Comments from Supporters in 2004

Name: Godmother
Comments: God’s speed Andrew.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Dear Superman, we’re watching the Weather Channel hoping for a smooth ride. If prayers are needed you know that millions are headed your way. Santa was especially kind to me (gramps)inasmuch as he left a whole package of Dusting Mitts. Good news would go so well with the New Year. Love, Nana and G

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Good luck on your trip and we send you positive thoughts and prayers. There is never a day that goes by that your name isn’t in our prayers! Love, All of Us

Name: A friend
Comments: “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 When we’re faced with something so incredibly hard, and so very overwhelming, we stop walking by faith, but instead look to our circumstances, and despair at the sight. But God’s ways are not our ways, and we cannot comprehend them. The only thing we can do is walk by faith in our God.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Here’s to a trip that will provide only positive news! Like so many others, we are with you all the way. We have a plan…share your shining personality with the flight attendents to get a bump to first class and ask the pilot if you can ride shotgun! I can’t imagine a teenager who doesn’t want to ride shotgun. Best wishes for a Happy New Year in all possible ways.

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Hi Andrew – Have a good trip. Give Greg and Laurie a hug for me. I’m concentrating on positive wishes that the weather is kind to you. (Make the flight attendants give you lots of pretzels, and whatever else they have up their sleeves). Later, gator.

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Dear Andrew, Here’s all good wishes for a SAFE, SANE, and SUCCESSFUL trip tomorrow. We’re bettin’ on ya, kid!!!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Happy New Year to all the Tebos! Stay well Andrew. We are always thinking about you with only best wishes.

Name: Mary Beth -your favorite nurse of course πŸ™‚
Comments: Hey Andrew, just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy new year. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as always. Take Care Andrew!! No worries, I haven’t had any encounters with our favorite “urologist”

Name: carol
Comments: please tell Kim I’m truly sorry

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Merry Christmas to you and your family, Andrew. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Andrew–I hope you are feeling well today and that you had a nice Christmas. The strength you share with all of us is contagious. Nothing else matters but to appreciate what we have….and to trust in our Lord. Merry Christmas and may God bless you… always. You are one man of strength. May your attitude continue to be positive. Love to you…from all of us.

Name: Lauren Reyna
Comments: Merry Christmas baby

Comments: MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Enjoy your family & friends, nothing like them…ever. We hope the New Year brings you health and happiness! With Love From Afar

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: merrrrrrry christmas superman!!! and to the rest of the thibeaults as well!! see ya soon and love ya lots

Name: The Nowaks
Comments: Hi Everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

Name: The Youngs
Comments: Thinking of you and your family on Christmas. We hope that today is a good day. Merry Christmas from Coleen, Greg, Samuel, & Sylvia

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Merry Christmas Andrew! Saw your brother at Target the other day, said you were prety tired. I hope this holiday season brings you everything you hope for. I will see you in a couple days bro. Love ya.

Comments: I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Wishing you a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year. Keep up the fight, you are constantly in many people’s hearts and prayers

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hi Andrew! Thought I would wish you a very Merry Christmas. You are an amazing young man. I think about you LOTS. Happy Holidays to your family!

Comments: Thinking of you and your family today. Our time together is so precious…enjoy every minute of it.

Name: The Graeser Family
Comments: Andrew we are thinking about you not only; today but everyday. You are such a warrior and are proud to know who you are . We wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas

Name: Pat Monahan
Comments: Andrew- Hey buddy I hope that you have a great Christmas and New years, and also that everything is going well with you. I would love to come by and watch a movie or even just hang out sometime. I dont want to bother you during the holiday season because I know that this is a time to be with your family. So I Plan on coming over after the New Year if this is ok by you….Feel free to call me any time(760) 271-1316, and once again enjoy the holiday and hope to see you soon.. your friend, Pat P.S. my screen name is Mutiny808

Name: Jamie
Comments: Hey! I hope everything is going well. You are in my prayers as well as my church, my bible study, and my ministry (college group). God will never give you more than you can handle. Have faith, He is with you always!

Name: jesse sham
Comments: hi andrew, alex, nancy and dave, i just wanted to let you know that you have all been on my mind a great deal lately…and that i hope i can see all you in the NEAR future!! my thoughts and heart is truly always with you… have a merry christmas and i hope to hear from you guys soon! all of my love, jesse

Name: Ian Metzger
Comments: wassup dawg, I hope that you are feelin better!! Hope you and your family have an awesome holiday. Maybe we will get a chance to chill over break, I gotta a tight new rap mix for you, some hilarious songs, you’ll love it! Stay strong buddy we are all here to help you get through it and we are all prayin for you!! -peace1

Name: Robbie and Brooke Hartley
Comments: SUPERMAN… hey- we just wanted to say hello and wish you the best. Good luck with everything Tebo, we are here for you. have a gooood holiday buddy!!You are in our prayers, god bless.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hello hello! I am just here to say hi and that i hope to see you soon!!! byebye love πŸ™‚

Name: jordy lievers
Comments: merry christmas andrew! here’s hoping the new year brings you soooooooo much happiness and luck that you can’t even hold it all! πŸ™‚

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: keep it up superman. classic tadition we have, gotta love the xmas lights.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What’s crackalackin’ buddy…glad to hear things continue to improve. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t taken off my LIVESTRONG band in 8 months, thus continually reminding me of your stuggle. Every day that yellow symbol of courage and hope helps me get through the minor details of life. Those details not even coming close to measuring up to the setbacks you have overcome in the past couple years. I have always looked up to since the days of basketball in your backyard and will continue to admire you always. Take care and I will be seeing you shortly.

Name: Deborah Collette
Comments: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with so many who are so far away. Glad to hear that you are up and moving forward. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: just wanted to say hello to my superman

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Andrew, my heart goes out to you – humoring the parents is no easy job! But, keep up the great diversionary tactics and maybe they’ll ease up on nagging you. As for my folks, Nana’s getting out and about in little jaunts, and Gramps’ last entry alludes to the my threat of getting him a Chia pet for Christmas. We all wish you the best all the time. Sending you big hugs…

Name: Ivy
Comments: andrew i miss you so much

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Hey Superman: this is “Christmas Cheer” knocking, although your Aunt came up with an Acronym for me in that I “Delay Until Near Christmas Eve” for what I want they now think I’m a DUNCE! Oh Well, happy to hear the good news. Keep smiling –with Love, Prayers, and a whole bundle of Cheer….Nana and G


Name: Katelyn Chamberlin
Comments: Hey Andrew! Just saying hi, and that you’re in my prayers! God is on your side, just know that! Stay strong, and take everything on day at a time… Keep smiling!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: oh superman, you are the absolute greatest! how i enjoyed watching the interesting bmoc haha. stay strong my man, keep fighting the good fight and we’re behind you every step of the way. looove ya budddaaay

Name: Amy R.
Comments: DEAR Andrew. So glad to hear you are back home again! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas week with all your friends and family. I’m always,ALWAYS thinking about you. Of course, Sean sends his best too! Amy

Name: Yo cuz B-Dizzle
Comments: Whats crackin cuz?!? Ive been talking to alex a lot, dumb jerk, tell him hes never welcome in my home again. We gotta get you up here to see my kickin pad, its swinging foo!! Chasen and I are coming down again, soon, tell your jerk brother and senile father to call me with some good times to visit!!! Have the merriest christmas one could have, but not too merry, it can get kind of dangerous. Take it easy fizzle…Are we not men? We are Tebo!…ps – im going to steal your cymbals πŸ˜‰

Name: Lisa Kimball
Comments: Andrew, Your a fighter like you dad… You will make it though this, you are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Name: Diana Mascarenaz
Comments: Andrew, keep on fighting, we hold you close in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless!

Name: Maria
Comments: Andrew..God has the power. We pray that he has the will. Keep fighting kid & know that i love ya. ps…awesome job with the tapes!

Name: Terry Gardner
Comments: Hi Andrew! I work with your dad at the credit union. He has the same odd sense of humor that I have, kind of sarcastic, kind of weird, etc… πŸ™‚ I just want you to know that so many of your dad’s co-workers are praying for you. Stay strong! You are a remarkable young man and I hope you know that others really do care. –Terry

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Wishing all the Tebos the happiest of holiday seasons. Andrew, please write a message for all of your fans. Many of us do not get to see or talk to you on a regular basis, but still feel so close to you. Please write us!

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: ANDREWWWWWW!!!!! I got the pictures back I took when down to see you, and the ones with you looking cool in your shades and hot wheels caused quite a stir. Nana and Gramps are both jealous. They said, “Nice picture. What a great car.” Can you believe I made it down with no flat tires? But, the other night, while getting on the freeway to come home – you guessed it – A FLAT TIRE! Maybe I should just ride my bike. What do you think?

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Hey Andrew. I’m so glad you enjoyed Juta’s “services” today. Isn’t she awesome?? Your Dad should get some of that too! haha. I hold you in my head and in my heart at all times.

Name: Ariane
Comments: Dave -I forgot to leave you my email address =it’s

Name: Ariane
Comments: Hi Dave I lost your direct email address.. May I have it again πŸ™‚ My best to you and Andrew – Happy Holidays Ariane

Name: Lauren Rogers
Comments: hey man… i was just doing my late night checking up on you to see how you’re feeling and i realized ive never left a message. its about time… so wanted to say hi and let you know that the way you have prevailed through things i could never even imagine inspires me so much. you are such an incredible person… not even a person, a true example of a superman. you amaze me daily and inspire me to overcome the little things and big things that i run into. as kel gibs says “continute to fight the good fight” you have so many of us on your side and praying for you daily. we love you man and have a happy holidays.

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hi! Hope you’re doing well. Keep up the good work! Love you and miss you!

Name: Clementime
Comments: Hey buddy! basically i want to say that i have been thinking about you a lot lately, mostly praying for you. you are quite an inspiration to everyone…as you can tell from everyone’s permanent “superman” logo on their AIM profiles…so many people are here for you. YOU and YOU alone have done things that only a SUPER MAN can continue to amaze me with your studying,driving,humor, and strength…don’t let any “kyrptonite” get in the way of your wonderful powers. i love you man.

Name: Natalie Rupp
Comments: Hey Andrew! I hope you have an awesome holiday! Stay strong! I’m praying for you

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Hey there Andrew. Greetings from Davis, CA. I hope you are holding down the fort in Encinitas, cause I know you are. I sure wish I was down there, these finals are horrible. Chemistry, Math, English, and Linguistics… 2 more to go baby!!! You are such an inspiration to me, and you always have been. Can’t wait to see you over the xmas holiday… I wanna hear you play the drums. Your in my prayers… And I think Gib’s nickname for you is the best way to sum up who you truly are… SUPERMAN!

Name: Pam Reynolds/University of San Diego
Comments: Hi CollegeBound999! I’m sending you my best wishes! I’m just checking in!Love the Website, hope the Eagle project is moving along. Great idea! Don’t we all wish we had thought of it? Are you still taking tapes? are the best! Please let me know if I can help with your application, don’t worry about the deadline! (You know someone who knows someone)…. Lots of love, Pam

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Yes, we are glad to hear that you are home. Going out the front door was probably a better approach than us trying to spring you in the middle of the night. Keep up your part and know that there are a lot of people out here continually rooting you on. Take care of yourself and those around you. BTW: Adam is already asking about our next year outing to see the Padres with you guys again. That will be fun.

Name: Linda MacKay
Comments: Stay strong Andrew. Still praying for you.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: HEy andrew…just thought i’d stop in between finals, say hello, and get a little inspiration from you while i’m at it. Hope you are feeling much much better at home. See ya soon, byebye, luv ya!!!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Glad to hear that you are home. Our hope and wish is that you keep improving everyday. As always, thinking of you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Man! It’s been a while, I’ve been swamped in the middle of finals and such. Hope the escape attempts are going well at the good ol’ hospital I am done with finals on Friday, then to San Fran for a couple days with the sister, so I’ll be home December 21. Can’t wait to see you bud, hang tight!

Name: Katelyn Chamberlin
Comments: Hey! I was just checking to see what was going on and how things were going. You’re doing wonderful, keep up the hardwork. We have to share a meal together sometime… I will make a point of doing that! Stay strong!! I keep prayin for ya πŸ™‚

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hi Andrew! If prayers could be measured like the stars in the sky….the whole sky would be lighted up tonight because that is how much I am praying for and thinking about you. You are on my heart so much lately and I know that God has a plan and that you are so much a part of it. You are doing what you need to do–Trusting Him and trying hard to keep your faith in tact. What else do we have? If there is nothing else??….I personally would rather take the risk that there is more to our lives than what we experience here. You have shown so much in the area of strength, perserverance, hope and faith, under the most challenging of trials…Andrew….God is good and He knows everything about you. He created YOU! And…He is taking care of you. Thank you for blessing me with your never ending desire to continue and fight. You are a true example of perserverance. I am so glad to be a part of the army of prayer warriors for Andrew TEBO!! Love to you and your family…from all of us

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was just sitting here thinking about you, so I thought I would say hi…so…..hi!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, THe house looks mighty pretty all decorated! You are always in our prayers, so keep fighting there is never a day that people aren’t looking on this website and leaving you a message! The boys will all be home next week , I hope you have been saving your money, they will want a poker game or two! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Robbie Hartley
Comments: Hey budddy! Stoked on this semester coming to an end! I think if I spend anymore time in our library I’m going to kill myself. Anyways wanted to stop and say whats up. Hope all is well! you are always in my prayers and I hope I get the chance to see you when I come home next week!

Name: Taytayy
Comments: whats up dude! i have been painting my painting final all day aand needed a break: so i thought id give you a holla! hope all is well! you’re always in my thougghts! 8)

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: lovin’ my superman

Name: Lily Geisler

Name: Godmother
Comments: I am so very happy that you are back home. It’s a wonderful Christmas present!

Name: Tiere
Comments: Thinking of you Andrew…You’re amazing! Hang in there, we’re all with you πŸ™‚

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Okay Andrew here’s the plan. We pull the getaway car up to the service entrance. The “team” comes in with the dinner carts, we wait until the coast is clear and make for the exit. Don’t wave to the nurses or anything. Bam, we’re otta there! Come to think of it…maybe we should wait for the usual exit strategy or a better plan. For the time being, listen to the experts who will get well. Hope things are looking up and you will be able to go home soon! Take good care.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: I hope you feel all the love coming to ya! I will definitely come and see you at Childrens if you’re still there when i get home…otherwise i’ll come see you at home! Love you man, thinking of you daily πŸ™‚

Name: A HERO!!

Name: Maria
Comments: Hey kid! It was great seeing you this weekend even though u weren’t feeling too hot. Every day I spend with you I grow more and more amazed, and even more proud. This holiday season, I’m especially thankful for YOU. God bless you, Andrew. love, maria

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Andrew, superheroes are rare, and become models for all of us to follow. Your strength and perseverance shine in all your endeavors. LOVE and Prayers, Nana and G

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Reading Colossians is so amazing, as it says that we should set our minds on things of above and not of this world. And you know what, when i think of you , i see Gods amazing handy work , I constinuously think back to June 4th and thank God that He gave you back to us Andrew. Well done for coming this far, and i know that you will over come your next scan, poke,cut or whatever. Love you man.

Name: Seany Robins (cont.)
Comments: Also, and this is to you Andrew, don’t forget what you are fighitng for… the rest of your life! I have been battling cancer for the better part of 5 years, and I wouldn’t still be here without believing in myself. People like you and I need to realize, the great things in life that are truly worth suffering for… love, friendship, family. Its got to be worth it to you to sacrifice this time in your life, for the next 70 years… Trust me bro, its worth the fight… a fight I know you can and will win. Stay strong Kid, I believe in you.

Name: Seany Robins
Comments: This goes out to Andrew and his whole family. I know now is a tough time; I’ve been through a lifetime;s worth of times like this, as I know Andrew has as well. Its because I have been through and am still battling this horrible foe that Andrew faces, that I know in times like this he needs all of the support we can muster. Prayers are welcome at times like this, but it is action that will truly help Andrew. “Show” him your support…

Name: One of you
Comments: The power of friends is real. It’s not enough to send tidings of love and support, not enough to pray. Go down to Children’s and rally around him. Make his “feel” the love.

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: Checking in on Andrew. Looks like things are crazy again and I imagine Andrew must be miserable and frightened. I’m praying for great faith for Andrew as well as you all.

Name: Matt Redlinger
Comments: Just wanted to say hey and that we are all thinking of you. Hang in there, we are all behind you.

Name: Ashley Kerns
Comments: Though we may not know one another our spirits are interlinked through Kelly Mac Kay and my thoughts are always with you and your family. I hope you have a happy holiday season and, I hope you liked all the FUN stuff we sent from Colorado. All my prayers~

Name: Collettes
Comments: Keep pushing forward. We are rooting for you and want to see you get better. Know that there are many who want this for you. As far as the SAT, there will be other opportunities. Now at least you can ask friends their thoughts on it. Finally, once you get home, will you do all of us a favor and write a message to us. We want to hear from you dear boy!

Name: Amanda Rodriguez
Comments: Hey Andrew I’m a good friend of Miranda Toledo and I worked with your dad at the Credit Union. You don’t know me, but I wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers, continue to stay strong. I wish you all the best Amanda \”/

Comments: Hey Andrew! I just want to say good luck with everything. I check the website often to see how you are doing. My prayers are with you and your family. Have a safe and happy holiday! Keep fighting Andrew.

Name: Andrew Rivera
Comments: Stay strong and keep smiling. I heard about your story through an old high school classmate of mine (Miranda Toledo). I am a chiropractic student at Life West in the bay area and I have just started. If you are searching for another way to combat your illness, I suggest you look into chiropractic and a Dr. Shawn Dill who has just moved here from San Jose Costa Rica and has helped an elderly man who flew across the pacific from Malaysia, went to the Mayo clinic who told him that they could not help him and that he lived a wonderful life. He went to Life West and miraculously was cured. I know this may sound too far fetched, it certainly captivated me. I would love to help you out in any way. My email address is if you would like more insight and possibly get in touch with Dr. Dill. My prayers are with you. May God bless you.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: With all this comes more strength…and you’re already the strongest person i know. luv u

Name: Philly, Katie and Tiere
Comments: Happy Holidays to the entire Tebo family…we’re thinking of you

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: thinking about you all the time superman, love you always

Name: Nick Nowak
Comments: Andrew, I am taking the SAT test today and all my prayers will be with you while doing so. I have applied to a few colleges near home and have been accepted to 1 so far. Keep up the fight and maybe my family can get down soon to see you and your parents.

Name: Swansen’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you and sending you our prayers. Love The Swansen’s

Name: Godmother
Comments: I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend the day together as planned, and even more sorry you’re back in the hospital. Don’t worry about the SAT. Your health is the priority now. I love you.

Name: molly
Comments: hey andrew! just wanted to say hello….have a good weekend!

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: You’re such an amazing person.

Name: The Sobieskis
Comments: Let your godmother pay attention to the list and you look at all the pretty girls you want, Andrew…God Bless…

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: i absolutely love and adore my superman

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Hope you enjoyed that flock of pink flamingo turkeys! LOL Aren’t they something to brighten up your day? The boys soccer team sure likes putting them in your yard! Hope your Turkey day was filled with lots of love and laughter! Still fighting my cold so I won’t come over until it’s gone – glad my boys could go see you! They said you were in good spirit! That is great! Big hugs to you and your family!

Name: Jill Daberko
Comments: Thinking of you!!

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Keep doing well. Hope Thanksgiving was a good one for you and the fam. Also, I hope you got the chance to ask your Marine buddies, where are those Halls of Montezuma anyway? Adam has become a SD Charger fan and is actually rooting for them vs. the Broncos. He just can’t tell anyone here. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we are thinking about you.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: when shopping with my mom, pick yourself a prettttty prettty girl…i think superman deserves one πŸ˜‰

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey Andrew. I’m bummed i didn’t get to see you while i was home, but i will definitely see you this coming break (in two weeks)! Stay strong. love ya, bye.

Name: Godmother
Comments: Andrew – I’m hoping that we can go Christmas shopping again this year. I’m also hoping that this time you’ll pay attention to our list & not the pretty sales girls (<:

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: you stay strong my superman, and you keep fighting

Name: Alex Higley
Comments: What’s going on Andrew. I was thinking(if you are still interested) we should get you on those drums, ill bring the tap shoes and we could jam a little. I’m definately still interested so let me know. It sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving. To you and your famiy “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”

Name: Megan Poponyak
Comments: Andrew you rock my world! May God bless you and fulfill you!

Name: Katelyn Chamberlin
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was just reading over what people were saying and thought I would add I lil something. Geeze… You’re amazing!!! Know that people LOVE you so much, and that all of us are praying for you everyday. Stay strong and hold your head up high cuz you are an angel! And I am pretty sure that we should hang out some time… MUCH LOVE…and HAPPY THANKSGIVING Buddy!

Name: Collettes
Comments: Thank you for our Andrew update. It is good to hear that all is peaceful and calm in the world and on your doorstep. Keep fighting the fight and looking forward to tomorrow. Andrew, so many of us are thankful for you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving Andrew, I know I can say I’m thankful to have you in life. You have lived an amazing life, and the strength and composure you have flexed during these times have been unbelievable. You’re in all my thoughts and prayers (as always)and I can’t wait to come back and help in any way I can.

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: You are in our prayers this Thanksgiving Day – thank you for the inspiration you are to all of us, Andrew. Your faith is being put to the test BIG TIME….and you shine with perseverance and strength! You are awesome! Love to you and your family from all of us

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving, Andrew. I was just sitting here thinking about you and thought I would send a quick hi! Have a great Turkey Day….

Name: Godmother
Comments: I am so very thankful to have you as my Godson. We love you!!! Godmother and the Giblins

Name: Everyone who knows him.
Comments: This year, we are simply thankful Andrew’s here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Name: A hot california Torrey Pines Girl (GO FALCONS)
Comments: Can we get an update πŸ˜€

Comments: Hey…what’s happening? Miss the updates and hope to find the next one telling us that Andrew is doing better? Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Tebo Family!

Name: Debbie Greve
Comments: Hi Andrew & Family, I still check for updates every day. You have been through so much, it makes other problems seem so small. I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving and eat all you want!! You are such a fighter.. you go head on! Keep on gettin’ well! God Bless

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving to all the Tebos. Wishing everyone well. What is the latest? I miss my regular dose of Andrew updates!

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hi Andrew! Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and our family prays for you….often. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping you can indulge in lots of good food! Much love to you all….The Armentos

Name: Taytayyy my friends are starting to call me t-rex
Comments: whats uppp dudee just thought id leave a notee sayin hullllo! hope all is well! happy thanksgiving!

Name: Katie Lynne Bendix
Comments: ANDREW!! oh man i miss you so much. its been too long since we’ve hung out. Get that phone ready because you’re getting a phone call super soon. I love you so much, i miss you.

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: Andrew, Keeping up with you from upstate SC. Also keeping you in prayers. Sounds like you had quite a lot done Tuesday. I’m hoping that today finds you feeling much better and that the cleaning of the wounds will help them to heal quickly now. I’m glad you are hungry — eat, eat, eat lots of good foods to help you heal. Ravonda Schwend Mom to Tracy, age 21, osteo of distal right femur

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew – we have b!een praying lots for you to get home quickly and to be done with all of this. Know that we send lots of cheer and many prayers! See you soon! Margi, Justin, and Luke PS – Coach Justins new college team that he is coaching is at the NAIAnational and they made “elite eight” so far!

Name: Mrs.Moore
Comments: Andrew,I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.I’m also praying that you start feeling like you old self soon.

Name: Laurel Reidy
Comments: I’m Skyler Reidy’s Mom from Boy Scouts, and I have been praying and will continue to pray for you. May God give you peace and even joy as you lean on Him through such suffering.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Andrew, i hope all is going as well as can be expected. I will be home very soon and you can bet you lil booty i’ll be comin to see ya!! Can’t wait, love ya! byebye

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Superman: A double dose of prayers in anticipation of your surgery tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the last. Love as always, Nana and G

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: you stay strong SUPERMAN and you fight the the good fight

Name: Keith, Bonnie and Ryan Regan
Comments: Hello from some old friends who send their love and prayers. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Keith, Bonnie and Ryan.

Name: jamie the f’n baddest dude in town
Comments: i love you and i want to have your kids…..even though i am a guy. p.s. your drumming is the stuff…p.p.s. i am in love with you. p.p.p.s you are so cool. p.p.p.p.s. i will kick your buttox in original nintendo…duck hunt baby. p.p.p.p.p.s. kate says she wants your babys. p.p.p.p.p.p.s….i love you…..again….love…TRON..aka…jamie and kate

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Quite a day huh? I’m glad I was able to drive you down to Scripps today, fun little car ride down there (as always). And you were my good luck charm, cuz my Bruins won! Thanks for another good time bro, be home in 2 weeks for some Turkey!

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Dear Andrew, I was going to nag you about your homework, but Nana just got back from her Chemo and can’t understand how you can be so cheerful when she feels so cranky. Our love and prayers are at the top of the chart, and we know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nana and G If Greg T. happens to read this please get in touch (www.thibeaudon @ AOL) Thanks

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: A wonderful, touching reflection and tribute to Faith Hill. It’s nice to think that celebraties can still remember that they are human and blessed to be where they are. So glad that the doctors have come up with some answers regarding the weird things going on with Andrew. Hopefully, things are better now.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well, i am sure happy that you are under control now and “seeing” everything in normalness again. Hey just wonderin whats your happiest memory?

Name: Godmother
Comments: So very happy you are home even if it is just for a few days. Everyone missed you, and continues to love you.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: mom says you’re looookin’ gooood. thatta boy superman. love ya

Name: Ayodeji
Comments: The Lord will send His healing hands over your life. You will recover from this condition in Jesus Name. Every part of your body that is not functioning well, the Lord will cause His healing hands and healing virtue over your life. I love you. Ayo, Lagos, Nigeria

Name: Susan McMonagle
Comments: Sorry you’re going through the rough side effects of the medication. Had that after spinal fusion, and it was a nightmare. Literally. Every waking and sleeping hour. FAIR doesn’t seem to be part of your equation, does it? Keeping you in our prayers!

Name: Luke Howard
Comments: Dude whats up. I don’t know you, I’ve just seen you around school a couple of times. I just wanted to add a little inspiration here by saying, good luck with everything man, and thanks for helping alot of us realize how valuable our lives are along with the importance of friends and family. Good luck to you buddy.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was just saying hello and am glad to hear things are going well. I will be home in about 16 day!!!!! We’re definitely gonna hang out πŸ™‚ See you then!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: keep fighting the good fight SUPERMAN. i love ya buddy, always will.

Comments: Hi…where can we drop off tapes?

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hellllo my love…how the heck are you superman?? well, i gotta say i am rather proud of you for fighting every single day. you’re the best and i love ya always. see ya soon

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: To Andrew’s dad, Appreciate the update. I’m sure all of this is keeping you quite swamped. I’ve been checking the site and praying for Andrew. Was hoping that ‘no news is good news’ and I’m glad to see that the treatments are still underway. It is so encouraging that the radiation helped so much! Tracy’s OS treatment is 2/3rd’s done — should be finished sometime in Jan. She’s having a hard time getting the leg (from limb-salvaging surgery) back into shape. So many set-backs and scares. I read Andrew’s story and am in awe at how much of this you have had to deal with in the course of Andrew’s treatments. I’m interested in learning what God is working in us in all of this. Take care. Ravonda Schwend

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: The sweatshirts for Andrew campaign your Dad announced should be a great success. But he left out what size you need, many would like to know. Of course most of us in real four season climates are laughing at the rigors of the “tough” San Diego winter you guys face. Hope things are going well in that deep sea diver’s chamber. Take care Andrew.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bro. Well, it was great being able to talk to you the other day. It always makes it a lot better to be able to talk to YOU (no offense to your brother, haha). I’m in the middle of midterms (literally in the middle, I just took one this morning and I have one in 30mins), so I thought I’d send you a line (or lines). I miss ya bud and I’ll be home in 3 weeks for Thanksgiving, which means movie time for us! Take it easy big man.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Glad to hear that you are back on track and school is now the priority. Keep doing all that you are doing…it is working.

Name: Godmother
Comments: I vote for Andrew.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: hope your tuesday was absolutely amazing!! i love you and i always will>>>three cheers for superman!

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What up buddy??? Glad to hear things are going much better recently. I always hear such positive things about your progress and I know you will continue to strive. You know you are more than welcome to come down to USD any time and cruise the campus with us while admiring the 70% girl to guy ratio we are so proud of. Anyways, I hope to see you soon but until then, take care of yourself.

Name: Drew
Comments: Andrew… you’re hot.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Andrew i’m soooooo stoked to hear that you’re back to school!!!! So happy for you! Happy happy happy πŸ™‚


Comments: what’s new?

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hope all is well in your world today!

Name: Linda MacKay
Comments: Hope your having a good day.

Name: Cuz B
Comments: trick or treat smell my feet give me sumpin good to eat

Name: Cuzin Bill
Comments: Oh, and happy Halloween just don’t dress up as a loser Red Sox (I’m so glad the curse is over) fan.

Name: Cuzin Bill
Comments: It was great having lunch with you and Mom and Monka and Ponka and Laurie just before your surgery. God Bless and keep the faith Prince.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey andrew! I hope you have a fantabulous Halloween weekend!! Thinking of you always, byebye!!!!!!!! (i like the exclamation marks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) πŸ™‚

Name: Brittany Owen
Comments: Andrew- you are the MAN!! I think about you every day and i can feel the positive vibe circling around. You are my hero!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: so i was at party city yesterday and attempted to try on a SUPERMAN costume that was made for a 6 year old boy. i’m pretty sure you can guess what the outcome of that was…still searchin for a costume, have a splendid day and can’t wait for the page in the yearbook! LOVE YA BUDDY aaaaaaaaadios

Name: Melissa Pierce
Comments: hi tbo! your are such a great, strong man. and i am soo proud of you for doing all that you have done. i am so happy for you in all your fortunes and i pray for you. you are such an inspiration and role model to everyone, now dont forget it. we love yoou!

Name: Sean’s Mom
Comments: Dear Andrew. This is a rough week for you. (not that last week was a picnic) VISUALIZE each molecule of chemo coursing through your blood stream and destroying any stray enemy cells it comes across, picking them off one by one. That is what’s happening in your body right now. Thinking of you. A

Name: Ian Metzger
Comments: Wasssup Dawg, Hope your feelin better. I saw all the pics and video of you with Faith Hill, You are Da MAN!! And I heard about your ice cream date the other night…big pimpin, atta boy! I hope that I get a chance to come up and hang out with you soon, we gotta play some more poker. We are all prayin for you! Peace, Ian ps You better still be eatin your 4 almonds a day! hahaha

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Hi!

Name: Nancy Rothrock
Comments: Hey Andrew!!! I am Nancy Rothrock, Jason Rothrock’s mom. Hope you are getting some R&R after surgery! I have been working on your Eagle Project and I need a phone call from your Dad to coordinate with him as soon as possible, I know he is busy…I just want to make him busier! LOL Take care and hope to meet you when you are up to it! Best personal regards, Nancy

Comments: ROCK ON ANDREW!!

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey buddy! I just wanted to stop by and say hello, thinking of you always. bye love!!

Name: Maria
Comments: My dad loved meeting you and my mom was so happy to see you again! Thanks so much for Saturday, Andrew. You’re the best!

Name: The Ferris Family
Comments: Andrew, We were so happy to hear how great last Monday went for you! Glad to see you are back home again. And speaking of home, Rock told us that you are interested in our futon couch for your “drum” room. It’s really nice. We bought it for Mike three years ago, but since he is in Hawaii and doesn’t plan on ever moving back, we thought it would be perfect for you and your friends. It does turn into a comfortable queen size bed which could be handy for you. Unfortunately, we can’t get it over there to you – the wood frame is quite heavy. Maybe some of your friends could come over and get it, anytime is fine. Hope to see you soon.

Comments: So what’s new? It’s been a while!

Name: Brittany Hincapie
Comments: hey buddy! we miss you at school and think about you every single day, livestrong!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: SUPERMAN!! I just wanted to say hellllo and I absolutely adore you. See you soon, love ya buddy

Name: ZZ

Name: Jordy Lievers
Comments: keep it up! you’re amazing– thinking of you– -jkl

Name: Ashley Williams
Comments: Andrew- You are in my prays, You really are superman. You looked great at Homecoming…don’t worry i got lots of pictures! I am praying for you, Love you Ashley

Name: The McCann Family
Comments: Glad to hear things as well as you could have hoped….we think all that great steak and special mints probably zapped that tumor dead! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Name: Jeff, Donna and Nicholas Kane
Comments: Andrew, We are praying for your speedy recovery and have always since we found out about the cancer. We are very proud of you that you are continuing your progress with the Boy Scouts. Nick just completed his Eagle project and we will help you in any way you need with yours. Just let us know. Best of luck, Jeff, Donna, Nick and Alex Kane

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: You are one amazing kid. Glad to hear that your surgery went well. You have a lot of people out there praying for you. You are an inspiration to all. Keep up the fight!!

Name: The Shamshoian’s
Comments: Andrew you are amazing! We are so glad to hear that your surgery went well. You are so strong, keep up the fight. God is watching over you. We are praying for you everday. We all love you!! πŸ™‚ Love, Cindy, Jesse, Nikki, Danyelle, Amber, Trever, Cole and Jadin

Name: Kevin
Comments: Andrew, I work w/ your Dad and can tell you that you are an inspiration to the human spirit unparallel. I am not necessarily a religious man but my prayers and those of my family are with you always.

Name: Drew
Comments: Andrew… you never cease to amaze. I’m so glad to hear all the good news. I can’t wait to see ya next. Keep strong,

Name: Teresa Roberts
Comments: Parents in Prayer at St. John School prayed a rosary for you (and a few others) Wednesday, and your name is up on our 6th grade prayer board. Now the whole school is gearing up to collect videos for your project, starting next week. Look at all the good you do….

Name: Maria :0)
Comments: You’re back home! A-wahoooo! I’m so friggin excited for you, Andrew!! Everywhere i go, people ask about you and tell me that they’ve been praying for u. This surgery was obviously an answered prayer. Way to fight it, kid! Here’s a big fat kiss from me and Alex..MUAH! see u this weekend!

Name: Louis Petrella
Comments: Our prayers are with you Andrew keep up the good work.Heard about your most recent update from Sherry at SDCCU and am most pleased and grateful.God Bless

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Welcome home SUPERMAN!! so glad to hear your surgery went so well!! can’t wait to see you later and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY (supermom!, if you will)!! love you all

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: ANDREEEEWWWWW! Once again you have shown that NOTHING will stop you. It’s the secret Thibeault-bull-headed-never-quit gene, huh? I told your dad to feed you – it takes alot of energy to be so focused, right? I’m going to go round up some videos for you, and when I take them down I’ll cook you anything you want. You should’ve taken your bike horn with you. THAT would get their Keep up the good work. Ventura county is pulling for you, especially Nana, Gramps and me. Luv ya.

Name: The Graeser’s
Comments: Andrew, And you continue to prove to us that the Lord performs miracles and you are living proof. We keep you in our prayers EVERY day and wish you all of the power and strength we can send through love and prayers. And being hispanic of course your parents, nurses and all need to feed you something substantial other then soup and jell-o, some good burritos, tacos, rice and beans seen to keep us going. HAHA Hey keep up giving people _ _ _ _, it’s healthy for us all. Love and God Bless The Chris Graeser’s Christen’s famly

Name: Andrew’s Chico Cheering Squad
Comments: Congrats on the the successful surgery Andrew. All of us up here at Chico State are praying for you, checking the website and thinking of you! Philly Wisdom, Tiere Jenuine, Greg Roland, and Katie Benson

Name: Susan Wright
Comments: Your story is amazing Andrew! I was searching the web for info about chondroblastic osteosarcoma……. my daughter, Ashton, age 14 was just diagnosed this week, she was also diagnosed and treated for neuroblastoma in 1991…..been in remission for 13 years. This is like a slap in the face from your best friend. I came across your mom’s journal. Your story is so touching. My daughter’s tumor is also in her pelvis. If your mom would like to email me she can reach me @ That’s my daughter’s screen name at the hospital where we are at. Best wishes to you and your family…… Susan Wright

Name: Ivy and Jayne Chippendale
Comments: we hope that we can hang out with you soon. thomas says hi

Name: Ivy
Comments: Andrew i just talked to you and i am soooooooooo glad that your surgery went well. you are the strongest person i know. i think about you so much.

Name: Ron & Judy Adamik
Comments: Thank the Good Lord for your successful surgery yesterday. We wish you a full recovery and complete eradication of your cancer.

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! You’re doing great and keep up the good work! You’re so strong and sounds like surgery went well. Love ya! P.S. You looked great at Homecoming!!!

Name: One of many friends
Comments: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” (OK, Nietzsche said it first, but Conan gets credit for knowing when to steal a cool slogan.) My hat’s off to you, Andrew, for showing us it’s true… I’m so happy for you that you are winning this fight to live. “All Men Die. Few Ever Really Live”

Name: Godmother
Comments: Of course I was thrilled but not so surprised. After all, you are MY Godson. (: Love you!!!

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: What awesome news, Andrew! We’re so relieved and ecstatic for you. Lauren was so worried yesterday that she called me between her classes to see if I had any news. Get lots of rest. Food? We’ll sneak it in for you.

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: I’m thanking God for His mercy shown to you all with the incredible good news at surgery. Very exciting to hear that things went so well and Andrew’s only complaint was lack of food. I know all of this is making Andrew and all of you people of character.

Name: B. Titus
Comments: Andrew, your courage, grace, strength, resolve, determination, and will to live, with all you have been through, inspire me to be a better person.

Name: Dear Andrew, sweet child of God:
Comments: Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, you who have done great things. Who, O God, is like you? Though you have made me see troubles, many and better, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again. Psalm 71:19-21

Name: Common Sense
Comments: “Never Give Up.”

Name: PJ Fagaly
Comments: The Lord blesses you and keeps you: The Lord makes His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. It’s a sunny day.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: We are so happy that all went well. You deserve this great news. Hopefully someone will feed you soon and you can go home and get back to doing what all teenagers do! We are so happy for you and your family. Keep doing what you are doing and all will be fine.

Name: JT O’Loughlin
Comments: So I come home from a long day (2 hours!) of college, and sit down to watch some much earned TV. Lo and behold, Kelly (Mac to the Kay) comes in. Here’s my mistake: asking what’s up. Ooooooohhhhh boy. Geez, Andrew. She just won’t stop talking about you and how much you rock. I hear about how she got off the phone with Tamilyn who got off the phone with (you know how this goes…), and anyway, you’re doing great and she’s got this goofy grin from ear to ear. Sooo. I don’t know what my point was, but man Kelly’s one righteous fan of yours. (I’m seeing how much 80’s slang I can throw in here. So far, so good) Keep on rockin, because I’m going to start taking pictures of Kelly with these wicked crazy faces she makes when she talks about you and post them all over the internet. Then I’ll get the embarassed “oh my gosh I can’t believe you did that!!!” pictures and the vicious cycle will continue!

Name: AGR
Comments: And it WASN’T really a political statement. It WAS for ANDREW, and others like him. Enough said. Congratulations to Andrew and his Family. It was an AWESOME DAY!!

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew…just got the news that the surgery went well today. Boy was I praying hard this morning for you! Hang in there…there’s lots of life to still live!

Comments: ~never give up hope~ love you Andrew

Comments: When choosing between a frozen embryo in a petri dish, OR the possibility of regenerating nerves one day to give Andrew back his function….I’d choose Andrew and sacrifice the frozen cells. It’s about CHOICES> Forgive me.

Comments: Sorry if I offended about the Stem Cell. This morning when I thought Andrew would lose all lower function in his body, it became CLEAR that there are important choices……

Name: Judy, Dave, Amanda, & Billy Winslow
Comments: Wow Andrew! You truly are unstoppable!So stoked that the surgery was successful and you’re on the mend.Your strength and never ending courage are amazing.Keep the FAITH <>< I am the bread of life.He who comes to Me shall never hunger.- John 6:35

Name: Dianna Clark, RN
Comments: Hi Andrew, My family and I have just moved to Southern CA. I am an Oncology nurse. In the 2 weeks I have been in CA I have made friends with your Grandmother Marie. Your Grandfather told me your story. Keep your chin up and never give up the faith you have. Am praying for you as well as the rest of your family.

Name: a friend
Comments: Is there anyone who’s in the loop who could tell those of us anxiously waiting for news how the surgery went–I can tell it was good news, but what was the news? Thanks so much!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Andrew We are so happy to hear about the surgery and the good news! You are amazing and so is prayer! We will continue to pray for you and a speedy recovery! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: Well OH MY GOSH, once again you are a living miracle. Andrew the prayers last night were so intense i was shouting at Satan to leave you alone. And look at what happened today. God is so good Andrew, and even though he sometimes gives everyone the scare of their life, he will always work his magic. THank you God.

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Praise the good Lord for watching over you and your surgeons Andrew! The news sounds great! You remain in our prayers!

Name: Lauren Nicholl
Comments: Thinking about you today and always.

Name: sw
Comments: SO Glad to hear the surgery went well… how could it not? You have so many prayers and the strength of God behind you. You are sooo Strong and such an inspiration to us all… keep fighting cause you are winning this battle by far… always in my prayers


Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew! We are sending all of our love and prayers to you today. Just got the homecoming pictures back and there is a great one of you and Lauren! We will get it to you soon. Positive thoughts all the way, we know that you will come through with flying colors. Love, All of Us

Name: The McCann’s
Comments: We are looking forward to sharing another RuthChris steak with you…sure enjoyed the evening and are praying hard for you!

Name: taylor
Comments: hope the surgery went well::: been sendin positive vibes all day for you πŸ™‚

Name: Katie Benson & Tiere Jenuine
Comments: Sending positive vibes your way today as always Andrew. We believe in your strength. Love you bud! ~God Bless~

Comments: hope you come out with flying colors… andrew you are such an amazing person and i wish i knew you better than i do… your a blessing to have on this earth stay strong, we are all pullin for you!

Comments: Dear AGR – we do NOT need to make this a political site – this is for Andrew, NOT for a soapbox! Stem Cell would be fabulous as long as it does not take any lives. . .

Name: AGR
Comments: Praying, Hoping, Wishing, sending vibes is all fine. But we need more that that. WE NEED STEM CELL RESEARCH. WAY more than what President Bush has allowed. Perhaps it’s God’s “life raft”. Young people–get out there and VOTE. Yes on Prop 71.

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew and family – know that you are all in our prayers today and everyday! You have succeeded before and you will again! You are in the “Masters” hands and there is no other place to be! God bless and keep you today and every day! Much love, The Liberty’s

Name: Carrie Dew
Comments: We all believe that you can do this. Best of luck to you tomorrow morning.. you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Ok, so you know what i say about this surgery…cake! Been there…done that! I will be thinking about you all day; waiting for the call from tamiyln to tell me that everything went great and you’re feeling wonderful! Love you, bye.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Andrew, You’ll be reading this after you come out of surgery tomorrow, and you’ll know that our collective prayers had an impact: Best of Luck, and ALL our LOVE.

Name: Sean Robins (fellow cancer fighter)
Comments: This goes out to Andrew and Dave. I have so much respect and admiration for both of you. The life of people like you and I, Andrew, is one filled with tough decisions… I know I have had to make my fair share. I just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow, no matter what ultimately you decide. All we can do when faced with one of these tough decisions I speak of, is close your eyes, take a deep breath, and hope the choice you made is the right one. I’ll be thinking about both of you. Keep fighting the good fight

Name: The Swansen’s
Comments: Sending you love and positive vibes for tomorrow’s surgery. Know God is watching over you. Love The Swansen’s

Name: DeDe P.
Comments: Love & Prayers for all of you!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: ok superman, a battle awaits you tomorrow yes it seems to not recognize your amount of strength. the support you have is amazing, so keep up the hard fight. love you buddy, always will.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: All of our best thoughts and prayers are with you, as always, but especially tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. We are sending you the best vibes for a speedy recovery. Feel them because they are there. Congratulations on all the Homecoming festivities. Sounds like it was fun. Take care and be well.

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Hey Andrew…we’re wishing you a successful outcome on Monday. Your strength and perseverance is admirable! Love ya!!

Name: Taylor Reeeeeeeve
Comments: ok i am officially blonde. so my phone hasnt been ringing the past week. obviously i assume it’s broken. so i go to verizon in hopes i’ll get a new one cause mine is ghetto!i drive 20min. to this in, and the lady looks at my phone after i tell her whats up.. and shes like.. i see what the prob is already.. your ringer is on silent. even after that im like noooway it still doesnt work. so sheslike lets try.. sure enough.. RINNNGG!! wow. am i really in college?? hahaha i thought it was funny.. thinkin of you!!!

Name: an admirer
Comments: Andrew…..always in the back of my mind, praying for you and sending the most positive thoughts. I think of your tumor in past tense and wish you God Speed in recovery. Don’t be afraid, we all love you, those that know you and those that don’t. I know it has to be old to hear that your an inspiration, but you are dear friend. Sending love and prayers…

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Keep on trekkin little man. And yes, I’m going to call you little man…which means I’m bigger and stronger than you (we both know it’s true). Love ya bud, call if you need me.

Name: Godmother
Comments: I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night, and I’m getting ready to cheer for you VERY LOUDLY. You make me so proud (:

Name: adam
Comments: Hey Andrew, it was great to see you at the homecoming assembly and soon to be the game. It was kind of embarrasing but we all did it. HAHA. Hey man, just to let you know I love you and want nothing but the best. A lot of people have you in their hearts and want to see you chillin with us soon! I believe in you and everything you are.

Name: Chris F
Comments: Hey andrewyouve come a long way You gotta fight for your right to live

Name: TayTayyYYyy!
Comments: what up dude! hope all is well!

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Congrats on your second time on Homecoming Court! That’s awesome! Very cool, i wish i could come see you go out there, but i’m too far away damnit πŸ™ oh well, i’ll be thinking of you (always) peace out homie

Name: Kelly Daberko
Comments: Whats Shakin’ Baby??? I love you Andrew. Like I love you, good seeing you, lets play soon. Have a good one!


Name: Porter Family
Comments: We pray for you every single day, Andrew. Keep giving it everything you have. We all know that you can do it!

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: So for sure i am going to see you tomorrow so you better have those Faith Hill pictures ready, as Alex only showed me some. I need to see them all though. See you later.

Name: Anonynmous
Comments: I was just wondering why you don’t try some of the best cancer centers? Like Andy Anderson in Texas, and several hospitals in NY. My mom’s friend had cancer, and she got all her treatments from Andy Anderson because apparently it’s the best cancer hospital in the US.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Continue to stay strong. And I hope it helps knowing that we are all here for you. You have met so many challenges and are truly amazing to us all. Keep up that same level of strength and amaze us some more. None of us doubts that you are up to it.

Name: The Schmid Family
Comments: Good Luck to you on Monday, Andrew. We are wishing for good news and a speedy recovery.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Just thinking about you Andrew. I hope you have a good day. Love you!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew! We are with you all the way, use all of your strength and determination on this one. You are so much more physically stronger and mentally stronger than last year at this time. Use all of the energy from this website to get you over another tough mountain, we are all rootin for ya! Love, Marc, kim, robbie, brooke and molly

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: I think about you daily. Keep up the fight! I know you can do it. You can conquer this disease. Just let me know when you want that milkshake.

Name: Philly Wisdom
Comments: Hi Andrew, I went to SDA and am friends with a bunch of people who know you. I just wanted you to know that I think about you all the time (I know that’s weird coming from a girl you’ve never met, but I’m sure you get it all the time). Reading about you and your family is so inspiring. And thank you Mr. Tebo for the updates. You and your son inspire people all over the country. God bless Andrew and the Tebo family.

Name: Ellis
Comments: Andrew, we need to hang out soon. I miss the adventures (a little Golden Spoon is in order). Much love, we’re always thinking of you

Name: Marilyn Revere
Comments: Hi Andrew, Sorry I missed you last Sunday down in PT. Keep up the good attitude. The girls on 4west send their best. Love Marilyn

Name: Ed Kenney
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am praying for you. Patrick is home and wishing you well also.

Name: Debbie Greve
Comments: Hi Andrew, I live in McHenry,IL. I am the aunt of Johnny and Bobby Boro. My brother John sent me this message. What a battle you are going through. I wish you everything you need to win this fight! Your dad is right, you need to go at this with all you got!!! I bookmarked your page, and will be checking on your progress. Good luck honey, be strong and kick butt! And stick with that Eagle Scout goal, it looks good on your resume! wink wink… God Bless

Comments: fine site. malabites action

Name: The Thibeaults Greg, Laurie, Steph and Chris
Comments: Hi Andrew, We believe in your strength, we believe in your courage, we believe in God and we believe he will be there to get you through this. One day at a time. All our love from Maine P.S. We believe in the Red Sox too

Name: Nancy Rapp (Jed Goldstein’s mom)
Comments: Andrew, If you need wherehouse space in Kearny Mesa (next to Children’s) talk to me. If you need any black or color copies, call me. 858-279-3278 x13 I am pulling for your complete recovery and more joy every day. Eagle is an honor and a huge task. Jed just handed his in a week before his 18th bday. He is at Berkeley and loving it. He sends his love and support. You have the power Andrew! Nancy Rapp

Name: Sara Gilman
Comments: Hey Andrew! I have thoughts lots about you over the months. I was on a 50 mile bike ride, Tour de Poway this weekend and thought of you when I thought the hills were getting tough. You and your family have inspired me and many others to be the best we can be and be grateful for each day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sara (Seth’s mom)

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-man, This weekend you and me are having a narly Harry Potter film fest!!!! It will be wicked fun! Congrats on court, bud!

Name: Anne
Comments: Hi Andrew. I dont know you personally, but I have friends that know you and I have heard about your illness. I just want you to know that your in my prayers and God has everything worked out. I hope you feel better, stay strong. Love, Anne

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: absolutely love you superman

Name: Ariel Kessler
Comments: Hey andrew, you are one incredibley tough kid. You are keeping up one amazing fight. I know you are strong enough to win this battle. You are in so many’s thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you back at school again soon, but in the mean time, keep on truckin’

Name: The Nowaks
Comments: Andrew, You and your family are in our daily prayers. Diane’s Bible Study sends you prayers too. It’s been to long since we have seen your smiling face. You have overcome so many things in your young life that no one should have to ever be exposed to, but thru it all, you keep smiling. How do you do it? You are an inspiration to every one who knows and loves you. Give your Mom & Dad our best.

Name: Drew
Comments: You are amazing Andrew. Keep fighting strong. Keep giving it everything you have. We are behind you 100%.

Comments: Andrew you are such an amazing guy… you have so much strength and courage and i admire you in everyway… i know u will make it though this… your in my prayers and always on my mind… hang in there buddy!

Name: Allison McCann πŸ™‚
Comments: hey andrew i was just going through some old clothes and i found those spandex and hot pink headband that you wore that one time at my house wayyy back in when. you’re always on my mind andrew, and you are an amazing person that i admire so much. you’re my inspiration and thoughts of you just make me smile.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Everyday we are here for you and your family. Our good thoughts and prayers are with all the Tebos!

Name: Britt Owen
Comments: Hey andrew! i saw you today and you look absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! It was soo cool seeing you. I hope that you liked all those pat and oscars breadsticks (i bagged them up for you myself, so you know they have some love in them). And hey….I promise we will make some good senior ditch days for you to be a part of too! Luv ya!

Name: Sue Lievers
Comments: The entire Lievers’ family sends you bundles of prayers, good thoughts and best wishes…Be strong and confident Andrew!!!

Name: eileen goss
Comments: Andrew, you are fighting an opponent who shows little mercy or care for its victims. I pray for your comfort and peace in the face of such overwhelming odds.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: I love you. You’re amazing.

Comments: andrew i love you! we better hang out soon man. call it. πŸ™‚

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: My heart breaks for you all as you go through this rough time. I continue to pray for each of you, for mercy, grace, and strength to look to Him in it all. Let us (all the website visitors) know how we can best pray for Andrew and your family.

Name: The Youngs
Comments: Andrew, we’re thinking of you and sending lots of prayers your way. We also thought of you when Sylvia was watching videos during her tests at Children’s last week — what a great project. Hang in there. Love, Coleen, Greg, Sam and Sylvia Young

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Hang tough and keep fighting, there are alot of us who support you and you are not alone. Even people from Oregon are thinking of you! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! Love, All of the Hartley Family

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Andrew–you are in my thoughts, my heart, my prayers. I pray your pain subsides. I pray for strength and also for peace. I pray your faith remains strong, esp. in this deep valley. Andrew you are an inspiration to all of us. Remember Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, As always, you and your wonderful family are constantly in our thoughts. We hope you are feeling the positive energy we are sending across these many miles.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: I wish i could come hang out πŸ™ Please keep your hopes up Andrew, just listen to the song i gave Alex; he told me how much you could relate to it. I’m glad i could help at least a bit all the way from here. Thinking of you always.

Name: Maria
Comments: Even though you weren’t feeling so hot today, it was great seeing you.I’m proud of you, Andrew.I know its tough, but you are NOT alone and NOT abandoned and you NEVER will be. I’ll see you tomorrow, kid. love, maria

Name: Southern Oregon University Housing Office
Comments: Here in Ashland, Oregon, we are pulling for you and want you to know we admire your courage and your family and friends. There are a lot of people wishing you the best and learning about what is truly important in life from you at this time. We send to you our admiration and very best thoughts to you and your family. Southern Oregon University Housing Office – Wayne Schumacher

Name: Debbie Jones
Comments: Hi. I’m a friend of your Aunt Donna. I have been following your progress and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Your strength and courage through all of this has really been inspiring. You are amazing! I know you are probably inundated with suggestions and ideas about how to deal with your cancer, so I thought one more wouldn’t hurt. My brother-in-law sent this to me, so I thought it would do no harm to forward it to you. Keep the faith baby! Yes, this also is a LONG read, but it contains vital information to those loved ones who have cancer with NO CURE in sight. This doctor claims a 90% cure rate whch has never been disproven, You may want to investigate this futher and I insist that you do!!! NOTE Unfortunately it is legally necessary to post a disclaimer on any material not approved by the “authorities” such as the FDA and Health Prevention Canada therefore… The information contained herein has been obtained from v

Name: Dale and Wayne Schumacher
Comments: Dear Andrew, We have heard what an incredible guy you are from Maria and her family! (We are her aunt and uncle) Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We want to join the many people who care for you. We hope you feel stronger each day. With love, Dale and Wayne

Name: Brett St. Amour
Comments: Hey man i know u will pull through jsut keep having your high hopes and spirit. You can do it man, everybody is praying for you. My family gives you best wishes. Man i remember when we used to play baseball together fun times bro, miss the days. i know i havnt even said hi to you in forever and i am sorry for that, but i am sure there will be plenty more times to say hi to you, high hopes for you man get well soon.

Name: Donna Bratton-Kearns
Comments: Hi Andrew!! I just wanted to say “hi” again tonight! I just picked up pictures of our trip to Belarus and Russia, and wish we could be back in your famuly room with you to share the fotos. We often think back to that morning with you, your Mom, and Alex….SOOOO much fun to meet you. (I know I’ve already written this…..but I always repeat myself when something or someone is important to me!) I’ll bring these pictures to share with you the next time we’re down south. Talk with you soon! Love, Donna (Lauren and Dave too!)

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Andrew my Love, Try to compute the following syllogism in your trusty computer: If we were to tack end to end each prayer you’ve received how many trips around the globe? Love, Nana and G

Name: Brittany Hincapie
Comments: hey andrew, i was thinking the other day…whenever im feeling down and think that i have no way out of things, you always pop up in my mind, i think if andrew can do it, every single one of us can too, you r a true soldier and with your strength i have faith that u can fight this battle, livestrong andrew! your always in my prayers and i think and hope for the best of u everyday! We love you!

Comments: Andrew….miss seeing you around…..

Name: Jackie Dino
Comments: Long time…. maybe 4 years. Were all thinking about you everyday and your in my prayers.

Name: Ivy Chippendale
Comments: Andrew i am thinking about you all the time. ALL the time. please stay strong. my whole family sends their love. we all love you so much.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey buuuuuddy! I am just suffering insomnia at the moment and thought i’d stop by and say hello. Hope all is going well, peace brudda

Name: Niels Norby
Comments: Andrew i just found out about what has happened to you over the past year. from reading what everyone has written to you it sounds like you are still an amazing person. i havent seen you since junior high and i have since moved into carlsbad and now go to carlsbad high school. i remember those baseball days when we were kids those were great times. keep fighting the good fight and maybe ill call you up some time

Name: ^a caring friend^
Comments: andrew, -The Native Americans believed that the human soul was the strongest element in the whole world. You have portrayed this belief to the extent. None of us know what you have truly endured to fight your demon but we do feel you in our hearts. The fighting bell can be heard all through La Costa and echoing amongst the seas and valleys. You are one of the few who are different and eager to explore yet you have traveled the farthest of any. – For the love-

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: oh superman..last night was a hoot….i love you and you just keep on truckin’, day by day

Name: The Kusunose Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, We are continuing to say our prayers for you and look for any possible God or man-made items that would help the healing process. This is Kyle’s mom leaving you a message here and I left one on your phone as well today. Check out the website. I have faith that it will help you especially working through the chemo. God Bless!!

Name: Robbie Hartley
Comments: What up fool? Keep on fighting and it was great getting to see you the other day down here at USD. I hope to see you again soon and I just want to let you know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts. You are my inspiration in everything I do. Thank you and keep fighting because I know you will get well soon. Peace out buddy!

Name: Donna Bratton-Kearns
Comments: Hi Andrew!! I’m back!! We love you, and felt we had known you forever when we met you and your Mom in August. We are with you during this battle, Andrew. Love You, Donna and Lauren

Name: Donna and Lauren Bratton-Kearns
Comments: Dear Andrew!!!! Oh, I’m so glad Maria gave me the right instructions for reaching you….I made a mistake last night, thinking I should e-mail you from the other website……not sure you even received the message. I hope you did, as we had just arrived home from Russia, and had been thinking of you and toasting to you each day while we were gone. Also, my best friend here in Pleasanton, Eileen, wrote to you via the same email address, and we are afraid you have not received any of those messages of yesterday. Maria told me that using the guest book is best, so I’ll do that now!!! We thought about you everyday during our time in Belarus and Russia…lots of prayers from Donna and Lauren, and I know you were receiving the same from Dave too!! Though we were in different locations in the world, all of the b-k’s were with you, and continue to be with you. It felt as though we had known you forever when we met you in August!!! You are awesome, Andrew! Just know that we are w

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! I miss you a lot in math. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m thinking about you… always. Love you tons! Keep fighting!

Name: Maria
Comments: Hey kid~ Been thinking about you all day and thought I’d say hi. 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3…this is the definition of you, to me and many others. See u soon! love, maria

Name: Carrie Dew
Comments: Hey Andrew! We miss you in math! I think you dropped out of our class but if you need any help catching up let me know. Keep it up you are amazing and you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: just a simple hello, love you superman

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Congrats on making Homecoming Court again! You so deserve that! Andrew I know it “sucks” what you have to go through right now, but you will get through this once again. You have so many people behind you, supporting you and wanting be there for you! PLUS you have tons of prayer warrior’s out there – more than you can ever guess! PLUS – you are a “King’s Kid” and He will keep you strong once again. Will be by soon to see you and your mom again. We are praying for you daily! Much love, The Liberty’s

Name: Deborah Collette
Comments: Keep up the fight and get well soon. We are always thinking about you with only good thoughts. You are always in our prayers.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What’s crackin’ buddy? It was so great to see you this past week down here at USD. People you have never met are continually coming up to me and asking how you are doing and it is awesome to see how many people care about you. I think about you and your struggle constantly and I know you will succeed. You are the strongest person I have ever met and admire you greatly. Anyways, take care for now and I will see you soon…LIVESTRONG

Name: Nick Witzmann
Comments: I hope everything goes well, get well soon.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: So, i was thinking, if i can hit up 11 countries in four months and tell people about you in each stop, then you will for sure be more famous than Brad Pitt. The quest is on…. ANDREW THIBEAULT ( That is the title of your book one day) And after God uses you and this cancer to further His kingdom , oh man , God will meet to at his door and say Well done my good and faithful servant.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: andrew- i just wanted to say hello and see how are you doing. i hope all is thinking of you and you are in my prayers!! much love πŸ™‚

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: hey andrew! Just thinking of you up here in Chico. Congrats on making homecoming court πŸ™‚ again! You’ve always had such a charm. Have a great day and keep strong! Love, Tiere

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: i love you superman

Name: **Brittany Owen**
Comments: hey andrew- I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful role model you are for me! You are the most awesome guy that i have ever met in the world and I am so very proud to say that you made HOMECOMING COURT AGAIN ( I personally knew you would- but this just goes to show how many people are supporting you and love you to death) and in all honesty… no one deserves to represent our senior class more than you do. You have it all boy! I am so proud of you and I love you with all my heart!

Name: Brittany Hincapie
Comments: hey man! saying hi, and hoping you doin well! im also waitning to see those faith hill pics!

Name: Katie Wicks
Comments: Andrew, I don’t know you very well at all but I met you at the Fitch’s party about a year ago, attending La Costa Canyon it is amazing the support you have. You are an amazing person!

Name: Jana Wallis
Comments: Hi Andrew…I’m a friend of your brothers but I think you and I met briefly at the basketball fundraiser game for your wish…by the way, I hear Faith was amazing, you lucky kid! Anyway, I just want to let you know that I’m thinkin’ about you and prayin’ for you out here in Texas (I just moved out here for school). You have a ton of people behind you, we all want to see you get better! Best of luck and enjoy your senior year, it’s a blast! God bless.

Name: Randy B
Comments: Hi Andrew, I keep up with you through friends, even though you and I don’t know each other. You are one remarkable person. I admire you courage. I am cheering for you. Warmest wishes, Randy B

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: I’m so sorry to hear the news of further growth and more chemo. Wondering what drugs they are using. I’m sure you are researching and keeping everyone on their toes, but if there’s anything we can do in that regard, let us know. The osteosarcoma support group is a rich source of information. We post a lot of research. Keeping you and your family in our prayers. Ravonda

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: Just wanted to let you know that we’re thinking about you everyday. Keep up the fight!! We know that you can conquer this battle . Let me know when you’re up for a milk shake.

Comments: you are such an inspiration and you just stand strong and you’ll et through it!

Name: Jay Skaalen
Comments: What’s up Andrew? I know your probably sick and tired of hearing this but you truly provide inspiration to many people each and every day! I’m one of those people; keep on fighting buddy! I’m praying for you!

Name: Jen Brown
Comments: Andrew, You are always in my prayers and thoughts! You can do this! We all have faith!!