrew’s Preschool Mom)
Comments: I am so very touched by the ongoing support you receive….the blood donation number is incredible! We continue in our daily prayers and thoughts and you have become such an inspiration to us all.

Name: Alyson Gilmore (St. Andrew’s Preschool Mom)
Comments: I am so very touched by the ongoing support you receive….the blood donation number is incredible! We continue in our daily prayers and thoughts and have become such an inspiration to us all.

Name: kali
Comments: hey andrew hope all is well and hope your having a great summer!! cant wait to see u in school!! KALI

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey Andrew, You’re are one popular man, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying to to see you! I was just thinking of you, and I hope you’re progrssing in physical therapy. I bet you’re getting one studly body(is it possible for one like yourself to get even studlier (is that a word?)) Best wishes and I hope you’re enjoying your time basking in the summer warmth!

Name: Lauren and Drew
Comments: Hey darling! Drew hopes you enjoyed his volumptuous (sp?) gift … Call us when we can come visit again! We love you!!!!!!!


Name: Tamilyn ,Kelly, and Natassia
Comments: Well we are having a fantastic time here in Cabo, and the weather is wonderful. It has been hilarious hanging out with 70 other boys , all going crazy, like boys do, having taco eating contests, and throwing up. You would love it, ha ha . But seriously, it is really beautiful down here, and we went to Cabo Wabo just for you and took a picture of Sammy Hagar’s place. So thanks for telling us to go, we play pool there every night. Well we are so happy that the doctors are happy with the healing and are thinking of you all the time. We haven’t found Brad yet, but Natassia is looking hard. see you soon. Love all the girls.

Comments: HEYYYYYYYYY my love. i just called and you ar ein a nap… but i am determined to come over today. i have a special suprise for you….xoxoxo

Comments: andreeeeeeeeeeeeew you are then man πŸ™‚

Name: Matt Stubstad
Comments: Your my hero andrew. Yumm wa—FULLLS!

Name: The Armentos
Comments: Hey Andrew! We check on you regularly via this web-site and are so glad to know you are continuing to get stronger–keep working on it, Andrew. You are amazing! We are praying for you every day for continued healing and strength. Say hi to your Mom from me! Love, Linda Armento and family

Name: Bruners
Comments: Hey Super Andrew Man! I heard you were out and about in the “hood” on Wed. Sorry I missed you! Glad to hear you’re out there!!! We are praying for you daily and know you are in God’s hands. We love you!! Colleen and family

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Thinking of you every day, and praying as usual–well, maybe a little bit harder. What does your physical therapy consist of? Hitting E-Bay? Keep up the good work.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hope the therapy is making you ripped! Stay strong and make sure you get the most out of your therapy; we both know how much it will pay off. Peace.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey there Mr. Popular!! I’m the 16,333 person here, I feel so special!!! Just checking up on you and seeing how you are doing. Keep up the great work!!!!

Name: Grant Titus
Comments: Hey Andrew its Grant. Its been a while since I last talked to you but i want you to know that i’m still thinking about you. Im glad to hear that things are getting better for you and I hope you continue on your road to recovery. Hope to hear good news from you in the future. Stay positive and keep fighting!

Name: Chelsea
Comments: I’m glad your doing well….last time I was on here you were just outta surgery….I’ve been praying for you and God is good….he’s gonna get you through this. God understands. <>< Name: Comments: hey pal-c\vacume cleaner its kali hope all is goin well hope to see you soon !! kali Loud speaker!! Name: chrissy Comments: hey kid! wow i just got back from costa rica and i had to see how you were doing. I thought a lot about all thats gone on while i was down there. I missed you a ton!! and just wanted to say keep going God is amazing and i saw it…you can do anything..Phil. 4:13 look it up. ill stop bye tomorrow love!! adios Name: Lauren Adams Comments: Andrew!!! Hello darling boy … just checking to see how your doing! You’re awesome – keep it up! Hopefully i can come by again soon! I luv ya! ~Lauren Name: The Kibbees Comments: Just thought we’d say hi and how are you doing? It sounds like everyday is getting a little better….keep up the effort…you are an awesome person! Name: Sister In Christ Comments: Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 Name: Marc Sawyer Comments: Hello! It is 6:30am and I’m at work, so I figured I’d send some good wishes to my main man. Keep hangin tough with the therapy, you knwo how much it’ll pay off! Love ya bud! Name: The Perrecone’s Comments: Hi Andrew, Just checking in to send some love your way. We are thinking of you all the time. Name: Ryan Comments: Hey andrew (again) just checking up on you and how you are doing. Sounds like you are doing great, can’t wait to see you when get back from vacation. Tomorrow, i got on the last leg of the trip and then so-long. Literally, just now, where i’m using the computer, there’s a Cuckoo Clock and it just went off, it’s 6pm here in Costa Rica. Wow! The clock is just like yours. That’s so crazy. Anyways, I can’t wait to see you, i’m still praying for you, constantly! Keep up the basketball playing, and the ENDURANCE! See yah later “superman” Name: Joooooordy Comments: Hello my friend! How are ya today?! Hope you’re doing well. How terrible is this weather we’ve been having?! I can’t believe this is a San Diego summer!! have a wonderful day… Name: Brad Titus (coach Titus to you!) Comments: Andrew, lost touch with you for quite some time, but I am back…and I am not leaving until you win your battle. Some guys have the will to win, and many do not. You always had it! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Now give me ten pushups. Name: Michael and Nell Koopmans Comments: Andrew- we’re praying for you, and think of you often, glad the pancake breakfast was a good success!!Hope to drop bye and say hi soon! Name: Kelly Giblin Comments: Hey stud, hope physical therapy went well and of course as planned. Just making the annual check in on the website. Then I find that Marc and I are apparently now officially competing at HORSE….don’t waste your time Marc, Andrew and I will beat you anyday! haha Have a good one Name: Jordan Winchell Comments: My prayers are with you. I’m good friends with Doug Heflin and will be donating blood in your name to help out. Please check into Macrobiotics as it has helped my uncle get through his bout with prostate cancer in a huge way! Peace and love to you. Name: Ryan Secrest Comments: Andrew-It’s so awesome to be able to check up on you! It’s only the second time i’ve been able to get to the computer, so when i check up on you.. so much progress! I really hope Dave Matthews works out. Keep pushing yourself to get stronger and stronger. I’m constantly praying for you and thinking about you. I’ve been spreading the word down here, about andrew tebo…. haha… a lot of people really like the braclet! Gotta get going, I hope to check up on you once more. Keep on going! Love ya man! Name: Marc Sawyer Comments: Hey bud. I’m at work right now on my break and I thought I’d check to see how you were doing. Lunch yesterday was quite exciting, and believe me, there are only so many times you and Kelly can beat me in H-O-R-S-E before I kick BOTH your butts (that’s right Kelly, it’s on!) See ya soon bud! Name: Sister In Christ Comments: Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way…. 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do no let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 Name: Megan Forster Comments: Hey Andrew! I’m here in Barcelona at an internet cafe and i wanted to check up on your web page! I hope you’re doing well and hopefully you will have gotten my post card from Italy before i get home. I REALLY want to come see you when i get back!!! I’m practicing my spanish in Spain, hehe, remember those good ol’ days in spanish two… ya they were good times. I’ll be seeing you soon!!xoxo Name: Jordy Comments: Hey buddy, just thinking of you. hope you’re feeling better. i saw marc the other day, and the battle is on… we both think you’re SO AWESOME!!! Name: Tamilyn Comments: Well it was great hanging out with you yesterday , and what a lovely day outside. I promise that we will try get a picture of Brad for you, knowing Natassia she will find him. And we will try get some pro bodyboarders autograph for you too. Andrew keep up that good work, seriously, cause i would really like to see you kick Alex’s butt at pull ups when he comes back. And never forget, “WHO’S THE MAN?” Answer JESUS. Name: big bro Comments: Writing from Paris at the moment, Andrew I have taken some sick photos, wink wink, I will show you when I return. Still praying Name: The Evans Comments: Hi Andrew, we hope you are feeling better, and are glad you got out on Sunday. See you on Thursday! Name: Sister In Christ Comments: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 Name: The Collettes Comments: Andrew…glad to hear your health is improving. Remember that your parents are here to help you become the independent and kind man that you are destined to become. Go slow now and enjoy all those around you who care so deeply for you. Everything that they do is for you. Name: The Collettes Comments: Andrew…glad to hear your health is improving. Remember that your parents are here to help you become the independent and kind man that you are destined to become. Go slow now and enjoy all those around you who care so deeply for you. Everything that they do is for you. Name: Jeff Smith Comments: Hey Andrew its nice to hear that you’re doin well. I was at the pancake breakfast this morning…Geeze, they really made a lot of money for you. It was pretty succesfull. I’m gunna go to sleep, but keep up the good work and stay strong. I’m still praying for you every day. -Jeff Name: Kelly Giblin Comments: it’s been another fun filled day with you and there will be many more to come. hang in there and we will continue our quality strolls around the block. love ya bud, always will. Name: Melanie Silva..friend of Julie’s Comments: re-grouping is hard. Take a deep breath and take all your energy, anger, frustration and impatience and focus it on healing energy. Far easier said than done and forgive me for giving advice: but know that your energy is combined with the healing energy of all of us who are connected to you…literally hundreds of people around the world who send you, Andrew, their healing and supportive energy and love. Take it, use it, believe it and rest in it when you need to..for it will hold you up. Hang in there: sometimes hanging in is a triumph. Name: Ron & Judy Adamik Comments: Dear Andrew, We found out about your condition from an old high school classmate of Ron’s, Bernie Phillips. We are retired in beautiful North Idaho. Ron is a cancer survivor by the way. We wish you a speedy cure and an even faster recovery. And our Church will also pray for your prompt cure and recovery. Sincerely, Ron & Judy Adamik Name: Boone Comments: Hey Andrew. I just got home and wanted to say hi. It looks like you did great while i was gone. Keep it up. I will be coming to visit you soon. Melissa is coming with me and it should be loads of fun. Stay strong you sexy beast. lol. See you soon. Name: Marc Sawyer Comments: YOU ARE THE MAN! Keep up the physical therapy, it wil pay off. I’ll come help tomorrow! Name: Sis in Christ from TX Comments: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you,and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Name: Megan Robinson Comments: I’m a good friend of Alex’s. I’m in college now but he told me about your situation and I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith! Name: Sioux Westervelt Comments: Hi Andrew. I’m a friend of Rock’s from Idaho. It sounds like you’re in the hearts and thoughts of many people. Please know you’re in mine, too, even though we’ve never met. I hope you’re having a lovely, summer day, and that you continue to grow stronger and more well by the minute. Smiles to you, Sioux Name: casey Comments: hey andrew, you dont know me, but our brothers used to be friends a long time ago…thats random but oh well. anyway, i’ve been following your story for a long time now, and been hearing all the updates through your friends in my biology class. since school is out, i’ve been checking the site to make sure everything is still going all right. it is really excitingto hear how well you are doing and inspirational to see what you have been through. good luck in the future and keep up hope. πŸ˜‰ Name: Marc Sawyer Comments: You are a stud! It was great seeing you today, and I hope physical therapy goes according to plan. I’ll call you on Sunday to see what I can bring this time! Name: Ryan Secrest Comments: Hey Andrew! Im here in Costa Rica. I just now got to use the internet. Im glad to hear that you are doing well with your physical therapy! I really do miss you but i know you are doing well! You gotta keep up all your hard work and build your strength so we can go to the DMB concert on the 29th! I hope you are able to check this… and i will write again next time i get to a computer! Keep it up! Stay strong like you have always been (superman) Talk to you later Name: The Liberty’s Comments: Andrew you inspire us! We are praying hard for you still and I bet everyone would love a message from you! Please tell your parents hello for me and that they are in our prayers as well! “we can do all things through Him” – you have proven that haven’t you?! Need anymore cookies? If you miss your brother – I can send one of my guys over to bug you! LOL Keep up the hard work – you have come such a long way – with a long way to go, but you will do it! God bless you! The Liberty’s – Margi, Coach Justin, and Luke Name: Big Bro Comments: Hey I’m writing to you from Amsterdam. Thanks for the little package of “goodies” Andrew and Dad and kick bootie Andrew cuz I’ve already got a couple things for you from England and Scotland. Okay I have 10 frikken seconds left adios I’m prayin’ Name: Jordy again! Comments: Hey Andrew! how are you, buddy? hope eveything is going well for you… I check the website everyday… my new goal is to try to beat marc sawyer’s record for guestbook messages!! πŸ™‚ SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome. Name: heather Comments: Hey!!I’m a cousin of Christy, Katherine, and Nick from Federal Way, WA. We heard from Debbie that you are out of the hospital and at home now. We are praying for you and wish you the best of luck. I’ll be in San Diego visiting the Sauers in a week or so (Nick and I are in the same grade so we are about the same age.)once again I wish you the best and hope that maybe soemday we get to meet!!!Love always, Heather Name: Sister In Christ Comments: Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance. Perserverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4 Name: Andy Cheng Comments: Hey Andrew, I hope things are going well for you, I’m thinking about ya and hopeing for a great and wonderful recovery!!!!!!! .:Andy:. Name: Kelly Giblin Comments: hey hey super man. the 4th at your house was quality….good ol ribs straight to pie..mmmmmmmm…anyway, jsut hang in there and keep playing those video games i can never beat you in. have a wonderful one. love ya Name: Marc Sawyer Comments: Well, I know you are missing your brother terribly right now (hehe), so I’m going to come by tomorrow and fill in his shoes. Sound good? Haha, you couldn’t keep me away anyway. Hang in there bud. Name: Jordy Lievers Comments: Andrew, I’m thinking of you everyday and hoping you’re doing better!! You’re such an inspiration. I wish you the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST of luck and health. Keep smiling, I know you will!!! Name: Alexis Fletes Comments: Hey Andrew- It is great to hear that you are home and doing better. I hope that you and your family had a great 4th. You have been so strong through all of this, and you are an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you so much for that. You have truly taught we what strength is. God Bless, and keep us posted. Have a great summer! Name: Erika Redlinger Comments: hey whats up sexy, i havnt been on here is forever. well i am so glad to have you back home. i can come see you when ever i want. you know sometimes i think i hear the drums, but yeah i cant wait till that is for real. well hey i am mo, sorry i didnt say bye but it was to early in the morning when i left. i will be home soon. talk to you then. love always and god bless Name: Sister In Christ Comments: Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour. Habakkuk 3:18 Name: Alex Stauffer Comments: Thinking of you. You must be made of steel ! ! ! Proud of you. Name: Sister In Christ Comments: Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you: He rises to show you compassion> For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him! Isaiah 30:18

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hey Andrew….hope you are doing well. Please ask your Dad to update what is happening. We miss our daily dose of The Tebo News and reading how you are doing. Tell your Mom, Dad and Alex we said hello and are sending our love and best wishes to all of you. Larry, Deborah, Laura and Adam. p.s. so are you excited that your big brother is going off to college soon? Adam can’t wait for Laura to leave so he can have her larger bedroom!

Name: Marji, Howard, Brian, and Sean Krausz
Comments: Hi ya, Andrew. We keep reading this site to check on your progress. You are absolutely incredible and in our thoughts all of the time. We love your spirit and continue to send our prayers your way. We’ll give you a little more time to get “buff” with your physical therapy, and then we’ll come visit. Love to you and your family.

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Hi andrew hah u dont really know me but i care about u soo much. I know that u will get through this. Good luck. Keep up the faith.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges My Name.” Psalms 91:14

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: I hope all is well and that your recovery is speeding up every day. Stay in touch if you need anything.

Name: Godmother
Comments: My only vote is for Andrew as the next AMERICAN IDOL!!! Your star shines bright Andrew. We love you! Godmother & the Giblins

Name: Doug Heflin
Comments: Hey, Andrew-dude! I hope you’re settling in at home ok! I was so proud of you and what you were able to accomplish while I visited you at the hospital shortly before you went home — I’m sure you’re keeping up the progress, stud that you are! Hope to see you again soon! Hasta, Mr. H

Name: Bob and Lois Chaddock, St. Andrews
Comments: Unfortunately, our blood is not acceptable by the Blood Bank (due to the places we have travelled). We will, however, donate to Andrew’s trust fund. Our prayers are with you, Andrew, and with your family and doctors. God is always with you.

Name: Carly
Comments: Hey Andrew..its Lindsey from tennis!HAHA just kidding. I just wanted to say hi! I’m so glad your health is progressing everyday. Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday and I think about you all the time!I’m excited to see you in a couple of weeks when i get back! I miss you and i’ll talk to you soon!!

Name: Lauren Reyna (numero 14,521!)
Comments: hey darling. just thinking about you and thought I would write and say hey! I am so proud of you and so inspired by your strives towards a full recovery. I know I speak for everyone when I say that you provide enough inspiration to last a life time. I know you will never loose the incredible strength you have. love you tebo! xOxOxoOx!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 1 John 4:16 May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. 2 Thessalonians 2:16,17

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – you continue to amaze us! You and your family are in our constant prayers! Hurray for you! Margi, Coach Justin, and Luke

Name: Nick Nowak
Comments: hey man what’s up? hope you are feeling better and guess what? I passed my drivers license test. my dad and I went early and followed the instructor LOL!! well it was fun seeing you before we went to seaworld and we should definately go out to dinner or sumthing next time we are up there. hope to see you soon!!!

Name: P.J. Fagaly
Comments: We check the site frequently, and are so happy to hear about your wonderful progress. Fr. Wes (via email) is also hearing about your arrival at home and about your wheelchair travels-enjoy that fresh air! We will keep praying!

Name: Kat Dowling
Comments: Hi Andrew! Still thinking about you and hoping for the best for you everyday… I’m not that great at HORSE so I bet that my only chance at beating you would have been while you were really weak…. so it sounds like that time has past! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad! Anyway, keep getting better. My family is thinking about you constantly!

Comments: Hey Andrew, NEVER, NEVER give up hope, no matter what news you hear, or what other people might tell you, NEVER give up hope. Keep getting stronger, eat to keep your strength up, push yourself as far as you can go and then push some more. Don’t listen to anything negative at this time, only take in the good. Believe.

Name: Schwartz’ in PA.
Comments: Hey Andrew you are in our prayers East of the Mississippi. Hang Tough!!!!!!

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew….We just got back from the British Virgin Islands. Wow, what beautiful water. If you’ve ever looked at pictures and wondered if the water could really be that clear…yep…it is. Mrs. Jenuine is in London and Paris for the next few weeks. Busy summer! I sent you a post card. I hope you got it! Love you. Mrs. Kibbee

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- It is great to hear that you are home. Yeah! Have a great holiday weekend. God Bless!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, I am guest number 13, do I feel special! That is pretty impressive to have so many people come and check on your progress as often as they do. The worst is behind you and the best is yet to come.

Name: Diane, Mike, Nick, Nate, Alex and Brendan
Comments: Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that even though Sea World was fun, the best part of the day was being able to see you and your parents. Sorry we spent so much time there, hope we didn’t tire you out too much. We hope our next visit won’t be that long from now. Remember, we owe you a dinner out! (p.s. on our next visit, should we bring Alex for the entertainment?) Lots of love to you, Nancy and Dave and wishes for continued healing. You looked great!!

Name: Jimmy Kerr and Family
Comments: Andrew, I’m not playing with RSF Attack this coming year but want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are a tough guy! Warmly, Jimmy Kerr (and Bill, Linda and Donna Kerr)

Name: Michael Guberek
Comments: Just wanted to say hello. I know you are having a very rough time. Keep up the fighting spirit, guy!

Name: Ryan
Comments: you are on the website right now.. wow! That’s pretty cool…. glad to hear you are doing so well.. Andrew-You are the best! Hang in there!

Name: Jessica Symonds
Comments: Andrew!! you are great, and I am glad you are getting much better! I think of you often and pray for you I will se you soon. Tita says hi!

Name: Jim Smith
Comments: The Lord be with you.

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey, nice to hear your doing so well!! It is so nice to see your doing all these wonderful exercises!!! Well…i’ve got my family and friends hoping you recover faster!! Congrats my friend!!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hopefully the pain is subsiding and you are eprfecting your jump shot and your trapeze work. I’ll be over some time this week, miss ya budd!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Hey Andrew, well even though your brother is off, that does not mean i will not be seeing you, i am going to bring natassia with me next time, as i know you said you finally want to meet her. So yip you can have some college girls by your side. JK.Well your progress shocks me everyday, and i know that there is still many more rivers to cross, but with your kind of progress you will be over them in no time. And hey with the creator of the universe by your side 24/7 you can lean on him everyday and know he is in control. I hope you liked the cake. Cheers

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Hey Andrew!! Haven’t written in a while, just wanted to check in and say hi! Hope everything’s going well, you are so strong and brave, you inspire anyone who hears your story. I had a few friends that donated blood in your name, who received cards that said you would need it to redeem its benefits. Do you actually need this? If so, could you let me know, maybe by posting it, so I could bring them by for you. Anyways, stay strong, we love you! Caitlin

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Shooting some horse, huh? Man, you never cease to amaze me. I guess now I have to come over there and show you how it’s done…Call me if ya need anything kiddo.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: Andrew, it is awesome to hear that you are doing so well! I can’t wait to come over and play “horse” with you like the we always used to. Thank you for teaching me more and more about life as you succeed in your efforts. I’ll be over soon and keep working on your shot. P.S. I’m still sportin’ the braclet.

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – hope you enjoyed the cookies and I thank you for seeing me – you are doing so awesome! Be sure to get all your rest too! Be nice to your mom!

Name: A friend of Andrew Thibeault
Comments: You don’t know me Andrew, but we a friend in common. In fact, we have many common friends. Taken together, they are anything but common; they represent everything in life that makes tomorrow so exciting to look forward to. I’ll be thinking about you and continuing to spread the word. Be strong, kid. The world needs people like you. And friends need people to believe in. Keep an eye out for the mailman…I have a hunch…good things are coming your way. πŸ˜‰

Name: Janelle De Santi
Comments: Hey there Andrew…well we have never met but my friends like danielle swanson has talked about you. I just wanted to tellyou how awome you are even though you probably already new that! You can do it Andrew. Keep up the hard work!!! i hope to meet you soon. you sound like an awsome guy! Maybe i can get you to play waterpolo : *) my family and I are thinking about you. Get some sleep and i will write aguin soon! Always Janelle

Name: Rebecca Makely
Comments: What’s up champ? By now you’re all settled into your routine and I’m sure have the whole system figured out. Including the requests for “water, no ice.” I hope you are feeling up to par because I want to come visit soon and challenge you to a game of horse!!

Name: Paul, Cathy,Adam and Micah Cohen family
Comments: Andrew knows adam from LCCsoccer.Andrew is in our prayers and thoughts and we hope he heals well and quickly! Maybe someday in the next few years we’ll see him out there again on the soccer field, we hope!

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. Nahum 1:7

Name: James T. Milne
Comments: Hey Andrew just wanted to say hello and say keep your chin up. With your strength and the help of all your loving friends and family You can overcome this obstacle and then many more in your future.

Name: A Stranger
Comments: And we know that all things God works for and the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpouse (Romans 8:28) When you look for me with all your heart, you will find me (Jeremiah 29:13) as long as i have life within me, the breath of god in my nostrils, my lips will not speak wickedness and my tounge will utter no deceit. i will never admit you are in the right; till i die, i will not deny my integrity i will maintain my righteousness and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as i live. (Job 27:3-6) Don’t give up on the lord, he is there for you watching you, all things happen for a purpouse weather we like them and know them or not, you have been in my prayers and will continue to stay in my prayers. God Bless

Name: Laura Jones, PT at Scripps Green
Comments: Hi Andrew! Hope all’s going well for you, and that your home physical therapist is not torturing you…too much!

Name: Susan McMonagle
Comments: Hope you hate your physical therapist by now – that means they’re doing their job. Have your “webmaster” email if he wants any help on the Amazon link – happy to work on it and promote it. Wes says hi — he’s off helping harvest wheat in Kansas…hot, dusty, tornado warnings.

Name: Jutta and Blake Laurino
Comments: Hi Andrew, We are sure glad you are home now. Seems you have your work cut out for you. We sure hope you feel better real soon.We are continually praying for you. Get Well!

Name: The Hows
Comments: Hi Andrew and family! Just wanted to let you know that we were thinking about you and wish you much success as you rehab. Hang in there! Jeremy, Jane, Alex (a St. Andrew’s preschooler), and Zach How

Name: A friend of Andrew Thibeault
Comments: Be strong Andrew. Nothing can stop you if YOU don’t quit. Next year this time you could training for a triathlon … impossible? That’s what they said about Lance Armstrong. I’ll race ya.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, I am sitting at work on my break and I have some time, so I figured I’d send my daily message. Hopefully your progress will be so great that when your brother comes home from Europe, you will be beating him up! Even with Alex gone, you still have a big brother waiting to help with me.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Psalms 31:24

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…glad to hear that you are home and eating hamburgers. Our best wishes are with you as you continue to improve each day and have the love and support of family and friends all around you. love, the Collettes

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, I must say that you are one good looking young man. When I came over today you looked much better looking than that brother of yours (haha). I had a blast talking about all the “good memories” in the ICU with you today, and hopefully we’ll have more time to do the same. Make sure you or Mom calls me if you need it.

Name: chasen thibeault
Comments: hey andrew uncle dave and alex hope all is well and you are all staying strong.andrew keep fighting man youll get over it and one day we will all play basket ball and kick my dads ass again and again like we used to

Name: Eva M. Connell/
Comments: We have a family member with sarcoma and are raising awareness and funds for SFA this week. We wish you the best. Eva 760 753-7142

Name: Sylvania
Comments: We would love to go vist you this next week if you would be up to seeing Lauren, and I! Please email me at sylvaniareyna@msn with a day that would be good for you this week. Kow that we are thinking about you and your family everday! Love, Lauren’s mom…Sylvania

Comments: Never has anyone’s strength inspired so many people- continue the fight that you WILL win, Andrew! We all love you and care deeply about you.

Name: Matt Barry’s family
Comments: It has come to our attention that our first entry in your comments section apparently didn’t go through. We just wanted you to know that our prayers have been joining the chorus of prayers on your behalf and we know that the Lord hears and answers prayer! We are praying for your family as well — I’m sure this is all as hard on them as it is for you. Wish this was a trial you didn’t have to go through. But we are happy to learn that you’re gradually gaining strength and are determined to get past this. We send a HUGE hug to your and your family. Thank you for the great webpage and current updates. It helps us know how to pray for you.

Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: Hi to all the Thibeaults! We’re so happy that Andrew is back home again. What a journey you have all been through. Continued prayers and good wishes come your way each and every day. Alex, have a great trip. If there is anything our family can do to help out, please do not hesitate to call. We will be over to see you soon Andrew. It sounds like you need a little rest right now. God Bless. Love, The Sauers

Name: Cam Brucato
Comments: I have included Andrew and his Mother Nancy in our Prayer Team at North Coast Church in Vista. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings ans aeagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Name: Harriet and Susie ( alias, St. Andrews Catering)
Comments: For Alex, we want to wish you Bon Voyage, Cheerio and Erin go bragh! Have a marevelous time.

Comments: Get well soon!

Name: DeDe Phillips
Comments: Hey Kiddo . . . Busted out huh? Could you wave out the ambulance windows to your fans? Next time I go by Jorge’s I’ll call to see if you’re ready for a carnitas burrito – Remember Brenden is at the fair every day so if you start craving a deep-fried Twinkie, some Indian Fry Bread or a Bloomin Onion those can be delivered to you. Pet the tucan for me and get some sleep.

Name: Larry and Darlene Cross
Comments: Hi Andrew. You may not remember us but we were in the same Boy Scout Troop with you and Alex. We’ve been keeping you in our prayers and following your progress. Praise God you are now home! As you continue your recovery and work through your physical therapy, be encouraged by those who love you and remember you are a child of God and are precious to Him. We pray for your continued strength and healing.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: We’re missing you a bunch around here bud. I’m coming in tomorrow (Sunday) to see you, so hopefully you’re not too exhausted from the physical therapy. See you soon!

Name: Jaymie
Comments: Hey…I knew you were a strong person! Can’t wait to start delivering Starbucks drinks again! I’ve been missing that sweet face of yours!!!! See you soon and, as always, you will be in our prayers! God is good and faithful-even though He takes His own sweet time! Love you, J

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey Andrew, It is SO NICE to hear that you are at home!!! I hope you have a great, grand, and wonderful weekend!!!!

Name: Mrs.Moore ( home-hospital tutor)
Comments: Andrew, estoy rezando para ti. Y espero que te mejores pronto.Estas practicando el espanol con tu mama?

Name: Boone 12,201 Oh ya!!!
Comments: Hey Andrew. It’s good to hear you are home. Me and melissa can;t wait to visit you, but i hear you aren’t ready quite yet. Oh well i am going on vacation for a couple weeks. I will be praying for you. Talk to you when i get back and drop by for a visit then. Enjoy the weekned.

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- It is great to hear that u r home. Yeah. Have a great weekend Tebo family. Love Always , Alexis

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew: There is no place like home! Just remember take each day as it comes and use everyone of the prayers from this page to keep your head up! You have come so far! With Alex gone next week, don’t hesitate to call on the other brothers to help you! I know that Robbie, Jayce, Drew, and Jeremy would be more than happy to bring you food, movies, or just hang out! We will keep the prayers coming and the positive thoughts coming your way! Love, All of the Hartley Family

Name: a fan
Comments: recipe for miracles: hard work, strength, perseverence, character and monster dose of “you-bet-your-ass-I-can!” Count one more guy on your side, Andrew.

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: Patience dear Andrew – “Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3,4

Name: The Sobieskis
Comments: Andrew, Alex, Dave and Nancy…know that you are all in our prayers. What a wonderful community we live in…you are all so loved. God Bless.

Name: Sean
Comments: I’m so glad to see that you are home now and i’m looking forward to visiting you and your special set up at your house! I’ll see you soon!

Name: Gramps
Comments: May I echo all the nice sentiments voiced by those signing the BOOK. The question of the day: Does one need a special license to operate a motorized wheelchair?

Name: Kusunose Family
Comments: Congrats Andrew! There is no place like home! Kyle was skate boarding by your house tonight with his friend. We didn’t know you lived just down the street from the Bruners. We’ll plan a visit! The challenges ahead are tough but those left behind were tougher. Gain strength each day ! Our Love and prayers go on and on and on!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, I’m back from the trip and now I’m glad to see that everything seems under control and in a state of forward-moving progress. I love ya kid, and I’m comin this week!

Name: schwartz ESCONDIDO

Name: The Keene Family
Comments: We’re so glad you’re home Andrew! you’re a true inspiration to all of us, keep working hard, we’re praying for you!

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: Wow Andrew, ur guest book is packed. Just comes to show how many people love u and care. Im glad to hear that ur home again. Ill drop by now and the to see u and spend time. i love u and miss u dearly.

Name: The Youngs
Comments: Hi Andrew — our family has been watching your progress each day and praying for you and are so happy to hear you’ve made it home. Tell your mom we’re right here and happy to help with anything you guys need. Greg, Coleen, Sam and Sylvia

Name: Callan Green
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was thrilled to see that you came home today! Whenever you feel up for a visit, just send alex over and ki and I will be by your side. Andrew, I just wanted to tell you that I am really proud of you, you are such an inspiration. You have inspired courage in all who know you! I love you neighbor! keep up the goodwork

Comments: MONTES ARE THE STIZZ and that’s just the way it is. they get the job done, simple as that.

Comments: What Cancer Cannot Do
(Cancer is so limited…..)

It cannot cripple love

It cannot shatter hope

It cannot corrode faith

It cannot destroy peace

It cannot kill friendship

It cannot suppress memories

It cannot silence courage

It cannot invade the soul

It cannot steal eternal life

It cannot conquer the spirit.
Source Unknown

Name: marleigh sonken
Comments: grandpa andrew~ wow kid im so excited u r home, haha i hope u liked all the chalk on your driveway! my grandma is dying for me to tell you that she has been praying for u every day so there i told u. well i hope u enjoy being home and just know that we r all still praying for u. we love ya bud, hang in there!

Name: Lauren reyna
Comments: TEBO** ok so no one tells me you can have visitors now?? what is this! lol. how are you man? just know that I am coming there soon, with chocolate cookies and ice cream from mc donalds (haha) and Snoop DOgg blasting. good times. i cant wait to see you soon . you are beautiful and wonderful and great and sweet and funny and smart and perfect (i can go on forever..). I love you

Name: Kim Skraby
Comments: Did u like our lovely chalk on the driveway and Marleigh’s drawing on the poster? Haha, I’m sooo glad ur home! I went and got my camera from your room by the way… I had missed it. I’ll see ya soon!

Name: The Cookes ,alias your preschool teacher
Comments: Andrew, three cheers! It must feel grand being back home.Of course your wonderful drive must be attributed to St. Andrews preschool! No way , but your mother always blames me for anything bad you do so, Iwill take the credit for the awesome job your doing now. That is a laugh.Sending you special hugs. You owe me three and I want to collect.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hello super man. just realize how far you have come and dig in deep and find every last ounce of strength for it will be needed through chemo. i love ya bud and i know you can do it. just hang in there and hold your head up high.

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: HEY ANDREW, so glad to hear your doing so well!!!! Miss ya!!!

Name: The Sobieskis
Comments: Keep it going Andrew.

Name: The Graeser Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, Are you truly escaping the hospital bed. What a miracle in progress. Now that Christen is driving she will be by to see you. Give your mom a big hug. Love, Chris Melani Christen and Amanda Graeser

Name: Cathy Reny
Comments: HI Andrew, I hope you are feeling better and better and stronger and stronger, lots of prayers , Love Cathy

Name: Cynthie Bond
Comments: It was wonderful to read about your progress in your own words. If you are not writing from home I imagine you will be soon. So how does it feel to know that the Communion of Saints, both in this world and the next, are committed to your wellbeing? I do have one small favor Andrew. When you are up to it, invite Vince over for a visit and ask him to bring his sword, that way he will leave the rest of us alone! Strength and peace to you. CJ Bond

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: It was nice being able to spend time with you yesterday. You did a great job doing your Physical Therapy. Don’t get frustrated. Every day it will get a little easier. Be Strong!! I’m so glad that you’ll be going home today. I haven’t forgotten about the Milkshake that I promised you. Love, Susan

Name: Sister In Christ
Comments: “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Name: Margi Liberty
Comments: Today is a big day for you Andrew!I have been praying alot for you and your family. God is so awesome to bring you through this – you know He will expect you to be a good witness now! You have a quite a story to tell! You have inspired so many people in this community to “bond” together in support of an awesome young man and his family! Remember this – God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1 If you need some chocolate chip cookies, let me know!

Name: Godmother
Comments: Like everyone else, I am so thrilled you are coming home today & extremely grateful to all the wonderful professionals at Scripps who took such excellent care of you. God bless them. I also remember that your ordeal is not over, facing months of chemo & rehab. As we rejoice today, you still have every right to be either tired, scared, angry, or frustrated. Of course you appreciate everyone’s support but also would be happy to just have your old life back. Just want you to know we all understand that. I love you.

Name: Debbie & Rich Neubauer
Comments: Homeward bound, eh! That’s super. Keep up the good work.

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Whoo hooo!!!! Home at last. Are you still doing your tap dancing? I’m having a special pair of ‘tap sneakers’ made (haha). I’ll go down again soon to see you – keep up the good work!

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Andrew, Good to hear you are doing so well. And I’m sure it will be great to be home. I especially enjoyed reading an entry written by you. I have spent over 30 years not believing a thing your father says or writes, so it was good to hear from a credible source! Hope all continues to go well and the Collettes are thinking of you. regards, Larry Collette

Name: Schwartz’s
Comments: welcome home andrew. I’m anticpating you at home sleeping in your bed in the Faith room, eating homey food and bangin on the skins. continue the awesome rehab and eat eat eat. our prayers. bill, laurie, ali, kev, candy, sandy, lucy, skeeter.

Name: Tammy
Comments: Hey Andrew – I hope you are feeling better. We are all thinking of you and you remain in our prayers…

Name: Micahn Doell
Comments: Hello again Andrew, I hope this E-mail finds you feeling a little better than you did when I sent the last one! I am now able to be kept abrest of your progress by simply checking your web sight that your dad so frequently updates, that is so cool. Andrew it is amazing to me how many people are thinking about you and pulling for you, you have so much amazing positive energy being directed toward you , I wonder if in some strange way you can feel it. I just wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers. Get well soon Love Micahn

Name: Katie Grosse
Comments: Hey Andrew! Sorry i haven’t been writing lately! I was on vacation. Anyways I am so glad to here the good news! Hope you have a safe trip home! I send tons of love from everyone! P.S. Guess what, Mr. Trust passed me!!!! hehehee (the final was a killer if u ask anyone!!!) My heart is with you!

Comments: Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall. Psalms 55:22

Name: Your Sister In Christ
Comments: 6/25: Though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand. Psalms 37:24

Name: Rebecca Makely
Comments: Hi sweetie, I hope you get this message! You are an angel on Earth..I mean that sincerely. Getting to know you and spending my work day taking care of you was one of the best things that I’ve ever experienced as a nurse. I’m really going to miss having you around. You mean the world to me Andrew and I cannot wait until you are home and well again. Please keep in touch so we can see each other. I’m just a phone call away. Give your family my love!! Email when you are feeling chipper. xoxo Rebecca

Name: chrissy
Comments: hey love…keep going, your wonderful. I cant wait to see you at home!!

Name: Gramps
Comments: Now that we’ve all seen what collective prayer can do, wouldn’t it be an inspiration to see Andrew on National TV? My thought is to write to Dr. Phil or Montel Williams or Oprah and see if any of these luminaries would care to help? If anyone could unscramble my thoughts along those lines, I’d certainly be appreciative.

Name: Schwartz fam.
Comments: Can’t wait for the stories. You are an inspiration to all. Your mom needs the lawn mowed so go home. Your rehab sounds like it is going fine. Keep eating and eat more. Continued great luck on your healing. You are surrounded by a family of faith. EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: andrew its the hartley’s…we just wanted to say congrats on making it home safe and sound! we knew you could do it stud, keep it up! much love, and hope to see you soon. Love, Marc, Kim, Robbie, Brooke, & Molly