Comments from Supporters in 2003 – Hemipelvectomy Surgery


Name: Amanda Clemens
Comments: haha… the MONTE’S was good show, wasnt it…HAHA, it was real good to see you. keep watching the sunsets, much love

Name: A Sister in Christ
Comments: God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Selah Psalms 46:1-3

Comments: The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalms 18:2

Name: Laura Collette
Comments: ANDREW!!! Hey I am so glad you’re healing! Wow! Way to fight it! That is so great, you’re amazing. Hope your family is doing well too! We’ll all have to meet up again in Coronado when you’re all healed!!! ALEX I emailed ya back! Love Always Laura

Name: Alex and Michelle Stauffer and parents
Comments: Hey Andrew! The Stauffer household talks about you often and sends you lots of energy, light and prayers. You are such a strong person and we admire you for all the courage you have. What a blast to get into a wheel chair and have some say about which way to go. You are definitely on your way to health and strength. Good for you! Hope you are home soon.

Name: Margi Liberty
Comments: Andrew – Keep up the hard work and know that the good Lord is with you every step of the way!

Name: The Nowak’s
Comments: Dear Andrew, From reading the guest book it sounds like you might come home soon? How wonderful. We think about you everyday and look forward to Dave’s updates. I have asked them to let us know when we can come see you, maybe when you get home would be a good time. Your journey this month has been an awesome one that has been an inspiration to everyone that knows you or reads about you. In every baby picture I have of our visits with you, you were always smiling. Glad to see that some things never change. Say Hi to the family!!

Name: JoAnne Auger, RN,Parent Liaison Children’s
Comments: Hi Andrew! Just checkin’ in. Hopefully you are continuing to make progress that astounds the medical world. You have many cheerleaders! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers…Love, JoAnne

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: I’d have to say the MONTES did the job. Keep playin those video games, eatin everything you see, and of course playing with the buttons on your bed. I’ll see you later this week and i’ll race you on your laps….you’ll probably beat me! Have a good one SUPER MAN

Name: Susie Miller (again)
Comments: (Sorry about that. My finger slipped twice or my brain, I am not sure which). Just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping tabs on you at least once a day with this TERRIFIC website. So good to read about your continuing progess and that you are coming home soon. Your the man, Andrew, and my inspiration. My love to you and your family (hi Nancy).

Comments: Andrew…tell you Dad to put a different photo of you on here so we can see what you look like better. I am so proud of your determination! You are doing great!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: It is so good to hear about you up and moving around. Has Faith Hill called yet? Keep improving everyday in everyway. Love, the Collettes

Name: The Collettes
Comments: It is so good to hear about you up and moving around. Has Faith Hill called yet? Keep improving everyday in everyway. Love, the Collettes

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: You’ve come a long way, kiddo! Great to hear of your accomplishments. Wow!! See you soon at home.

Name: Boone
Comments: Hey Andrew. Its good to hear from you. Can’t wait to hear all about the hallucinagations. or however u spell it. Hey melissa broke up with EP. and we migh tcoem by and visit you soon. so keep gettin better. Love ya man.

Name: Nanci Fruman
Comments: this is a wonderful site-Andrew and family must be so prayers are with him for stamina,hope and courage for the battle ahead.

Name: Trisha and Tom Kelly
Comments: Our love and blessings to you, Andrew, and your wonderful family. You have not left our thoughts since we met you. It would be our joy to come for a visit and wonder when a good time might be. Well call Kay and see about this. In the meantime, God speed to recovery and enjoy all the love being sent your way.

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: Andrew: It sounds like you’re doing so much better this week. Great News that you may be released from the hospital this week. You must be so excited. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you at home. Susan, Larry, Craig & Ariel

Name: Rosanne Moldvay, Streetsboro, OH
Comments: So glad you are making such great progress. The prayers are working!

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “What a new face courage puts on everything!” –Emerson

Name: Jenny Kim
Comments: Andrew – we miss you over here at Children’s! Sam (your nurse who took care of you during the toilet incident) says hi and get well soon. We’re all sending healing thoughts your way.


Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! Hey I’m so glad that you are making progress and my prayers are constantly with you, and i miss you so much! xoxo

Name: great aunt Lee
Comments: Still rooting for you. Hope to see you this Thursday as Pat and I will be in the area. Keep the faith and hope.

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse
Comments: Glad to hear you’re continuing to do well.How you must be looking forward to getting back to your famly and frieds. My dog Jack barks his best. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: Irene Brabant
Comments: I am waiting for the day to see you tearing up Circulo Adorno once again…I am sure glad that we had the street repaved just for you. keep up the good work and our positive thought are always heading your way.

Name: Alan Switzer
Comments: Andrew: I enjoyed meeting you and am looking forward to talking with you again when you are up to it. My prayers are with you also.

Name: Amanda Andreen
Comments: My prayers are with you and your family through this difficult journey.

Name: Katie Marquis
Comments: Andrew- I miss you each more every day. i have been thinking about you constantly. you mean the world to me. you have touched my life in an unspeakable way. My prayers are all for you. I love you xoxoxoxox p.s. tag…you’re it

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- I hope u had a great weekend. God bless! My prayers are with you! Love Always, Alexis

Name: The Collettes
Comments: The news is so great….The updates continue to let us know how you are doing and we are happy to hear the humor that is coming out…all good signs. However, we are a little pissed off that Faith Hill has not responded…if she doesn’t we will never buy another of her recordings….and your father understands and can appreciate how much Larry just loves Faith Hill! Keep up the good work to get continue getting better. Love, Larry, Deborah, Laura and Adam

Name: Jayce Fitch
Comments: Andrew, I’ve been thinkin about you a lot. You’re doing great and you look better everytime i see you. Keep it up.

Name: Ann Cowan
Comments: I recently gave blood in your name at the Bloodmobile at Chipotle Restaurant. I didn’t know much then about your circumstances so I’m very happy to have found this website to help me understand better. You and your family are in my prayers.

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew – Have a great night. I will pray for u and ur family. God Bless all of u. Love Always, Alexis

Name: Gramps
Comments: Andrew, never thought I’d see the day when a young man wiggling a toe on his right foot would bring tears to my eyes, but you managed. You’ve also managed to touch us all in strange and inexplicable ways. Till later, my hero, Gramps

Name: Susie (Swansen)
Comments: Hey Andrew, You did such a great job today with the PT. Your strength and determination are going to get you through this. God must have been driving you to do those pull ups at home with Alex. That upper body strength of yours is going to come in handy!! I know if anyone can do this, it’s you. Keep eating good (even the veggies!)….it will give you energy for the work ahead of you.

Name: The Cooke Family
Comments: Andrew, you better not drive them all crazy with your antics or they might kick you out of the hospital! Actually that is your goal so, keep it up! sending you all hugs and lots of good fibes.A special hug to nancy.

Name: Alyson Gilmore
Comments: What’s The Latest?? It’s Sunday evening (6/22) and I’m logging in for my daily checks on Andrew’s condition. I like the change on the web page to show how we can all help…and we are helping…but Andrew has become an extended member of each of our families. We keep him in our thoughts and prayers daily and your wonderful daily updates help us feel more connected….please keep them coming. Praying AND Inquiring Minds want to know! Please, we need our “Andrew fix”! Alyson Gilmore Long-Time Preschool Mom) and Family

Name: Melanie Silva
Comments: Good job on the web site. I got worried there when I didn’t see the daily progress report but I found it! Checking in has become a part of my every day. I recommend learning to do wheelies in the ought to be able to do that with the hose/rope set up. Keep hanging in day at a time!

Name: Kathy Gullahorn, M.D.
Comments: To Andrew, My miracle son I never had!! My daughters (age 5 and 7) are so excited to have a big brother! My love and best wishes are with you always!

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew – I hope u r feeling better. My prayers are with u and ur family. I hope u had a great weekend. Luv Always , Alexis

Name: Sylvania
Comments: Andrew, My thoughts and prayers are with you as you move forward with your recovery. You make us all realize the power of the human spirit, prayer, and love. THANK YOU for YOUR BLESSING in our lives. Let me know when you want us to visit. Love, Lauren’s mom

Name: Dede Ozbirn
Comments: Wow,Andrew! After reading your guestbook, I feel like I know a true celebrity. Loved getting to meet you and want you to know that we’re doing everything in our power to see that your wish comes true. Hang in there!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: The Monte’s are definitely coming, just for you SUPER MAN…..see you tomorrow as well

Name: Amanda Clemens
Comments: Monte’s are coming..see you tomorrow

Name: Meshel
Comments: I have never met you but I have just spent the last 30 min looking through your guest book…if you dont already know, you have so many people chearing behind you every step of the way. Whenever you feel alone or sad know that any one of them would stop the world for you!! You seem like an awesome guy, I pray that you remain strong and keep your eyes on Him.

Name: Julie, Corey & Shane Evans
Comments: Hi, just checking in to see your progress. You are amazing, I hope you know that! Your strength and courage inspire us all. And I sure hope you hear from Faith Hill soon! Or how about Mark’s friends band? Maybe I’m just prejudiced because they all helped save your life! Take good care and we’ll see you soon. Lots of Love, Julie, Corey & Shane

Name: Janet & Joe Cantelli
Comments: Hi Andrew, Sue Swanson, my neice has kept me updated. We are praying for you and wish you well from FL. You have a wonderful family and a zillion friends. Keep smiling. Thats one gift you can give everyone. Darn, who ever said that was easy.

Name: Greg & Kathy Gullahorn
Comments: Andrew, We feel as though you are part of our family now, and we are part of yours. You are an inspiration to all of us, and we have every confidence you will do well. As you start to get your strength and mobility back, there may be many frustrating moments, but they will pass. A Sioux proverb says “Love yourself; get outside yourself and take action. Focus on the solution; be at peace.” Greg&Kathy

Name: James Deffendall
Comments: Just thinking about you on my day off. I hope today is better still! See you Sunday.

Name: Tiffany
Comments: I dont you but i was i was looking at my friends profile and i had to click on the website. Im really really sorry and i hope u feel better soon. I will wish for u at night and any1 else who has the same issues i think it is very importnat to let the world now wut is goin on around them.

Name: Linda Huston
Comments: Andrew and family, Greetings and love to you all. I just found, by some inspired “coincidence,” a piece of student work that was so good I’d saved it as an example of excellence for future classes. Guess whose name was on it? Andrew!(remember The Giver?)….from 7th grade. It was clear then, as now, that this is an exceptional person. Everything that’s happened in recent months only confirms that BIG TIME! Clearly, so many people have been inspired and become focused on what really matters in life because of the examples of courage and love that your family has demonstrated. God bless you all and “keep on keeping on….” love and hugs!

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Hellllllooooo Mr. Tbo… What is going on my brother? So hey, tonight I was at the Giblin’s and Mike printed out this guest book. Let’s just say ALL 150 pages of it. Andrew, that is just a reality check to everyone. Look how close our community came together. And how much everyone cares about you. Just know that the 10068 people who have visited your webpage would do anything they can to help you. We love you. And I know you will be better soon. Love Always ~ Jamie

Name: chrissy
Comments: well you know what…i was the 10,000th person on your website. thats exciting! Andrew, it was great to see you today, and it reminded me how much i miss you! im glad you are getting better and are pulling through, your awesome!! love ya

Name: Jenny Dowling
Comments: Just wanted you to know that I am in Hawaii with 6 LCC Seniors, Kathleen Dowling, Cindy Prieto, Camille Johnston, Erick Smith, Lara Berlin and Marc Sawyer and they have been checking to see your progress daily! They talk about you and send their prayers every day even on vacation! Hi to your Mom!

Name: Tori Parker
Comments: Andrew you are my hero!! You have been through so much and you are so strong. The first thing people do wonrg when the get sick is blame God but you have stuck with GOD and look at what he has brought you so many maricles in your life.Andrew you are the man and I am glad you are doing well I can’t wait to see you. Much Love and Good Luck with all. I am still praying for you and think of you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well, even when I’m on vacation, I still can only think about you and your progress. I wish you were with us, but I know that wherever I am, you are always in my thoughts. Marc, Kat, Lara, Camille, Erick and CIndy

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Andrew, If your wish does come true, can we be there when Faith Hill gives you kiss? I’m sure your Uncle Nick will be soooo grateful. Are you anxious to get home? We are looking forward to seeing you in your comfy bed and your awesome quilt. Goodnight and many hugs!!

Name: The Kusunose Family
Comments: Hi Andrew! You may not remember us but you played soccer with our son Kyle many years ago. You both must have been 7 or 8 years old. The team was coached by Coach Fish….remember? The team was awesome largely because of you. We see that you are still quite the leader only now you are touching the lives of so many others. Kyle is returning home today from the Dominican Republic. He went on a mission trip with 11 of his basketball teammates from SFC. We have been saying prayers for you darlin and we are so happy to hear of your triumph through the surgery. Being that Kyle’s parents are both physical therapist, we know the hard work expected of you and why. Remember each little victory is a step to another bigger one and keep feeling all of your friends and family’s love. We all wish to give you our strength and God hears us! You are truly embraced by us all and the Lord. We continue to pray for you Andrew and send our Love in a continuous, constant flow!

Name: Cathie Brown
Comments: We are thinking of you and all of the hard work at getting well that you have ahead. We KNOW that you will suceed!!!You are in our prayers every morning and night!! Have faith that your body will be strong and healthy again! God will give you the strength you need.

Name: Mike Giblin
Comments: Hey man, I would like to share with the people reading your guestbook some of my observations. Not only are your one of the strongest, most couragous people I know, you are genuinely kind, considerate & grateful. I have seen you interacting with those hard working professionals at Scripps & your good manners & the gratitude have impressed many. Your parents have done a tremendous job of raising a fine young gentleman who is not self-absorbed, needy, or whiney given the severity of your condition. Everything happens for a reason. At some point you will see why this challenge has been given to you. While you wait for that sign, eat like like everyday is Thanksgiving so you can get strong enough to kick some butt with rehab. You have become La Costa’s mascot for strength & courage. Everyone is pulling for you. I love you,pal. P.S. Send Kelly home, she has to clean her room.

Name: Mitzi Lea
Comments: Hey Andrew, looks like your getting thrown out of the hospital sometime next week, you better get a move on and get your butt out of that bed! If anyone can do it…it would be you! Don’t give up, we are all cheering you on!…The Lea’s

Name: Jean Bruns
Comments: Good morning, Andrew and family….I am on my way out of the door to meet with a young lady for the summer session of classes.. It will be very different than for you, Andrew, since I will attempt to be teaching basic reading and writing skills…..No test questions like One Hundred Years…:-) We are still holding you all in our prayers, and in our thoughts, every day! It sounds like you are meeting some real challenges at this time, as much with your physical self as with your mental self!…You will rise to the occasion, beyond a doubt. I am certain you are becoming anxious to see all your friends who have been so faithful and supportive, and wish that for you, too. I am still having to bake quite a bit, so you have to get well enough to tolerate some of my goodies for you…Heaven knows you could use the benefits of the calories more than I can despair in them! 🙂 Must sign off and get about my business, but just wanted to say “hi” and to let you know we are Very Interested

Name: Carole
Comments: You go Andrew! I am one of the Grandma’s that prayed you through that morning on the operating table. What a miracle you are! I am absolutely sure that God saved you for a very important reason! 24 years ago we almost lost our 18 year old daughter to a three wheeler accident. She not only survived, she is now 42 and the Mom of four beautiful girls ages almost 4 to almost 14. She said she always knew that God had saved her for a special reason. Four daughterslater, we sure do know the reason. And just to be sure we know His reason, Bella the 3 1/2 year old was born 20 years to the day of the accident. God is so faithful Andrew. Just continue to trust that He has you right in the palm of his hand and He is protecting you and taking perfect care of you.

Name: Katie Benson
Comments: Andrew, you are remarkable and such an inspiration to everyone that’s heard your story. Glad to hear that things are going well. My family is sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers to you and the rest of the Thibeaults! Godspeed & lots of love! ~Katie Benson

Name: Bret Larsen
Comments: Andrew, we have never met but I wanted to give you our deepest prayers and hopes for your quick recovery. Our 2 daughters, Jordan & Allison, have attended St. Andrews the past 4 years. Your mother has been an unbelievable positive influence on their lives. Our children get constant compliments on how polite/fun they are and a tremendous amount of the credit is attributed to your very special mother and her leadership. If you are anything like your mom (of which I am sure you are!) you posses exceptionally special attributes and strength! Our family will say a prayer for you every night in hopes for your speedy recovery. Sincerely, The Larsen Family


Name: EMily
Comments: hey there….glad to know that everything is goin well. I know that I will be seeing you soon! Keep it up. Luvin ya Muchos- Em

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew – Sorry I haven’t said hi in awhile. Summer school. Anyway, I am glad to hear that u r doing better, and that PT is going good. U r our inspiration, keep it us and never lose hope. We all love you. Tell who ever does the updates thank you! Well, good luck tomorrow, and God Bless! Alex congrats on graduation. And to Mr. and Mrs. Tebo, congradulations as well. -Love Always Alexis

Name: jessica
Comments: hello love, you are so amazing stay strong we are all rootin for you! love you

Name: chris solorio
Comments: hey what’s up kid. i hear that you keep on getting better by the minute. i knew that you would over come this. hope to see you soon!! erika and i are planning to go see you at the hospital soon i’m really looking forward to talking to you and planning our “guys night out” that i promised you so come home soon and recover quick. well i hope to see you soon!!! i’ll keep on praying for you!!! God bless you and your family!!! SEE YOU SOON…

Name: Adam Cohen
Comments: Sometimes life throws these curve balls that completely throw us off. How do we deal with such a dilemma. We fight. There is no other way to conquer defeat except to fight. Andrew, I know you are a kid who does not quit, and fights for every aspect of life. I know in the end you will prevail, and will defeat this, bump in the road. Always remember, never give up, and you will show that you can do anything! My prayers are with you!

Name: Andrew Olson
Comments: Hey Andrew. I’m in another country right now but I’m thinking about you and praying for you. I can’t imagine what you’re going through and I admire your strength. God is watching out for you and everyone’s prayers are with you. Stay strong man.

Name: Shelley lyon
Comments: Hey king of the world. How are you holding up? I hope you are excellent. i really wanted to give blood, but then i found out that you have to be 17. i dont understand why that is. I feel that anyone who wants should be able to help out. I wish i could ahve been apart of that. Im sorry. I hope you are doing better and i am definitely praying for you! -shell

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: Andrew!!! I’m so glad to hear that your making more and more progress everyday! Keep it up and you’ll be better in no time!!!!! Love ya tons!! My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you!! ~Lauren

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hey Andrew….it is so good to hear that you are making great progress. Everyday we continue to read about you. Your family has made a wonderful journal on this website of all your adventures and someday you will read all the many pages written about you with all your family and friends. As I write this, the number of people who have accessed this website is at 9,594. Wow! Soon the 10,000 person will be reading about you and probably sending you even more well wishes. Can you believe how many people care about you? That really says huge good things about you. I hope that it warms your heart as it does ours to know how much you are loved and admired by so many. I wish we were closer so that we could give all of the family hugs. Laura still keeps in touch with Alex by email and enjoys hearing from him and Larry hears from your Dad regularly. Love to all the Thibeaults! From your friends in Colorado.

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: *~*ANDREW*~* hey man! ok, can i just say thats so cool how you HAVE to eat things with a lot of calories?? haha . i am thinking we chow down on pizza, cheesburgers, and fries the minute you get home. I am so so SO extatic you are doing so much better. I breathe a lot easier knowing that you are ok. You are still on my mind all the time and I can’t wait until we can hang out again. I miss you and I love you.

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: Andrew: It’s so nice to hear how well you’re progressing. You have a LONG way since June 4th. Just keep your spirts up and keep laughing. It’s the best medicine there is. We hope that your PT is not too tough today. You’re a real fighter…you can do it. We’re thinking about you all the time. Be Strong!! Susan, Larry, Craig & Ariel

Name: Susie (you’re down the street neighbor)
Comments: Hi Andrew, Love to hear about all the progress you’re making and reading all the get well wishes and prayers from so many family and friends. You continue to amaze me and I know that God is beside you every step of the way. Tiger & Billy miss you and can’t wait for you to come home. I’ll bring you some Italian Penicillin (chicken soup)once you’re settled at home.

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hi Andrew! Now comes the sweat and tears, and just know that we are thinking about you constantly and are saying the mass prayers for your recovery. If you look how far you have come in the last two weeks, we know you will conquer whatever comes next!Just let us know what kind of food you miss and we will serve it to your bed! Anything you think of at any time and we will bring it there! Keep the chin up and know that a lot of people are there for you. Love, All of us

Name: The McCann Family
Comments: The notes are so informative and heartwrenching. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew everyday. Please give him our love and prayers.

Name: JoAnne Auger, RN, Parent Liaison, Children’s
Comments: Just checking in to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong! With love and blessings…JoAnne

Name: kali
Comments: hey andrew glad to br reading the good news on your site and cant wait to see you !! hope it will be sooner than later but as long as you get better is all that matters.

Name: The Rineharts
Comments: Little Tebo- Thinking about you every day! (We appreciate the site updates) Stay STRONG… Hang tough… Fight your battles. Our best to you and your family, Steve, Vicki, Eric, Grant, Dane

Name: MeGaN
Comments: hi andrew! i just started to your friend, jeff and he told me about your situation. i also saw the link to this page and i wanted to tell you that i admire your strength. i will keep you and your family in my prayers! 2 of my aunts both had a different type of cancer and it was a long and hard journey but they were able to survive. so stay strong!

Name: Katie Adlard
Comments: Hey Andrew!! I know we don’t know each other too well, but, Its so good to hear that you are doing better. My prayers are constant for you! The Lord is so good, He loves you so much, and He is going to give you the strength you need to recover. We love you and miss you a ton, get better!! – Katie “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Name: The Harton Family
Comments: Andrew, We wanted you to know we are thinking of you. And although we haven’t been able to see you. you have been in our hearts. Just remember when you think you can’t do another exercise. Just do one more. It means one more second to being closer to getting stronger and coming home to your friends and family. Keep up the good work. Lucinda, Frank , Julian and Allison

Name: darlene royer
Comments: Hi I’m Lana’s mom. Are you able to have visitors?

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: you’re in my prayers andrew:) thank you for reminding us how precious life is…keep hangin’ in there..xoxo

Name: Bil and Laurie Schwartz family
Comments: Hey wonder boy! we think about you every day and are praying for your recovery and will continue to do so!!!!Go andrew, go Andrew, go Andrew.Love and prayers

Name: Cous Bill
Comments: It’s Arnold (the terminator time).Build dos muskles. Pump dat irohn. Doo kalistenics. wok hod to firm dos abs.Grunt and sweat. Eat da foods, und we keep on pray’n. Laytah Awndru.

Name: Heidi & Gordon Marvin and Family
Comments: You were only 4 when we first met. You have a family and oh so many friends who love you and are praying for you, including us. I know you are a fighter. NEVER GIVE UP! Someday, I see you fighting to help others because of your journey today. Many thanks to your Dad for keeping us informed. You are fortunate and blessed to have your family, friends, doctors and nurses, as well as a circle of unnamed admirers who are cheering you on….. with love, best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Name: Christie, Mark, Casey, Devon & Kelly Sheldon
Comments: Keep going Andrew! So many of us are keeping you in our hearts and thinking thoughts of strength.

Name: Doug & Ginger & Sean Mazzapica
Comments: Andrew, you have to know by now that for the rest of your life you will fear nothing. You’ve faced the Everest of troubles and won. It’s just one of the advantages you have over the rest of us. We think about you every day. Oh, I forgot, there is something that WILL haunt you: your dad’s poetry.

Name: Lauren Reyna
Comments: thinking of you every minute and praying you will come back to me as soon as possible. Its hard for me to go through the days without hearing your voice or talking to you, but you are always deep in my heart.

Name: The Lea’s
Comments: Hi Andrew and Family…glad to hear about your progress. We look at your website, hear from Frank and the Secrest’s to keep up on your progress. We know it isn’t easy, but know that each and every day we are all greatful that you are here and working hard towards recovery. You have your family and friends to lean on and know that prayers are still sent to you and your family every day. Keep up the work Andrew, it will only get you to where you want to be. Love, The Lea’s…Mitzi, Randy, Olivia, Brianna and Sam

Name: Debbie Jones
Comments: I am a friend of Donna’s. I’ve written before, but I just wanted to drop another note to let you know how wonderful it is to see your positive progress. You realy are an inspiration. Stay tough – I know you can beat this thing!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: what up SUPER MAN. i got to talk to you recently and you’re same funny guy, jsut crackin jokes. you’re a stud, have a good one

Name: Chelsea
Comments: Keep on working!! I know you can do it!!! Good job so far!! Jesus loves you!!! <><

Name: Lorenzo & Cortez Page (St. Andrew’s Alumni)
Comments: Eat lots of yogurt and ice cream! Hope you get well soon.

Name: carol lipman
Comments: Andrew, you don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Lauren’s mom. Please know that my prayers are with you.


Name: Sylvania
Comments: Dear Andrew, Glad to hear you are moving along like a true champ! I have not stopped thinking about you. I am here to help you or your family anyway I can. Please let me know what you need. Prayers continue as you heal. You have touched us all! Love, Sylvania

Name: Melanie Silva
Comments: It’s Julie’s friend again, suggesting Instant Breakfast instead of Ensure as a good tasting calorie vitamin supplement. Hang in there, one day at a time.

Name: Melanie Silva
Comments: It’s Julie’s friend again, suggesting Instant Breakfast instead of Ensure as a good tasting calorie vitamin supplement. Hang in there, one day at a time.

Name: Pat Untied
Comments: Keep up the good work! We are so proud of you. I used to call my physical therapist, my physical “terrorist,” but the hard work pays off. You are in our prayers.

Name: Drewsta
Comments: Hey Andrew… Jayce and Jeremy came down today to see you but I had work. I want to come down as soon as I can. We can check out the good smelling nurses and I can beat you in Tony Hawk. You’re HOT and I want your sexy body…

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Even though I sometimes run out of things to say, I still write here just to remind you that we’re all here with you, every step, and you are the man!

Name: Amy Boyer
Comments: Dearest Andrew… I have never met you before, but I am a friend of your brother’s. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you on a regular basis! I do believe the Lord has miracles up his sleeve at just the right moments… and I want to encourage you to have hope. You have a very loving and supportive family, as well as friends… as I have heard! I will continue to pray for the Lord to put his hands upon you and heal your entire body. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” ~1 Peter 5:7~

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew! love heang how you’re doing….it sounds like everyday is getting a little better. You are one heck of a fighter and that spirit is what’s going to get you trough this. Please know that I look at your web site everyday (okay, sometimes twice a day, but don’t tell) and I am following your recovery. I saw Alex at the Hartly’s the other day and he said that you were better each day! Hang in there!

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Sorry to disapoint, I missed out on that Jaguar! Oh well, we’ll have to settle to driving around in the Beamer, k? Haha, anyway, glad to hear that you’re doing better, Kendra and I will be by to visit you soon! I know its tough, but I believe with all my heart that you will make it through this, no problems! Love always, Caitlin

Name: Jaclyn Pease
Comments: hey babe, wow…I can’t even believe all of this sometimes. You are such a wonderful person, and I hope you know by now how much people love your presense. You are the person who least deserves to go through all of this. For so long, we tried to go and take that walk to eachother’s house…haha it’ll happen babe, u just wait. You are such an inspiration, and I love you so much. Keep fighting.

Name: Irene Brabant
Comments: Well I wore my fearless t-shirt today, the one we got from donating blood…I was very proud telling people what the shirt was all about. Keep up the good pt and eatting as much as possible. (If you need a little extra weight, I have a few pounds I can lend to you) When you think you can’t endure anymore and are ready to quit, take a minute, look around, remember you are loved and needed by many. (then swear into your pillow about how it isn’t fair, but you will never quit because you are Andrew Thibeault and you can do it!!!!!!)

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Hi Andrew, You were with us at Lauren’s graduation luau. I think you may have enjoyed the hula dancers. You are doing so remarkably well. Keep you the hard work and we’ll see you soon. Love from us 4 Nicholls’

Name: The Graeser’s
Comments: Andrew, We monitor your progress daily. We keep both you and your family in our daily thoughts and prayers. You are a real miracle and it is a pleasure to know you. Keep with all that the physical therapist have in store for you and eat all of your protein even if it is salmon. Take care. Chris, Melani Christen and Amanda Graeser

Comments: Hi Andrew! I’m at work, just trying to catch up on stuff so I can spend time with you again. So looking forward to our next pajama party {: Just a reminder: I don’t sew (quilted), I don’t camp (slept on hospital waiting room floor), I don’t like country music (listened to it cuz you do), & I DON’T EXERCISE (so don’t even think about it!) Still putting me over the edge but I love you anyways & always will.

Name: Debbie & Rich Neubauer
Comments: Hey Wonder Boy, We are so thrilled with the progress you are making. You are truly blessed with a great bunch of family & friends. Keep the positive vibes coming!

Name: Pam MacPhee
Comments: Hey, Andrew. Kellie and Duncan and Lise and Robert and I send lots of strength to help you heal. I’m hoping that the pullup record I set at my junior high still “pulls some weight” and helps you set your own records. The kids are all thinking about you and hoping you’ll be able to babysit someday again in the near future. Lise just had surgery on her arm and is in therapy as well. She says it’s not any fun, but it makes you better….so she’s hoping you both heal well together. Maybe with all those DVD’s you are watching…you could become the resident movie reviewer! take it easy…..the MacPhee’s

Name: P. J. Fagaly
Comments: My card, which had a beautiful verse on it, was returned from the hospital! Wrong Scripps probably. I will send again to home address. I tried twice to make an appt. to give blood-two locations. I was happy to see that the drive is going so well! The good you have all sent out into the world is comig back to you. . . I will check the site, and register to give at St. Andrews. You are all in my prayers daily. . . P.J.

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey dude, Congrats on doing so well!!! Your almost there man, Continue to do those pull-ups man!!! Let me tell you, Your brother did such a wonderful job at graduation, I sat there in the second row, and I was crying..Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy! ~~ Andy

Name: Boone
Comments: Yo T-Bo. I see thigsn are gettig better with you. I miss you man, and hope to see you soon. Maybe some more sushi and movies with me and Can’t wait to see you and I knwo you will be back to noraml in no time. see you soon. Love You man

Name: Sanna Rosengren
Comments: Hi – I’m in the church choir and have heard much about Andrew – hang in there kiddo!! Many people you don’t even know are cheering you on. (Unfortunately I can’t give blood because I spent too much time in Europe recently, but will pester others to try to make up for it…!)

Name: Jean Bruns
Comments: Good morning! Just a note this time to let you know we are still thinking about you every day and we are still holding you in our prayers…for recovery and good health! It sounds as if those prayers are being answered each day, too. 🙂 Remember, Andrew, I have always said, “Cream rises to the top!” and you, my dear young man are truly cream! I am so happy to hear, also, that you are beginning to be hungry; I will be keeping that in mind and will look to the time when I can start bringing you some of the “fruits of our harvest” 🙂 We are still harvesting apples and blackberries like crazy. I made a big blackberry cobbler yesterday, just off one of our barrels! (we have 4 others)! I also experimented with an apple-cranberry crumb pie, and an apple-pear pie, and an “Apple Lady apple cake.” Despite the experimentation, they all pretty much disappeared, so I guess they were “keepers.” 🙂 There is not much other news; I am teaching, still; there are a few “loose ends” that

Name: Donna Reddick and Family
Comments: We are a LCC family and want to send our love and prayers to you and your family. You have the strength from your family and the community!

Name: The Ginns
Comments: So happpy to hear that Andrew is working hard to build himself up again. Our thought were with all of you at Friday’s graduation and hoping you worked out arrangements to attend. Sam went to graduation and said Alex’s speech was great. I hope all is as good as can be expected. Please call for anything if need be. Hang in there, Andrew. Love, Twila, Bill, Ali, Sam, Kelsey and Kevin Ginn

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: I leave on a trip in two days and believe me, even then I will be constantly thinking about you and your progress. Hopefully when I come back, there will be nothing but good news from you. See ya soon bud!

Name: megan forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! You’re such a strong person and i admire you for all the courage you have. I miss you so much! xoxo

Name: Katherine, Gabby, Lauren
Comments: we dont know you, but we are friends of your friends. All we have heard are amazing stories about you and how much you motivate people like us. You are in our prayers and keep fighting as hard as you are and we hope to see you soon and meet the wonderful person you are. we are with you!

Name: Pat and Lee Thibeault Corcoran
Comments: Happy to hear that you’re starting to feel better. Keep the spirit up.

Name: Ardecky Family
Comments: We continue to hear the greatest things from llysia and her friends. We are still hoping the best for you and admire how fantasticly strong you are! god bless and much love. ~Llysia Ardecky and Family

Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: Hi Andrew, Alex, Nancy and Dave, We go on you site at least once a day, usually more. It’s great to get the updates. We’re so glad to hear that you’re getting stronger and feeling better each day. You and you’re family are an inspiration to us all. Graduation was wonderful. Alex did an outstanding job. Tom videotaped the ceremony, so if you would like a copy just let us know. Our prayers and good wishes are with you all. We hope to see you soon Andrew. Love, The Sauer Family!

Name: Harriet Cooke and guys
Comments: To all the Thibeaults, Sending our love and three cheers for Andrew for all the great progress.

Name: Julia Gaden
Comments: Andrew, I am the grandmother of Sam Young, who was one of St. Andrew’s preschoolers. You are in my prayers daily. Keep up the good work.

Name: michael and nell Koopmans
Comments: stay strong, andrew, we’re praying for you!!

Name: Elise Lissner
Comments: Hey Andrew, I’m so sorry about everything you’re going through. I pray for you all the time and hope that you will get better very soon! I can’t imagine everything you’re going through and I really admire your strength and courage through all of this! You are such an amazing person and I hope i get to see and talk to you soon! We’re putting in a pool so when you’re out of the hospital and in therapy, you are more than welcome to use it for rehab, or just for fun! We love you so much and hope you get better soon, and that all of this will be behind you! Keep your spirits up and know that we’re here for you if you ever need anyone to talk to or visit you! You don’t know how many people care for you, love you, are praying for you, and are so proud of you for all you’ve done and been through! God Bless you! Love always and forever, Elise Lissner (760) 436-8502 (760) 942-6293

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Things seem to be going according to plan, which means soon enough you, me and your bro are going to Padres games! I can’t wait to see you bud!

Name: jim and car

Name: Jaymie
Comments: Hey, Andrew! You are incredible! Maybe you can encourage me to workout!!!!AND-maybe your mom will now agree to dreadlocks! Can’t see that she’d complain anymore! Ryan would be happy to help!!! Love you lots, Jaymie

Name: Mark Achen and Family (Brother of Laurie Schwartz)
Comments: Andrew, greetings from Northern Ca. I have read some of the letters from the guestbook and I can sense how incredible of a young man you are. The GREAT HEALER has some incredible plans for you. I pray for strength for you today and all the days to follow, and for the guidance and direction of all those that lay hands on you. I can only imagine how you have touched the lives of so many and how you have given those around you HOPE and HEALING. You will be in our prayers and thoughts. I would like to leave you with my favorite Bible verse. I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength. Phil. 4:13 God Bless you Andrew.

Name: Emily Wilson
Comments: hello again…I’m so excited to see that you are doing awesome. I just wanted to check in and because I haven’t written in awhile. Keep it up! You are a huge stud! Luvin ya muchos..

Name: Kathleen Dowling
Comments: Hi Andrew! I know that everyone has probably been telling you this already, but Alex did a great job at Graduation. I don’t know if your family ordered the video or not, but if not, give me a call and I’ll bring it to you. Both Alex and Tamilyn were wonderful and it was a great ceremony. There were a lot of people there who were thinking about you too… 🙂 We love you! Stay strong. You’re a stud!

Name: Spike Linderman
Comments: I dont know you but i am real sorry what is happening to you. Everyone sends prayers out to you at school. Good luck kid. You will be out of there in no time. God Bless you.

Name: Doug Heflin
Comments: Hey, Andrew-dude!! I’m so glad to read and hear such good reports on you, but what else would I expect?! Just so you know, you were able to squeak out a big-fat A for Honors ModWorld! All the work you did was very well done, thoughtful, and analytical — the usual high-quality Andrew stuff! You’re probably tired of hearing what an inspiration you are to us, but it is very true, for us old folks, as well as your peers. I’m looking forward to visiting you in your golf-course-view penthouse ASAP, and add another monkey to your collection – hehe! Keep up those pull-ups, Stud! Hasta, Mr. H

Name: Melanie Silva
Comments: Hi! It’s Julie’s friend again. Glad to hear you are receiving the healing energy. If you can handle milk products, malts (especially with extra malt) are a great source of calories (stock up) and vitamin B. Hang in there, one day at a time!

Name: Laura Siem
Comments: You don’t know me but i want to say that you are one of the most amazing people i know. Keep strength. God Bless.

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “…whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” -Proverbs 29:25

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse (friends of Nancy\)
Comments: Forgot to include this – my sister from England sent it for you. I said a prayer for you today And know God must have heard. I felt the answer in my heart Although He spoke no word. I didn’t ask for wealth or fame I knew you wouldn’t mind. I asked Him to send treasures Of a far more lasting kind. I asked that He’d be near you At the start of each new day To grant you health and blessings And friends to share the way. I asked for happiness for you In all things great and small But it was for His loving care I prayed the most of all.

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse
Comments: Andrew Great news on your progress. You are truly an inspiration.

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:12-13

Name: Linda Miller
Comments: Hi Andrew, You don’t know me, we live in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts, and Logan Hood is my nephew…I’m sure you have had lots of people send you little “words of wisdom”, so here’s one that has helped our family through some awful times…God will never give you more trials than you can handle…so hang in there and heal quickly!!

Name: Hockey Steinlage
Comments: Hey Andrew, this is Matt Redinger’s friend from Missouri. Matt has told me so much about you and I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying along with my family back in St. Louis for you. I hope you get well because it seems like you’re someone pretty special to every one around you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud, I thought you should know your brother did an amazing job at our graduation ceremony yesterday. He stood up in front of all the seniors and the crowd and delivered an incredible speech. You’re doing great, and I believe the worst is behind you.

Name: The Clemens Family
Comments: Andrew…We are getting to know you through Amanda’s stories….We can’t wait until you are well enough to meet you in person! You are quite an amazing young man who has inspired a whole community! Our thoughts and prayers are with you….Debra, Chuck, Sam, Brenna and of course, Amanda Clemens

Name: Geoff Woods
Comments: Andrew,I hope that you are feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Can’t wait to see you upand going again. Much love, Geoff Woods

Name: Barb Bush
Comments: Hi Andrew: I work in another branch at the credit union, you should know that we think your dad is a great guy (of course, you know that already.)He’s got a great sense of humor; we can count on him for a few laughs at the manager’s meetings. The protein diet is one of my favorites…who can complain about having to eat steak and lobster!! Best wishes to you….keep doing those pul-ups!

Name: Pat Dube
Comments: I was one of the nurses woh helped with Andrew Wed. afternoon in the OR and there is something very special about this young man.There is a special purpose in his future. Bless you.

Name: Michaela Foley
Comments: Hi Andrew, Dan & I attend CCC. We are 2 of the original members, have 8 children & 16 grandkids. We attended the SFC graduation, and were touched by the Sr. gift on your behalf. We will be praying that God will keep you strong through your healing process. We send our love.

Name: angelica allen
Comments: Hey Andrew! We don’t know each other, but even though we have never met before, you are in my thoughts and prayers. We all know you can fight this and will resurface stronger than ever! Get better soon!! ~Angelica

Comments: Hello Mr. Andrew Tbo… What’s going on my friend. Well, I just got in from a long day. Let’s just say you should be very proud of your brother. Alex did an amazing job today on his speech at graduation. Even though I wasn’t graduation, sitting behind them all just put chills through out my body. It was amazing. I miss you so much and I know you will be better soon. My prayers are never going to stop and neither will you… Your in my heart!!!

Name: cous. bill
Comments: I didn’t make it to Alex’s grad. but I saw him and Tamilyn at her house. You should be proud of your big bro. He is someone to look up to and he will always be there for you. Keep eating Andrew.

Name: Stan & Rosemary Targos
Comments: To Andrew and his family; we will remember all of you in our prayers.

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Alex- Congrats on graduating. Just wanted to tell u that even though this is going on with ur bro, be happy for this day. Give your brother a hug for me, and good luck in college. Have a great summer. – Alexis

Name: Micahn Doell
Comments: Dearest andrew, It’s me your long lost hairdresser, the guy’s like Jace,drew,Ryan, and Jason have been kind enough to keep me updated on your condition. I hear you had a rough time in surgery but you are quite the little survivor sweetie because your still here I think you have incredile strenght and a wonderful supportive family and huge circle of friends. I am so sorry thet you have had to go through this, but I think that the old adage is correct when it say’s what does not kill us only makes us stronger. Andrew I have said many prayers for you since I learned of your condition and I will continue to,however I feel quite confident that you are going to be coming out the other side of this thing very well. I miss seeing you guy’s at the shop I might get over to the hospital one of these day’s to see you if that would be ok. Say hi to your sweet brother,your lovley mother,and dear father for me I send hugs and kisses.Take care and you will be in my thoughts an prayers. Love Micah

Name: Breann Williams
Comments: Andrew, I am so sorry this happend to you, but there has been so much prayer over you and God has a wondeful plan for you. I hope you have a speedy recovery and God’s has something great planned for you!

Name: JoAnne Auger
Comments: Andrew…not only are you are a fierce competitor in the truest sense of the word, but a portrait in courage, tenacity and determination! I stand in awe! The thoughts and prayers of so many are with you and your family. Hurry back to us at Children’s! With love, JoAnne Auger, RN, Hem/Onc Parent Liaison, Children’s Hospital

Name: Ashlyn Bobele
Comments: Andrew, Ashlyn just graduated from St. Andrew’s preschool today. We had heard about your website and since she prays for you every night we decided to check it out. It sounds like you are feeling better day by day and you have plenty of company. We are planning your dinner for next week and Ashlyn thinks you should have PB&J, vegetable soup, bread and butter and ice cream with a cherry and a coke and hamburgers and a lot of TLC. Love from the Bobele family and a big squeeze to your Momma!

Name: Beverly Clement (Bill & Laurie Schwartz friend)
Comments: Hi Andrew, June 13, 2003 I am a friend of your cousin Bill & Laurie Schwartz. I have know Laurie since we were 2 yrs old. If you do the math & if you know how old Laurie is than you will know that’s a long time. I just want to say that I am praying for you and ask the Lord to Bless you & to take care of you. You are a remarkable young man, Laurie told me about the great attitude you have and that is so important. Keep the faith and never give up. In Jeremiah 32:27 I am the LORD, the God of every person on the earth, Nothing is impossible for me. I believe this Andrew and hope that you will remember this also. Nothing is to great for our Lord Jesus. God Bless you, Andrew Beverly Clement Torrance, CA

Name: Beverly Clement( Bill & Laurie Schwartz friend!)
Comments: Hi Andrew, You don’t know me, but I am your cousin Bill & Laurie’s friend. Laurie & I grew up together in Lawndale We have known each other since we were two. And if you do the math that’s a long time. I recently got together with Laurie & she talked to me about your condition. You truly are a remarkable young man! I want you to know that I am praying for you. I know that you are in God’s hands In Jeremiah 32:27 the Lord says I am the LORD, the God of every person on the earth, Nothing is impossible for me. I believe this Andrew and pray that you will remember this also. I will continue to ask the Lord to bless you and heal you. Love, Bev Clement from Torrance, CA

Name: Melissa Hoskins
Comments: Hello again Andrew….I gave blood in your name today. I just wanted you to know that although you and I have never met, you have been in my thoughts for the past couple of days. I have read many of the thoughts and prayers posted here, and I can’t believe how very loved you are! Even by people you have never met! It really boosts the human spirit to see this out pouring. You must be an amazing person Andrew! Your future awaits you……. 🙂

Name: Sarah Denny and Family
Comments: Hi Andrew, I was in the Yellow Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays at your mom’s school. I want to wish you and your family a Happy Summer! My family has said LOTS of prayers for you. Love, Sarah Denny and family (Mike,Wendy,Kate)

Name: Nick Anderson
Comments: Just wanna let t-bo know that hes the man. I have the highest respect for my buddy and ill always be praying for him. Never say Never T-bo! I love ya man and good luck with any further treatment u have.

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey Andrew, I hope you doing better. WELL, I know your doing better. I hope all is going well in your life and lots of things are going well! You’ve got lots of support my man, and you can pull through!!! God is with you and so is all of your friends!

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hi Andrew! You are in my thoughts constantly and in my prayers daily. I feel so connected to you and your family being able to read about your progress every day. Continue to stay strong and trust in the Lord, Andrew. You have come so far and with such an awesome spirit and attitude! You are a blessing to all of us! Hope to see your Mom and Dad today at Alex’s graduation! Love to you all, always.

Name: Corey Evans
Comments: Hey Andrew, I hope you are doing much better. Please know that my family and about a million others are praying and thinking about you all the time. Not to mention the fact that God and Jesus are looking out for you as well. We all hope you recover fast and very soon.

Name: Peg Tudisco New London CT
Comments: Andrew, With the help of doctors and medical staff, the prayers & encouragement of family, friends and well wishers, we are all praying for your speedy recovery. God bless you and keep getting better every day

Name: cous. bill
Comments: morpine???? Who’ on drugs around here. Morphine

Name: Cousin Bill
Comments: Now that you’re off the morpine, the real high is your recovery. You have thousands of people backing you up. Let the prayers work you back to health.

Name: Dave Dravecky
Comments: After Dave Dravecky’s cancer surgery. “O.K. God. This is what I’ve got to live with. Put this behind me, let me go forward.”

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Hello Tbo… It’s me again. I have been thinking of you non stop everyday. I am so glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. After all it has been a tough ride. We all love you and are praying for you. Never give up. I can’t wait till you come home… Circulo Adorno misses you…

Name: The Giuffre’s
Comments: Hey Andrew-we have been thinking about you 24/7-so happy things are slowly getting better. You are absolutely amazing!! If you can get through what you have accomplished in the last week – you can do anything. All i can say is God has big plans for you. God bless. Love always, The Giuffre’s

Name: chris zalud
Comments: dude, i barely know you, but i pray for ya everyday, keep fighting man

Name: Britt Owen
Comments: hey sexy- wow you are soooooooo unbelievable! I have been thinking about you and hoping for the best from day one and it looks like you are doing great…..i am so glad that you are getting better….i miss you and i want to hear your voice again soon and see u in your car:)

Name: Daniel Bogdanoff

Name: Alyson Gilmore
Comments: I was unable to donate blood yesterday at the Encinitas mobile blood van but I made an appointment for the North County facility this morning. However, when I showed up, I learned that when I made my appointment on line, I must have made it at the Escondido office rather than the Vista/Oceanside office. They were not open for donations today. The staff person however was very kind when she saw my VIP Donor card and I explained that it is for a friend that I came today. She asked if it was for the “young Encinitas boy” and I said “yes”…She said that the staff has been so overwhelmed with emotion at seeing the numbers of donations for him. I explained that if she knew the family, she would understand the response the community has shown. Her reply to me was a big smile and she told me that she has heard the same response from all of Andrew’s donators. I’ll be going back tomorrow for my donation..but we’d love to know the response you have rec’d in numbers of donations rec’d.

Name: Jamie & Chance
Comments: Are wishes are on you at this time. Enjoy life to the fullest and never regret, since it makes you who you are. I will pass this on to others, so they can see the strength you have.

Name: Daniel Bogdanoff
Comments: Andrew- keep going brother in christ. Praying for you!!!!

Name: The Fox Family
Comments: Hello Andrew, I got an e-mail from a freind who told me about you. I just read your guestbook you are one lucky guy with alot of love for you . Our family prays for you and hopes for the best. Take care.

Name: Marianne Horrell – St. Andrew’s
Comments: Hi, Andrew – I just said hello a few minutes ago and then read your zillions of hellos (you are so loved!), and I was sorry none were dated, so I’m dating this one June 12, 2003. Love, Marianne

Name: John & Helen Guidero
Comments: God Bless you and we are praying for a quick recovery. Best wishes from the Guideros

Name: Marianne Horrell
Comments: Andrew – You are in my prayers every night. I’m so happy you’re doing well. Hang in there. Love, Marianne from St. Andrew’s

Name: Philip Rauscher
Comments: Great to hear your doing better my man

Name: Larry Kessler
Comments: Hey Andrew…trust me, you really haven’t lived until you’ve given blood along side Miriam Wisniewski. 15 people crammed into the bloodmobile laughing non-stop for a half hour. I hope you felt the laughs and the love.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: This all good news today! Yeah. Feel better soon.

Name: Kirsten Harvey and Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- We are so excited that u r feeling better. Can’t wait till u come back. Hope ur family is doing good. God bless!

Name: John Robertson
Comments: Hey Andrew, this is John from scouts. I heard about your situation, and I’m glad to see you’re still fighting :). I think the last time I saw you was maybe 3-4 years ago? You were always a tough and considerate kid so I’m sure you’ll make it through these difficult times. -Best Wishes

Name: Melissa Hoskins
Comments: Hi Andrew…. I heard about your condition from a friend of a friend, (her name is Robin Ramos) and I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family and that I have made an appt to give blood in your name. I am NOT a religious fanatic, but I want to say that I do have a strong faith in God, and I have asked him to watch over and heal you. I don’t know how I would react if I were in your same situation, but I hope that you find some comfort somewhere. God bless you and keep you Andrew! (Do you go by Andy?) Melissa Hoskins

Name: Juan and Michelle Zuniga
Comments: We will be praying for you Andrew…our thoughts are with you. All our love, The Zuniga Family-Oceanside

Name: jessica symonds
Comments: hang in there!! All my love and prayers!!

Name: jen welch
Comments: Wishing you happiness

Name: victoria murphy, teacher
Comments: Whether at school, in my house, or out and about, Andrew and his family remain a part of all my activities, a constant reminder that being of service to those around is the best we can be as humans. Thanks for the reminder. The miracle continues….

Name: Deirdre Wallace
Comments: Hang in there Andrew !! Kick butt and get well soon…. It may seem too overwhelming at times but keep it simple and focus on getting little bits better at a time….

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew….you are always with us in our thoughts and prayers everyday in everyway….feel better soon Love, Larry, Deborah, Laura and Adam

Name: Beth Mattera
Comments: I am praying for all of you. God has you all in His arms. Rest in His love.

Name: Melanie Silva
Comments: I am a friend of Julie Evans. I send healing thoughts to Andrew and strengthening energy to you each time I pull open a drawer or open and close a door and when I awaken at night. Hang in there.

Name: Mike Nowak
Comments: Andrew, Just wanted to let you know I gave blood on Saturday for you. The rest of the family would have if they could. Keep on the road to your recovery. Hope to see you soon. Tell your Dad to watch for a card we sent him.

Name: Jamie Serafini
Comments: My prayers are with you Andrew. Be strong. You are loved by many.

Name: Gillian Campbell
Comments: Your horrific experience has touched so many people around the world and it is amazing how so many wonderful things can happen through the power of prayer. I don’t think that we have met but you have become a part of my life. Love and prayers from Gillian.

Name: Phyllis and Dan Schmidt
Comments: Dear Andrew (and Dave, Nancy and Alex): I read that you have received nuclear-energized blood from the folks at San Onofre, victory inspired blood from the Marines at Camp Pendleton, and miracle inspired blood from friends, family and strangers from everywhere. (I hope a 500 ml of my lawyer blood from Indio doesn’t botch it all up). I’ve been checking and, yep, everybody is behind you one hundred percent. Some of these young gals on your website are behind you 200 percent! All are deeply moved by your strength. The little problems that many of us allow to become obstacles in our lives are nothing compared to the mountains you have already climbed. You have made a difference in my life. Although I have seen you as a baby, a small boy, and a young teenager, I look forward to knowing you as the wonderful young man that you have become. See you soon.

Name: Holly Kurz
Comments: Andrew, I used to work with your Mom at St. Andrews. Just want the family to know you are in our prayers every evening here in Philadelphia. Peace be with you.

Name: Greg, Laurie, Steph and Chris Thibeault (ME.)
Comments: Hello everyone, We just want you to know we’re keeping track of your progress at least once a day. It goes without saying your all in our prayers. Take care Love The Thibeaults

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “Invisible airwaves Crackle with life With the energy Emotional feedback On a timeless wavelength Bearing a gift beyond price Almost free…” -Rush

Name: Kathleen Dowling 🙂
Comments: Hey Andrew, I took a nap earlier this afternoon and just wanted you to know that I had a dream about you. Alex, Tamilyn, Marc, Kiley, Kelly, and a bunch of other people and you and me were playing soccer together… and you had LONG hair :)I got a really great feeling after that because I know that it’s going to come true. I’m thinking it’ll be next summer when we’re all back from college. Just thought I’d let you know… Keep your head up and stay strong! love, Kat 🙂 PS: Don’t worry.. in my dream you were still MUCH better looking than Alex.


Name: Cousin Bill
Comments: It was great to see you yesterday Andrew. I brought Monka & Ponka. We all agree you look very healthy. You have good color. You did not appear to be in pain and I hope that you weren’t. I hope Alex brought the tape of all your friends comments. The dog in your face was amusing because you didn’t want to touch him.(Guiness was his name)I heard Jeff and Jer this morning and they talked about your blood drive. Everything that is happening for you is all through the POWER of PRAYER. Keep “healin” cous.

Name: chrissy
Comments: hey kid, every time i look at this page i get chills. to see how many people have been praying for you and showing their love for you is awesome! i must say you are well loved grandpa. i hope to come down and see you soon, schools almost done WAHOO. and when you come home, maybe we can actually have our food day, cuz im in need of one. Oh yah, and ill meet you down at the track at 11! you are one cool stud! love ya

Name: Melissa Ahrens
Comments: hey andrew! we miss you so much in bio! you missed a lot of great times, mostly ill being stupid, haha but you have to get better so we can go ride in your pimpmobile again! haha and so that you can drive skylars viper yeah but everyone misses you and is hoping for the best!

Name: Jeff Smith
Comments: Hey Andrew, just making my daily visit to this site, checking up on you. I’ve been prayin even before you went into surgery. I sure hope you start feeling better pretty soon. Well I was just stopin buy to say hey and remind you that everyone thinks about you and prays for you every day. Hope you feel better soon. -Jeff

Name: Ellis
Comments: Hey Andrew. Ryan has been telling me how things are going and i’m glad your doing better. I hope to talk to see you soon. Stay strong, our prayers are with you.

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Hey Andrew, I haven’t written in a while, sorry about that. Glad to hear that things are going better, and I can’t wait till I get to see you! I have a competition this weekend, hopefully I’ll win that Jaguar! I know its hard, but we’re all here for you. Love always, Caitlin

Name: The Meyers Family
Comments: Andrew-You don’t know us but the Wirth Family lives across the street and has always talked so highly of you. We donated blood for you today. You’re in our many thoughts and prayers each day.

Name: Sharon Light–friend of Susan McMonagle
Comments: Loving smiles and prayers are coming your way from West Los Angeles.

Name: Kelly McCann
Comments: Andrew keep fighting, you are such a stud. I know everything is gonna be great and you are gonna teach me to play the drums soon. i signed a gnarly page in your yearbook. get well soon. love kelly

Name: The Shabram Family
Comments: June 11-We check the web site everyday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. Tessa says you are very brave. We love you Andrew.

Name: Danielle Wisniewski
Comments: Andrew, you are truly an inspiration to me and others. My thoughts are always with you and you are truly a fighter. I look up to you so much and you are a hero to me. All of my thoughts are always with you and I will always support you no matter what. Thanks for always being there for me, and I am always here for you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud! Well, I just got back from giving blood for the first time (I am deathly afraid of needles) and I now have nothing to fear. I figured after what you have gone through, a routine blood drive can’t harm me, so there ya go! Good luck bud, and I’m happy to hear the cheickens have gone away!

Name: kali
Comments: you only getting stronger andrew!! hope to see you soon! glad to hear the updates!!

Name: a hot girl
Comments: andrew i want your body, wow u r hot! dont let those chickens take u ok, b/c i want u! see ya sexy boy

Name: Linda Danca
Comments: Hello Andrew from Illinois. I don’t know you at all but heard about your incredible journey through Heidi Vosburg whom I work with. I truly think you are a remarkable young man. We are keeping you in our prayers and thanking God for giving you and your family the strength and support of so many during this challenging time. Good luck to you and your amazing family.

Name: Lauren reyna
Comments: thinking about you.. school is almost out- YAY! this means i can go to the Tebo Residence everyday this summer. GET READY! haha. it will be a blast. i love you

Name: Kaley Kenney
Comments: “Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.” ~Rabindranath Tagore Andrew, you’re in my prayers.

Name: The Fink Family
Comments: Hi Andrew! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you unceasingly & will continue. Dude, I’ve got to say you looked awesome behind the wheel of the “Gnarley” Buick. It was so nice to visit with you on your way to the pancake house. Yea, and I thought it was REAL cool to see your mom following you!!!! Nice try Nancy! JUST KIDDING. I know it was just a coincidence. Hurry back cuz the block is way to quiet. We need to hear you pounding away in the garage!!! You’re an incredible inspiration, Andrew & we know God has some awesome plans in store for you! We love you, Ed, Patrice, Cubbie & Joslyn

Name: Barbara Dean
Comments: Hey Andrew! You don’t know me, I used to work with your Dad at First Interstate Bank. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking and praying for you. I have a daughter your age and know that keeping a positive attitude will go along way! Hang in there Andrew.

Name: Anna P.
Comments: What’s up Andrew? my name is Anna, and i am 15 years old, and a survivor of bone cancer(osteogenic sarcoma). Today was just an ordinary afternoon, I was watching t.v. when my dad came home from work. He told me that Bonnie Pennock ( she also signed your guest book) sent me an email with your website atatched. so, i got up, right that second and started reading about you. Cancer is a scary thing, and i can relate verry much. I found out that i had cancer the day that my 8th grade school year started. I went through 7 or more months of chemo therapy. It sucked! I hate hearing about anyone who has cancer because I know how it feels. I will be praying for you and your family. If you or your family has any questions, please feel free to email us ( get well soon – Anna P. (denver, co)

Name: Paul and Bridget
Comments: Hey Andrew! You’re doing a great job.We are praying for you.

Name: Philip Rauscher

Name: Southern California Edison
Comments: Hi Andrew, Today and tomorrow, many employees from Southern California Edison will be donating blood in your name, thanks to your good friends Chris and Pat Wattson, who brought it to our attention. From everyone here at San Onofre Nuclear Station, God bless and speedy recovery.

Name: Debbie Knight
Comments: Andrew, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you. Sincerely, a SONGS co-worker of Chris’s.

Name: Edna Henry
Comments: Iam DeDe Phillips mother and have been very sad to hear what a bad time Andrew has had. Iv`e been praying with you. May God bless you all.

Name: Paul Lyons
Comments: I have never met you but I have learned about you from other people. I can’t begin to even fathom what you are going through and your parents as well. I can’t offer you very much but I can promise you that you will be in my prayers at 6 a.m. every morning for that is when meet with God Almighty. I am praying in God’s will that you will be healed, that your spirits will remain positive and that your family will stay strong.

Name: Mr. Fisher
Comments: I don’t know if you remember me, but I am still here teaching at Diegueno. Another year is coming to end and I have met only a handful of students of your caliber. Its weird in away, I always have very bright students, but I only have a few students each year that make me say, “Wow, I wish I could be like him/her.” It is students like you that inspire teacher’s like me to become better professional and personally.

Name: Major Chris Manis
Comments: Andrew and family, just wanted to let you know there are prayers being sent from Kuwait. The Marines here have been in some tough battles but they don’t seem to compare to the fight you’re fighting–and winning. Keep fighting I’m sure of your success. Keep the faith.

Name: Mrs. Candy Leone
Comments: Andrew, I just heard about you and I want you to know that all my prayers and good wishes are with you. I will keep my prayers and good wishes going. Your favorate P.E. Teacher at Diegueno. (and only one might I add)

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Name: Mother Teresa
Comments: Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is a beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is life, fight for it!

Name: Carol Johnson
Comments: Andrew, So much love and healing thoughts coming your way, I believe, truly believe, you will have a great recovery and you will “Live long and prosper”. I am inspired by your story and humbled by the courage you and your family show daily. God Bless you all. Your Friend in Boulder Creek, Ca. Carol Johnson (sister to your ex-teacher Mrs. Huston)

Name: Jeannie Hart
Comments: Hi Andrew – I work with your dad and wanted you to know that there are a lot of people supporting you and your family – both with prayers, thoughts and more. After reading the messages posted, it shows that you are truly a special young man who has a lot of great friends and family cheering you on and loving you! That is what really is important – keep them close to you and cherish them always!! But, what amazes me even more is that strangers have sent their well wishes, too. That is way cool! You are really remarkable! May your strength continue to grow and your courage remain strong to attest to the faith of you and your family – God Bless and keep you in His arms….

Name: Bonnie Pennock
Comments: Andrew – I am a friend of Dan Angerson’s (Nick’s Dad). I lost a husband to cancer almost three years ago and have been doing various fund raisers ever since. I’m participating in an event called the Relay for Life in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to let you know that Dan has donated some money, in your name, for the event. Your name will be read off at a luminary ceremony during the event and then a big prayer will be said for your recovery! I keep you in my thoughts! Stay strong and keep positive! I know it can be tough sometimes, but remember you have alot of people who love and support you……and now one new friend! I’ll watch your progress on your website! Take care buddy! Bonnie Pennock – Denver, Colorado

Name: Rob & Linda Smith
Comments: Dear Andrew, We just heard about your illness from our friend Linda Murdock. You will be in our prayers. Although we do not know you, God knows you. Although it may be hard to do, trust that He loves you and He is in ultimate control.

Name: Chelsey Loehr
Comments: My prayers and thoughts go out to Andrew and his family. I know this must be very stressful for you all.

Name: Carole Romero
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am off to donate blood for you today! Hang in there and continue to get better! Our family doesn’t know you, but are continuing to pray for you each day.

Name: Audrey Collier Tamilyns Aunt In South Africa
Comments: what a great miracle we are all so pleased to hear you are doing a lot better.We are all still praying for you and hope to meet you when we are in the USA again.

Name: Kristin
Comments: Hey Andrew, Its Kristin, one of Sarahs S’s old friend from PA. She told me you weren’t doing so well, just wanted to let you know-we’re praying for you!! yes, even if we are 3,000 miles away, and *sadly* i don’t actually know you. But good luck, m’dear!!

Name: The Oleynick Family (Gary, Barbara, Eric, Brooke)
Comments: Eric, soon to be a middle-schooler is in your scout troop…..I will be giving blood in your name today along with our families prayers and blessings to you and your family. I’ll pass the word on regarding the blood drive to my buddies and recruit,recruit, recruit! Good luck with the potatoes! Barbara

Name: Adam Lindsay Gordon, 1833-1870
Comments: Life is mostly froth and bubble Two things stand like stone Kindness in another’s trouble Courage in your own

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “It takes vision and courage to create-it takes faith and courage to prove.”

Name: Jolie Bernal
Comments: Well Andrew… i tried to resist from signing your guestbook again, to keep you from being overloaded with messages, since you are SO loved. But i couldn’t resist. I can’t get you off my mind. You mean so much to me and so many others. You have changed so many peoples lives. I have heard over 10 people say you have brought them closer to God. Not only that, but people who don’t even go to church are wanting to go now. You are an inspiration. Hope to see you soon… God Bless

Name: Danielewicz Family
Comments: Dear Andrew & family: you all are in our praryers. Hang in there Andrew, hopefully,this will be over soon and you will be back joking with friends again. You are an inspiration to many with your strengh and attitude – you have pulled a community together to help! Our love to you,your mom, dad and Alex. (p.s. congratulations on your graduation Alex!)

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, it’s me. Well, today I was at your house and I jammed my finger so bad that I am typing this with my left hand. The progress you are making is unfathomable to me, but I know the confidence that is instilled in you will bring you to a healthy, non-chicken infested lifestyle! See ya soon buddy-roo!

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Solid Rock Christian Group in Ventura is organizing special prayers for you, as well as the Point Mugu Naval Air Station Chapel which will be doing “novenas”. Working from this end for Blood Replacement which is so important. Stay focused, and so will we. Love

Name: Danielewicz Family
Comments: Andrew & family: you all are in our praryers. Hang in there . . . this will be over soon and you will be back joking with friends again.

Name: Amanda Clemens
Comments: Andrew, I saw you today at the hospital and you were actually doing pretty well. You were so strong today, even you just talking to us, your friends, was such a moving experience. No matter what is going down or what ends up happening you will always be the one and only Andrew Tebo… talking to you today was so moving, I realized that no matter how much you’ve been through, your still the same Tebo. Funny as ever… I believe in you and I believe that all this praying is helping you. Remember you are a HERO.

Name: Eric
Comments: name is eric, i go to SDA. i dont know you, but your whole situation has gone around school alot. anyway, good luck man. hey look on the bright side… if u get lucky, they will put u on chemo-therapy and u can get all the free weed you want.

Name: Becca
Comments: Hey andrew, my name is Becca Karel, im a 9th grade at lcc. i know that i don’t know you personally, but i have donated money and bout one of your braceletts and i hope the best for you! i pray for you everynight, and i hope only the best.

Name: Rock Wattson
Comments: The entry from my brother Chris seemed nonsenseical, but I was trying to copy his email telling me that he had organized a blood drive at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. I’m sure that all slots will be filled. Thanks Chris

Name: Cathie and Ric Brown
Comments: Andrew, I will always remember how you used to visit the kids at St. Andrews preschool. My daughter, Courtney, was mesmerized by you!! I just learned of your illness, and you will be in our prayers every single day until you are better again! God Bless you! The Browns

Name: Lisa Hayashi & Family
Comments: We have never met you before, but I think the world of your mom. She is like an angel from heaven. We just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always. God Bless you and your family!!

Name: The Gorman Family (from St Andrews)
Comments: Dear Andrew and family, God’s purpose and plan is sometimes concealed, But someday his purpose will be revealed…….. Someday God’s wisdom will make it very plain, why problems are permitted and how he uses pain………. Things thought illogical like Disease, Tragedy,Fear, will make sense to us when God makes all things clear…… We’ll see the Lord’s purpose from the Lord’s point of view, and know the answers in ways we never knew….. Until we’re home with God some answers must wait. Until his plan unfolds we’ll live and walk by faith. Thibeault Family, keep the faith! Nancy, A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you and Andrew. Megan and I have been praying HARD!! Much love, The Gorman family, Rob, Nancy, Erin, Grant, Megan and Katelyn

Name: Deborah and Daniel
Comments: We are thinking of you guys and saying prayers!!

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: andrew – you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers each day. keep hanging in there and wiggling your toes…:) you’re the best <3 tiere

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “The great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in what direction we are moving.”

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: Wow andrew! u truly have amazed me in ur stuggle this past week. i keep prayin and im just thinkin of u. i luv u and cant wait to see u soon.

Name: ~*~*~*~*~`
Comments: Those wild chickens can be crazy!

Name: kali
Comments: hey buddy we are all signing yearbooks so i will sign this as your yearbook!!: Andrew- Vacume cleaner hi pal wow you have been through a lot this year! i guess forest gump was right life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your gunna get!! but anyway i am soo glad i know you you never fail to make me laugh and smile! you are a great kid and have a great personality! you are spirited and smart! have a great summer have fun in the sun hope to see you at the beach!! stay cool dont get burnt wear sunscreen!! look both ways before crossing the street!! love always kali(loud speaker)

Name: Lauren reyna
Comments: hello gorgeous. you are my everything and you are my world…. i am just thinking of you and thought i’d write a little something (again.. haha). I can’t wait til you come home and we can listen to some SNOOP “from da chruch to da palace” haha. good times. You pulled through everyones worst nightmare andrew, and i dont think you realize how much you have inspired me. i want to hug you right now but i cant, so embrace these words and I know I am awaiting your homecoming.

Name: Marleigh Sonken and Kim Skraby
Comments: tell that chicken to get off your leg boy, if your not gonna let little dogs on your bed then you probably don’t want any chickens. For all you folks out there just know andrew has “big feet.” It adds to his hottness! Of course, we dont really know whow big they are considering he buys his shoes a couple sizes too big! (j/k) u gotta get well soon kid b/c marleigh was trying on a bathing suit and was ready to open the door for u this time. haha. Find a bathroom ok! We went back to CPK, thought of u, we were trying to throw up on the table to get them back for the bad service. Happy 18th birthday as Jumbo would say, 3 more years! haha u wish, more like 5! well we luv u b/c we know u love those magic words, get well soon bud and we’ll go get an icecream at an actual icecream place. ~marleigh and kim~ (little kid and visitor)

Name: Amanda
Comments: Hi… probably don’t know me because I live in Minnesota and I got to your site through David Boone! I really admire you and I hope that this all clears up really really soon!!! Stay Stong through think & thin!!!

Name: Danielle Swansen
Comments: Hey Andrew. I want you to know that you are in me and my family’s prayers. We hope that you get better soon. The surport that you have from everyone is amazing. You are very lucky and blessed to have many friends who love and care about you so much.

Name: La Toya Speaks & Family
Comments: Hello Andrew, I work at the blood bank and I just wanted to let you know,Our thoughts and prayers are with you! keep up the good work.

Name: Eileen Goss
Comments: Keep up the good fight! Miracles do happen.

Name: Brian Murdock
Comments: Hey Andrew, so I have heard you are a major stud all the way from college. I am very impressed. Keep on being a stud and hang in there because a stud like you can. You are in my prayers and thoughts everyday. Hang in there. -Brian Murdock

Name: Chris Wattson
Comments: Rock, This Site Wide email was sent out today. God Bless everybody that helps Andrew on his recovery. Chris —– Forwarded by CHRIS WATTSON/SONGS/SCE/EIX on 06/09/2003 02:37 PM —– Nuclear Communications To: (Broadcast) cc: Sent by: NETWORK Subject: Open time slots for the San Diego Blood Bank SECURITY-SONGS ‘Mobile” Blood Drive – June 11 & 12, 2003 (Broadcast Mailing)

Name: Darlene Dorsey
Comments: My prayers are with Andrew and his family. I am unable to give blood but would like to make a contribution to the bank fund. How should the check be made out? ‘The Andrew thibeault trust fund’? I will watch for your answer in the update for June 11 or so

Name: Kathy Friedrich
Comments: Hi! I am Linda Murdock’s sister. She told me about the website and Andrew. What an amazing and courageous young man! The stories he will be able to tell! Hats off to you Andrew, and all my best wishes for a speedy recovery, which it sounds like you can do!

Name: Marianne Snelson
Comments: Hang in there Andrew, I am praying for you.

Name: The Murdock Family
Comments: Hi Andrew! I used to work at St. Andrew’s and knew your mom. I just love her. She must be your pillar of strength just about now. Remember Brian is our son who attended LLC? We just wanted you to know we are thinking and praying for you and hope things only get better and better for you. Rememer this….when you feel like you are at the end of your rope, hang on tight and don’t let go! Keep your chin up and keep good thoughts this will be over soon! God Bless You.

Name: Donna
Comments: David, Nancy, & Alex, I’m sending positive energy to keep you all strong – I know that Andrew is not aware of alot that is going on, but you are all fully conscious, and it’s tough. Hang in there – he will be back arguing with you soon.

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Andrew, you rock, buddy! I have faith you are going to pull through this; there is no other option.

Name: Linda Huston, Diegueno middle school
Comments: Dear Andrew, Alex and family, I deeply regret that this is the first day I’ve known…How could it be??!! but my heart and mind are churning with fervent prayers as well as shattering sorrow and the deep conviction that the fighter, the warrior, the champion in Andrew will be victorious. I always saw him as a hero even as a young guy when he was in 7th and 8th grade in my English class. My heartfelt love and support to you all. I do believe in miracles and God’s grace and the power of Love. I will be keeping track of Andrew’s progress, will write to him and hope to visit him one day soon and see that million dollar smile. God bless you all and give you the strength to support each other as you so obviously are! with deep affection, Linda Huston

Name: The Ginn Family
Comments: We are thrilled to hear of Andrew’s progress. The updates are fantastic! We are praying for all of you and hoping you will weather the week with all that is going on. Alex, congrats on your graduation. We love all of you.

Name:Bradford Johnson
Comments: “Where does the power come from, to see the race to the end? From within.” Andrew, you’re a long way from “the end.” Soccer players get knocked down, but they always get back up–you know how that works! Hey, baby, just one word: REGULATE.

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: June 9, 2003 11:03pm TBO, I have been watching you through out the entire process, from the first party we had for you at Giblin’s, to the chemo treatments, when you played the drums for me when I thought you were sick, the talks, the phone calls, the birthday party, the memories… You have been an inspiration to many. I was talking on the internet to a friend of mine, and they were complaining to me. Then they told me that they had to stop complaining to me because they had just reminded them self of you and your battle, and how much pain you were going through at the very moment. It is true, as all of us are stressing about finals and high school drama, just imagine all you are going through. It is a major lesson, and has taught me so much. And I can’t imagine the battle you are in, how it is more then10000 times harder then the stress we have now. Back to studying… What a great Monday night.

Name: Patti Worthington
Comments: Hi Andrew. I’ve been perusing your guestbook, and see that you are blessed with amazing inner strength and an enormous community of friends and family who support and love you so very much. You continue to be in our hearts, minds, and prayers. Evan and Megan have you on their prayer lists at school. You’re winning—keep fighting the good fight! Loads of love to You and Alex, Nancy & Dave. From Patti, Art, Evan & Megan.

Name: Emily Wilson
Comments: it is hard to believe or expess in words how much you have truly inspired the people around you. we have all witnessed a miracle and it had given us all hope and self-confidence.just know that the community is pulling for you and your strength involving the issues that you have faced. we all love you so much and are waiting for the time that this will all be over. Luvin’ ya muchos!Keep the faith.

Name: Debbie Taaffe
Comments: Andrew, great things are ahead for you, this is only a portion of God’s plan. Keep the faith, and stay focussed on the future. Love and strength~

Name: Gloria Bladel
Comments: I will pray for Andrew, We need to always turn to God for strength in these situations. He has brought Andrew this far. He must have great plans for him. Many times out of situations like this God works wonders though we do not know what they might be at the time. This is where faith comes in. God Bless you Andrew.

Name: jake harry
Comments: Dear Andrew and Family, Vision is a starting moment of clarity – the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. Vision needs passion for its start-up and patience for its endurance. Visionary people have the ability to articulate in detail a strategy of how to get from here to there. Successful vision has contingency plans for overcoming the multitude of nay Sayers. Achievers are those who latch on to an idea and have the mental map, determination and physical push to turn a thought or dream into reality. Achievers are thinkers and dreamers. They have a natural inclination to dedicate spare moments to replay ideas and opportunities in their mind’s eye. Men and women of achievement often see the whole as something greater than their part in it. They are able to coordinate the efforts of others and enlist their support, resulting in a well thought out plan. A complete vision inspires passionate belief and fuels action. Achievers are simply those who u

Name: Nathan ILL
Comments: TEBO I hope you get well soon man…You are awesome…and a definite inspiration to everybody…just remember that…Good Luck, You know im prayin for you…Hope to see you soon bud

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: Andrew: You are quite a fighter. Keep up the good work. Be tough. Soon this will all be behind you and you’ll be back at home eating your Mom’s good cooking. I have a feeling that Craig will take you for that Double-Double whenever you’re ready. Can’t wait to be able to come and see you. Keep Smiling. Susan, Larry, Ariel and Craig

Name: Crista Castle
Comments: Hi Andrew! I dont know if you know me or not…but your story hasn’t ceased to amaze me yet, and i wanted to let you know that im signed up to give blood the wednesday in your name. You have been and will be in my prayers.

Name: Kathy Soenksen
Comments: Hi Andrew, I want to let you know that the entire community is praying for you. Keep the faith. Stay strong. Keep fighting. There is a whole lot of people pulling for you including my family. Hugs to you and your mom from the Soenksens: Kathy, Dirk, Amy, Eric, Paige and Jenna

Name: Jan Bischoff & Cheryl Geisler
Comments: You are an inspiration to all. Eat whatever they feed you so you can get to that Double Double. You are in our prayers.

Name: Casey Rector
Comments: Andrew, it’s hard to try to put in words, to type, how amazing you truly are. I love you with all of my heart, i will be there for you always. Everyone is thinking and praying for you like you couldn’t imagine. Hang in there, i know you will be fine. Stay strong, never give up and keep fighting. You are my Hero Andrew…love you -kc

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: When this phase is over and you are your old self again -you’ll have to go on the Speaking Circuit to tell people how you did it. Uncommon Valor; Faith; Perseverance; Strength of Character; and Mental Toughness are all attributes that you have, and we can learn from you. Prepare your Lesson Plans carefully because you have a lot of work ahead. Love

Name: Ben Sacks
Comments: Andrew… There arent enough words i can tell you that will make you understand how much i am here for you. We are all pullin for you to get through this and i know you will! You are an absolute hero to me and im prayin for you every night. Get better soon bro!

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: Hey man, I really don’t know you that well, I’m sorry for that. But, however I do know your brother and let me say this, the day where everyone was getting their heads shaved, I saw your brother up there getting his hair done. I was majorly proud of him. Your so lucky to have his as a brother. As for me, it was diffcult getting my head shaved. But now, I’m very happy I went through with it. I hope all goes well with you and all is well. Good Luck man!!!! Andy Cheng

Name: Aileen & Tim Escher
Comments: Hi Andrew, My son, Doug Heflin,(a teacher at LCHS), is my son and is very concerned, he told us about what you were going through and sent me your web site. We just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers, we send you all our best wishes for a very speedy recovery. Love, Aileen & Tim Escher

Name: Channing Toro
Comments: Andrew Were here for you, and are always praying.

Name: Michael and Gloria Aronson
Comments: Hi Andrew, Waiting for the day when you can come to our home and visit with Kendra! Our prayers and thoughts are with you, The Aronson’s

Name: mike ramirez
Comments: andrew- i just wanted to let you know that you are not in this alone. your family, friends, community, and most importantly God are all with you. we all missed you at the confirmation, and prayed that you may return us soon. God bless.

Name: The Wood Family
Comments: Andrew – we’ve had you in our thoughts and prayers from the start! We know you’re going to pull through this! Ryan,Genna, Cammie,Ginger, and Bill

Name: Cristi
Comments: I dotn know andrew, but i have heard about his situation from amyn people. I have been in the hospital from cardiac reasons many times, and i know that its not exactly the same, but i know how it feels. all i have to say is hang in there buddy, we are all praying for you and hoping that you will come out healthy and strong. best wishes and get well soon! We love you and just know you have at leat 3000 kids supporting you at LCC alone! we love you bud!

Name: Genna Wood
Comments: hey Andrew! I just want you to know that i have been thinking and praying for you everyday! Ryan Secrest told us about your surgery at church, and how you have been through so much. I love you and i’ll be praying for you!

Comments: YO dawg…..remeber never take that bait….much love to you dawg you got my prayers.remeber keep askin for more of them pills that make you hungry….HELL YEAH …stay up dawg…PEace

Name: chris osorio
Comments: I am one of the surgical nurses that has been with Andrew on all off his surgeries and my heart goes out to him and his family for all you have endured. I am in awe of this young man and admire he and his family for their courage. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely Chris Osorio

Name: Jamie Rome
Comments: Hi, this is jamie Rome…I live in Palos Verdes. I know u have no idea who i am but I want to wish Andrew the best of luck and to stay strong. This is a hard process but i’m sure he’ll get through it…from what i can see Andrew is a fighter…Be strong

Name: The Babcock: Mike, Irma, Eric & Kelley
Comments: Hey Andrew, We haven’t seen you in a while but we think of you and your family often. We are friends of Bill & Laurie Schwartz. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. God Bless!

Name: Llysia Ardecky
Comments: hey andrew~ we miss you tons at school and everyone is constantly thinking of you.You are the strongest person ever and i truely believe that you are heaven blessed.You most definately have an angel with you and i dont blame that angel for being with you b/c you are awesome! i love you and my prayers are still and always with you xoxo

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: Andrew- Im so happy to read that u are now wiggling your right toe. You are making such fast prgress towards your recovery. I cant belive that less than a week since you sugery to when I visited u in the hospital. Seeing u rest so peacfully while i talked to you. And now to read that u are soon moving to solid foods. Wow! It truly was a work of god. Thank you for being in my life and i hope to see u soon know that ur making progress. Remember not one day goes by that i dont pray for u and your familyn as well as the rest of ur friends and community.

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: Hey Andrew!! I miss you tons and can’t wait until we can resume our betting process and I can see you in that kilt! Be thinking of a bet! I love you and will keep praying! ~Lauren

Name: Sue,Bill, Mike & Dani Swansen
Comments: Dear Andrew, Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You had a great team of doctors and nurses with you last Wednesday (and I think a few guardian angels, too!!!). We love you and are looking forward to seeing you up and around and feeling better really soon! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: ok t-bo…so you gave me quite a scare last week during surgery while i was waiting for you in the waiting room. but then i was able to experience the most amazing thing ever while holding your hand while you layed in the bed and now you have come to amaze me everyday. you have already beaten all odds and i admire you in every way. i never thought this could happen to you, but everything happens for a reason. from this, you have taught me to enjoy life to it’s fullest, love the little things, and never give up. thank you for that. i will be going down there again this week and i am excited as ever. i look up to you so much and that will never change. you have been a huge inspiration on my life and will be forever. i love you greatly and am so proud to call you best friend because there is no one that could compare to you. so hang in there and stay strong always.

Name: Julie Baker
Comments: Hey Andrew – I know Tamilyn. (incase you’re wondering who I am.) I wantred to let you know my family and youth group are praying for you. The Lord loves you. Phil 4:13- All the way. In Christ.

Name: Pat Untied
Comments: Andrew we are so proud of you for hanging tough. I know its rough right now, but every day will be better. I know you know you are in a lot of people’s prayers, but did you know that you are helping people? Many people have said to me “Well, if Andrew can do what he is doing…then I should be able to do ______” Not bad, huh? We miss you at scouts and think about you much. Lots of love, the Untieds

Name: Jeremy Wustman
Comments: Andrew – stay positive and things will get better. Before you know it you will be through this mess and it will only be a memory. We miss you at school, around town, and at sporting events, so recover quickly.

Name: Warrior for Christ
Comments: Andrew kept the faith, we are here on Earth on a mission for the Lord. We do not always know the lives we touch in our daily walks, but we are all vessels for the Lord. I will be denoting blood in your name and will pray for you and a miracle in my evening prayers. A verse I live by is Philippians 4:6 & 7. May the Lord, Jesus Christ kept you in the palm of His hand. Steve

Name: *~*LAUREN REYNA*~*
Comments: hey sweetie. i am just thinking about you and thought i’d write and say hi.I miss you TEBO. I love you always and forever. you bring out the best in me.

Name: Joel Bergman
Comments: Best wishes for a smooth recovery.

Name: Debbie Jones
Comments: I am a friend of Andrew’s Aunt Donna. I have been following Andrew’s progress every day. It is amazing – the amount of faith and strength you all have. I have told many people I know about Andrew and he is their prayers. Some will be donating blood soon. I would myself, but I have a health issue that prevents me from doing so. Your entire family is an inspiration and Andrew is a hero!

Name: brooke giuffre
Comments: hey buddy! i miss you and i am soooooo proud of you. You are a role model for all teens our age. you have made it through and were all behind you 110%.. much love.. iam praying for you… god bless brooke giufffre p.s. i wanna chill! i hope you got your present.

Name: Kenny Welch
Comments: I will be donating blood June 12th here at San Onofre in your name , Andrew you stay stong and take care ………….. Prayers do get answered!

Name: Larry Zilli
Comments: Hey Andrew, I’ll be donating a pint for you this Thursday at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. I hope that you are feeling better soon! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Name: Wendy Woolf
Comments: We are thinking of all of you daily and send our prayers. Andrew, you are an example to the community and always have been. You were always a bright star in the classroom when I taught you science and I know your wonderful, positive attitude will get you through this rough time.

Name: Blake Morgan
Comments: God bless, I pray that you get healed

Name: Brendan McClenahan
Comments: I hope and pray you get better

Name: Don Rizzi
Comments: Please tell Andrew I said hang in there. He is in our thoughts and praayers.

Name: Alex Stauffer
Comments: Hey guy! you’re going to pull through this. We have been praying for you. Lots of love and high five’s (like on the soccor field). Alex Stauffer

Name: The McKenzie Family
Comments: Dear Andrew and Family: Your needs were shared with us through our NCL member Merritt Chapin. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be prayer warriors for you. May God Bless you mightily.

Name: alenna
Comments: hope your doing good. bio is soo boring. marleigh and i are disecting frogs online…. its making us think of your sexy body haha have a great summer and hope to see you soon!

Name: David, Melissa, & Skylar
Comments: Hey we are in bio right now and wanted to say hi. Trust talked to us today about you. Melissa is still annoying as ever, but hey good news she broke up with Eric Pederson. yeeaaa!!!! hahaha we miss you lots man. Skylar says hi too. The viper is waiting for you. See you soon man. get better. We all say hi. Love Per 4 bio

Name: Kathy Hiss, Lake Mary, Florida
Comments: To Andrew and especially his family. My sister, Barb Spiro has been filling me in on Kevin’s friend, Andrew. I certainly hope and pray for peace and comfort to you, Andrew, and as speady and comfortable of a recovery as can be expected.

Name: Carole Romero
Comments: Our whole family is still praying for your complete recovery from all that you are experiencing

Name: Debbie O’Reilly, Kristie O’Reilly
Comments: Andrew and family. You are in our prayers. May God look over you and heal you during your recovery process. One day at a time. Bless you all!

Name: The Symons Family
Comments: Dear Andrew and Family, May the Good Lord hold each of you close in His loving arms during this most difficult time. May you feel His presence and know His peace. May He take away the pain and give you complete heaing. Our prayers are indeed with each of you. God bless you.

Name: The Lea Family
Comments: We know that your awake and aware, we know that you are in pain, but know that you have the strength and the courage to keep going. Everyone is with you especially God. He will continue to give you strength when you feel as if you can’t go on…BELIEVE Andrew! God Bless to you and your family. Love from Mitzi, Randy, Olivia, Brianna and Sam

Name: Barbara Cope
Comments: Sounds like your on the mend, my prayers are still with you

Name: The Sobieski Family
Comments: We had a rosary going all day Wednesday and Thursday both here at St. James and at home and at Adam’s Baccelaurette (spelling?)Mass. God Bless you, Nancy, we are all pulling for Andrew and keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. With love, Luanne

Name: Toni Hood (Logan’s Mom)
Comments: Good morning, Andrew! This is my birthday week, June 11th to be exact – I know there will be many cheery cards coming to me, and I’d like to re-route the cheer and good wishes to you!I’m sending all of my happy thoughts this week YOUR way – YOU are this summer’s blockbuster SUPERHERO! Take care! Much love, Toni Hood

Name: Mark Spiro
Comments: Andrew, You are a hero in the truest sense of the word. Keep your sense of humor, laughter is the best medicine.

Name: Eleanor Wilder
Comments: Andrew I’m thoughts and prayer are with you. Lana Royer is my granddaughter, her mother Darlene Royer is my daughter. They have told me your story from the beginning of your journey to wellness. Love Eleanor Wilder

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” -Emerson

Name: Julie Sarno
Comments: Continue to get well. I am a friend of Debra Clemens, Amanda’s mother.

Name: Barbara Carroll
Comments: Prayers coming your way – I know they work.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, we keep up with your progress many times each day through this website. It is good to hear that you are now on the mend. Keep it up kiddo! It is amazing to read the kind messages from family, friends, and people who don’t even know you. How they must warm your heart. It is so touching to know that so many people are praying for you, as well as thinking of you. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Your friends at school write to say that they can’t wait for your return. Get well! Love, Larry, Deborah, Laura and Adam

Name: Teri Cavanagh
Comments: Hi We haven’t met each other, but I’m a friend of Merritt Chapin through National Charity League. Merritt sent me the information about Andrew and I have made an appointment to give blood this Saturday. My thoughts are with all of you. Fondly, Teri

Name: Chelsea Davidson
Comments: I don’t really know what to say, beacause I don’t know you, but I am praying for you. God is there watching over you and He loves you – Remember that. I hope your recovery goes better than expected!! God bless!!!!! and Get Well Soon!!!! <><

Name: David Boone
Comments: Hey Andrew, I love you man. I know its hard but if anyone cna make it through it all it’s you. Can’t wait to se you back at school when this is all over. Stay strong

Name: Lynn McCabe
Comments: Hi Andrew, I’m Madeline Kramer’s mom. My prayers are with you and I will see if I can donate blood for you. I think it’s been 8 weeks now since my last donation. Please hold on to hope Andrew! God IS with you and has not abandon you or your family. Keep well and hold on to faith and hope! God Bless, Lynn mcCabe

Name: Linda K
Comments: We have never met,but are related in some fashion. I live in Maine, your dad know my neighbor, Lou Porrell Fournier, and Bob Thibeau. We all wish you well, and are hoping for a speedy recovery. Your courage is amazing. Take care, and will follow your recovery.

Name: CTIV

Name: Bill S. (your moms cousin)
Comments: Andrew, after taking hours to read all the letters it is obvious God has surrounded you with love. The power of prayer is ALIVE!! Get well pimpboy.

Name: Scott Carbaugh
Comments: Hey Andrew. I met you when me you and Ryan went to battle of the bands at SDA in 9th grade. You are a funny kid and i’m glad that everything has turned out good so far. Keep fighting.

Name: LIFE
Comments: hey im a bitch sometimes, but inspiring people like you just make me worth living for so many people

Name: adrien halpin
Comments: hey im stoked your still with us im petty sure we havent seen each other since days of digueno but im still glad as hell to hear your alright. i hope you get back home soon. paz en el mundo

Name: Nancy Armstrong and Family
Comments: Andrew, I was looking at some old soccer and Mission Estancia photos the other day and I ran across a few of you and Greg. I remembered when you guys were little buddy’s. You boys were so cute and innocent- without a care in the world. Back then (2nd grade etc.) it was easy to have fun. All you needed was a soccer ball and some mud! Your world is not as simple as it used to be, but it sure sounds like you have enough faith and courage to tackle what has come your way. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Andrew, you are made of “the right stuff!” Way to go buddy! Please say Hi to your Mom

Name: Big Bro
Comments: “This is courage…to bear unflichingly what Heaven sends.”


Name: The Gallagher Family
Comments: Andrew, Nancy and family: we are a St. Andrew’s preschool alum family (Logan, Nolan, and Kevin) who has been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers since we heard of your illness. Logan knows you from some of the webelo council fire meetings and I was very impressed with you & Alex. We are praying for you and your family at this difficult time. God bless. Darby, George, Logan, Nolan, Kevin & Brian

Name: Emily Wilson
Comments: hello again…i’m so excited that you have been doing so well! I go on your website everyday and check out the latest news about you and your recovery. My mom goes and checks it at her work also. I just wanted to let you know that you are truly an awesome and amazing person. It is just sad that the worst things happen to the best people. Anyways… just sending my love for the umptinth time! I’m looking forward for some more chill seshes after all of this. Everyone is pulling for you. Love you so much! Emily

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: andrew- because i am completly infatuated with you, i actually went and tried to visit you yesterday. they wouldnt let me in (suprise suprise haha) but i felt you from the other side of the ICU. you dont know how much i think of you , and you dont know how much i love you. You, my love, are the strength and heart in us all.i have countless letters i have written you while you have been away, so dont let me forget to give them to you when you come home! i missed talking to you everyday, so i wrote a little journal of things i needed to tell you… cant wait to see your face again. With you breathing, i feel more alive than ever.

Name: Joe McEachron& Family
Comments: We are so happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery!! It’s going to be a long, sometimes uphill, road with plenty of ruts and bumps. It’s not always easy to ask for help, but on those days where you need it please call. If there is anything we can do to help you, your mom, dad, or brother please tell us. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Joe, Jenise, Pat, Andrew, and Michelle

Name: Jeff and Jay Giddens
Comments: Wow, hang in there. We miss you at scouts. By the way, I just got my Eagle, and you need to join us on the second plaque. Thinking of you all the time. I don’t think I am old enough to donate blood, but my mom is going to find out.

Name: Yesenia

Name: kali
Comments: hey andrew hope all is going well! cant wait till you are back to your old self!! talk to you later

Name: Jennifer Adams
Comments: Keep hangin in there!!! My whole family is praying for you!!!

Comments: Andrew, Stay strong, your doing GREAT!I miss seeing you heart-warming smile around school, but don’t worry, you’ll be back before you know it! keep your hopes up high because im sure that it will help and help you heal just fine! we love you, and god luck with everything! your my hero!

Name: We 3 Lees, Mark, Ruth Ann & Sam
Comments: What a courageous story! Keep going Andrew – there truly are miracles. with all our love and prayers.

Name: Shane Evans
Comments: Hi Andrew, I hope you feel better. Get well soon! Love,Shane

Name: Patrick Connors
Comments: I just wanted to say hi to Andrew and tell him that everybody is pulling for a full recovery and we miss him. Stay rested up and good luck in the near future. Stay strong big dog.

Name: Stephanie Abbott
Comments: Hi Andrew and Family, I am praying very hard for you right now that God gives you strength,hope and courage. I know that witht he power of prayer you can get through this. I’ll plan on donating blood in Andrews name soon. Until next time, keep positive thoughts going. God Bless

Name: Kathleen Dowling
Comments: Hi Andrew!!! I have been thinking about you non-stop since Wednesday and I have never prayed so much in my life… It’s going to pay off, bud… You are going to beat this… and I can’t wait to see you after you do… I still have cool pictures to show you of the Pep Rally in your honor… When you’re feeling better I’ll bring them to you. There are SOOO many people behind you! In the meantime… stay strong, and give your family hugs for me! Love you! Kat 🙂

Name: Darlene Cross
Comments: Nancy, Dave and Thibeault Family: Just heard re Andrew and we’re praying for you all. We know that God is the great healer so we are praying for a miracle! Remember too that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us so trust Him with all your concerns and fears. May you find comfort and strength in the knowledge that many people are praying for Andrew. Our love and prayers are with you.

Name: Krissy Quinn
Comments: A n D r E w~ hey man..i don’t know if you know me but from what i hear we go to the same church and went to diegueno together..i am also friends with lana royer and hear a lot about you. in my spanish class the other day my teacher was reading about you and how you need credits for your blood and let me tell ya if i was 17 i would deffinatly be there, but i told my family about it and they are all going. you seem like an amazing person and hopefully i will meet you someday! stay strong!! we are all praying for you! love, krissy

Name: Stan Hayduk
Comments: May prayer cover you all, The Holy Spirit guide your every thought, and God continue to heal you where He decides to do it.

Comments: Andrew…you can make it. your in my prayers

Name: Taylor Reeve
Comments: Hey Andrew! I’ve been thinking about you since day one- and have been sending positive thoughts. I know you’re going to be OK because of all the support that you have. So many people have you in their hearts and prayers throughtout the county. I was talking to your mom the other night at Senior Awards and she was telling me how much you enjoyed your quilt. She also mentioned that you were wondering if my square with the twisted faces meant anything. To tell you the truth there’s no “true” or “deep” meaning to it- I decided to draw it on my square because i figured everyone would be writing you messages (which i did too..)– and why not spice it up with a cool drawing! I hope you liked it. You might know but my mom just went through some surgery, not quite like yours– but on the same note.. tumor wise- she’s taught me that positive thinking is the most powerful form of healing. Using her as an example, she’s back at work and livin life again just like anyone else! I truly believ

Name: Kendra Rowley
Comments: Hey Andrew! I love ya man and I have total faith in you and your experience. Everything that has happened has taught me so much and I know that there is not one person who could handle this as well as you. You are amazing. You have such a positive personality and you always make me laugh. I want you to know I’ve been praying and thinking of you all the time, and I know you will get through this. You are so strong, and once again hang in there and I love ya!

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Despite all Andrew has been through, I think we have learned a lot about ourselves. I know I have. I have learned that you are the definition of hope. The *Guardian Angels* watching over you, have guided you and kept you going. But, despite that, you are the *Guardian Angel* watching over all of us, while we pray and hope for you, 24 hours, 7 days a week… Now remember, fear less, hope more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours to come…” TBO, REMEMBER… YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Name: Kayla Weinstein
Comments: Andrew you are the best! I check this webpage everyday for updates…im jus waiting to see your improvements & how strong you are! I have nothing but admiration & love for ya boy! Keep up your courage & strength! We’re all behind u! Much love!

Name: Molly Mahoney
Comments: Hey Andrew! I really hope your doing well. Always stay strong and know that we’re all thinking of you all the time. You’re an awsome kid and you’re going to make it through this. We love you and I can’t wait to see you around school again. We miss you and stay strong!!

Name: Brianna
Comments: everyone here is so glad to hear the positive news! we are all thinking of you, we admire your courage and bravery, we wish you the best and always have you in our hearts!

Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: Andrew, we’re so happy that the surgery went well on Friday. We woke up Saturday morning and read the positive message. This website is the greatest. Thank you for keeping us all current. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers both night and day. Rest up and continue to remain strong in faith. We know you will be up and about soon. Many blessings to you and your family. Love, The Sauers!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: You have one amazing suporting cast rooting for you bud. The word “doubt” has been stricken from my vocabulary with you, because all I have had is faith in you. I’ll probably see you this week!

Comments: andrew i admire you so much for what you have been through.. you are my HERO! stay strong because you are going to get through this i have faith in you! everyone is praying for you! we love you

Name: jessica symonds
Comments: i am glad the surgery is over!! He is a strong guy!1 I will keep praying for you guys, all my love to andrew, nancy and dave and alex. Can we visit andrew some time???

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: andrew, i jsut read ur update. i am so happy to hear that u are doin good. i mean that more than words can say. just remember that u are now living proof that u are one of gods miricals. I LOVE U and hope to see u very soon. as always my prayer are out there for u and your family

Name: Lauren Motter
Comments: Even though i dont you know that well, but many of my friends do, like and i just know that you’ll pull through cause from what i hear you’re an awesome guy. everyone’s thoughts and prayers are with you and you are truly an amazing person, hope you have a fast recovery and getting to know you someday. good luck!

Name: Amanda Clemens
Comments: “The very act of believing creates strength of its own.” — Unknown Andrew I believe in you…much love

Name: The Perrecone’s
Comments: Our prayers, tears and positive energy are focused on all of you Tebo’s right now. May everyone’s courage, love and faith help keep Andrew strong.

Name: Natassia Francis (the college girl)
Comments: Andrew you are such a miracle! Literally you are one of the only people who I know that has had about five million miracles happen to him in such a short period of time! Keep up the good work and I look forward to getting to know you better!!! You are AWESOME!

Name: Kate Wallis
Comments: hang in there Andrew** [keep the updates coming because we keeping him in our prayers and interested everyday]

Comments: We’re allllll praying for you! Hang in there!

Name: Shelley Lyon
Comments: Andrew!!!! its shelley! i was thinking about it and I think that maybe you should be the king of the world, not me. I could maybe be your sidekick as the Queen, but we’ll see. I dont think im as strong as you and the world needs that! You’re incredible. I hope you’re recovering quickly and I cant WAIT until you’re better! You’re awesoem! -Shelley Lyon

Name: Nancy Green
Comments: Kiley came home from the hospital last Wednesday night and wrote a song just for you. When the time is right, she’ll give you your own personal concert. You have inspired all of us to appreciate the gift of life and to believe in miracles. Take care.

Name: Carla Kay
Comments: Andrew,Great news, the barricades had nothing to do with your driving. They did the streets so girls could carve how much they love you in it.I think you my get some girlfriends out of this whole deal. When you get home we need to talk. I have several easier ideas on how to get a girlfriend.Hang in there!

Name: Tamilyn Foster
Comments: Well Andrew when your brother called me on Sat, morning and told me that you said your first words, i could not believe it, oh my gosh has God worked some amazing miracles. Alex was so happy when he finally was able to speak to you, and so Andrew you can definitely gain the name, “caution, mirical in process” Remember that God is holding you up 24/7 and so lean on him whenever you want. I will see you tomorrow. Love Tamilyn


Comments: andrew stick in there man

Name: Terry & Christi McCabe
Comments: Andrew, I always thought you had the most amazing smile. We pray you’ll have many opportunities to show that grin to us for many years to come.

Name: natalie

Name: the lil kid and the mom
Comments: dont wear shoes that are too big for you, its not right~marleigh and chrissy…..WE LOVE YOU GRANDPA

Name: Emily QUinn
Comments: Hi Andrew! I’m a distant friend of Lana Royer’s. I graduated from Torrey Pines one year ago and even though we’ve never met you are in my thoughts every day. Good luck w/ everything! I’ll pray for you at church tomorrow throughout the entire service.

Name: Brittany Purviance
Comments: Andrew… you are truly amazing! I was so happy to wake up this morning and see the good news about your operation. Your situation had touched me at so many levels-I truly look at the world differently now. For example… On Friday a few kids in my English class were making a huge fuss, because they had to write a poem! I’m just sitting there grinding my teeth because to them writing a poem is a PROBLEM; they are lucky that is the only problem they can come up with! Your situation could happen to any one of us, and for that, people like them should realize how lucky they are. But you know, things like this, are going to separate you from others, by making you stronger. You have always been such a down to earth person in every aspect, and for that I truly believe God has been watching over you so closely. At 16, you have already put so much into the world, and now the world wants to put so much into you- we all love you. Just remember you are in so many of our hearts each and every second.

Name: Kim Skraby
Comments: Hey Andrew~ Gosh I miss you SO MUCH!! Every day I get on this website I see more good news and it makes me so happy! You’re the strongest person I know and I only wish I could have half the strength you do. I’m so blessed to have you as a friend, and I know we’ll be friends forever. Just get well soon so we can get back to ice cream searches, pretending we’re older so we actually get service at restaurants and making fun of Marleigh. I love ya kid ~Kim P.S. I want my camera back (haha, but only if u took some pictures)

Name: Dorothy Campbell
Comments: Hi Andrew, It is Saturday evening and we are thrilled to hear that you are doing so well. What a star to have come through all that you have!!! You are amazing!!! Stay strong , and only focus on how to get better. FIGHT ON!! Steve, Dottie, Daniel & Peter Campbell

Name: Hey
Comments: Thank god everything went well with the surgery on friday. dont give up! you can do it. -a friend

Name: The Armento Family
Comments: Dear Andrew–You continue to be in our prayers and we think about you all of the time! Give your Mom and Dad hugs from us and we will hopefully see Alex at his graduation next week. Andrew–the Lord is good and he has seen you through much. Rest in His arms and trust what He has in store for you. That is so easy for me to say, right? But I am praying that for you. What else is there but to trust? You are an awesome young man and have endured more that most–trust in the Lord with all of your heart…Proverbs 3:5-6. You give me so much inspiration! Keep up your positive attitude! We love you! The Armento Family

Name: Faith H.
Comments: I’d like to send an autographed picture, but I understand there isn’t any where to put it in your room. Will an autographed prayer work instead? Get well pimpboy!!!!!!!!

Name: Nick Sauer
Comments: Hey Anderw me and u have been through some great times together and I know we will have many more to come, Good Luck and u know u are in our prayers

Name: Nancy Seaman
Comments: Hi Andrew, and family. I work at United Methodist Preschool, and Kids by the Sea. My daughter, Mackenzie Seaman, is a junior at LCC. We know who you are even if you dont know us. I have kept in touch with your progress through both preschools (connection with your mom), and school parents. I pray for you every day. If there is anything that has not been done for you already, I would love to help. Even clean your house if needed. I cannot give blood, mine is tainted. You will get plenty of donated blood. Much love, prayers and positive thoughts your way. Nancy

Name: Corey Sitron
Comments: Hey Andrew. You’ve only met me once or twice, because I know your brother, but you probably don’t remember. From what I can tell at school and by your guest book, there are tons of people cheering you on throughout your battle. I admire your strength and cannot believe how well you have persevered. I get daily updates in my math class from Marleigh, and know that no matter what, you will pull through. I have complete faith in your recovery. Stay strong and be positive. I know I will see your smiling face back at school soon. Best wishes.

Name: Alli Gelles
Comments: Hey Andrew, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’ll definitely never forget you. You were an awesome kid in sixth grade and from what I hear now, nothing has changed! It was nice seeing you again, even if it was in driver’s ed. Best of wishes!

Name: Pat Ruark
Comments: Praise God for His healing power. Let’s continue to pray that His will be accomplished in this young man. Evidently He has a great work ahead for Andrew. Praise be to His name.

Name: jessica nina gilly and mallory
Comments: andrew your the best!! we will always be here for you if you need us and we will be your body guards!!! we love ya kid!

Name: Lillian Galasso
Comments: Hi! I’m Margi Liberty’s sister and she told me what was happening. Just wanted you to know I’m praying.

Name: Lillian Galasso
Comments: Hi! I’m Margi Liberty’s sister and she told me what was happening. Just wanted you to know I’m praying.

Name: Don Quasebarth
Comments: You are young so you have that going for you. Therefore I expect to go snorkeling with you and the boys lets say by next summer. Until then take care of yourself and if you need anything ask.

Name: Trisha and Tom Kelly
Comments: Haven’t stopped thinking about you since we were blessed to meet you last week. We send you our love.

Name: Rob Salas
Comments: Hi Andrew, I wish you the best, man.

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: Andrew I am happy to hear you are doing good. Hope to see you or your family tomorrow. I LOVE YOU -Erika

Name: Terry McCabe
Comments: Hey way to fight through it all. Im so proud of you. You are in my prayers and on my heart. Best of luck kid. – Terry

Name: Gabby
Comments: andrew, i am so happy everything came out right. i knew it would because that was what was meant to be. you have a big purpose in this world so now its your turn to full fil it. i will keep praying for u and hopefully will see u soon.

Name: Dauna Cerulli
Comments: My prayers are with you and your family Andrew.

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse (friends of Nancy\)
Comments: You’ll be a walking miracle by the time you’re well again! You certainly have a ton of support – I’ll be happy to donate blood and want you to know I’m continuing to send positive thoughts and prayers your way. By the way, my dog Jack (black lab) sends love and a big woof!


Name: gloria aronson
Comments: Hi “Big Guy”, Praying and thinking of you…I’m looking forward to seeing you at our home again when you visit Kendra. Love, The Aronson’s

Name: Bryant Schussler
Comments: Hey Andrew. Stay strong dude and you’ll get through this. You’re in all our prayers, and we’re all right behind you!

Name: Madeline Kramer
Comments: Hey Andrew this is Madeline, I was in first grade with you and went to Jr. High with you. Joe Bruner told me about your condition and I am so sorry. I pray for you all the time and even my bible class was praying for you. Continue to have high spirits and just know that a lot of people are praying and caring about you. God bless and hang in there.

Name: Daphne
Comments: Hey Andrew, I can’t believe how strong you are. We are all praying for you and wearing the bracelet with your initial on it. Get better soon.

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Hey, just wanted to say hi, I’m so happy everything turned out ok. Hope you’re looking forward to me and Kendra visiting you as soon as you’re up to it!Love always, Caitlin

Name: Pastor Dorothy and Canon Joan Ford
Comments: So glad you are doing well. You are a very special young man. We are praying for you every day. xx Dorothy and Joan

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- That is great news, all the prayers are helping. I will keep u and ur family in my prayers. God bless!-Alexis

Name: Doug Heflin
Comments: I’m so glad to hear the great news on this Saturday morning (June 7)! Sounds like D-Day was a hard-fought victory once again (okay, so I’m a history teacher!)! Thank you for the updates for all of us who are thinking of and wondering about Andrew! Keep fighting, Andrew!!

Name: Pat and Lee Corcoran
Comments: 6/7/03 Thanks so much Dave for keeping us informed. We think of Andrew and you so often now and will continue our prayers.

Name: Jackie Wattson
Comments: Dear Nancy & Andrew, May God bless you both at this time in your lives. I will certainly offer you both up to God in my daily prayers and I know he will give you his comfort and strengh to see you through this most difficult time. Love to you both. Jackie

Name: Lauren Bondell
Comments: im praying for you! you will make it with all the support of everyone, we think about you all the time and i hope everything remains to run smoothly. GOOD LUCK! We want you back here soon so fight strong for everyone! <3 always, Lauren Bondell (you dont know me)

Name: Adam Misiolek
Comments: Andrew, You are a strong kid and you will get passed this no problem. you are in our thoughts.

Name: James T. Milne
Comments: My thoughts are with you!

Name: Kristin
Comments: Hey. I’m a friend of Sarah Schoetz, and she happened to mention to me you’re not doing so well. Just letting you know, even though I don’t know you, everyone out in Pennsylvania is praying for you!! I’ve heard you’re a tough kid, and we all hope you’ll be just fine. Good luck!!

Name: Lani Woods
Comments: I learned about your web page from Betty Dierker. You are all in our prayers and are beautiful witnesses to God and His Glory. We pray for God’s miraculous healing!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Friday was a long day for all of us bud, and when your brother updated me about the situation that afternoon, a huge weight was lifted off all of our backs. You pulled through the toughest part on Wednesday, and now that the surgery is done, it’s all downhill from here. Good luck bud!

Name: Matt Barry’s family

Name: No name
Comments: It is Sat. morning and our hearts are connected to yours in prayer. There is nothing more powerful

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: your stregth is indescructable. it is not a suprise to me that you are doign so well, I knew you could make it through. I love you pal, and try to always remember that. As hard as it may be, know that you are a million people’s inspiration, mine included.

Name: Jade Machado
Comments: Hey Andrew! Hang in there. I hope you have a really quick recovery. We miss you so much.

Name: Dorothy Campbell
Comments: Andrew, What a STAR!!!! You have overcome a MAJOR hurdle today. Well done!! Now it is time to gain strength and each day you will. Feel all the positive thoughts and wishes from the people who are writing to you and praying for you. FIGHT ON!!! Steve, Dottie, Daniel & Peter

Name: Joanne Rocchetti
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am grandmother of Mike & Dani Swansen and I am praying for God to watch over you as you fight for your life and your speedy recovery. You are an inspiration to us all. Get well soon

Name: jon schim
Comments: we’re all here for you andrew and we want you to get better

Name: Bonnie Buza Davis
Comments: Hi Andrew, I’m from New York, and Lauran Buza’s Aunt. I’m thrilled to read that you had a successful surgery Friday night. Keep the faith and we’re all pulling for you up here. Sounds like your quite the young man. Hugs and prayers, Bonnie

Name: Chiara Lotierzo
Comments: Keep up the awesome work Andrew!!! We’re all rooting for you and we’re right behind you every step of the way! You’re so brave, and you have the true spirit of a Maverick. LCC class of 2001 is so so so proud of you!

Name: Jayce Fitch
Comments: Hey bud, Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you constantly. Not many people I know have the strength that you have showed over the last few months and especially the last few days. I know it has been tough lately but you’re a champ and you pulled through. Keep it up. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you soon!

Name: DeDe Phillips
Comments: Sweet dreams Little Tebo – can’t wait to hear your side of this story.

Name: chrissy gulden
Comments: hey andrew~ wow all i can say is this has been an amazing journey. you are a miracle and God is so wonderful! i thank you so much for friendship, and the renewal of it from 4th grade. Kid, you are the best and i am so blessed to be a part of your life. God has become so apparent through this event, and just shows how there is a master plan for everything! your amazing and i love you!!

Name: Brandon Wells
Comments: Hey Andrew! its Brandon you might remember me as the guy you and erika and them TPed down the street. I really hope you make it through everything and start feeling great. I know that you play drums maybe you could start doing that. I play guitar and we could get together sometime and jam because i’m looking for a new drum. But anyways I hope you start feeling good and everything gets better and ok!

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Friday Night… I need some sleep because I have SAT’s in the morning at Mt. Carmel. But while I was in the half asleep mode, I felt something. It was telling me something good about Andrew. I turned on my computer in hopes to find new information on how my TBO is doing, and with all those feelings… There was. The update had just changed. It’s amazing how God is anwsering mine and everyones prayers. I love you Andrew. I will continue to pray and to hope in your name. I am feeling it. I miss you! X O X O

Name: Susan Larry Craig & Ariel Kessler
Comments: The good news was great to hear. You are one amazing guy and quite a fighter. We are sooooo excited to hear that surgery went well today. Keep up the good work. May you continue to get stronger every day. There isn’t a minute during the day that you aren’t on our minds. Keep the Faith!!!! Regards to Mom, Dad and Alex. You are such a terrific guy with lots of great friends and family to support you.

Name: The Websters
Comments: Dear Andrew, Rest and get well. The same to your family. We look forward to seeing you drumming away in Pad II. With much love, John, Nalani, Ellis and Bryant

Name: Vince Olea
Comments: Heard the great news that your surgery is complete and you are on the road to recovery. You are always on my mind and heart. I talk to God about you every day. When I get the green light and my cold goes away I’ll come visit. Love Vince

Name: adams hendrickson
Comments: You are the strongest kid i know and even if i am not old enough, i am definately gonna find a way to donate blood or have someone do it in my place. I am praying for you buddy.

Name: Tara Roach
Comments: Andrew, you are absolutely amazing!!! I am sooo stoked that you made it through the surgery today!! take it easy these next couple of days…you deserve it. I’ve been praying for you so much during these past couple of days, along with millions of other people…I will continue to pray for you for a fast recovery and also continue to praise God for the wonderful miracles he has worked in you these past couple of days. You are a hero to soooo many people and an inspiration as well…stay strong and don’t ever forget how much you are loved!!

Name: Kerry (Corcoran) Lesinski
Comments: Hi Andrew – I am the oldest daughter of Pat and Lee. My husband, Dave, and my 2 daughters, Erin (21 yrs old) and Jennifer (19 yrs old) live in Federal Way, WA. You are in our prayers. May God Bless You and your family!

Name: Lexzilla
Comments: ANDREW YOU’RE A STUD!!!!! We knew you could pull through and be strong! I’m always keeping you in my prayers! You’re my hero!

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew – Good night! I hope all is well tonight, I am praying for u as thousands of other people are. Tebo family have a good night! You have touched so many lives on many different levels, and for that you r my hero. God bless! – Alexis P.S. Have a great weekend and get well soon.

Name: Mark Estes
Comments: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Keep up the fight, “THE TEAM” is all praying for you. You had a great day. Sleep well, you really need your rest now. Will check on you tomorrow. God speed kid. sleep tight. Mark

Name: Cordelia Manis and family
Comments: I’m so glad to read how well things went today. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Hope you can all take some time in the next 24-48 hours to rest and recharge a little!

Name: Laura Collette
Comments: HEY ANDREW! Wow you are so strong! Hang in there kid! My family is praying and thinking about you constantly. Alex, hand in there e-mail me if ya wanna talk…….LUV YA’LL!

Name: Paul and Sue Gimby
Comments: Our words to you fall short, so we’de like to put your name into the Word of God..we’ve always done that for our children, and it is powerful. Here is what we have chosen for you: “For I am the Lord, Andrew’s sovereign God, who will take ahold of his right hand and say to him, ‘Do not be afraid..I will help you” Isaiah 41:13 Altho we don’t know you, we have prayed without ceasing for you.

Name: Colleen Ramirez
Comments: Hay~ I’m Michael Ramirez’s little sister, and I just want you to know that you are in everybodys thoughts and prays. Get better real soon!!!

Name: Lance Corporal Carrie J Gorman
Comments: Hey Andrew, I got your site from a friend on a womans site that I belong to. I forwarded your site to my whole Battalion (about 300 Marines and Sailors) I told them about you needing blood. Tomorrow I am taking my sister and her 2 friends down to the blood bank to donate. I wish I could donate to you, but I had 3 blood transfusions almost 4 years ago, and I am not allowed to give blood at this time. I wish I could do more to help you. I spread the word to my Marines, and I am hoping they donate to you, and also spread the word to others to help you out. YOU KEEP FIGHTING!!! That’s an order :0) The United States Marine Corps is pulling for you hun. You keep fighting and beat this thing, and I will do what I can to make you an honorary Marine. You are MY hero. You’re stronger than any man I have ever met. Thank you for being my inspiration. I love you kid! Cj

Name: Amanda Clemens
Comments: TeBo..I am praying for you every minute and waiting for kelly Gib to call me every hour for my hourly update. i miss you like crazy, and cant wait to go driving around again (hopefully you know what wont happen again)..haha anyways i cant believe what an impact you have put on my life and so many others, for you are a true HERO.I look up to your strength and courage in every way. keep being strong. I am with you. much love and God Bless you 6-6-03

Name: Ludovic Vincent
Comments: Hey buddy. You can’t even imagine how many people you affect at school and in our community. There must be thousands of people praying for you everynight just waiting for you to get through this. You really are an inpiration and your courage is uncomparable to anyone I have ever met. You keep strong Tebo, that empty seat in history class has to get filled up again. We just can’t wait for you to pull through this mess. All hopes are with you.

Name: The Sauer family
Comments: Hi Andrew and family, Wow! What a trooper you are! You gave us all a big scare on Wednesday. Your are incredible. We’re so glad you’re doing better. All those prayers are working. We pray for you night and day and wish you a speedy recovery. Congratulations on getting your drivers license. We know you will out on the road soon. Stay strong and know that our thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with you and family always. Please let us know if there is anyting we can do! God Bless you all! Love from the Sauers . . The Mission Estancia Staff is praying for you too!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: You guys are in our thoughts constantly. Love, The Collettes

Name: Nicola Cooper
Comments: Thank you for letting your community know what is happening with Andrew and your family. I will gladly donate blood in Andrew’s name on the 11th at the Camino Med Center. Your courage, commitment and vulnerability are inspirational. My love to Andrew and his family, Nicola

Name: Marc Sawyer’s Mom
Comments: Marc just called with the great news of today’s surgery. The power of prayer is amazing Andrew! And so are you. Love to you all.

Comments: Hey, you dont know me, but my family knows you. Andrew, you are my hero. You have an amazing amount of strength and courage that will always show through. My thoughts and prayers are with you always, and so are those of many more, even some who dont know you. Keep the faith, I kno you can come out on top of this. Best wishes to you and your family. WE LOVE YOU! ~ Allison Harton

Comments: I LOVE YOU!

Comments: when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Name: Andrea Farinelli
Comments: Hey andrew! I hope that you are doing okay. I pray for you everynight and im sure everything will be okay. YOu are a great kid and im sure you will pull through! everyones thinking about you and god wont let you down ~andrea~

Name: The Campbell Family
Comments: Of course, like many others in your close circle of friends and others throughout the community, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We can only imagine the difficulty Andrew and family have had to deal with. Andrew, you are a special person and by all means, don’t give up no matter what!

Name: Marilyn Bieck
Comments: Know that the thoughts and prayers of the Mission Estancia staff is with you. We send our encouragement and love.

Name: Colin
Comments: I don’t know you personally, Andrew, but I have some friends who know you, and I’m with you 100%. You’re an inspiration, and I know you’ll come out of this just fine. Good luck, Andrew.

Name: Kayla Weinstein
Comments: Hey Andrew! My prayers are always with you! You are such a strong human being! I have so much respect for you & admire your strength! The whole world is praying for you & i hope you know how much everybody loves you! Much love homie! -Kayla (from DNO)

Name: Theresa DiMaggio
Comments: Andrew,My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.You are a strong young man and will get through this.I’m a friend of John Buza’s and live in Fredonia N.Y.

Name: Tom Gay
Comments: Hang in there Andrew. We are all praying and pulling for you! God loves you so very much….

Name: Emily Endres
Comments: Hey Andrew! Ü Wow. I haven’t gone through a day with-out hearing what a wonderful guy you are!We all have hope for you. My heart and my prayers all go out to you hun! Hopefully one day i will have the pleasure of meeting you! You sound like an awsome person and I can’t wait untill that day comes!Good Luck w/ everything! Love You! Ü *Emily*Endres*

Name: The Rinehart Family
Comments: Little Tebo, you have been in our thoughts and prayers daily since we heard your diagnosis. You are one amazing guy. Stay positive and keep strong. Much love to Andrew, Alex, Nancy and Dave. -The Rineharts, Steve, Vicki, Eric, Grant, Dane

Name: The Mark Achen Family
Comments: Please pass along to the family that we are praying for Andrew’s recovery. We will forward the e-mail to our prayer chain at our local church and get even more prayers going. God’s peace… Mark and Lisa Achen (Meadow Vista, CA – brother to Laurie Schwartz)

Comments: i dont know you but i know the courage of your heart. i admire from a distance and you need to stay strong because you are the best thing in this world.

Name: Monica
Comments: GOOD LUCK!

Name: Logan Hood
Comments: Whats up dude! Everyone all over the place is thinking about you now, and although I can’t talk to you directly, I think you are getting everyone of their hopes and prayers. I wish you the best of luck so you can get back to the drums and, soon enough, we’ll be jamming. Just one piece of advice: Everything can be overcome if you have the heart. I truly believe you do and nothing can stop you. My wishes go out to you. PEACE!!!

Name: Monica
Comments: I forgot something… GOOD LUCK!

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Hey Andrew! I’m pretty sure that you know my brother Michael. I wrote a letter to you and Mr. Cotter, my third grade teacher, brought it to your house. I hope you feel better soon. I am praying for you. love, Monica

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: thinking about you as always… and i would just like to inform you that even though I am not 17, dont think that i am not goign to go there and try to bust a fake id. haha. i love you. STAY STRONG…ill write soon

Name: Skyler Trown
Comments: Hey Andrew! We’ve never met but I know your brother from LCC. Just wanted to let you know that you’re in my prayers daily. You are such a strong person and a real encouragement to me as well. I know you’ll get through this, you’re in God’s hands. Stay strong and keep the faith! Love ya, Skyler Trown “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Phillipians 4:13

Name: Tom Sauer
Comments: moooo In Wisconsin that means “get better soon” Love from the Sauers

Name: Allison Alters
Comments: Our Best Wishes. Andrew will be in our prayers.

Name: Stacy Gatto
Comments: Hi Andrew!!! I’m still wearing the bracelet Kim made for me! I must look at it, at least 10x’s a day, and each time I do, I think of you and say a little prayer. Stay strong and know that you are loved and thought of every day, and every step of the way.

Name: Lisa Owen
Comments: We’ll all be at the blood bank to donate our blood. Lots of smiles!

Name: Whitney Smith
Comments: Andrew, your amazing energy and contagious smile is truely missed at LCC. You make the rest of the world pale in comparasion. We are all inspired by your great courage, strength, and faith…I will continue to pray for you and your family. We all love you. Best of luck and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Name: Quasebarth Family
Comments: Alex, We are waiting for your recovery so you and Don and the boys can go to Catalina Island. Don says bring a wet suit and get ready to snorkel. You are in our prayers and thoughts. See you soon. When you need a new card player let us know.

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew- How r u doing? Better I hope. I pray for u constantly, and I am surrounded by people who love you. I hope to one day meet u, so I can see the fantastic person that they always talk about. U r an inspiration that is contagious. Have a great weekend, and I hope your family does as well. Remember “Just Beat it” I know that u can. I will keep u and ur family in my prayers. If you need anything let me know. – Alexis

Name: Stacy Gatto

Name: Allie Koehler
Comments: Hi Andrew, even thought I don’t know you you are in my prayers constantly and I wish you the best of luck, you sound like an amazing person from all of these wonderful comments on here. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I look forward to meeting you as soon as this is all over which will be sooner than you know! All my love.

Name: Linda Buchleitner
Comments: To Andrew and his family, I friend of mine told me about AndrewS plight, I worked at Children’s Hosp for many years. I know you’ll get fine care there. Hoping the best for you. Linda

Name: Angela Smith (work w/Dave)
Comments: Hey Andrew and family, I just wanted to let you know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers and I am so happy that everything is going well. I had a lot of fun with all of you at Miranda’s on Monday night and I was glad we had some time to hang out. Andrew, I think you are such a brave and strong kid, I can’t even imagine the courage you have inside of you. I know you will make a strong recovery because you are such a stong guy. I hope you have been feeling better since the 1st surgery and wish you the best going into your 2nd surgery. I am sure I will see you up and around sooner than later. You are so freakin awesome!! I will definitly be there to donate my blood on Wednesday and will tell everyone I know about it. Lot’s of love!!

Name: Desiree England (Jeanne’s Friend)
Comments: You may not remember me, but my memories of you are from the night (about a year ago) that I met you as Matt’s friend while I was over at Jeanne’s home for dinner. We all sat around the table and you were sharing how you had just met a girl and that you wanted to express to her your feelings for her….We suggested that you write her a poem, so we each participated by writing one line of the poem, and passed it around the table without looking at what the person before us had written….By the time that we finished, opened up all the lines of the poem, and read it aloud, we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t stop…Then I brought in a CD from my truck that’s theme and title was “COMPLICATED.” We all laughed again….I first heard about your prognosis from Jeanne, and my heart immediately went out to you and your family…I too am a mother and just want you to know that you have been, and will be, in my prayers. You struck me as a very nice young man, and I’ve heard nothing but

Name: Cynthia Bond
Comments: Dear Andrew and family, By way of reminder, I was Andrew’s 9th grade confirmation teacher. Your strenght and committment as a family is palpable just by reading your site. Which is to say the grace and wonder of God’s presence has surrounded you with the love and care from others. As always, all of you are in my prayers. My family and I will be there on Wednesday to donate our blood in Andrew’s name. Remain strong, knowing you are not in this alone. Blessings, Cynthie

Name: Llysia Ardecky
Comments: You continue to amaze me with how much better you are doing! Keep it up, u are such a stud. I love you and my prayers and thoughts are with you the whole day through. I truely believe that you have given everyone a whole new perspective on life.I know i for one have realized that you need to cheerish your friendships deeply and let people know constantly how much you love and care about them. I LOVE YOU ANDREW!

Name: theresa and erin nacario
Comments: We are praying for you and will try to be at the blood drive. What type of blood does Andrew need?

Name: Lynn Lauerman & Family
Comments: Andrew: My daughter Katherine is just finishing her second and last year at St. Andrews, and she thinks it’s so neat that she and “Miss Nancy’s son Andrew” share a May 30th birthday. You were in our thoughts that day, as you are everyday. Katherine knows only that you are sick, and she hopes that you’ll get better soon. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Name: kasie connors
Comments: my prayers are with andrew, he is young and strong, and god willing he will get through this.

Name: Robyn Hall (Kali’s Mum)
Comments: Andrew and family, you are constantly in our prayers and prayer circles. I work at San Onofre and we have a blood drive at work on the 11th. I am asking all of my friends to donate in your name. May this small effort help. Our prayers always.

Name: Holly Savarese
Comments: I am an employee at Southwest Community Bank, and I just read the information on this site. Andrew is in my prayers. Best of luck for a full recovery!! 🙂

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Alex, Please know that we think of you and wish you the best every day. Our thoughts are always of you and your family and wanting all of us to get together again soon. You have touched so many people and that is very evident in all the messages that we see on this website. Know that the thoughts and prayers of so many will help you get well. With love, the Collettes

Name: Alyson & Doug Gilmore
Comments: Our Blood is Your Blood. We’ll make our contribution on Wednesday. Thanks so much for such a detailed website for all of us “inquiring minds”…you remain in our constant thoughts and prayers. I just attended my 4th and final St. Andrew’s Preschool Potluck lunch. It was my first one without Nancy and we all miss her dearly, but we’re so glad that she is able to stay by your side.Andrew’s name was abuzz in the crowd. Please know how many people you have never met that are sending you their best wishes and support. God Bless.

Name: Karen
Comments: What an inspiration you are!!!! Godspeed in your recovery!!

Name: the Delaney’s
Comments: All of us join the LCC comunity and the rest of the world in wishing you all the best. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you work through this. Think the good thoughts, and fight the good fight, and i look forward to meeting you and hearing all about it as you heal. All the love and best wishes, Bob, Patty, Laura and Robby Delaney

Name: Bill Clark
Comments: Andrew, I have never met you. Reading the other hellos here make me wish I did. A friend sent me your story. You have my thoughts and prayers. Believe in yourself, you are a gift.

Name: Sylvia McCulley for McCulley Family
Comments: Our prayers are with you–all of you. My son, Bryan, has had classes with Andrew. Praying recuperation is just around the corner and for your sustained faith and strength.

Name: Bill Smith
Comments: Hello Andrew, Just wanted to send my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. You have great courage and are an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: susan obenshain

Name: Carole Romero
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am a grandma of 4 girls and Wednesday while you were on the operating table, I was in a bible study with other grandmas at our church. Coastline Community Church in Encinitas. A call came from Gary Foster asking for urgent prayer. So, all of us immediatly started praying for your life to be spared,for a complete healing of the cancer and for your salvation. We also prayed for the wisdom and skills of the surgeons. We prayed all the way through the time the surgeons worked to restart your heart. After a few minutes another call came in to let us know that the doctors had been able to start your heart again and they would be continuing with the surgery. I have never had the priviledge of praying for some one who is struggling to live as it was happening and it was a totally wonderful experience for all of us. We truly felt like in some way we helped a miracle happen as we prayed for one. We continue to pray for you with our ceasing as it tells us to do in 2 Thessalo

Name: Carole Romero
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am a grandma of 4 girls and Wednesday while you were on the operating table, I was in a bible study with other grandmas at our church. Coastline Community Church in Encinitas. A call came from Gary Foster asking for urgent prayer. So, all of us immediatly started praying for your life to be spared,for a complete healing of the cancer and for your salvation. We also prayed for the wisdom and skills of the surgeons. We prayed all the way through the time the surgeons worked to restart your heart. After a few minutes another call came in to let us know that the doctors had been able to start your heart again and they would be continuing with the surgery. I have never had the priviledge of praying for some one who is struggling to live as it was happening and it was a totally wonderful experience for all of us. We truly felt like in some way we helped a miracle happen as we prayed for one. We continue to pray for you with our ceasing as it tells us to do in 2 Thessalo

Name: Mike Lena
Comments: Jesus had said bring the little childern to Me. He loves you and keeps you in his scared heart which burns with love for you. Keep good thoughts and pray to him as I will praying to him for you. God Bless and may his Healing Grace be shine upon you.

Name: james A. Christoferson
Comments: As the pastor of Coastline Community Church, Encinitas … just wanted to let you know we are praying for all of yall — both formally on Sunday as a church family and individually during the week through our prayer email chain. And we will continue praying … james

Name: Kate Wallis
Comments: glad to hear the latest news-even tho i live in S Africa and will prob never meet andrew, am holding thumbs

Name: Cynthia Porter
Comments: Dear Andrew, You have been continually in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there! Love, Mrs. Porter

Name: Sam “hi you dont know me” Ginn
Comments: Hey andrew!!! My little sister, Kelsey Ginn, knows you…..and I’m her strange and pasty-skin colored sister. I just wanted to say how I think you are stronger than the HULK. I think you are so stong not even an American Gladiator or W.W.F wrestler named CHINA would want to go against you. Hope I get to meet you soon, because all the girls are talking about you, you big stud. much love and prayers

Name: The Hows
Comments: Hi Andrew! Our son, Alex, just started Preschool at St. Andrew’s this year. Your mom has been so warm and welcoming to Alex and our family that we feel we’ve known her and your family for a while (though it has only been 6 months).Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Remember,a positive mental attitude can move mountains. Nancy and Dave, thanks for keeping us posted – we’ll be at the blood drive and are available in whatever other ways we can offer help. To Alex, congratulations on your upcoming graduation – way to go! Your brother is lucky to have you in his corner. Sincerely, Jeremy, Jane, Alex and Zach How.

Name: Sue Henry & family
Comments: Andrew, I work at LCC and heard of your surgery through the e-mail. I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and remember that God is on your side.

Name: georgina southerland
Comments: hi andrew, i am the nurse at encompass clinical research and we are sponsoring the blood drive next wednesday at the medical center where i work- unfortunately i have a meeting to go to that day and won’t be in town but i know we are going to have a great turn-out, we’ve already got alot of calls- take care, my prayers are with you and if you can sometime drop me a line-

Name: Jim Walsh
Comments: Hey can add my name to your list of fans and admirers. You’re tough son of a gun…stay in the ring and keep on slugging…you’ll win.

Name: Patty Brockhaus
Comments: Hi Andrew. I am the secretary at Coastline Community Church in Encinitas and we wanted you to know that our church is praying for you. You are on our prayer chain and we pray for you during our service on Sunday. Information about a blood drive for you will be in our bulletin this Sunday. It is our hope that we can break a record in giving blood. God bless you, Andrew!

Name: Geoff Woods
Comments: My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: I am thinking of you. love erika

Name: Holly Wolfe (Marc Sawyer’s Mom)
Comments: A BIG HUG to you all as we move in to the weekend. My prayers are with you all.

Name: Anderson Family
Comments: We are thinking of you! Our prayers are with you each day! Dan, Connie, NICK, Ryan and Zach

Name: Irene Brabant
Comments: Strengh comes from knowing that you are loved and are in peoples hearts. Therefore I have to say you have the strengh of a hundred men on your side. I feel like a peeping tom looking over everybodies e-mails, but it is very reasuring reading about how many people are keeping positive thoughts about you. My dearest Nancy, Dave, an Alex please take time for yourselves and know that Andrew’s guardian angels(there are so, so many of them) are looking out for him always. I wish you all courage and my prayers for the entire families healing.

Name: Hey Andrew–Mr. Trust
Comments: Hi Andrew. Sounds like you’re doing battle. Hang in there, the biology kids wanted me to give you their best wishes too. My wife is battling too–her breast cancer-metatisized- went into her central nervous system. But the new chemo applied there is shrinking the number of cancer cells. Keep your chin up. No one knows why we have these journey’s-but there are lessons and wisdom gained by all of them. I will be thinking of you this summer–get better and stop by and see me next year. Mr. Trust

Name: Pat Wattson
Comments: Our prayers include Andrew every day. God bless you.

Name: Elizabeth Leonard
Comments: Andrew, I was so relieved when John called to tell me that he went to visit you at the hospital and that you looked so great – your coloring was good and you seemed to be resting peacefully. I told Matt that you were doing better and he said, “I knew Andrew would get better!” John is going to try to visit your family again today at the hospital. We are praying for you!

Name: God
Comments: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things…”Matthew 6:34

Name: Janice Clymer
Comments: We have been thinking of and praying for Andrew and wish him all the best. I’m so glad he is in such capable hands. 39 is 102.2, 37 is normal, 98.6. Thank you for keeping us posted in this really trying time.

Name: Diego Castillo

Name: Richard Wampler
Comments: My prayers are with you through these troubled times…It sounds like Andrew is a fighter, so everything will work out, with God’s help! God bless you all! Rich Wampler

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew…Lots of praying going on at the Kibbee house for you! Hang in there!

Name: Bonnie Buza Davis
Comments: Hi Nancy, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this horrendous time of your lives. I’m going to send out a help for blood donors on a woman’s site I am on. Hug Andrew for me and tell him prayers are being sent from NY. All my love, Bonnie

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew and the Family, It is Friday morning and we were just checkin to see how you were. We are more amazed everyday by your strenght and endurance! Keep fighting and remember you have a huge army behind you. There will be great things for you in all of the years ahead! Love, All of us

Name: The Hartley’s

Name: Robbie Hartley
Comments: Hey,Andrew, stay strong and keep your head up! We all are praying for you and we know it is just a matter of time before you beat it! Ffaith Hill sends a big kiss your way. Love ya big dawg,

Name: Jay Miller
Comments: I am a friend of Bernie Phillips. Bernie’s son is in Andrew’s Scout troop. From the New England coast, where I am, I send my good and positive thoughts and prayers for Andrew’s strength and recovery. Jay Miller Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Name: Jeff Clave
Comments: Andrew,thinking about you all the time and praying for a complete recovery. I really don’t know you as well as your Mom,Brother and Dad but I just wanted you to know that I care about you and your family a lot. Jamie talks about you all the time. Anyway, keep up your fight and keep that competitive sports minded attitude during this time. I know you can beat this thing……. Regards,Jeff Clave

Comments: Our prayers are with you Andrew, as The Lord ministers to each and everyone of the family and friends. Mick Batson (Dorothy Achen Batson’s Husband)

Name: Rise” Wampler– Atlanta Georgia
Comments: GOod Morning, Just wanted to drop in and let you know that your family is my prayers. I am lifting you up for a quick recovery and a quick healing. and You family , for the Lord’s great comfort and peace. May the Lord Greatly bless you , Rise”

Name: Gloria Betz
Comments: I am Margi Liberty’s sister. I live in Ohio. We have been praying for Andrew since we first heard of his surgery on Thursday. Our God is an amazing God and we thank Him that Andrew has come this far. We pray for all of you during this time of confusion and difficulty. We pray that the doctors will continue to provide the best treatment for Andrew. We will continue to pray each day.

Name: From Brandon Foster and the Pro Bodyboarder Crew
Comments: Well man we are all praying for you and hope that God heals you. Keep your head up man, tought times but we all hope that you and your family get though this to make you all stronger. CHEERS From west australia

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Andrew, you are such an amazing person to get through all of this. I can’t wait until you can see how many people are sending their love to you every minute. I hope to see you tomorrow looking even better than you did today. God is with you every step of the way. Much love, Kelly

Name: lauren continued
Comments: believe there is heaven. i love you so much, and i am definitly not alone in that.

Name: lauren reyna-12:06 6-6-06
Comments: its 12;06 and i cant sleep andrew. i am thinking of oyu always. today you made amazing improvements and it ASTONISHES me how many people you have touched and inspired. if they are even half effected as I am , then they have had a life altering day. sleep seems liek a waste of time for me right now, i would much rather sit here alone with my cup of tea reflecting on the beauty you shine on me, even from miles away. you are the most pwerful, strong person …not kid, not young man… but PERSON i know. the tears I am crying are in hopes that they will release the pain, but I know you are strong enough to handle anything. i on the other hand (lol) am a wreck. I am looking so forward to hanging out the minute you come back to your house. We still need to watch 8 mile on dvd, so dont forget that tebo!*~*~*~ I have been searching for God all my life and have never felt his power and i didnt even know if i believed in him, but I do know that the gleam of divinity in your eyes is all i need to

Name: Matt Redlinger (continued)
Comments: I realized just how great life is. Seeing all the monitors and tubes was crazy. Just a year ago I would have never thought that something like this would be happening to my best friend. The whole thing really hasn’t hit me yet. All I know is we have shared so many fun times together with friends. This website is proof of how many people care about you. The Doctors said you looked great today, they said you looked your best. I only hope the best for you and your family. Your Mom,Dad, Brother, and Tamilyn care so much about you. They have given you their unconditional support always no matter what. I wish them the best of luck as well. I can’t thank god enough that you are alright. I can’t wait until you are awake and we can talk about all this. These past few days have been out of this world. So much has changed since that tuesday morning at 4:30. Theres so much more I could say but it’s midnight and I have to get back to my spanish homework. I hope to see you soon and I can’t wait unti

Name: Matt Redlinger
Comments: Andrew today was amazing. I can’t even put it into words. My sister, Kelly, Gabbie, Kiley and I met a guy named Mark. He along with countless others saved your life. You have no idea what an impact your presence has put on people’s lives. Today as I stood over you

Name: Tara R.
Comments: im soooo glad to hear that the future is looking bright so far…God has definately been working miracles with you! stay strong and know that God will always be by your side! i hope that if you do go into surgery again tomorrow, that it goes well! i continue to pray for you every day…much love!!!

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: I’m so glad to hear that today was a better day. I just can’t stop thinking about you. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the fight. I know you can beat it. Keep a positive attitude. Good Luck in surgery tomorrow. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Name: Ron Ambro

Name: Meghan Herbert
Comments: Andrew, you do not know me, but I am sisters with one of your many friends. I have heard nothing but wonderful and amzing things from her and others. I have also been kept posted of your progress, and i have to say that you are one amazing, incredible guy. What you have been through is unexplainable and I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Keep up your incredible faith and remember that everyone, especially God, is here for you all the time. “He has put his angels in charge of you to watch over you wherever you go.” Psalm 91:11

Name: Gary, Heather, Tamilyn, Charlton and Brandon
Comments: Andrew, you are very special!….it’s amazing how many people have, and are still praying for you…from right here and from across the world. God has and will continue to answer all these prayers and you can rest in His strong arms until you are fully recovered. It is almost as if God said to the angels, ” Hey guys, my son Andrew needs me right now, I will handle this personally.”….and He did! We love you and may the peace and love of God fill your heart and mind. The Foster family

Name: Dale Whitcomb
Comments: Way to go Andrew!! You have never met me but I know all about you from Jaymie Kershek. I have two sons, one who is a senior and knows your brother, the other is a freshman. I just learned about your website. This is so neat for all of your fans. The son of a good friend of mine at work, also had your kind of cancer. He struggled through many months of treatment and is now back in college at San Luis Obispo. He is doing great. I know this will all be very difficult but with all your support and great mental attitude, you will perservere. You are an inspiration to all of us. Take care. Dale Whitcomb Hi to your mom and dad.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: Ever since you and my sister kissed behind that infamous balloon at the age of two until today when I stood by your side, holding your hand, I have known you to be a true inspiration to all. Most would have given up at this point, yet you have found the will to carry on. I have and always will admire your courage. I love you like my brother and know everything will turn out fine. See you soon Andrew!! 6-5-03

Name: Stephanie Hall
Comments: .:Andrew the great:. We had computer apps. together the first semister of last year and even though i didnt get to know you that well, i can tell how great of a person you are by all the people who signed your guest book. You have to be one amazing stud to have such a responce like this one. Im good friends with alot of people who know you personally and im jealous that i dont :(. How bout when ur feelin up to it, give me a call and well plan something. Your a fighter and i know youll overcome this illness. best wishes to the T-bo family, you all are in our prayers, keep fighting, stay strong, you have litterally thousands of people backing you up-anything you need help with, this community is there for you. once agian, best wishes and all my love is sent out.

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse
Comments: Coninuing positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Name: Christen Graeser
Comments: Hey andrew, i dont know what to say besides you are the stringest kid i have ever met. You have taught me so much through this time and i thank you. Andrew we are all here for you, praying each and every day. We love you and god bless!!

Name: Alex Thibeault and Tamilyn Foster
Comments: Up-date from the hospital. Well Alex and I were able to go in and see Andrew at about 7:30pm today (June 5th)and he is looking so much better than yesterday.It was so nice to see him and he has gained back alot of color, and he is able to move his arms every now and then. Dave , Andrew’s dad, printed out the messages from the guestbook, so we were able to read them out loud to Andrew. So thank you all so much for sending your prayers and support. We believe that Andrew heard all your messages as we read them to him. So keep sending your love. The Lord has worked so many miracles already and the doctor said that the bleeding has stopped. The doctor stopped by to say that he thinks everything is looking good, but he is in hurry to finish the surgery on Friday, so they will see how he is doing tomorrow. Well that’s about it, but we are all so happy that Andrew is doing well, thank you all again for your support. Love, Tamilyn and Alex

Name: Alex Whalen
Comments: hey andrew, you are a true inspiration to all. you have truely given me the strength I need to overcome my future. i know if you can overcome these obstacles, since you are extremly strong. you are the light into everyones life, you have taught all of us the true meaning of life. Andrew you are in all of my prayers and thoughts, stay strong and you can over come it all. even at the darkess moments you can find the light. have a speedy recovery and hang in there!

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: andrew- henry herms signed this.. ENOUGH SAID! haha i love you babe! just thought id write ONCE AGAIN (lol) to point out even ‘H squared” (haha kelly and tebo) is involved.

Name: Donald Noble
Comments: Hey Andrew… I feel really bad that I didn’t have a chance to talk with you when you came to visit our tennis PE class. I know that everyone here has a great deal of respect for you, and you’ve united the school in some ways. Keep fighting… when you win the battle you’ll be a much stronger person because of it. Best of luck.

Name: morgan
Comments: dear andrew i have never met you but what ive heard from your friends you souind like an amazing person who i truly hope to meet someday. i am praying for you

Name: Jon Toledo
Comments: Get well Andrew We are with you

Name: Peter Bethea
Comments: Hey Andrew! I just want you to know that my entire family and i are praying and pulling for you. You are a great kid with so much ahead of you. With your persistence and our prayers i know that you will be just fine. Keep the faith and know that we are all behind you! We Love you and your family so much! -Peter and the Bethea’s

Name: Jay Skaalen
Comments: Hello Thibeault family. I just wanted to say how much I admire your strength and courage through all of this. Andrew’s especially. I hope all is well with the surgery’s and I will be praying for him. I know God will be looking after Andrew and your whole family. Once again, sorry for what is going on and I hope to see you out soon Andrew! ~Jay

Name: Megan Connelly
Comments: Hey Andrew…I’m praying for you everyday, You are such an brave and strong person, and i hope you get better as soon as possible!

Name: brad tiffany
Comments: andrew, keep your head up man, we are all behind you

Name: Judy,Dave,Amanda & Billy Winslow
Comments: Hey Andrew, YOU ARE LOVED! Keep the faith and know we are all praying for you.May God bless you and your sweet family. Philippians 4:13

Name: Tralisa and Michael Woods
Comments: Hi Andrew! I had the incredible pleasure (no… really it truly was a pleasure!) of working for your dad at GW Bank in Vista…eons ago! There were two constants at the Vista branch, (besides blowing away our goals!) boxing your Dad out for rebounds and hearing him talk proudly about you and Alex…constantly! (I think it was a diversionary tactic as he knew I was the QUEEN of THE BOARDS!) Needless to say, his love for you is amazing and is boundless and eternal. I know that with all of the support, prayers and love that is being sent your way, there is no question you will ultimately REBOUND from this challenge and be the singular KING OF THE BOARDS in life. My heart and prayers are with you as you conquer this battle! Stay strong!

Comments: i love you!

Name: The Chandler Family
Comments: Although we do not know your family personally, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.

Name: Mark Guiducci
Comments: Hey man! I don’t even know if you remember me, but I want you to know that my entire family and I totally support you! Hang in there… We all believe in you. -The Guiducci family

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: You know you’re special when others are losing sleep in anticipation of your upcoming success. I’m pulling for you bud and I’m on call, waitnig to here the good news. You’re fight through this is unimaginable and the strength you have demonstrated baffles me. You have it all in you Andrew.

Name: Mike Bendix
Comments: Hey,T. Just wanted you to know that the thoughts and prayers of our whole family are with you. The Bendix’s.

Name: anomynous
Comments: it will be ok, everything is in god’s hands

Name: Amanda Rupp
Comments: Hey Andrew! You are amazing! We all love u so much and are praying for you! If you ever need anything or just want to talk you can always call me, 420-6596! You’re awesome!

Name: The O’Connell Family
Comments: Hi Andrew, we hope you are feeling better. We know you to be a very brave and strong person. You will fight this illness and you will win.. With your strength and smile, you will overcome this illness. We are praying for you and are here for you.. Love, Tom, Karen, Justin & Christopher O’Connell

Name: Craig and Jackie Fitch
Comments: Heal quickly Andrew we are thinking of you and praying for you. Love, Craig and Jackie

Name: Kelley Slingerland

Name: Hannah Spero
Comments: To Andrew and family, I dont know you except from going to diegueno together and some mutual friends, I cant think of any thing to say that would possibly be of any help, yet you are all in my prayers, God Bless, Never forget he is there and in charge of it all

Name: Allison Harton (Julian’s little sis)

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: Hey Andrew it’s me. I went down again today. Wow I met Mark, he is one cool guy. You are going to love meeting him. You are so strong. You are my hero. You are changing people lifes just by being you. Keep fight, everyone is behind you cheering you on. You are in my heart and my prayes. Sleep well tonight and I hope to come done tomorrow. I LOVE YOU

Name: Danielle Briles
Comments: Sorry I’ve put off contacting you so long Andrew. I haven’t known what to say and scared it would be the wrong thing. I am praying for you everynight. Just remember that God has a plan for everyone and everything happens for a reason… even if none of us can find one. I miss you. Stay Strong!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: To the bravest, most couargeous, and by far most determined guy I know – You have made me look at life in a new way, for you always have. Sice the days in diapers when we didn’t know what to do with ourselves leading up to today, while I was standing over you at the hospital, holding your hand, telling you how strong you are and knowing you could not respond. You are a true fighter and will continue to be throughout the rest of this. I will cherish everyday of our past, every minute of the present, and every second of the future. I love you and I will be by your side always. For not only are you my best friend, but will always be my hero. 6-5-03

Name: kaite brown 2
Comments: hello again! im felt like i needed to send u another message because i didnt really say what i wanted to. i just wanted you to know that i really look up to you. i think u are an amazing guy and from the bottom of my heart i hope you feel better quickly and get back to school soon because even though were not the best of friends i really miss you. (math with herms good times)

Name: Henry Herms
Comments: My thoughts and prayers have been with Andrew. Whenever I think of him, I remember the always smiling face and positive attitude. I am confident that his positive attitude will be extremely beneficial in seeing him through the short and long time battles. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Andrew and my wishes are for a positive recovery.

Name: Fabi and Luca Tristao
Comments: Dear Nancy , we miss you a lot! Dear Andrew, You are always in our prayers ! Keep the faith!

Name: Chelsea
Comments: I can’t believe all you’ve gone through, here I am sitting at home complaining about how I look when you are in a life and death situation. I’m praying for you and I hope you make it through stronger than ever. I don’t know you, but I know people who do and they truly love you and are praying for you too. Get well soon!!!!! <><

Name: Katie and Emily Fawell
Comments: Hey Andrew~Thanks for being such a great example to everyone. I don’t think any other guy has had a better attitude than you. Were praying for you and you’re proof that God can do miracles!!!

Name: Ellis and Ryan and Kelly
Comments: Andrew, you had your first “taste of heaven” with some great orange juice, but yesterday, you had a REAL “taste of heaven”!!!!!! Don’t scare us like that anymore! Love you!!!!!!! YOU ARE OUR HERO

Name: Tao Etpison
Comments: Get well Thibeault!

Name: matthew zirpolo
Comments: hey andrew hows it goin man? I hope your ok, im sure you’ll be out of there in no time and back and just in time 4 summer and its lookin like a fun one. You are the friendliest kid i have ever met and i cant wait 2 see you man. Ok take care bye.

Name: Donna Spero(Hannah’s mom)
Comments: I will be praying everyday. Never forget you are God’s son and He alone has a great plan for your life!

Name: Matt Redlinger
Comments: Andrew I just want you to know that I’m at your side at all times. You are the best friend god could have given to me. Just hang in there and everything will be fine. Hope to talk to you soon.

Name: Jme Clave
Comments: Hey Tbo. Jme here again. Something is truly amazing me today. In just the past 18 hours you have had over 1000 hits on your website. Just imagine how many more you will get by the end of the night. So many people are here for you, praying, thinking, and doing everything they can to keep your light of life lit. Your in my prayers and I cant wait till you come home… I miss you!

Name: The Graeser Family

Name: Casey Sbicca
Comments: Hey Alex. I used to live on your block on Circulo Adorno next to Mike Brabant. You can fight and win against cancer, I know from personal expierence. My mom had breast cancer when I was younger and she is alive today. Good luck and the Sbicca family has faith in you.

Name: Kathy Caputo
Comments: I’m a friend of Lori Yavello’s and will be there to donate blood on Wed. Keep up your remarkable fight!

Name: Marcy Kure
Comments: Andrew- We have never met, but you are truly an inspiration to me and many others. Keep the faith! My prayers go out to you 🙂

Comments: you are in our prayers and in our hearts.

Name: Ashley Roth
Comments: We’re all praying for you, Andrew…stay strong!! You’re not in this alone.

Name: Keely Nunez
Comments: Hey Andrew i don’t really know you that well, but i just wanted to let you know that you are so brave and that everyone is praying for you, and sending every ounce of positive energy in your direction. everything will go just fine, and i’ll see you when you get back to school… god bless!

Name: Vicki Pilling
Comments: Andrew and family, My daughter Kaitie is in a couple of your classes. Our prayers are with you and your family. We will pray for your continued strength to let your body to heal for the doctors and nurses to have the medical abilities to heal your body, for the strength your family needs to support this unbelievable situation. Your courage is an example to us all. In his name, Vicki

Name: Ariel Kessler
Comments: Andrew, I hope you have a quick recovery. Everyone is missing you at school and can’t wait for you to be back. Be strong, keep the faith, and so many thoughts & prayers are with you.

Name: Britt Owen

Name: Kaitlin Spangler
Comments: Even though I do not know you all that well, you have been in my prayers and thoughts. From what I know you are an amazing person! You are truely and inspiration to everyone!! Stay strong and I hope to see you soon!

Name: Peter
Comments: Andrew you have never meet me but your heart and determination is a inspiration to us all. We are all prying for you. I know i am. I know that you will make it. You got alot of people out there who love you and who are there for you. Everyone is thinking of you. God Bless your courage and God Bless you.

Name: The Endres Family!
Comments: Andrew we are all praying for you! God Bless you. We are all thinking of you every moment of everyday. Love always… Gary,Betsy,Erin,Evan,Emily,Endres

Name: lisa
Comments: everyone is praying for you, even myself, who i have never met before, but still care about so much. you have touched many lives. have faith in yourself you will get through all this pain and suffering. My thoughts are with you every day, and I send you my fondest wishes for a rapid recovery.

Name: **~a friend of a friend~**
Comments: Dear Andrew, althought I don’t know you personally, I have heard so much about how great of a kid you are. My best friend tells me how you never fail to make her laugh, smile, and brighten up her day. I wish that I could offer you some great words of advice that would help you get through all of this, but unfortunately i cannot. I can only say that god gives us these struggles in life to prove how strong of people we are. And from what i’ve heard, you are a very strong young man. So I have no doubts in my mind that you will make it through this unfortunate event in your life, and come out on top. I can’t wait to meet you! Good luck with all this, and everyone in La Jolla has you on their minds and are praying for you! “True hope dwells on the possible, even when life seems to be a plot written by someone who wants to see how much adversity we can overcome.” I have hope for you Andrew. Love Always, ~**A friend of a friend~**

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Dave, Nancy, Alex and Andrew…… Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We love you all and wish we were closer in distance.

Name: Anonymous
Comments: Andrew – I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I hope we can meet someday soon (cause we all know you will recover!). Your are in my prayers, and iwish the best of luck for you and your family.

Name: Julian Harton
Comments: Glad to hear that your doing ok. Hang in there buddy, it will all be over soon. we all love you, even the ones that dont know you love you. later bro.

Name: Sean Gunn
Comments: Hi Andrew you dont know me but I have heard about you. I wanted to tell you that you have inspired us all. we all pray and hope you get better.

Name: Tim AhSing
Comments: I dont know you too well but from what i know you are a fighter. keep fighting and i know you will make this out ok. best wishes. Tim AhSIng

Name: Lana
Comments: REW MAN! You are the greatest and everyone know’s you’re going to pull through this flying colors, spoonage crew for life!

Name: chuck anderson
Comments: hang in there bud, i know u can do it. just remember the good times, they are all that matter. keep ur head up and i’ll be prayin for ya. schalom! much love….u still gotta teach me ur pimpin ways, i’m not pullin.

Name: Emily Bondell
Comments: Andrew, we don’t really know each other, but that doesn’t matter. I wish you the best of luck, in my heart I know you can overcome this! I am praying for you each and every day, get through it soon, everyone at school misses you! Good Luck!!!

Name: Steve, Dorothy, Daniel & Peter Campbell
Comments: Andrew, You are in our thoughts and prayers. Know that we will be there for whatever your needs may be. Fight on!!

Name: lauren reyna
Comments: thinking of you and looking @ a victorias secret mag…. HAHAHA. good times.

Name: The Wrens
Comments: Dearest Andrew! We are praying for you every single day! You’ve got 4 people here who are extremely persistent prayers, so expect to get better SOON! Love to you and your mom, bro and dad…

Name: Uncle Richard and Aunt MaryXO
Comments: Dear Andrew, Alison sent Your Website. Sure Hope and Pray You grow stronger and feel better each Day Love from the Smith FamilyXO

Name: Shelley McQuerter (Jayce’s Mom)
Comments: I am praying and sending light and love all the time. I own an educational center and am sending a request to donate blood to my entire database.

Name: Dorothy-Achen Batson
Comments: Nancy and family…Our prayers are with you Andrew and Alex…We continue to ask the Lord to surround you with is LOVE and STRENGTH..If there is anything we can do..PLEASE let Laurie and Bill know…May the Holy Spirit lift up our prayers to the Lord….

Name: Anne O’Connor
Comments: Anne O. Take 2. My blood is yours. I’ll give as much as they’ll take. Your messages are very inspiring. What a lot of loyal friends and supporters you have. Keep fighting. I know you’ll win. Attitude is everything and you have it! Love, Anne

Name: peter augustine
Comments: hey, i just wanted to say that u have all my hopes and prayers going towards you, my dad and i are going to donate to the blood bank to try and help rebuild your credits. get well soon and i’ll look forward to seeing you again at scouts. best withses, Peter Augustine

Name: Some thoughts for today….
Comments: “You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.” — Darwin P. Kingsley “When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” — William Arthur Ward “We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us — how we can take it, what we do with it — and that is what really counts in the end. How to take the raw stuff of life and make it a thing of worth and beauty — that is the test of living.” — Joseph Fort Newton, clergyman and Masonic author (1880-1950) “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” — Abraham Lincoln, 12 February 1809-15 April 1865 WE ALL LOVE YOU ANDREW…AND OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. GOD BLESS YOU.

Name: Emily
Comments: hey there…just wanted to say that i love you and i know everything will work out perfectly fine! Keep the faith! We all miss you!

Name: Pam Ryan
Comments: Hi Andrew, I know you probably don’t remember me. You were only a preschooler when I was in your life. It seems like yesterday that your Mom and Diane Giblin came into St. Andrew’s to sign Alex and Nolan up for preschool. There you were, with Kelly, tagging along for drop-offs and pick-ups and then soon, coming to St. Andrew’s, too. We always joked that the school was named after you! You are in my family’s thoughts.

Name: David Boone
Comments: Hey T-Bo, I love you man. You are one of the best people i know. You ae gonna get through all thsi stuff and be the great kid you alwasy were. You ahve a strong spirit and don;t ever let it die. YOu got a whoel heap of people supporting you. You rock

Name: Susie Galasso
Comments: God bless you and your loved ones!

Name: Phil & Michele Andrew
Comments: You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers! God Bless.

Name: Jeff Smith
Comments: Hey Andrew, hang in there man, you’re so tough. You know, if I was old enough, I would be giving blood for you right now. I just hope you have a super fast recovery, and all my prayers go out to you. Hope to see you back in action soon. -Jeff

Name: alexis
Comments: hey andrew- just thinking about u, hope u r doing better. Good luck with surgery tomorrow! -Alexis

Name: Lauren

Name: katie bendix
Comments: hey, i’m kevin bendix’s sister.i know i haven’t really seen u in a while (like years), but i wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. I have such high hopes for you, and I know that you will pull through this. Not a second goes by when I don’t think of you, and I know that you don’t deserve this. Andrew — think of this as a test in your faith. Believe God will help you through this mess, and he will carry you to safety. Use this to build an even better relationship with god, and never give up your hope. we are all praying for you, and never forget about all of the people that love you and think about u. be strong, be positive, and be yourself. we are waiting for you to come back home from the hospital, and i wish you the best of luck with everything in life. much love from the bendix’s– katie

Name: Vicky Farinelli
Comments: Andrew and family – We’ve got people praying for you in Orange County, Corona, Iowa, Kansas City and Los Angeles. Everyone is pulling for you! With love from the Farinelli family

Name: Donald Quinn
Comments: Andy, I with you all the way! You are a strong person and I know you were thinking about listening to my band’s music “Undecided” right? Im the Japanese teacher at LCC and I wanted to let you know that my band “Undecided” has a wehsite. Check it out at You can hear our music there too. Andy, we are all pulling for you and your name is very easy to memorize because my youngest brother’s name is Andy too. My brother’s best friend is Frankie J! Do you know who Frankie J is? He sings “Don’t wanna Try.” I used to record Frankie J and my brother Andy at my mom’s house when they were in high school. He can sing! My brother and I recorded some bass guitar and guitar parts for Frankie J’s new album. It was a lot of fun to record that album. I performed only one song on the album and it sounds great! Andy, do you play guitar? Maybe I can give you some lessons some time. Take care Andy and God Bless You! Your LCC Japanese Sensei Donald Quinn Ext.6185

Name: Jason Wustman
Comments: Hey man, I know that you’re one of my brother’s friends and I think that the support that you’re getting is simply amazing. Stay strong, and keep a positive atitude it will help you and your family. You have my support from up here in Davis.

Name: Anne O’Connor
Comments: Hang in there. He’s a fighter. I feel good things are in store for him after he comes through this.

Name: Bryant Webster
Comments: Hey Andrew. I know you through my brother Ellis (and my family) and we are all really following your recovery. I only met you a few times, but you are a very outstanding kid and I would like to do everything in my power to help. I’ll be home June 8th, so if you or your family needs anything, I’d be more than grateful to help. I’m sure you’ll be fine, you have a good spirit and many people care for you. This is a temporary setback and I’m more than positive you’ll be back on your feet before you know it. Best of luck to you. -Bryant Webster

Name: Melissa Herbert
Comments: Andrew, You are such an amazing guy. I am praying for you. You need to be strong. You have a lot going for you so keep up the good work. Miss you tons kido. Much love Melissa Herbert

Name: Jenny and Katie
Comments: Hey Andrew! Keep it up….We love you and miss you!!1

Name: Tawnya Proctor
Comments: Andrew! We dont really know eachother to well but Im praying for you everyday. BEST WISHES*

Name: Brett Alters
Comments: Andrew, you are an amazing guy, and I know you’ll pull through. All the best. -Brett

Name: Katie Hurley and family
Comments: Andrew, you are such a strong and amazing person. Everyone is praying and thinking for you. You have all of our love and support so stay strong! With love, The Hurleys

Name: tommy murdock
Comments: what up andrew, you dont know me but our brothers played soccer together im gonna give some of my blood to the blood drive to help pay back some blood for your parrents i dont know if ull ever get this message but its the thought that counts live free – tommy

Name: Brenden Phillips
Comments: Andrew, i know your stronger than this cancer, so just hang in there and beat this thing. I know you can do it, its just gonna be a long road to recovery, but you’ll make it. Best of luck.

Name: Mike,Lydia,Valerie,Joey Serrin
Comments: Andrew, We pray for you often. We will be at the blood drive to give blood in your name on Wedn. Joey is looking forward to hanging out with you when your feeling better. Love The Serrin’s

Name: Katie and Jordan Meridith
Comments: Nancy, I don’t know if you remember my daughter,Jordan, but she was in kindergarten with Andrew and we did some kind of book thing together and Jor had all those awfull allergies, and still does! If you don’t that’s ok, just sending love and prayers to Andrew. Kim Hartley and I are still in touch,so I will hear whats’up thru her.

Name: Cori Ward
Comments: Andrew- I don’t know if you know me very well but i go to school with you. I just wanted to tell you that you have been in all of our prayers everyday and I’m looking forward to introducing myself to you next year!!! You are such a strong and amazing boy, I look up to you soo much! God Bless Cori Ward

Name: Danny Preciado
Comments: Stay strong buddy, you ahve everyone’s support and prayers.

Name: The Volkening’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are truly incredible. Hang in there bud! We love you. Lil, Larry, Cory and Matt

Name: The Wustman Family
Comments: WOW! What a ride! You are awesome! Keep up that positive attitude (it saves lives), and we give you our love and best wishes. LUV U


Name: Drew Porter
Comments: Are you “beatin’ it” andrew?? Your a strong kid… everything is going to work out. My family and I keep you in your thoughts and prayers. I’ll give you the rest of your stick-shift lessons when you are feeling up to it. Love ya dude.

Name: Alexis
Comments: Hey this message is for Alex. I just wanted to tell you that my prays are with u and ur family. You are so being so strong for your brother. And I just wanted to give you my prayers, during such an important time in your life. I have talked to you a few times in ASB, and the passion and love u have for ur brother blows me away. Have fun after graduation, I wish I could hae been in ur ASB class so I could have met ur brother and known you better. And give ur brother my prayers too. Stay strong! -Alexis

Comments: You’re in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Name: Lauren reyna
Comments: alone in this room-clocks ticking- im wishing to run away- trying to erase what i heard them say- i can still hear it if i try- if i close my eye i can still feel the pain- in what i heard them saying- in what they ment- and how my heart bent- and it still wont mend-nothing fixes heart break- but as least i have your voice still in my head-if it werent for your courage id never leave bed-the hopelessness oozes out my pores- and all around are the doors- slamming upon my face- im trying to find my place- in all of this- i would do anything for my wish- to come true- of me being in that spot, not you-would give all my energy- for you to come back to me – love is not a strong enough word- for my feelings to be heard- but its all i can say- i love you today- and i will forever feel that way

Name: Alexis Fletes
Comments: Hey Andrew: We have never met, but we share many similar friends. You are so strong, I know that I don’t think I could be as strong as you are to deal with this. U will beat it! Also to your family, my prays are with you as well as with Andrew. Keep satying strong! Get well soon, so maybe we can meet. You are my inspiration. – Alexis P.S. Happy Belated Birthday! Us 16 year olds rock!

Name: Britt and Jayce
Comments: Hey Andrew, we are both rooting for you. You are in our daily prayers and we can’t wait to see you at school again. You are such an inspiration and an unbelievable person. Your uplifting attitude and remarkable strength is awesome. Just remember there are so many behind you, you not in this alone. Good luck with everything and if there is anything we could do let us know. Best of Wishes Always.

Name: the one that loves you most
Comments: the words i speak dont to justice to my feelings i know you’re dealing with something i cant grasp knowing you has forever changed my wiews on the world remembering the times you let my spirit unfurl dont leave me now i know somehow you’ll be okay because without you here i’ve lost my way remmeber these words because they are true remember these words cuz they are only for you hold tight to these thoughts thank you for the courage you have taught

Name: Jenna Belsly
Comments: Andrew…we go back to the fifth grade, with Mr.Verga and all those shoot outs! I know i haven’t seen you or talked to you in a long time, but i am with now more than ever. My church has been talking about you a lot, and i have been praying for you. I can’t wait until you come back to LCC, i’ll be sure to come say hi. Stay strong Andrew and keep faith, your in God’s hands…

Name: Mrs. Bulkin
Comments: Dear Andrew, You are such an inspiration to all of us at LCC. We are thinking of you and wishing you well…I can’t wait to see you at school in the fall. Congratulutions on receiving the History Department Academic Excellence Award! Best wishes always, Mrs. Bulkin

Name: lauren reyna… AGAIN
Comments: andrew i miss you and i love you. I am thinking about you every second…every time i look behind my chair in math and the window is closed (haha) i find it hard to breathe. This is an obstacle you are more than able to conquer. never loose faith in your strength because u have more than anyone.

Name: A Random
Comments: Andrew, I’ve never met you, i only know people who love you. But from everything i have heard, you are an amazing person that i wish i knew. I have spent a lot of time in the hospital, and i know its terrible, so all i wanted to say is that you can’t give up hope. I’m praying for you, even though that’s not something i normally do, and your story has proved to me that miracles really do happen. Kiss your family, hug your friends, and know that tons of people love you… keep being strong and i know you’ll make it through. God bless.

Name: Willard & Anita Miller
Comments: Andrew is a fighter and has just proved it again June 4, 2003. With this spirit, the medical professionals available to him and God’s continued support – miracles will continue to happen.

Name: Brooke Hartley
Comments: hey andrew- i hope your surgery goes well. everyone at school is prayin’ for ya kid. we know you can do it, so keep the FAITH stud! i will hope to see you soon. <3 love always, brooke hartley

Name: Nihan Asici
Comments: hey andrew hang in there andrew to believe in something is to achieve the half of it. so yeah just never give up wish you the best from Turkey

Name: Llysia Ardecky
Comments: Hang in there buddy! I have been praying for you constantly and my unconditional love is with you more now than ever. You are a true inspiration to us all, keep the faith and we will continue to pray and send our love. I LOVE YOU!!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Well bud, it seems like you have a pretty amazing supporting cast behind you on this one. We’re all here for you and your family. I’m just waiting for the day I walk into your house and see the little bro with that big smile. And to Nancy, Dave and Alex, you three are amazing and your strength throught all this is immeasurable…I love you all.

Name: Pam Fitch
Comments: mother of Nina Fitch who had English with Andrew. Our thoughts and love are with him and his family.

Name: Dylan Hunt
Comments: Hey Andrew, stay strong and i know you will get through this. I will always remember driving with you on friday. that was fun, and there will be more fun times to come. I will continue to pray for you.

Name: kali
Comments: hey buddy hope all is well just tellin you that everyone has got your back. hang in there stud!!

Name: Kathy Seward
Comments: Hi Andrew, you don’t know but I worked w/ you Dad at SDCCU, I just wanted you to know my thoughts & prayers are w/ you & your family \”/

Comments: A N D R E W!! your the man!!! everyone loves and is praying for you!!!

Name: Alison Schwartz (Cousin)
Comments: Dear Andrew, I would just like to say that I am sorry you have to go through all of this. My family and I really hope that you will get better. All of our family gatherings will not really be the same with out you. All you really can do is keep fighting, and I know you have the power to do that. I will keep praying for you, and I know everyone else will also. God Bless, Alison

Name: Brianna Schmid
Comments: Hey Buddy! You are an amazing person–everyone is praying and thinking of you, as you are in all of our hearts. Keep fighting…we’ll keep thinking of you! you are a STUD

Name: Rosanne Moldvay , Streetsboro, OH
Comments: Hi Andrew. You dont know me but Margi Liberty is a dear friend I graduated with. You are in my prayers and I know you will come through this. God be with you.

Name: Marc Sawyer and Mom
Comments: Hey Andrew and Family, count us in for the blood drive. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: Susie Miller
Comments: Andrew, you inspire me. I have never been so impressed with someone your age as I am with you and your family. Your strength in an inspiration to all. We are there for you when you need us and will be even when you don’t.

Name: Alisa Fishman
Comments: hi andrew my name is alisa fishman. i know you dont know who i am but i am good friends with kali purshouse. i just wanted to wish you the best of luck and my prayers are with you! i just wanted to tell you that. Alisa Fishman

Name: kim skraby and marleigh sonken
Comments: andrew, we have been thinking about u and praying for you every chance we get. We know you are going to make it through this because you are so strong and determined. Keep it up kid and get well soon b/c we need to go visit Jumbo. We’ll make sure he gives out equal portions this time, 3 more years! best wishes to the thibeaults, we admire your strength.

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Andrew, you are so amazing, you have inspired me! Keep pulling, you’ll get through it! Remember, we have to hang out soon, Kendra and I are gonna come visit you as soon as you are feeling up to it. Oh, and for those temperature conversions, 39 degrees celsius = 102 degrees farhenheit, 38=100, and 37=99. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Andrew, never forget that. Did I ever tell you what a big crush I had on you in 7th grade? Wow, that seems so long ago. Times may be tough now, but remember how many people love and care about you, we’ll help pull you through. Love always, Caitlin (P.S. I’m working on that Jaguar, as soon as I get it, we’re going for a drive!)

Name: diane powell
Comments: Dear Andrew: I am the LCC nurse, wishing you a complete, rapid recovery. I wish you the love and support of friends and family, and all those who can help you get well. You are a brave, wonderful boy, I am told. When you are up for it, I hope you will return to our school to allow us a hug! Fondly, Diane Powell

Name: Jens Jensen
Comments: We are thinking of you’all. Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do. Jensen Family.

Name: Kyle Wirth
Comments: Andrew, i cant believe how much you are going through and how strong you are staying. You are missed by everyone! Ill see you soon stud.

Name: AJ Dronkers
Comments: Hi, my name is AJ, and I live all the way up in Laguna Niguel of OC. I am touched by your story, and You can count on my prayers. I’ll be donating blood next wednesday up here, although I know it will probably never help you, I’ll see if I can still get you “crediit”. Stay strong!! God Bless~ AJ Dronkers

Name: kay dillon
Comments: Your courage has certainly touched this community. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and yours.

Name: Bill and Pam Lehtonen
Comments: I am so sorry they won’t take my blood, as I have an iron overload. (Bill) We promise to pray and lift you up for His healing. Bill is also sorry he lived 4 houses away for 3 years (Circulo Adorno) yet I never met you. Thanks for maintaining this site to assist prayer warriors.

Name: Luke Liberty
Comments: Your a Fighter Andrew, Im praying! Your my Idol.

Name: Debbie Clave
Comments: Just wanted all of you to know I am here at State Farm holding down the fort/farm so the Giblin’s can spend as much time as they need with all of you. Miracles do happen! All my love, Debbie

Name: Margi Liberty
Comments: God is with you holding you tight! We love you all and will continue to pray! The Liberty’s

Name: Lexi
Comments: Andrew, you’re in my prayers. Stay strong hun.

Name: Carrie Dew
Comments: Hey Andrew, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you the best. You are an inspiration to everyone around you and we know you will make it through this!

Name: Sadik Kocabasa
Comments: Andrew you are doing GREAT

Name: judy muhlethaler
Comments: Hang in there! You have an incredible story! My prayers are with you. jsm@lcc

Name: Carol Limbach
Comments: I was glad to hear of the success of yesterday’s surgeries, and that he is resting and recouperating. My thoughts are with you all. Carol

Name: victoria murphy, teacher
Comments: Hi Andrew and family. I went to the website after the address was given to staff at school. I’m a believer in miracles, having experienced one myself. Slow, steady, and in faith, the miracle is happening. So many of us are with you today.

Name: Tom Meeks
Comments: Continual healing in body and spirit. God has a new mission for you, Andrew. You have been, and will be an on-going inspiriation for many. Our prayers reach out to you. Jesus is praying for you as your friend and healer. Family..stay strong in faith and love

Name: Cheryl Sills
Comments: All of us here in the Attendance Office are thinking of you. Our prayers are with you and your family. We hope to see you back here at school next year. Hugs!

Name: Prof Longiaru

Name: Jamie Clave
Comments: Tbo… Jamie here. I am praying each and every second of this boring school day, wishing you were here by my side. But, I know all the thoughts and prayers are what are keeping the spirits up. I know you will recover just fine, and remember our conversation before you went into surgery. And when you get out, we are going to the pre school and going to dial some verizon cell phones. I love you and am praying non stop.

Name: The Groseclose Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, Day after surgery . . . Kurt, Kylle, Tanner and Kaden and I (Angie) are praying of you bud, and of course for your familia. We wish you God’s speed in your recoup time!

Name: The Groseclose Family

Name: David Jaffe
Comments: Alex, my families thoughts and prayers are with you. You have incredible courage and are an ispiration to those around you. You and your family are loved by our staff and LCC students.

Name: Ainsley Lenihan
Comments: I don’t know you Andrew, but from what so many say – you’re strong and positive, you’ll get through this!! I’m sending prayers daily for your strength and that of your friends and family as well. EVERYONE’S pulling for you!

Name: Mary Ann Minger
Comments: The LCC Library staff sends you our thoughts and prayers. You have such strength and courage, please remember that many of us here at LCC are keeping you in our hearts and prayers.

Name: James Etheridge
Comments: Be Strong, Fight, Win! All our positive thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Doug Heflin
Comments: Love ya, man! Thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts at all times.

Name: The Hartley Family
Comments: Dear Andrew, Nancy, Dave and Alex, Our prayers have and will continue to be with you every step of the way yesterday, today, tomorrow, next month and for as long as they are needed. Andrew has touched our family in ways that cannot be explained,as has his impact on the community at La Costa Canyon and all that surrounds it. We are proud of the kids who have surrounded and embraced andrew and have given him the much needed support. We love all of you, and just know that you can count on us for anything. Love, Marc,Kim,Robbie,Brooke, and Molly.

Name: Mrs. Nann
Comments: Dear Alex and Family, My thoughts are with you… I know how much your entire family is loved by our community. We all care so much for each of you… Alex, stay strong and lean on your friends and family when you need to… Sincerely, D Nann

Name: Nan Mijares
Comments: I’m sending positive energy Andrew’s way! My thoughts are with him and the family.


Name: David Emmerson
Comments: (Chem teacher, girls soccer coach at LCC) My best wishes and prayers are going in your direction.

Name: Stephanie Lomax, band/choir director
Comments: Hi Andrew. I know I don’t have you in class but my thoughts are with you as well as tons of well wishes from the kids in band and choir. Take care of yourself!!!

Name: kathie oversmith
Comments: my love to you all! you are an incredible family and i think the world of andrew! all my love and prayers! love ya! ko

Name: Debbie Wirth
Comments: You are in all of out thoughts and prayers. We love you!!!!!!!

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: Hey Stud- I have been praying for you all day and night. We went and stayed with your family last night for a while. We are coming back down again today. I am so happy to here you are doing good this morning and I can’t wait till I can talk to you. Wow you are so strong. Don’t give up you are doing such a good job. You’re going to make it. Right now I am in school, so I have to go because I have been out of class for a while. Please keep the updates coming, it helps a lot. God bless you and your family. I can’t wait to talk to you! I LOVE YOU

Name: The Soenksen Family
Comments: Stay strong. We are all praying for you and your family. xoxoxo

Name: Sharon von Maier
Comments: My thoughts and prayers are with Andy, Alex and all family members and friends as you make it few the next few days.

Name: Jim and Caryl Temples
Comments: God is with you and we are praying for you. You are an inspiration.

Name: DeDe Phillips
Comments: Andrew . . . Andrew . . .Andrew – And I thought your trying to light off the plains of Philmont was scary. . .I’m SO relieved to hear you had an uneventful night Wedmesday. Get some sleep and start healing. And NO you and Brenden are NOT racing . . . I will send you a sub to a friends auto racing mag though and you can see what the real racers are up to . . .

Name: Sonja Doyle
Comments: I am a good friend of Kristina Thibeault. My family is sending our prayers to your family and hope that all went well with the surgery. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Name: Roberta Pfunder
Comments: You are such an example of strength and faith to all of us. We have been praying for you. Please know that we will be here for you.

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hey Andrew–Amy said she saw you and your family at the Pancake House last weekend–she was amazed that you recognized her after all this time! We have such fond memories of our young years on Circulo Adorno–and always enjoyed the time we spent with you and your family. Andrew, we have all been praying for you since we first heard what you are going through and we continue to pray for your complete healing! From the sound of it, you have an awesome attitude and I pray God will continue to keep your spirits up and give you peace. I think about you all the time–Kevin, Amy & Laura do also–In fact, I was praying for you yesterday morning and did not even realize that you were in surgery right then. Give your Mom a hug from me — I’ll look for you at Alex’s Graduation! Love and blessings to you from all of us! Keep strong, Andrew! Linda, Kevin, Amy & Laura Armento

Name: Pat and Lee Corcoran
Comments: We have asked God to help and it is in his hands. Let us know how the surgery went as soon as you can find the time. We realize Dave, you must be very busy.

Name: Ellis
Comments: Hey Andrew. Hope everything went well. Best wishes to you and your family, our prayers are with you. Good luck my friend, good luck.

Name: Mitzi Lea & Family
Comments: Andrew,you have the most amazing courage…you are an inspiration to all. Our family is praying for you and your family constantly. We hope for continued strength. Don’t give up! Randy and I will be running to the blood bank within the next couple of days and will be passing the word on as well. The entire community is here for you. Love, Mitzi, Randy, Olivia, Brianna and Sam.

Name: Sylvania Reyna (Lauren’s mom)
Comments: Andrew, and his family and his friends, My thoughts are with each of you during this difficult time. There is so much love and care for Andrew that it will move this mountain!!! Andrew, you have touched us all. Love, Sylvania

Name: larry alessio
Comments: amazing strength and courage good luck

Name: Linda Werschkul
Comments: Nancy and Family, My heart and prayers go out to Andrew and you today and the many more to come. You have a wonderful heart and you will all be blessed.

Comments: Thur 7:50am Per Diane, Andrew had a peaceful night. No meltdowns or crashes!!The doctors & nurses are very encouraged by his progress. He has his coloring back & they think the bleeding is under control. He is intentionally sedated for a couple days to give his body a rest. Don’t stop praying for his recovery,it works!!

Name: Larry Kessler
Comments: we’re still praying…

Name: Adele Lapadula
Comments: Hi Andrew, We’ve never met and I didn’t have the pleasure of teaching your brother either, but know him. He is such an impressive young man and loves you so very much ! You must be quite a guy. Everywhere we look at LCC, people are pulling for you. My prayers and hopes are with you and your family. Keep fighting ! I hope to meet you some day; you are inspirational.

Name: Pat Richardson
Comments: You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Name: Linda Levine( mom of Andrew)
Comments: Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Name: Julie, Corey and Shane Evans
Comments: Andrew, We’re sending all our good thoughts and prayers with you! We’ll see you soon. Love, Julie, Corey & Shane

Name: Jaymie Kershek
Comments: You are an awesome person and such an inspiration to me!You have no idea how many times I’m looked to you for confidence and strength. God has blessed us both in ways we may never know. See you soon! Love, Jaymie

Name: Mrs. Lax
Comments: I’m thinking of you all, and I am sending positive energy all the way. May everything go smoothly today. My prayers are with you. With love, Mrs. Lax.

Name: Kevin Bendix
Comments: Haven’t talked to you in a while. Hope everything is going well. Hang in there! You’re in my prayers-stay strong.

Name: Emily Wilson and Family
Comments: Good Morning Andrew – We just want to let you know that you are still in our prayers. What courage you have shown! God bless you and your family.

Name: Katie Benson
Comments: Andrew, you’re in my prayers constantly & I hope all goes well for you. Miss you & can’t wait to see your beautiful face! MUCH LOVE!

Name: Liza von Schoenermarck
Comments: Hi, Andrew, I know that you don’t know me, but I know all about you from Ellis Webster’s Mom. You are in my prayers, and I hope you are doing well after surgery. We are all rooting for you!! Get well soon!! Best Wishes, Liza von Schoenermarck

Name: Craig
Comments: Hey Dave, When Andrew wakes up be sure to tell him that the list of girls is progressing, and the nude magazines are awaiting his bulging . . . eyes! My thoughts and prayers are with you all; I send all my love . . . after all, the big time just isn’t complete without big Andrew! Keep me posted!

Name: Casey Sheldon
Comments: Hey man, I relize we haven’t had an actual conversation since i left boy scouts, but when i heard about whats going on I remembered the fun we had back then. I have faith in you and those who are making efforts to help you. Embrace the future and I will continue to remember our common experiences of the past.


Name: Stephanie
Comments: Prayers and love are with you constantly and may the peace be upon you.

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: andrew- your smile is missed at lcc. please come back soon and lighten it up! you touch everyone you meet with your positive attidude and infectious laugh. you have given us all a new perspective and we are praising and praying each day. thank you for being such a great friend and i can’t wait to see you again! PS. I’ll say a little prayer for you..yeah forever and ever you’ll stay in my heart …

Name: Tara Roach
Comments: hey andrew! u probably dont remember me but we went to Mission Estancia when we were little kids, and then Diegueno and now LCC…i just wanted to say that ive been praying for you and i hope to see you around school again soon! i saw you at the BIlly Graham Crusade but i didnt get the chance to say hi. hope the surgery went well! God Bless~

Name: Stephanie

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: Andrew- You are in our thoughts and our prayers, we hope you have a speedy recovery. Keep the faith

Name: Dave Thibeault
Comments: Thanks to whoever just provided the update on Andrew! 10:19pm in the ICU, and I can’t get into the html of the website. Andrew seems to have stabilized somewhat, but we’re trying to get the bleeding under control. I know that the Blood Bank will appreciate any donors in his behalf to help replace the supply that we’ve just about drained within a single workday. Tonight, pray for clotting/coagulation–just stop bleeding!!! If all goes well on Thursday, they’ll finish the hip/pelvic surgery on Friday. The good news: they confirmed “clear margins”–the surgeon got all the cancer out: 12-14 pounds of it. One suggestion for future reference–if you have a pain in some place for more than two months, force your doctor to do tests until they identify what the problem is–don’t assume it’s just a “pulled muscle”. Andrew sends his love to everyone and can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Name: Jodee Ann
Comments: Dear Andy, You don’t know me, but now I know you from one of your classmates. (I’m a friend of his mom!) I’ll pray for your healing and that you will always be surrounded by much love and peace. God bless you.

Comments: Wed 10 pm. Andrew is back in ICU reovering from surgery #2. It started @ 7:45am & he was brought back to the unit @6:30pm. 45 men & women worked to save Andrew’s life today. About midway into operation #1, Andrew’s heart stopped beating. 3 men took turns giving him closed chest resucitation for 45 minutes until the cardiologist got it beating on it’s own. The surgeon removed a huge cancerous mass from his pelvic area & he feels very confident that it was contained & that he got all of it.The Doctors were able to save Andrew’s leg. Andrew has been given 150 units of blood through out the day’s procedures. As a result of the trauma of surgery & excessive bleeding, his vital organs have been taxed tremendously. He is not out of the woods yet& needs the continued prayers that his family & friends have been offering up. Pleas pray for Andrew.

Comments: HANG IN THERE BRO!!!!!!! Hope the surgery went well. I am going to try and visit you sometime in the hospital. I love you man. prayers for you. -julian

Name: Jeffrey Owen
Comments: Andrew, Dave, Nancy, and Alex I am available any hour of the day, seven days a week to provide psychotherapy, counseling, support, or anything you want to call it (obviously at no cost) as many times, for as long as I can be of help to your family. I am positive that your family will make it through these seemingly impossible times. All of our love to you!

Name: Pat Untied
Comments: There is an Army of people all over Southern California praying for Andrew throughout tonight (Wednesday). We know Andrew is strong and God is with all of you. Love, Pat

Name: Nowak’s
Comments: Andrew, Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all day. We hope everything went as well as can be expected. With as many people as you know pulling for you, they are right, there is nothing that you can’t do when you set your mind to it. Will you please give your Mom, Dad & Alex a hug for us and let them know we are there for them too. Love you.

Name: Caela Timinsky
Comments: Andrew: You are my hero and you are so amazing! Hang in there and know that my prayers and love are with you!

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse
Comments: Sent prayers and thoughts for you this morning and trust that the universe was watching out for you along with the many people whose lives you have so obviously touched.

Name: Colleen Bruner and family
Comments: Dearest Andrew, we are praying for you daily and know that you are in God’s hands. We love you

Name: The Nobbs Family
Comments: We’ve been thinking about Andrew often since Jeff told us what was going on. It becomes so apparent once again how fragile and precious life is. Also, what is really important is the love of friends and family. You are not alone as I know you are aware and I hope that brings comfort. Love, hugs and prayers from our family to yours. Paul, Joan, Jeff and Steven Nobbs

Name: Russ Lowell
Comments: Andrew, Thinking of you buddy, Get well soon! YOUR THE MAN

Name: Robyn Carbaugh and Family
Comments: Dear Andrew, Although we have never met, I feel that I’ve known you for years.I am good friends with Laurie and Ryan Secrest.You may know my son, Scott Carbaugh. Andrew,our family of 5 has been thinking and praying for you daily, especially today.While I know you are having to indure this much unsolicited cancer journey,I am right there with you Bud ,somewhat, as I live and fight the cancer battle daily myself.I feel your pain and only wish I could take it away.Your ATTITUDE sounds incredible Andrew, and that is what will fight this battle for you. YOU WILL WIN…Someday I hope to meet you.God speed your recovery.We love you, The Carbaugh’s

Name: The Nobbs Family (Jeff is a friend of Andrews)

Name: Betty Dierker Jensen
Comments: I am so proud of you Andrew! I know you’re the strongest young man Green Hospital has ever seen!!You are a true warrior and you have all my admiration. Love, Betty

Name: harriet cooke and family
Comments: sending all our hugs andpostive thoughts to all of you.

Name: Ashley Daniels and family
Comments: Dear Andrew, you are one of the most incredible people i know. I see your face everyday in all the pictures from homecoming freshman year at my house with you, and after morp party in the limo, in and out, and in the jacuzzi at my house till wee hours in the morning! i see your smiling face and remember how much strength you gave me last year at a time that i was down. you are not a follower andrew, you are a leader…you stayed my friend through everything i went through. Now i hope my strength reaches you. I laugh everytime i think of our first drivers ed class together…you me and matt…our little notes about teresa, my mom delivering us mcdonalds, we thought we were soo cool!And now were all crusin around with our licences! My families thoughts and prayers are with you every minute of the day. Can’t wait to see you around LCC…i know it will come sooner than you think! You are a very strong person…i love you andrew! Love, Ash

Name: Melissa Ahrens
Comments: hey andrew, i hope you are doing ok…hurry up and get better in time for december (; haha…yeah and work on your bio hmk…ill quiz you when you get better.

Name: Bryan Barth
Comments: Andrew…I hope and pray for the best. You are the most courageous person I have ever met. Everyone in the Barth family is thinking about you

Name: loud speaker
Comments: p.s you will always be a stud!!

Name: Kali
Comments: Andrew- Stay strong!! I have been thinkong of you all day and hopeing that your surgery went well. I heard it had some bumbs and i am still waiting for the out come. I hope that you understand that your an insperation for all of your peers annd pretty much everyone who knows you. You are strong and have a huge i mean huge heart!! i remember meeting you at DNO and saying hi every now and again. And then i got to know you even more in 9th grade. ( i was an annoying freshman) lol in p.e. wow good times. Member when you kicked the football and it hit me in the face=)i used to think( still do) that your last name sounds like a vacumm brand lol i do lol well when ever i see you you are always happy i see you ans smile i have always thought what a great person you are!! and you dont deserve this at all i am praying for you and am hopeing that everything turns out DANDY like candy you have all our wishes and prayers and will be with us always we love you andrew !!! Kali( loud speaker)

Name: Sara Becker
Comments: I am so sorry to hear about Andrew. God Bless him and his family

Name: Brittany Owen
Comments: hey stud- i just heard the news about your surgery and im hoping for the best for you!!!! Stay stong!

Name: Christina Platis
Comments: Hey Andrew! I haven’t seen you in quite a while. My family and I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope the surgery went as planned. Best wishes. -Christina and the rest of the Platis family

Name: Lisa and Jeff Owen (& family)
Comments: Watching you zip around town in your buick (?) was fun to see (YES – we saw you on several occasions. ) We’re glad you were able to have that be driving with the wind in your face is a wonderful feeling. Our thoughts are with you during this important time in your life. We realize there will be serious decisions made on your behalf…and they will all be the right ones. With your attitude Andrew – from what I’ve heard from family and friends – you will conquer this invasive pest and get on with your life. During this recovery time – just give us a call when you want to go for a drive and feel that breeze once again in your face – we have 4 drivers in our house who would be happy to oblige. You’re always in our thoughts. Lisa and Jeff and Family

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: I hope everything went well today! My thoughts are with you. Love always, Caitlin

Name: megan shabram
Comments: so many people love you sooo much andrew, its amazing. I have never met any one like you. U are sooo strong and sooo determined. These are characteristics that will never let you down. i spent my summer with you, i stayed up untill 3:30 looking at candle waxes and smells and spent 30 buck on it with you, i ran like 17 miles with you, ( me and matt kicked you and shannons ass though hahaha) i made cookies for you, i made fun of you, i laughed with you, and i watched you and shannon laugh. You became a brother to me and you are always in my thoughts and are in my best memories. I love andrew and i cant wait untill we can have as much fun as we used to, Love always megan.

Name: Tom Stratton & Family
Comments: Andrew – While we haven’t met, Bartley has told our family me about you for some time. You are such an inspiration to our family. Your strength and faith will lead you through. Please know that we are praying for you. By the messages I have read, it’s obvious that you are a very special young man, with people that love you very much. God Bless

Name: Lauren Wirkus
Comments: Andrew- My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time…You will be back at LCC before you know it! I remember the day you came into english all distraught about losing all your songs on the computer..You really made me laugh! I know you will stay strong and we all love you!

Name: Catherine Kunisch
Comments: hey there andrew. i just heard the news about your surgery, and wow, tears came to eyes immediatley…i am praying constantly for you and your family. so many people love you, u have so much to live for and be happy about, so consentrate on those positive things and hope to see u back @ school…

Name: Jennifer Brown
Comments: We’re all here supporting you and keeping you in our prayers.

Name: chris solorio
Comments: Hi, it’s me again, i have no idea what happened but a big chunk of what i wrote to you before got cut off so i’ll just finish what i started saying…i can’t believe i told you this because now u probably think i’m the “gayest kid of all times.” but anyways i hope to see you soon so maybe we can go to one of those places where only guys are allowed and or “some special girls” i actually did find a place down town where we can go and they don’t even check for ID or anything, but i’ll tell you more later because i’m sure that if erika reads this i’m going to get my butt wooped. so when ever you come home which will probably be soon be sure to give me a call and well plan are “guys night out.” and if we can’t find the place down town their is always a lot of movies that we can rent!!!! until then, god bless you and your family and don’t worry about anything because everything is going to be OK. hope to see you soon. your friend chris. oh another thing on the very first line of what i wro

Name: Janice, Ken, Andrew & Katie Grosse
Comments: We are all praying tons for you! Find strenght in your faith and loved ones around you.

Name: Carla Kay
Comments: Andrew, Hurry home,have you noticed all the barricades on the street? I think it had something to do with you getting your license!!! Luv Ya

Name: Ashley Wirkus
Comments: Andrew- I know that I can’t relate to what you are going through but you have my thought and Prayers with you always….I do beileve that God puts these challenges only on the strongest…and you are STRONG…..and I hope that you continue to stay strong….LCC misses you very much and we all think about you often…

Name: Debbie, Kaitlyn & Michael Taaffe
Comments: Nancy, I am Rock’s friend who made the website for Hank. I just wanted to let you and Andrew know that we’re all praying that God will show you the strength you need during this tremedously hard time. Know you have so many people surrounding you with love and prayers and sending positive, healing thoughts. We’ll check back here for an update later tonight. xoxoxo

Name: Jutta Laurino
Comments: I’m forever praying for you and am anxious to hear how your surgery went.

Name: Kathie Jenuine
Comments: Andrew, I have been thinking and praying for you so much today. Maybe I’ll just run right over and read you a great book and you can write in your journal after that! Always remember Happy Campers Always Pull Through!

Name: chris solorio
Comments: hey andrew it’s me erika’s the guy that got caught kissing erika in your drum room by her mom the first time i met you. i know your going through some rough times right now but god is with you and so is every other person that knows about you. ever since the time that erika told me what was wrong their hasn’t been one night that i haven’t prayed for you, even though sometimes i come home late and just want to go to bed i still stay awake for those extra minutes and pray for u, cause your worth it. even though we hardly talk i think that you r a really cool kid, and i also know that you will overcome all these obsticals that god has put in your life because you r a very strong and happy kid. your probably going to think i’m wierd but last night i had a dream about you, you were doing something weird but i can’t really remmember what you were doing but it was probably something “crazy” the best thing of it all was that you were happy and that you were having fun. i cant believe i to

Name: Jaclyn Pease
Comments: I love you Andrew! Feel better, and good luck on the surgery! Ill be praying for you, you deserve only the best in life.

Name: Lauren reyna (second message!)
Comments: Tebo- i dont want to hog all the room and this message board but there are a few things i would like to say to you today. I love you more than those three words can say. It’s hard for me to grasp the fact that I actually have a friend as amazing as you , because to tell you the truth, I don’t deserve to be friends with someone as amazing as you… somehow you like being friends with a crazy girl like me, and maybe one day I will find out why! haha.Your smile captivates me and your strength astonishes me every second of the day. Today is the surgery, but it aint no thang baby boy cuz nothin can bring down someone like you. My thoughts are with you always. – Lauren p.s. we need to have our victoria secret get together again… p.p.s. herms for life/ richardson is psycho!/ “how come you always say my name with such dismay!?

Name: Diane
Comments: Praying for you here in Connecticut.

Name: Jessica
Comments: Hey bud I know you have had a lot of these, but my prayers and my families prayers are with you. Remember god only tests the ones he knows are strong… so that must make you Hercules!! Its rough, I know, but you WILL make it through this, I know it! You’re the best kid! Keep smile

Name: Emily Wilson
Comments: ANDREW! Hey…i just wanted to say that I love you so much and that I knew all along that you would come out of surgery with flying colors! You are an inspiration to everyone! By the’re a pimp, no girl can resist a guy in a Buick! We need to go to In-N-Out again. Love ya muchos-Emily P.S. You’re a STUD!

Name: Barbara Cope
Comments: Hope everything went well my prayers will be with you, I

Name: kali
Comments: hope today went well buddy!! our prayers go out to you Peace, love and hamsters!!!

Name: The Krausz Family
Comments: We love you, Andrew and our prayers are with the whole family.

Name: Naomi Leaverton
Comments: Hi Andrew, You don’t know me, I’m in LIST with your Mom. Want you to know my whole family have you in our prayers. After reading some of the notes to you, I know you are going to come thru this surgery with flying colors! Bless you & your family.

Name: Katie Grosse
Comments: T-BONE! Hey buddy! You aren’t missing much in science ( the teacher is very evil)but if u need any help you know who to call! Oh yea, Ashley and I can’t wait to take u to Disneyland! Lots of love! Katie

Name: Lourdes Parra
Comments: hey wishing you the best for today. miss you in history class. all our thoughts are with you.

Name: Twila Ginn
Comments: Tebos: I have been praying all day for all of you. We are all waiting to hear how you are. Hang in there. The Ginns

Name: Emily Wilson and Family
Comments: Andrew we are praying for you today and for all the days to come. You are awesome!

Name: Elise and Luan Lissner
Comments: Andrew–we’re wishing you the best and praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you after your surgery– Love, Elise and Luan

Name: Heidi Vosburg
Comments: Hi Andrew- We’ve never met but my sister Judy Winslow works with your mom at St. Andrew’s and has shared your story with me and kept me informed of your progress. You are in our prayers daily and there is hope for your healing! God is in control and will get you through every step of the way! Hold onto to that and all the love from your family and friends and you will overcome your daily and long term challenges. You sound like such a wonderful young man and congratulations by the way for passing your drivers license test…and Happy Belated 16th Birthday to you!! You take care and know that you are being thought of. Heidi

Name: Laurie Ohara
Comments: Hi, I’m sister to Patty Nicholl and I’ve met (partied) with Nancy in the past. Patty has kept me informed of Andrew’s course and on this day, want to send my prayers, good thoughts, and best wishes to him and your family. Physical healing has so much to do with emotional well being so I know he will do great! Namaste, Laurie

Name: Sandra Chapman
Comments: I do not know Andrew personally but heard his story through a mutual friend. It’s 9:22am and I have said several prayers this morning that the surgeon and nurses are guided to do their best work this morning as they operate on Andrew. Best of luck and please know you have my continued prayers and the prayers of my family.

Name: Rolando Reyna ( Lauren Reyna’s Dad)
Comments: We have never meet, but I feel like I know you from all the wonderful things Lauren tells me about you. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily.Stay strong. I hope to meet you someday soon.

Name: Rochelle Tegg
Comments: Hi Andrew This is Rochelle Emailing from England. I am Tamilyns eldest Cousin. I called them this morning to hear that they were on there way to come and see you in hospital. Uncle Gary told me how i could get hold of you. Just to let you know that i am praying for you from UK. That god places angles around your bed and holds you hand the whole time during the operation. God Bless From England

Name: the McInnes family
Comments: Andrew, Keep the faith! We’re prayin’ for you and your family!! Peter, Noreen, Greg, Kelley, and Mollie

Name: Robyn Hall
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am Kali Pursehouse’s mum. She keeps me informed of your progress and is praying for you daily. Hope all goes well today and we will be praying for you. See you soon on campus at LCC.

Name: Manka and Panka
Comments: Dearest Andrew, We never stop thinking about you and we love you dearly. We’ll drive over to see you as soon as you return our car.

Name: Mom
Comments: Punkin’!!! Your strength inspires us, your sense of humor keeps us giggling, and your excuses for the trouble you find continues to amaze us. This hospital visit is but a temporary sidestep to the onging healing. You’ve got the light…shine, angel, shine. We love you, darlin’ boy.

Name: Geraldine Gatehouse
Comments: I’m a friend of your mum from LIST. You don’t know me but I’ve heard all about you and know that you’re a very courageous and inspiring young man. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Matthew John Redlinger
Comments: Hey….”Mellow-Yellow Good luck tomorrow, stay away from the nursesssssssssssssssssss. matthew

Name: Phyllis and Dan Schmidt
Comments: Dave, Andrew, and family, we’re monitoring the site daily, and will call you in a few days. We love you.


Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: Good luck tomorrow!!! We know you can get through this!

Name: Julie Eismin

Name: Len, Chris, Blake and Brooke
Comments: Our thoughts and prays are with you always. We are so proud of you. You are an amazing young man. Keep your positive attitude-it will get you through this challenging time. We love you……………

Name: Godmother
Comments: Hi Godson (Or should I call you Crash?), Just wanted you to know I’m praying extra hard tonight, like so many other people who love you. Your whole community is hugging you Andrew and wishing you well! Mike and I will be at the hospital sometime mid-morning. We love you Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godmother

Name: Marilyn Bieck
Comments: Old teachers never forget their students and always want the best for them. You and Kelly were the best of friends in fourth grade and I am glad to see that she is still a great friend. I will have you in my prayers tomorrow and for the many days to come. There will be difficult times but there are so many people to help you through the hard times. God bless.

Name: Carly Toyer
Comments: Hey kid, I hope you remember me bugging you when I sat behind you in yearbook class, 7th grade. I wanna wish you a quick recovery, and know that all of your old friends are thinking about you. Best of Luck! Love, Carly

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: If you’re having second thoughts about tomorrow tell the surgeon you haven’t finished reading your guestbook-that’ll give you a couple more days. If not, then you know what happens when the going gets tough–the tough get going. Our prayers are always with you, and our thoughts with your family:mom,dad, and Alex. Hope to see you in recovery soon. Love, The Old Folks

Name: The Minnick Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, did you know that wednesday is the very best day to have surgery if you need it. Everyones performance is at there best. Wednesdays are also good for buying a car, maybe next week huh! You’ll be in our prayers tommorrow. Get well soon we need you.

Name: The Buza Family
Comments: Hi Andrew – wanted to let you know that we are all thinking about you and wish you the very best tomorrow!!! Your spirit and determination are an inspiration to all of us, and we just KNOW that everything will be OK !!! Let us know if you have some cute nurses ! We’ll be in touch very soon – John, John, Tricia, and Lauryn

Name: Swansen Family
Comments: Hi Andrew, Ssssssimba and Cookie (those crazy Siamese kitties)are hoping you get well soon. You’re the only pet sitter they trust!!!! But seriously, we’re all praying for you. From reading some of the posts, it’s so clear that there are so many other friends, family, teachers, etc. that are all pulling for you. Best of luck tomorrow morning and throughout your recovery. Vaya con Dios

Name: Kyle Cardinal
Comments: Andrew i know you can get through this buddy…….be strong and keep your head up no matter what happens. You are my hero!

Name: Jessica Mathers
Comments: Hey Andrew, I don’t know ya very well, butI just wanted you to know that your always in my prayers, God bless you, and stay strong buddy… Everything will work out…

Name: The Nicholls’
Comments: Dearest Andrew, You are in our thoughts as you take another step towards healing. We admire your courage and personal strength. See you soon. Love & big squeezes, Patty, Nick, Lauren & Reid PS. Congrats on receiving your driver’s license…and HAPPY BELATED 16th BIRTHDAY.

Name: Andrew Olson
Comments: Hey man, I haven’t seen you in a while but you’re in my prayers. You’re an awesome guy and really inspirational. I hope all is going well. Congrats on your license, and don’t run in to anything. Wow there’s a lot of people that have signed your guestbook. You have so many friends! Alright I’ll see you later. Stay strong!

Name: Alex Redlinger
Comments: Remember when you beat me up? Remember when you gave me those atomic wedgies?You are a good friend.

Name: flannery family
Comments: our prayers go out to u andrew! u are an awesome person and we are wishing u the best of luck. We are here for you.

Name: Gabby Ruiz
Comments: Hey Andrew! What can i say or better yet want cant i say? You are so positive in everything and i belive with all my heart that everything will turn out better than perfect. The times i spent with u are priceless for me and will never be replaced. Such as the first time i met u in yearbook class in the 7th grade! remember that? that was such a fun class. And the times we spent over at erika and matts house and u picking on poor alex. But i thin the best time we ever hung out and has truly been one of the funnest nites in my life was when we attempted to go see 8 mile on that rainy day and it was sold out so we ened up goin to in and out and lous records. Remember that nite, or hooters! wow i can go on and on. But one thing i must say is that i wish u all the luck in the world and i am and always will keep u in my prayers. i know ur recovery will be fast for u are one of the strongest kids i know. I luv ya! Thinkin of u, Gabby

Name: kaite brown
Comments: hi andrew… i know we arent vert close but i just wanted to tell u that im thinkin of you and my best wishes go out to you! hope u enjoy the vid from the cheer girls! im prayin for u!

Name: Christy Sauer
Comments: Andrew we love and my family and I are keeping you in out prayers!!!

Name: ashley sisto
Comments: hey we dont know eachother but i have heard alot about u and what u r goin through from people at school. i just wanted to let u know u sound like u are a great person to be friends with. i hope that u get through all this and that u keep stayin strong! my prayers are with u and ur family!

Name: The Colburn Family
Comments: Andrew, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go into surgery. We KNOW that positive thoughts and group prayer work. We have benefited from this and you will too. Be strong and know that you have a lot of energy on your side. With love, the Colburns.

Name: Kendra Aronson
Comments: HEY REW-STER! I just wanted to say that im always going to be here for you and i hope all goes well tomarrow during your surgery! If its anyone, you are going to make it thru this! you are the strongest and most brave person i know, not to mention the funniest stud either! No matter what happens, everything is gonna be ok, and you will still be the one and only andrew tebo! i love ya mucho! GOODLUCK! my prayers are with you!

Name: Garrett Colburn
Comments: Our prayers are with you Andrew. It will turn out for the best because everything happens for a reason and we might not know why at this time. Stay strong and know we’re thinking about you.

Name: Kiffen
Comments: i’m thinking nothing but ultra-super-intensely-powerful-good thoughts for you. and believe me, the day will come when we can eat ice cream in boxers once again. faith hill loves you (she told me), i love you, ryan loves you, actually, everyone loves you…you’re the man. i’ll see you very soon.-kiff

Name: Brabant Family
Comments: hey big guy, knowing where you come from should give you strength for what ever happens. You are who you are because of your parents, friends, family, and people you have touch. Don’t be afraid of tomorrow because tomorrow is always a day away. Be strong and fight the fight, I know you will be a winner whatever happens in the future. May God bless and protect you. Ed, Irene, & Mike Brabant

Name: Erika Redlinger 2
Comments: As I was sayin before I was so rudely interruped by the computer. Tell me if there is anything I can do. You have so many friends and family behind you. You are the most positive and the strongest person I know. You will make it though this no matter what. My payers are with you always. There isn’t a day that goes by without you in my heart. Good luck tomorrow. I can’t wait tell you are all better. I LOVE YOU.

Name: Tori Parker
Comments: Andrew I am thinking and praying for you and I know you are strong and can get through this.We still need to hangout. You are an amazing guy and I am always in a good mood when I you see you or talk to you. You always make me smile becasue you are always so cheerful and happy. Also Happy Birthday we need to cruise in the Buck.GOOD LUCK!!

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: Hey sexy! Whats up? So tell me how many girls have you picked up in that pimp mobile of yours. Oh come tell the truth, what like 50 or so? I mean come on you’re a hot guy with a nice car who wouldn’t want you. Hooters was a lot of fun. Hey Andrew their legs are tan and shiny because they all have pantyhoses on. You are too funny, you know that. You are always making me laugh. Hey I can’t wait ’till you can come over everyday like you used to. Remember how you use to bug Alex? Oh remember the time you took my light and tried to light all the candles in house, but you couldn’t find them all even when you thought you did? You know I couldn’t sleep when you used to play your drums at odd hours of the night, but now I can’t sleep cuz you’re not playing your drums at those odd hours of the night. I can’t wait till you start doing that again and I can have those sleepless nights once again knowing you’re all better. So please get well soon, remember I am always here for you. Tell

Name: Caitlin Chapin
Comments: Hey Andrew! Just want you to know that I’m thinking about you all the time, hope everything goes well!

Name: sylvania reyna (lauren’s mom!!!)
Comments: thinking about you and knowing you will get through all of this. OUr thoughts are with you. See you soon.

Name: Erin Brown
Comments: Hi Andrew, You probably don’t remember me, but I sat next to you in Mr. Fisher’s class in 8th grade, and you stuck up for me when Angus was mean to me. I just wanted to let you know that I had the hugest crush on you!! My dad passed away from lung cancer in december, and i’m not trying to scare you or anything, but i’m praying for you with all my heart. You are an amazing person, and I’m sure angus feels the same way!! Love, Erin

Name: Megan B
Comments: andrew! you are in my heart and prayers! im so glad i got to meet such a great guy, you always make me smile 🙂 Lyric wants to tell you that she hopes everything goes well. we all miss you andrew, cant wait to see you! xo

Name: Diane, Bob & Robby Redmon
Comments: Hey Andrew! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We think about you every night and dinner.

Name: Lauren reyna
Comments: andrew you are the man… I know you say that i have helped you through a lot, but it is more of the other way around. I look for strength in you daily. Thank you for the amazing friendship you have given me!!

Name: mike farinelli
Comments: i just wanted to say good luck in the surgery and no matter what happens im sure everything will turn out fine

Name: ryan bentivegna
Comments: hey andrew…i met u back in mr de vries history class and u wanted my pink lemonade on the last day of school. basketball (when u played) and school have been fun with u and i hope i get an opportunity to see u when i visit from florida. we are all prayin for you in florida

Name: Audra Grossfeld
Comments: Hey Andrew! I am so sorry for everything that is going on. I know you are putting up a hard fight and I know you will get through this. We miss you in math class. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I have never met such a strong guy and I envy you.

Name: joe adelizzi
Comments: hey man whats up i didnt know u had a web site. thats really cool. i cant wait to see u at school this year. lucly im oassing math this year and it looks like no summer school for me. YES. i know u will get well soon. maybe we will have the same teacher next year. never stop fighting that crap man. sincerely, joe adelizzi

Comments: My heart goes out to you.

Name: Brittany Owen
Comments: hey andrew- Wow what a great idea this is……i had no idea of everything you were going through! 🙁 My thoughts are right there with you on this. You are soooo determined and so strong that you know you will get through this and we will have a huge party for you when it is over. Thanks for being such a great guy and having the strength to get through this. Call me when your up for a visit!:)

Name: kali
Comments: p.s good luck 2morow you are in me and my families prayers!! loud speaker!! lol

Name: Chris Neubauer
Comments: Keep up the fight Andrew. I’m pulling for you from Berkeley.

Name: Phil Mayhew
Comments: hey andrew, ill keep you in my prayers.

Comments: u dont know me that well, but i just want to tell u that i send my best regards for 2marrow.. and i never see u without a smile… keep on lighting up the world with ur kindness

Name: Elliott Rosen
Comments: Hope all goes well with your surgery and that you have a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Diana
Comments: Hey Andrew you might remember me best by toilet papering my house with Erika and Matt, I am sure you will back to home decorating soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Gavin Landreth
Comments: Hey Andrew! You got your license now, rollin in the buick. Thats the greatest car hahahahha.I just wanted to say good luck with the surgery tomorrow 6/4, we all miss you, and you are in our prayers everynight. Hang in there bud.

Name: Bartley Stratton
Comments: Hey Andrew! We haven’t been friends for that long but I just want you to know my whole family is praying for you and they ask how you are doing all the time. Good luck with your surgery! I miss you at school I can’t wait to see you when ever that may be!

Name: kali
Comments: hi vacumm i love you lots i hope that you beat this thing and come back to school soon.! i know i am not the nly one ho misses you !!! we all do well get soon fast see you later love loud speaker!! kali

Name: Megan
Comments: Hey Andrew! I miss you so much and and vicki and i still ocassionally work on your “three fingered wave”. I want you to know I am always here to support you and and always thinking about you. Good luck with everything and see you soon!

Name: Ashley Williams
Comments: Hey Andrew- I hope everything is well, I miss ya alot, once you get well Katie and I are going to take you to DISNEYLAND, and show you how to have fun there, hehe, well I hope everything goes good, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love and Miss ya

Name: Lauryn Buza & Joslyn Fink
Comments: Hey andrew!!! hope that everything goes well in your surgery. We will be praying for you!

Name: Amy McGiven
Comments: Hey Andrew, I know we havn’t talked for a long time but I just wanted you to know you’ve been in my prayers all along. I hope everything goes well in your surgery and we have to hang out when you are feeling better.

Name: Jolie Bernal
Comments: Andrew i just wanted to leave you with some words of encouragement before you enter your surgery. You are one of the toughest guys i know. Thanks for spicing up my life with all you say and do. You always get me smiling when i am with you, thanks. Good luck bud. You are in each and every one of my prayers. CUCKOO CUCKOO! (had to put that in here)

Name: Kristina Thibeault
Comments: Hi Andrew! Brandon gave me the news and told me to check out your website, when I did it brought tears to my eyes to read all that you are going through but it also brought a smile to my face when I read your guestbook. You have a TON of people who are behind you, with all that love and prayer nothing but good can happen from here!!!!! I’m really sorry that we’ve all lost touch, when things settle down for you I’d like to help get you closer to your cousins!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!! Love, Aunty Kris, Brandon and Chasen Thibeault

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: T-Bo, you are obviously the greatest, bravest, and by far the most courageous guy out there. From being four months old in diapers to now, I consider myself real lucky to have a best friend such as you. You’re simply more than I could ever ask for and I thank you for that. Good luck tomorrow and I love you tons!

Name: Kelly Giblin

Name: Brandon “The Great” Thibeault
Comments: are we not men? we are thibeault!! give cancer a swift kick in the buttox for all of us andrew! and keep playing those drums, no matter what happens or how difficult it may turn out to be. im trying to figure out a free day to come down and say hay! adios

Name: chuck anderson
Comments: good luck andrew! myself aswell as my family is praying for u and we will continue to. much love bud!

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: I just wanted to say hi and to see how everything is going! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and will be thinking of you. See you soon!

Name: Mike Gibllin
Comments: Hey Buddy, I admire you more than anyone I know. Your strength & courage through this has taught all of us some serious lessons. You got dealt a crappy hand, but despite that, your wit & honesty have surfaced & those characteristics will pull us all through this. I love you like a son, maybe because you have been enriching our lives since you were a baby. Know that we will do anything in the world to make you & your family comfortable during this trying time. See you in post op.

Name: Rich and Debbie Neubauer
Comments: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Andrew.

Name: Jayce Fitch
Comments: Hey Andrew, I just wanted to write and wish you luck on the day before your surgery. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now but you are tough and I know that you are going to make it through this thing. Just know that I’m here for you like everyone else is. Love you brotha. Talk to you soon.

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew…I hope you like the quilt! I had so much fun sewing it together and reading all the squares. Please know that my thughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow….Love you…Sarah Kibbee

Name: Debbie Jones
Comments: Hi! I am the rep from ADP that has been working with Andrew’s aunt, Donna. She has told me about him. I have a son almost exactly the same age. My prayers are with all of you and I will keep up with Andrew’s progress through this site and through Donna. May God watch over you all tomorrow and may the surgery be a success. Love – Debbie

Name: Rock Wattson
Comments: Andrew, best of luck and remember to focus on positives. We’ll bar-b-que soon.

Name: Kim and Jess in Biology class
Comments: Hey we’re in bio right now and we were thinking of you. You’re so incredibly hot, we just cant handle it. Remember to think ahead when you’re driving so you don’t cut people off, and we promise not to try and eat your food anymore. We won’t put on your shoes either. Sometimes we’re so hungry, or our feet are so cold that we forget, just don’t kill us if we do—–but we won’t, we swear. Andrew, your such a babe magnet, the whole cheer team wants you. We love you, you’re the best.


Name: Rich Bertain
Comments: Andrew, I am a friend of your Father’s and Uncle Denis’. I wish you all the best in your surgery and recovery. You will be in my family’s thoughts and prayers. Wishing you well, Rich

Name: Alex
Comments: Homie J is in control. smile!

Name: Greg and Laurie Thibeault
Comments: The “Mainiacs” on the East Coast wish you our best. Stay positive and strong! We know you’ll do well. Love, The Thibeault Family

Name: Kim Skraby
Comments: Grandpa Andrew!! You MIGHT be the coolest person I know (haha stole that from Andrea). Benihana’s was fun… you’d think a name like Jumbo would be a joke. I was a little scared though when I thought Marleigh would get a fork through her eye for stealing a shrimp (I knew better and I didn’t steal any, even though i was starving since that Jumbo wasn’t exactly generous). Mmmmmm mud pie ice cream, just about as yummy as that five bucks is gonna be. I’m lovin the pimp car, and you look oh so hot in it. Don’t buy shoes that are too big for u, just keep being your WICKED cool self, you’re the best!

Comments: Good luck with the surgery. I hope it goes well. Good luck.

Name: Teresa Baggot -mother of Mark Roberts in Troop 776
Comments: With all the love and prayers that go with you into surgery, everything will go well. I am a parishoner at St. James Catholic community in Solana Beach, and I just called to get you onto our parish prayer list where you will stay during your recovery. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. I know that God will be with you every bit of the way and give you the strength, courage, and healing you need.

Name: Anita Grillo
Comments: I work with Jeanne Redlinger, I wanted to let you know that, I will be praying for you.

Name: Janice Sedloff
Comments: Hi, I work with your neighbor Jeanne Redlinger. She has shared parts of your battle with me over the past months. My thoughts and prayers are with you on your upcoming surgery. Your attitude and optimism will see you through. (Doesn’t hurt to have most of San Diego behind you. ) Stay strong….you’ll win this battle. Good Luck

Name: Eric (Greg Armstrong’s Dad)
Comments: Andrew, Haven’t seen you for a while (since Lightning Soccer) but we remember you well. We are all praying for you in the Armstrong house. God be with you and your family.

Name: Robyn Soerries
Comments: Andrew, I’m praying for you. Believe God can heal you and He will. Devote your life to Him and He will care for you always! Exodus 15:26 He said, “If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD , who heals you.” From a believer in Kansas

Name: Jeff G
Comments: My good friend, your Uncle Denis, talks to me regularly about your illness. My prayers are with you & your family.

Name: Daniel Warr
Comments: Hey Andrew, well i am a friend of Tamilyn Forster, your brothers girl friend. I am From Australia. Man all i can say is that I know God has his hand upon your life and that he is bigger than all of this. Im praying for ya man. God Bless Dan

Name: marleigh sonken
Comments: hey grandpa, this is the little kid. haha, i hope u r doin good bud. i know im prayin for ya, along w/ many other people so hang in there ok because we are all here for ya. wow, how hot do u look in your pimp buick, w/ the red seats. haha very nice. ill trade u cars ok, u can take the cocaroach. benihanis was fun, jumbo isnt jumbo compared to u kid, what size foot u got goin there, a 15? haha. wow those birds, they looked pretty comfortable huh, haha. ya so stay stong andrew, and dont eat carrots on thursday ok! oh ya and for everyone else, never take shrimp from andrew ok!

Name: Matt Redlinger
Comments: Hey andrew- 6/1/03 Happy Birthday. Benihanas was so great. I don’t think thats how its spelt though. Well we have to all do that again another time. Maybe in like three years when were 21. Jumbo the chief, ha ha he was crazy. Marleigh knows now, not to eat shrimp from your plate. Ha Ha. Your pimp Buick is the best. Bumping down the street in the red velvet Buick is the greatest. I’ll know what it feels like to ride in it when your 6 months are up. Ha ha until then I’ll just have to make due with my car. LOL. HA HA. My car just doesn’t have the spark that yours does. All the ladies seem to like the buick. Maybe its your glasses and the sideways red hat. I dont know. Anyways we are all pryaing for you and we hope that you have a speedy recovery. Good luck with everything thats goin on in your life in the next few weeks. When your all better we have to go surfing. You can use the 12 footer and I’ll use my 6 4. Ha Ha dont try and get out to the breakers to fast. Good times G

Name: Phyllis and Dan Schmidt
Comments: Dear Andrew: Phyllis and Dan are with you. We’ll keep an eye on your website. If you ever need a break from the routine, you are welcome to join us here in Indio (you don’t even have to bring you Dad or brother). We can pick you up and bring you home. We just got season passes to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and SD Zoo. Even though you’ve probably been there a million times, we’d like to see it with you and friends/family. I (Dan) flunked the written portion of the motorcycle drivers license exam (twice). But I’m no quitter. I’ll take it again and again. So if you see some bald-headed fat dude with butt cheeks spread wide on a bike other than a Harley, it might be me. Pass with caution. Until we see you again, take care! Love from Phyllis and Dan

Name: Wes McMonagle
Comments: Its been a long time since I have talked to you Andrew. USD sounds like a blast, and a driving hahaha well little do parents know that we have tested the top speeds of their car. But Shhh.. dont tell anyone


Name: Wes, Christine, Charlie & Susan McMonagle
Comments: Great news about USD. Christine toured it and really liked it. She’s headed to Univ of Oregon, Eugene, to study business. Emailing her pix to your secret email. – Susan McMonagle

Name: Jeanne Redlinger
Comments: I just want you to know how much I admire your strength and courage. You never fail to have a great smile and greeting when I see you. A positive attitude is so important with all challenges in life. If you ever feel you need help on the rough days to produce a smile I will offer you something that I only have offered my kids when they are down and that is I will sing for you. My singing is sooo bad I never fail to get them to laugh!! Take care. I’m always thinking of you and your family. You’re all wonderful people and I’m priveliged to know you.

Name: Christina Fatseas
Comments: Good luck and God Bless you from Matt Redlinger’s Aunt Tina.

Name: Nina Angerosa and family
Comments: Hi, I’m Matt Redlinger’s Aunt. Just saying a big HI and our prayers and thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. Get well soon!!!

Name: Riley Cardwell
Comments: Hey Andrew! Keep up the great work there, buddy. We’re all pulling for you. Your dad’s been telling me what a great soldier you’ve been. HANG IN THERE!

Name: Julian Harton
Comments: Andrew…we had so many good times in boy scouts all these years. You were the best friend to go hiking and camping with. You always brought a sense of “T-Bonesence” to the troop. It all happened so fast, I didn’t get to hear the story from you, but instead one night at our regular Venture Crew meetings the topic just popped up and i was shocked. I never thought that anything like this would ever happen to such a cool kid. That night at the meeting we wrote you a big giant card out of a piece of bucher paper. I signed my name and said for you to get well, I meant it with all my heart. You will get well Andrew, and you will grow stronger as time passes. And for all of the good times we used to have together, there will be more, I promise you this. Andrew I miss you and so does everyone else I know. We are all praying for you. So stay strong and let me be able to call you T-Bone once again. I love you man.

Name: Lucinda Harton
Comments: Andrew, your strength is an inspiration to us. Our thoughts are with you. The Harton Family

Name: Ellis
Comments: Hey Andrew. I heard you have your license now…in which case i refuse to drive on the road because i am quite scared of your road rage. I would also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA BIG GOON and that See’s chocolates are a little taste from heaven, eh?

Name: The Nowaks
Comments: Happy 16th Birthday. Good luck with the test. Nick can’t wait until July 7 to take his driver’s test so he can start driving alone. We miss you guys and will keep in touch.

Name: jessica Symonds
Comments: I love you guys!! I pray for you and think of you very often. Please let me know when I can Visit, or if you need anything at all I would love to do it!!

Name: Judy Fox
Comments: Andrew The “Roadrunners” are all pulling for you. Happy belated birthday and we pray for many more. Please keep your faith close to your heart; God has a path for us all and it is through the journey that he gives us strength.

Name: Jennalee Collier
Comments: Hey, heard about what was going on with you (i’m tamilyns cuz) and just wanna let you now that everyone in South Arica is praying for you. Never think that God isnt there for, “the lord himself goes before you and will be withyou; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged” Deuteronomy 31:8 Cheers

Name: Dawn Deeley-Barnard
Comments: I am Tamilyn’s Aunt, I would just like to say we are praying for you, and asking him to be with you as you all go through this difficult time

Name: audrey collier
Comments: we are all praying for you here in south africa

Name: Ryan O’Connor
Comments: sup andrew just checking in to she how its cracken with you. Hope everything is working out. Stay chill. Peace

Name: Alex, Sam, Becky and Andrew Afsahi
Comments: Hey Andrew: We’ll be thinking of you on the 4th and sending extra prayers. Little Andrew’s elementary school is also sending prayers of healing and hope your way. Hope the driver’s test goes well!

Name: Nana
Comments: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Andrew, Happy birthday to you. (Aren’t you glad I’m not there to SING)

Name: Christie Sheldon
Comments: Hang tough Andrew. The Sheldon family, Casey, Devon, Kelly, Christie & Mark are thinking positive, healthy, healing thoughts for you!

Name: Mitzi Lea
Comments: Dear Andrew, you don’t me at all, I only know you through Frank Verga (he has a big mouth)Ryan Secrest (old neighbor) The Farinelli’s and some other mutual friends. I have kept updated on your progress from Frank and know that you are in my prayers as well as my entire family, Randy (husband) Olivia (freshman at LCC) Brianna (7th grader, Digueno) and Sam (3rd grader, Mission Estancia)…the whole community is pulling for you and know that you are well thought of even from people you don’t know. All our Best, The Lea Family

Name: Elizabeth Leonard
Comments: Go Andrew! I am so proud of you for getting your license. Can you believe that Matthew has had his permit since August 6th, and he won’t get in the car to practice driving!!! I guess he is going to have to bike everywhere – even to college. We will be praying for you and your family. You are truly an inspiration.

Name: Greg Topper
Comments: HI Andrew… I’m Bryan Barth’s uncle. (His mom is my sister). I read your web site, and want to keep you in my prayers for recovery. You should be so very proud of your courage. I know so many of us are proud of your courage. Best wishes, Greg

Name: aunt Lee and uncle Pat
Comments: We’re praying and positive you’ll beat this. Remember Maui

Name: Adolfo Sosa
Comments: Get well soon andrew we need you on the team still

Name: Darlene Royer
Comments: I pray for you and your family every day.

Name: Vicky and Joe Farinelli
Comments: Hi Andrew! We missed you at Confirmation:) Joe was also born on May 30th (just a few years before you – haha) so we will be thinking of you on Friday. Good luck with your finals and our prayers will be with you on June 4th!

Name: Danielle Farinelli
Comments: Hi,Andrew!! I hope that everything is going well. We’re thinking about you and praying for your recovery!!

Name: John Leonard and Family (including Kirby)
Comments: Hey Andrew: Good luck on your driving test. Let me know if you pass so that I can borrow an M1 tank and take you out for a spin around the neighborhood. Actually, I will need the tank so that I can survive my daily commute to work. Here is Matt: I’m going to ride my bike to school if you pass and avoid roads completely . . . I just hope my dad stays on the road. Anyways, the new Metallica album comes out June 10th so be sure you pick it up. Life is good

Name: Lindsay Barth
Comments: Hey Andrew!! My thoughts and prayers go out to you!! I wish you the best of luck. Nothing is impossible with God!!

Name: Susan Barth
Comments: We continue, as a family, to keep sending prayers your way. I am sure the nurses and docs are taking good care of you at Childrens. Isn’t it a great place to be, IF you have to be in a hospital? You are courageous and herioc, way beyond epic proportions. Hugs sent your way. The Barth Family

Name: Forrest Revere
Comments: Happy Birthday hang on you are strong you can get through this

Comments: Dear Andrew, Hang in there big guy!!!I will be at work on the 4th. After a short stay in ICU I’ll have a great room on 4west for you…Marilyn Revere

Name: Dorothy Bailey
Comments: I am a friend of Donna’s She has been keeping me up on how things have been going. This is a very nice way to keep up with everything. My prays are with you and all of your family. I know God will see you thought this.

Name: Pat Untied
Comments: Just to let you know we are pulling for all the family, and you are in our prayers.

Name: Will and Linda Schneider
Comments: Andrew: I survived polio when I was a youngster (age 2 1/2) plus a host of other illnesses when I was young. Sometimes, God challenges us with a rocky start…I suppose to test us. Your faith in God and in life will not disappoint you, so just hang in there and good things will happen. It’s great that your folks have set up this web page so that people like us can send you our best vibes on a regular basis. We’re with you… -THE SCHNEIDER FAMILY

Name: Lynn Smith
Comments: Hi Andrew! I’m your neighbor down the street!! My grandmother used to tell me to take things “one day at a time”. I didn’t realize how important it is to follow that advice until difficult times arose for me and her words came back to me. We can only take care of things one day at a time. God handles the rest 🙂 It works, Andrew. (I’m sure you’re getting all kinds of advice left and right!) You are in my prayers. Take care, Lynn

Name: Ed Walter
Comments: Andrew… my friend! I know you’re on Mr. Toad’s wild ride, but just hang on and ride it out! Life’s always full of surprises, both good and bad. We prefer the good, but without the bad, how would we know the good was good? At any rate, life’s full of them surprises! If we didn’t have ’em, I guess you could say we’d be dead! Just remember one big thing my young friend… God loves you, and you are precious in his sight (no matter what you look like!) Don’t forget that. Don’t let discouragement rule! He fashioned you in his own image, and there’s not one ache, nor feeling that you feel that he doesn’t feel with you! I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon! Can I swing by (I’ve got a new rope)or do you like to get out? Any which way, let’s do it! C-ya! Take care… and thanks for getting this page up! You won’t believe what the prayers of many will accomplish for you! Ed

Name: Deborah & Daniel (from RSF Attack)
Comments: What an inspiring act that you are so willing to share… You are in our prayers!!

Name: nana
Comments: Andrew, I’d like to go visit, but you pick on me too much. It’s a good thing you’re so cute

Name: Missy Heller
Comments: I’m a friend of Frank Verga’s, and he told me all about Andrew! I just want Andrew and the Thibeault family to know that you are all in my prayers and I’m wishing you only life’s GOOD stuff! Your positive attitude is absolutely heart-warming and inspiring! God is with you!

Name: Patrick McDuffie & Family
Comments: We were at your confirmation on Sun. Congratulations! My sister Meagan was confirmed last Wed. You might know her. You will be in our daily prayers & especially on June 4th. You are so brave! Good luck! Patrick & Patti

Name: Paul McPherson
Comments: Hey Andrew. Hang in there man and I know that you’ll get through this alright.

Name: gary from scouts
Comments: i hope your still pacticing drums i bed that what i do…

Name: Linda Verga (AKA: Frank’s wife)
Comments: This is a very well-done website! I learned a lot. Thanks for keeping everyone informed. We’re all thinking about you and your family. Our prayers are with you. Enjoy the big birthday…don’t let Frank get you all into too much trouble, since he’s a Big Kid too! Best regards, Linda

Name: Nikki Weiner (Todd Weiner’s Wife)
Comments: Dave & Family: Todd has been keeping me abreast of the situation. Our prayers and thoughts are with each of you in days and months coming.

Name: Todd Weiner
Comments: My family is wishing you all the best in the drivers license test and upcomming surgery. We hope you have a very happy birthday too!

Name: The Greenwalds
Comments: Greetings to you all! We don’t think Andrew will have any problem passes his driving test! 🙂 Andrew, we wish you a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thinking of you all! Take care! The Greenwalds

Name: Donna Thibeault
Comments: Andrew rocks! Thanks for creating this page to keep us informed.

Name: Jeff, Donna and Nicholas Kane
Comments: Andrew, Our thoughts and prayers are with you fellow boy scout.

Name: Irene Oberbauer
Comments: Although I don’t personally know you Andrew, your father has kept me apprised of you and your health situation. I work with your father. We are all here supporting you on the sidelines. Just know that you have a lot of people who care about you, and I sincerely pray that you will find the strength to get through this. You have obviously been a real trooper so far. I had to chuckle when I read in your dad’s e-mail that you missed Confirmation. My son was confirmed on 5/14 and as he said, “he’s glad it’s entirely over!” Take care.

Name: Jeff Primes
Comments: Thanks for the website and updates. We, along with many others, have Andrew in our thoughts regularly. I get many inquiries from members of the Troop. If there is something that the Troop can do to help, please let me know. I know that you have the best doctors on your side. All of us wish the best possible outcome for Andrew in the coming weeks.

Name: Andrew and Walt Bochenko
Comments: Andrew: We have not forgotten!!! You are a gift from the heavens. We remember the canoe trip shared with your brother Alex. What a ride!!! You guys did homework in the back seat — I still cannot believe it. Dedicated to the improvement of your mind and intellect. BUT…. boys are still boys. We stopped several places for a bite to eat and laughed a-plenty. Heading West on Rt.10 near Palm Springs — honking the horn for maybe 60 seconds as a special salute to a driving exhibition (maybe longer if you count my cussing)done by a #$%^@&*&^$# driver. You guys made the long trip home bearable.Thanks! Andrew, thanks for contributing your humor and spice of life. We know you need all the prayers we can give, so know there is a mighty throng out here wanting to bear you up during this time of great difficulty. There WILL be more good times!!! Happy Birthday! Finish out the school year strong. We know you can do it. Andrew and Walt Bochenko

Name: Mike Struzik
Comments: Hang in there Andrew…even though we haven’t met (friend of your Dad’s), you’re in my thoughts!

Name: Frank Verga
Comments: I’ve driven with Andrew! Don’t let him get his license.

Name: Frank Verga
Comments: Thanks for the update. This is exactly the kind of information we need. This is a great way to avoid a million quesitons.

Name: Tom Reid
Comments: Andrew, I was glad to see you in church Sunday and happy for you that you got confirmed. (I don’t know if you’re a poker player, but I told Alex that seeing you two young Thibeaults standing on the altar was “a pair to draw to.”) I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to see you occasionally flash your smile. Not everybody is able to hold up under a heavy load and still share a smile with those around them who fret about lesser things. You’re my hero! For what it’s worth, when I was reading the prayer of the faithful about the sick of the parish, there was only one person on my mind, and that was you. Without trying to push my faith on anyone else, I pray that God gives you the strength and courage to deal with whatever awaits you. Let me know if I can help in any way, big or small. Tom Reid

Name: Cynthia, Rusty, Mitch and Connor Griffith
Comments: Hi Andrew! Mitch is in 776 with you. We pray every day for you and your family. Mitch asks about you all the time. Hang in there. I know how rough Chemo is. And on top of it, surgery, school, and projects, driving. We’re incredibly proud of you. God is with you all the time.

Name: Gail Talbott
Comments: Hi Dave! Doug sent me the website- of course you know that I will keep your son and your family in my prayers. Take care. Sincerely, Gail Talbott (Doug Mazzapica’s sister)

Name: Doug Mazzapica
Comments: I’ll never complain again about my sore knees!

Name: Barbara Spiro
Comments: The whole Spiro family sends their best thoughts, truly respects your strength and knows your great sense of humor will always be there!

Name: Gary Ernst
Comments: Hi Andrew !! You are one tough young cookie (Did you get that from your dad, I wonder ?? Maybe your mom — just kidding !!). I can joke about your daddy-Dave as I am an old friend of his from his Great Western Bank eons ago back when he was in good old “exciting” Pasadena. I am praying you are going to be on your way to a speedy and complete recovery after the treatments and hospital care very soon. Take care and keep your faith and believe in it — you have the power of God working for you in the hearts and prayers of many great people !! The “Big Guy in the Sky” as I sometimes call Him — loves you enormously! Sometimes he throws us some very big challenges in life, that may not seem fair at all. Did you know that God tests the ones he is closest to the hardest ?? One look at his only son J.C.’s life will verify that is true. But once you know that He really tests only those he is closest to and that He wants you to be tough and show Him your faith, you will

Name: james & edwina sipin
Comments: Congratulations on your confirmation!

Name: Dad
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