Comments from Supporters in 2005 – After April 12

Name: Nancy Byrne
Comments: Andrew, through this website and the love expressed herein by your family and friends, I have been awakend to the joy of living each moment. More importantly to giving to those I encounter in my daily life, your example of getting “on with it” (living a full and happy life) as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Name: Nicole Loeffler
Comments: Andrew, You are an inspiration and truly an angel sent by God. You are loved and missed. Thank you for everything you have given to this world. God Bless you.

Name: Lord Tennyson
Comments: Tears,idle tears, I know not what they mean, Tears from the depth of some divine despair rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes, In looking on the happy autumn-fields, And thinking of the days that are no more…Dear as remembered kisses after death, And sweet as those by hopeless fancy feigned on lips that are for others; deep as love, Deep as first love, and wild with all regret; O Death in Life the days that are no more!

Comments: no the ARIAD thing may not bring back Andrew, but maybe that is another purpose for Andrew’s life to instill that drive in you & us, to do what we can to help those in need, and fight for what is right, who knows these treatments could get us closer to discovering the CURE… And you should DEFINATELY get the tatto! May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for keeping our community with you through this web site. Love With Faith.

Name: Daniel Cuadra
Comments: Andrew, I didn’t know you, but I will see you in heaven one day, and my prayer is that even thru pain, you kept your faith in GOD.

Name: b rizzizzle fo shizzizzle
Comments: dave, get the tat!!! let me know when you do, i wanna go!!

Name: kelsey
Comments: andrew i never have met you but you will always be in my prayers….

Comments: This whole ARIAD thing—I’m feelin’ it! So, HOW DO WE JOIN THE FIGHT!!! I’m ready for a crusade–Tell us what to do next…

Comments: still thinking about you

Name: Gabrielle Ruiz
Comments: I think this is a great idea, to keep you in contact with the ones you love and who love you. Plus, it keeps you busy, doing something that makes you feel better. Keep up the good spirit. And remember there is always more to a day,…another. May God be with you.

Name: Tom Stoppard
Comments: Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.

Comments: checked the website, kept your family in my prayers. Perhaps the next time we BUMP into each other I can let my guard down. Your presence in my life has been a blessing. Thank you.

Comments: Nancy, we aren’t the closest of friends but yet when we talk our conversations are deep and true and really connect; yet I have avoided you for the past two years (OK maybe I winked in church from across the aisle). But couldn’t come close. Didn’t want to cry in front of you, didn’t want to bring you down. Grew up in a family that suffered great loss and after all these years your family’s story brought mch of it back. Both the good and the bad. Went to Sunrise yesterday and BUMPED into you-OK, OK – there are NO accidents. I love you, love Andrew, have Alex and Dave in my prayers (don’t know them as well). Your mom is a doll. Life is big and beautiful and HARD. I adnire your strength. As a mom I ache for your pain, as a Christian I want to both comfort you with familiar Bible versus and follow your example of FAITH. Yet we are just ordinary people,living life, loving family, and doing our best to be followers in Christ. I have prayed for you and your family almost daily, ch

Name: Maya Angelou
Comments: We, unaccustomed to courage exiles from delight live coiled in shells of loneliness until love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight to liberate us into life…….We are weaned from our timidity in the flush of love’s light we dare be brave and suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.

Name: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Comments: Oh child of paradise, boy who made dear his father’s home, In whose deep eyes Men read the welfare of the times to come, I am too much bereft. The world dihonored thou hast left. O truth’s and nature’s costly lid O trusted broken prophecy! O richest fortunes sourly crossed! Born to the future, to the future lost!

Name: Neil
Comments: Son, don’t wait till the break of day, cause you know how Time Fades Away!

Name: Miranda
Comments: Hi, Dave! Just thinking about you, Nancy and Alex. Hope you have fun at the concert this weekend \”/

Name: a kindred spirit
Comments: Beautiful words for a beautiful boy from his beautiful dad–looking for some sort of comfort in the aching emptiness of his lonliness–turning to the magic of the written word, both lovely and painful. You are a master, Dave.

Name: Anonymous
Comments: I did not get the chance to know Andrew personally, I have only know of him through a friend of mine in Encinitas, CA. But I must say, reading the updates about Andrew’s struggle, and reading through this guestbook has been so inspirational. I know that your family is strong, and you will get through this. You will perservere. You will stay strong and live your lives out fully. At this point, 111635 people have visited this website. That number is truly astonishing, and it really is a testament to the effect Andrew and the rest of you have had on those around you. His name is known will be remembered forever as his story is retold. From the deepest place in my heart, I wish nothing but the best for your family, and I feel that I have been truly priviledged to learn Andrew’s story.

Name: Kevin Barnett
Comments: Dave, It’s been quite some time since we spoke but I have thought about you and Andrew often. I knew you from SDCCU in Encinitas. I just want you to know you and your family are in my prayers and if you would like to get together you can reach me on my cell. In the case that this message goes into a public forum I will not leave my number. You can call Marianne Campbell. Your Friend, Kevin Barnett

Comments: 111555 people are devoted to you Andrew and the fam. You truly are an inspiration in life. You make all of us want to live our lives to the fullest. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we love you.

Name: cont.
Comments: He trusts that his parent knows where they are going, why they are going, how they are going. God created you to be His child…Grab His hand…trust Him.

Comments: To all who read here: When you have doubts, when you have questions, when nothing makes sense, remember…If God were small enough to understand, if we could put Him in a box and really know His thoughts from beginning to end, then He might not be big enough to worship. For if we could really know everything about Him, we would be His equal and that doesn’t really work, does it? This is where faith comes in; that while we don’t understand the why and how of what God does, we still believe and trust in Him. We believe in His love, we believe in His Son, Jesus, we believe in life everlasting for those who accept Christ as their Savior. If you want to be sure of where you are headed after this life, don’t waste the opportunity to cry out to God “Father, I want to know you as my Lord and Savior…I want to live with You and my loved ones in heaven.” Then have faith. Just like a child who can’t see above the crowd, he takes his parent’s hand and follows. He trusts that his parent kn

Name: 4/28/05
Comments: . . .an angel watches over all of us now

Name: Dylan
Comments: I will never forget all the times when we were togther with Frank and the guys. you will truely be missed.

Name: Jessica
Comments: I cannot believe that there have been 111,338 visits to this website- WHAT AN INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD…Good for you Andrew 😉

Name: Michelle
Comments: Andrew, I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet you because the stories Alex has shared with me about your faith and strength are amazing. Thank you for your inspiration to the rest of us. To Alex: Your friends on Palomar First love you and are thinking of you always. Hang in there. We’re here for you.

Name: Kali
Comments: Andrew i know your still reading this website!! and i know you are watching out for all of us!! Sunday gave me what i needed to understand that you will always be with us!!! luv you buddy!!!

Name: M.B.
Comments: Andrew i didn’t really get to know you as much as i wanted to but when we sat next to each otherin Spanish youv’e seem like a nice guy. I didn’t get to go to ur memorial but i heard it was really good. I’m so happy for ur family for having such a great son like you. You well be missed but we all know that ur in a very special place thats right your in a very special place your in heaven thats were all the angels go and you were one. You were an Angel and a Super Hero. God Bless you and ur family you’ll be miss but we all know that ur going to be with us where ever we go

Comments: Andrew i didn’t really get to know you as much as i wanted to know you. I couldn’t go to your memorial but i heard from everyone that is was really good god bless you and the rest of the tebo family for having such a nice son like you. You well be missed but ur spirit is still going to be here with us at school and every where we go.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: SO i heard that Andrews Celebration was truly amazing. I got so many emails informing me in on every detail, and all i could think was how i wish i could have been there. BUt andrew you were remembered all the way in venezuela, and i think that’s how it will be for eternity. The world nor life cant seperate you from us. Andrew thank you once again for lighting a burning blaze within me. I will never take life for granted.

Name: Angie Hanzen
Comments: It was a privilege and an honor to have had the opportunity to have met you. God took one of his greatest back home. You will be forever remembered.

Name: andrea
Comments: I’ve heard of what an amazing person you have been, and you have inspired so many people. May your soul be at peace. My heart goes out to your family and all your friends.

Name: Alex Higley
Comments: Thank you Andrew James Thibeault… I’ll never forget the lessons I learned from you, that will last a life time. You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. Hopefully I can live my life to the fullest bring faith into other peoples lives, as you have brought it into mine. One day I will see you again and will be able to thank you for all the inner strenght you’ve given me. You truly re-define the meaning of the word FAITH. There are no longer any boundaries. Nothing will ever stop you from running freely and as often as you like. Nothing is holding you back anymore. May you be in eternal peace with the Lord. You will never be forgotten. You will always live in my heart…ALWAYS, and FOREVER.

Name: a caring person….
Comments: Dave, Thank you for continuing to write to “us”. I am not only here for Andrew, but for you, Nancy, and Alex, too. I admire the strength you all have….it’s amazing. I was at the Celebration of Life memorial on Sunday and was blown away at all the support!! The speakers were all so full of class!! I’m sure Andrew is so proud and thankful! The memorial really made it possible to get a sneak peek into Andrew’s and it was great to “know” him (even though he doesn’t know me!). God bless you, sweet Andrew. May you live happily ever after.

Name: Monica Farinelli again…. sorry :-\
Comments: Every night since you have left me, (us) i always have seen the first star that has come out. Every night it is the first one that shows up and the first one i see. after i stare at it for a few seconds, more stars would appear but the first star i saw would remain the darkest. i knew from the very first time that it was you Andrew. i prayed and wished and prayed and wished that you were happy up there… is your star telling me you are? well i look for you tonight buddy… i’ll see you i know. i miss you. i’ll see you as soon as God has planned. promise me you’ll stay with me always. i love you and will never stop loving you. i will talk to you tonight 😀

Name: Stephen Chen
Comments: Everyone misses you forever and always. though i don’t know you well, i hope that you are always in everyone’s heart.

Comments: God knew he sent us an angel but what he didnt know is he also sent an inspiring, brave, strong, Superman of the 21st century! I knew god created great things but i didnt know he made em that great!!! i asked my mom once why we called the days people died anniversaries. ” I thought anniverseries were happy and death isn’t so why would you call it an anniversery?” she replied… “No, They ARE happy because its the day that someone enters a better place” Andrew, when every angel heard you were rejoining them, they cried out in joy. When humans on earth heard the news they cried out with mixed feelings. They knew they would miss you forever but they couldn’t wait for you to be able to be in heaven, with God and be able to look out for us. now that your up there you don’t need our prayers…we need yours!

Name: Clementime
Comments: Andrew-Sunday afternoon i celebrated your life, and it was beautiful. i still feel empty, but for now i can’t help but believe that you are safe,sound, and pain-free. i know you are regulating the fields of heaven; running, scoring, pimpin the ladies, and playing those drums…perhaps squirting people with a fire extinguisher…(muahaha). i miss you, but this IS life, one of which i will be doing in honor of you. i love you. Alex-i am still amazed at your speech. it took my breath away. you are such a role model to me, and i could only hope to grow up to be as good,intelligent and remarkable as yourself. Nancy your strength has surpassed my admiration. Andrew was with you, his engergy is everlasting. thank you to the Thibeaults, but mostly..Thank you Andrew. i love you. -Amanda Clemens

Name: Pam Reynolds
Comments: April 23, 2005 Dear Nancy, Dave and Alex, God bless you! From the moment we met you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Today, I pray, the essence of Andrews spirit, and the love he inspired, surrounds and comforts you..and brings you peace. God blessed us all with Andrew, of this I am certain! Long before his illness Andrew displayed the gifts of extraordinary talent, (in darn near everything); athletically certainly, and famously, his intellect, compassion, humor and courage. A bright young man with a good heart! However it is the beautiful essence of Andrew that stole our hearts. His great big beautiful smile stole mine! His intellect (apparent from day one), evident in his academic records (which are amazing by all standards of measure) impressed everyone (especially me)! Andrew’s personality so full of compassion, modeled by you his loving family, and wonderfully developed as a Scout; his impish jokes and zest for a taste of college life attracte

Name: Godmother
Comments: I know our message is supposed to be to Andrew but now I prefer to send word to him privately through prayer. I hope everyone understands. Instead I just want to thank all the people who are taking the time to write down what we ALL took from Andrew’s service. It was as strong and powerful as he was and therefore truly honored his life. I only smile a little because I think thank goodness it was. He would have been so mad at us if it had been anything less (:

Name: Every PC’s Memory
Comments: Cotter crashed my hard drive.

Comments: I love you

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: know these simple words from Bishop Brom will help me heal. May they help you heal as well.

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: more completely, these events: While in the grocery store recently, Bishop Brom came to an isle where a woman was speaking to someone on her cell phone. She was standing in front of an item the Bishop wanted, so he waited at a distance until she was done talking. In spite of his distance from the woman, he heard the conclusion to her call. She ended with the following words: “Bye for now, I love you, see you soon.” Bishop Brom thought of Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension and connected these events to the cell phone call. If Jesus would have spoken using contemporary language, he might have said those same words as the woman in a parting message to His disciples. So with Andrew, if we believe he is with Jesus, pain free and running again, then perhaps our way of thinking of him is to say, “BYE FOR NOW, I LOVE YOU, SEE YOU SOON.” My wish for anyone reading this website is that you may take comfort in these words. After Andrew’s death, my heart has been very heavy, but I

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: take advantage of all that USD has to offer by encouraging him to carry on with his life and live it with the zeal and balance that he already possesses. We will never Forget Andrew and his Supermanwill to survive and face his demon head on. But Andrew is with Jesus now, what better place than Heaven? He is fine, looking down on us and thinking we should be living the life he would have led had he been here to continue. In closing, I would like to offer a story that might help to lighten your spirits and those of others reading this website. The week after Easter, Bishop Robert Brom, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, visited my church, St. James, in Solana Beach. In his homily, he gave us a different insight into understanding the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus into Heaven. He told the following story to help us understand

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: Nancy, your speech made me feel the special love of a mother for her son. Even if you had to have the “last word” I’m sure that last word was in the best interest of your sons, even if they would not want to admit it. Your strength through this whole journey was tested many times, I’m sure. Like Dave and Alex, you “dug deep” to do all you could to help Andrew. Nancy, Dave and Alex, you have fought the good fight, did not give up and showed Andrew and this whole community a courage that is rarely seen. You have influenced us all to lead more “caring, vulnerable and kind lives,” in the words of Alex. For this, we are all very grateful. As the next days and weeks pass, please allow yourselves to begin to heal. Take time to do something you wanted to do but were too busy attending to Andrew. Nancy and Dave, celebrate Alex and all he has to offer. He is the kind of son every parent would love to call their own. He has two more years of college. Help him to take advantage of a

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: and make it better, right to the end when you sat by Andrew’s casket and asked God to bring him back. I can only imagine how you must have felt leaving Andrew for the last time, knowing you could do no more for him. Your speech, complete with props, helped us see another side of the dilemma Andrew faced when use of the orthopedic devices came into the equation. Your discussion with Andrew to use the devices provided a transition for him. Because of your discussion, Andrew chose to live and fight rather then sit on the couch waiting to die. I believe that Andrew would not have come to this decision in as timely a manner if left to his own decision-making abilities. Regardless of what Andrew might say, I believe you made a real difference in his life. You did all you knew how to do. No one could ask more.

Name: John Cotter cont.
Comments: the important things in living a focussed life when I stray off the track by being complacent or taking people and/or things for granted. you have a valuable gift, that of expressing your ideas with poise, grace, strength and aplomb. All this in the face of a type of adversity that none of us would wich to explore. Your message will not be lost to those who listened with their hearts. As you move through your life, know that others have observed these gifts in you. Use them to do great things in the world. You already have them in you. Find something you’re passionate about and put your gifts to work. Dave, your writings on this website over such a long time and your speech yesterday have touched me deeply. I sense the writing on the web might have been a catharsis for you, but you selfless sharing of Andrew’s and your family’s situation has forever changed our lives. You exemplify the father who does all he can for his ailing son to help him, wanting to control the situation

Name: brittany hincapie
Comments: the ceremony yesterday was so moving to me,and what so many of the speakers had to say really left a mark in my heart, and left me with my own and new observation on life!

Comments: andrew, you are a new angel that I talk to at night in my prayers, much love

Name: John Cotter
Comments: What an amazing tribute to Andrew’s life yesterday at LCC! All the speakers spoke from the heart. You touched us all. Many times my handkerchief wiped away tears of emotions I still cannot fully explain. Mike Giblin, great job man! You were in a difficult position and handled it with tenderness and class. Your anecdotes about Andrew between speakers and performers gave us more insite into who Andrew was from your perspective. Thank you for that. Alex, your speech was first class, with a message we all need to remember and apply in our lives. I am so proud of you for taking the risk to speak your true feelings and to encourage us to commit to living a life of passion and zest as did Andrew. You made yourself vulnerable through your honesty. You have such strength of character. I have been deeply touched by your words. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to get a copy of your speech. I’d just like to have it to remind me of the important things in living a focussed life when

Name: Adele Lapadula
Comments: I signed the guest book yesterday, but am still haunted by Andrew’s legacy; the positive energy, and pledge I made to myself to be kind and gentle and generous yet not forget my sense of humor. I wish I had known this remarkable young man… but somehow now, I feel as if I do.

Name: Just a friend (cont.)
Comments: LCC’s gymnasium was almost completely filled. If you added those who stood on the rail above the gym and the 180-200 in seats on the floor, then every seat might have been filled. Alex and Andrew’s father, Dave spoke last and added his own list. He added four things he felt Andrew would want to see in all his friends: 1. Know who you want to be and go for it. 2. Make every minute count. 3. Don’t let fear ever stop you. 4. There are no excuses.

Name: Just a friend
Comments: Alex really nailed it at the Celebration of Life service for his brother: “However you felt at the moment you heard about Andrew’s death, go with that feeling.” He continued: “Things that didn’t matter at that moment, still don’t.” In the 12 days since Andrew died, hundreds of people have grown into a community of people who are kind and caring and vulnerable because they have learned to trust each other. Alex urged everyone to hold on to those most positive feelings that have surfaced in the wake of Andrew’s death and apply them to the rest of our lives. “Maintain what you have learned … let’s continue to live like that.” He urged the graduating seniors to carry this to their colleges and share Andrew’s story with their new classmates. The words he kept coming back to were kindness, caring and vulnerability. It was really most humbly stated and as Alex walked away from the podium the audience erupted in applause and the stood on their feet. LCC’s gymnasium was al

Name: Adam Armstrong
Comments: It is amazing how many people there were at the ceremony yesterday. Many, many people cared for and were obviously touched by Andrew. Andrew, you will always be in my prayers and hopefully I will be with you in heaven someday. Although you have left this life behind, your joys are only now truly becoming realized. Even to those who barely knew you, you will always be an inspiration.

Name: Harry Cesna
Comments: Dave, I was greatly inspired yesterday by the Celebration of Life memorial for Andrew. Although, I only knew Andrew through you and his participation in sports with my son Nicholas. I am not surprised by the number of people Andrew touched because he was someone special who had the gift to inspire others. Nicholas attended the ceremony with me and brought the All-star hit he wore when he and Andrew played All-stars for LCYO. Nicholas felt that this would be a way to reconect with Andrew. Also, Nicholas has some fond memories of Andrew and their short time together that he his going to post on the Web page. Dave I want you to know that you come to mind ofen, and that my prayers have always extended to you, Andrew, and your family. I regret I have not taken more time to stay connected and share feelings, thought, or just to say Hi. I can justify the reason for not making contact, but that does not exuse me from contacting a friend. Dave, I have always considered you a friend and

Name: Amanda`
Comments: Great job andrew!

Name: Maria
Comments: “To Those I Love And to Those Who Love Me” When I am gone, release me, let me go. I have so many things to see and do. You musn’t tie yourself to me with tears. Be happy that we had so many years. I gave you my love, you can only guess how much you gave me in happiness. I thank you for the love you each have shown But now its time that I traveled on alone. So grieve awhile for me if you must. Then let your grief be comforted by trust. Its only for a while that we must part. So bless the memories, within your heart. I won’t be far away, for life goes on. So if you need me, call and I will come. Though you can’t see or touch me, I’ll be near. And if you listen with your heart, you’ll hear All of my love around you, soft and clear. And then, when you must come this way alone, I’ll greet you with a smile, And, “Welcome Home.”

Name: continued
Comments: just know from having the “last word” was very, very brave. I wish you could really see the impact that Andrew, the family and his friends have made on so many lives…that is my wish for you. Andrew will NEVER be forgotten. He will live in our hearts forever. I wish you time to heal and know that I will strive to become a better, more forgiving and kinder person. Thank you.

Name: From an LCC parent
Comments: Wow…what can one say after experiencing Andrew’s Memorial Service? I had so many emotions all at once..tremendous sadness, inspired, despair, privileged, amazed by all those who knew him, & comforted by the community spirit. From the Minister that spoke about being mad at God, to Alex from his heartfelt talk and bravery, Frank & Doug, Andrew’s teachers & friends and how they have become better teachers, Andrew’s cardiologist who’s life has changed because of Andrew, Ryan & Kelly…you broke my heart, it never makes sense when you lose someone so young, but you will see someday that life does go on, you will never forget and will continue to love Andrew & you will heal. Mike & Diane, you have inspried me with your continued strengh and so much giving to the family & I know that your in pain as well. Dave..your words continue to amaze me with your strength and Nancy…as a mother I have so many feelings, but none that could really comfort you. Just know that your having the “last w

Name: David Szymonik
Comments: Hey buddy i really miss u u have been an awesome mentor and friend to me u have taught me so much and i really feel horrible for not being there as much as i should have i really luv u and u r the couragous person i have ever know luv u so much

Name: Lanna Worley
Comments: What a wonderful tribute to Andrew’s life! It was both motivating and moving. It makes you cherish everyday more and more! Thank You!

Name: Susie Venancio
Comments: You all did a fabulous tribute. I admire and appreciate your devotion to your children. As parents you have done an outstanding job in raising your boys. We all should aspire to do the same. I hope that Andy and I will be able to influence our boys with a zest for life, thirst for knowledge, and an unbelievable spirit. Andrew has given me inspiration to carry within myself and to pass to my children. You are truly blessed.

Name: David Bratton-Kearns
Comments: Was at the service for Andrew at the high school yesterday. Flew down with Donna and Lauren. Fantastic day. Very emotional and inspirational. Honored & privileged to have attended.

Name: Stacey Canfield
Comments: Thank you for your strong light in an often dim world. You are a hero!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Today was perfect. Alex, you did your brother proud today. Dave, you gave us all an inside look to Andrew’s amazing journey. And Nancy, that was one “last word” I’m sure Andrew will cherish forever. I love you all.

Name: Sandy Thoma
Comments: Alex,Thanks for the challenge to be kinder, care more and be vulnerable. Andrew’s memory will be honored as we carry that spirit forward and touch hundreds of others for years to come. I was so moved.

Name: Steve McPherson
Comments: You will always be remembered

Name: the ernst family
Comments: what a wonderful tribute to you today. We feel so lucky to have known you! Our prayers are with you and your family and miss you.

Name: Ray Combs
Comments: Moved! That is the best way to describe my feelings after attending the celebration of Andrew’s Life today. Although I did not know Andrew very well I feel a strong connection to his spirit and the way he lived his life (I am not referring to his affection for hot chicks). I met Andrew through my old boss Dave Thibeault (He was tough to work for… always cracking the whip on us). In all seriousness I was honored to be present for such a moving tribute. I am extremely thankful to Dave, Alex , and all the others who were part of the celebration of Andrew’s life. I hope to keep Andrew’s spirit and tenacity alive in my heart all the days of my life. Ray

Comments: I love you Andrew. Words can’t express what you mean to me. You make me look at life in a whole new way. “In the future I can’t wait to see, if you opem up the gates for me.” We all know where you are, and thats right here. You never left us. You’re here in the morning, afternoon, evening, and the middle of the night. You never leave my mind ever. You are all I can think about which is the reason this is my third time writing on here within a few minutes. Watch over us. Be my guardian angel. Every angel god sends must return at some point and now was this angel’s time. I will look for you in the future… I hope your looking for me too.

Name: Monica Farinelli again
Comments: I come on here every day and every day I cry at all the entries. SOOOOOOOO many people give you there entire support and and will let you lean on them anytime including me. In no time at all 110,000 people will have visited your website in two years. You people have turn into quite the celebrities.

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: At the Celebration of life today, Alex, your speech was hilarious and touching. Nancy, I’m so glad you always have to have the last word! 😉 And Dave, your speech made me understand more about Andrew’s conditions. I am going to visit sometime soon. I have to… I just have to. Do you realixe that throughout the whole time Andrew was sick I didn’t visit once? That is why i must visit. I WILL see you soon. Lots of love, Monica Farinelli

Name: emilyendres
Comments: the celebration of your life today was amazing Andrew. You are amazing, watch over us babe. We love you

Comments: Andrew, I have come to terms with myself and I understand that you are no longer here with us in life but your are for sure here with us in spirit. As I was in the LCC gym today being reminded of what a kind, talented and wonderful person i will miss i saw you, heard you and remembered the first time i met you, the first time you made me laugh, the first time i got to know that you were a very special person! Andrew you will never be forgotten you truley are Superman!! and i will miss you my vacumm!!! Love always you Loud Speaker!!!

Name: Susie Dixon
Comments: I just spent two of the most beautiful hours hearing such wonderful thoughts and feelings about a most amazing young man. I wanted to write sooner, but was unsure of how to express my feelings adequately. As a mother, I could not imagine living through these past two and half years watching helplessly as your son battled through such a horrific fight. You all have lived through the unimaginable…today must have brought such beauty hearing about all the beautiful ways your son has touched so many hearts. I marvel at your strength. I appreciated your sharing of this special day with all of us. We are supposed to comfort you and yet you all have given us such comfort by sharing your son’s life with us. You raised two amazing young men who have and will continue to impact so many in immeasurable ways. May God Bless You!

Comments: we miss u

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: I hate the fact that i can’t say as i have every time before i’m about to come home from school, “i’ll be coming to visit you soon andrew” but i’ll always be with you in my thoughts and prayers. i love you so much

Comments: hey bud…we are coming to celebrate your life tomorrow. i want you to know it wont be the last. we all love you and superman is celebrated always.

Name: Terry Gardner
Comments: Dave, I saw this quote and thought of how your son has made an impact on my life, even though the only Thibeault I ever knew was you. You are in truly in my prayers. Love, Terry “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” Flavia Weedn

Name: Robbie Kilborne
Comments: Andrew you will always be kept in prayers, and never forgoten. You were an insperation to us all. In life there are not a lot of people that you look up to, with you its another story. Your courage and absolute kindness has made you one of my role models. You will never be forgotten.

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Dear An-man, Its has taken me a litte too long to face the fact that your physical pressence is no longer here. It makes it so much easier to know that while we are living our day-to-day lives, you are watching over us. I am relieved that you are no longer suffering and that people recognize your great courage and strength. I think of you and your family everyday. I love you!

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Hey Thibeault family! I just wanted you, ALex to know that I am not the celebrity!!! When you said that I felt like saying, “You’re not the one meeting a celebrity. I’ll see you tomorrow at the Celebration of Life! I can’t wait to see you again

Comments: It’s been 10 days now. And I have missed Andrew greatly. Cried a lot. Worried about Nancy, wondered when Dave would fill us in again, sent prayers out to Alex – loosing a sibling is indescribable – lost mine 41 years ago and it’s always a part of your life (both good and bad). Was dreading Sunday, but now all of a sudden I’m looking forward to it. I want to talk and hear about Andrew, not in the sad sense, but with humor. I want to hug and cry and remember. I want to celebrate! I want to share with others. I want the “unity” in the community that Andrew’s story created. He was all about caring and sharing and laughter. Sure we’ll cry, but most of all I’m looking forward to talking not about death, disease, or sadness. I want to remember the guy. See you Sunday at the celebration, at the school, where he was the guy. The guy HE sent to us to make us all ask why? Why are we here? How shall we live? What difference will we have made when we die. Bless you Andrew.

Comments: Dave, Please keep us posted as to what we can do to help you. You don’t know me, but you have my heart and I want to help in some way….I’m sure others feel the same. Can you please update your “ways to participate” and let us know what we can do to help you? Thanks.

Name: reminded me of you..
Comments: i dont believe in four leaf clovers or the luck they’re suppose to bring ive used all my wild cards but theres something i can do.. to get close to you ive got dreams of love and i love you i know you feel the same way too i feel your spirit when youre near me and when youre away somehow, somewhere ill see you again but until then..ive got dreams of loving you. thinking about every little thing we ever did crazy, sipping on that memory lane that lane never closes seven days of the week i can drive in my sleep. cause ive got dreams of loving you…

Name: Connie Thompson
Comments: Dear Ones~ I think you are the bravest family I have ever worked with in all my years as a Pediatric nurse. Thank you so much for the wonderful privilege. God bless you!

Name: A Friend
Comments: In the future, can’t wait to see If you open up the gates for me Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend Try to black it out, but it plays again When it’s real, feelings hard to conceal Can’t imagine all the pain I feel I’d give anything to hear half your breath I know you’re living you life — after death Every step I take, Every move I make Every single day, every time I pray — I’ll be missing you Thinking of the day, when you went away What a life to take, what a bond to break — I’ll be missing you It’s kinda hard with you not around Know you in heaven smiling down Watching us while we pray for you Every day we pray for you Til the day we meet again In my heart is where I’ll keep you friend Memories give me the strength I need to proceed The strength I need to believe

Name: Annie Heberle
Comments: Andrew, you are amazing. Your spirit is everywhere. We are so blessed to have you as our guardian angel. I love you with all my heart and you will always be remembered.

Name: Mary Duggan
Comments: Although I’d never met Andrew, I know about the love his friends at San Dieguito have for him. His love and light will live on in the plethora of people he has inspired and touched. My thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. Mary Duggan SDA Teacher

Name: Harry Cesena
Comments: Dave sorry to hear of Andrew’s passing, God Bless you and your family.

Comments: “But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” -Mathew 6:33 Remember to look to Him for your comfort, understanding, and Peace. He will guide you threw these times. RIP Superman! May God Bless the Tibeault famliy. Stay strong!

Comments: The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Comments: Dave – “When you draw close to God, God will draw close to you.” James 4:8 TLB

Name: ee
Comments: just thinkin about you andrew <3!

Name: DL
Comments: Nancy, Dave and Alex: I am so very sorry. Your pain and suffering is unimaginable. I did not know Andrew, but I am one of the many that wish I had. This world has lost a great soul. He was truly an amazing example of what a really kind and caring person should apsire to be. I hope you find peace and comfort wherever you can. xxoo

Comments: my heart goes out to andrew and his family… i didn’t know him personally but i have heard what an amazing person he is.

Comments: My heart goes out to you, Tebo family. Remember that its ok to feel.

Name: Jennifer
Comments: I didn’t know Andrew personally but when my cousin told me what had happened and how heartbroken she was, my heart went out to all those affected by this and all I can really do is send my prayers out to these people and hope that things look up.

Name: Chris
Comments: I didn’t know Andrew, but what I here from his cousin was that he was pretty cool. My prayers go to all of Andrews family, and to Andrew too. One day there will be an end to all the suffering…

Comments: Just thinking about Nancy, Dave, and Alex…I hope you find peace in just knowing that he will live in your hearts and will be with you all forever. From a mother that knows

Comments: You will never be forgotten. God’s Angel…Our Superman

Name: cont.
Comments: where words aren’t needed, where you can simply feel the overwhelming amounts of love for you for without a single sound. I have to. I was raised believing the good were rewarded, and after watching these ideals crumble over the past couple years, I am clinging to faith. I just recently finished reading Tuesdays with Morie and there was a line that has been playing through my mind since April 12th. It read, Death ends a life, not a relationship. I am going to remind myself of this line each time Breathe comes on the radio, when I look out my window and see the empty sidewalk where our Circulo Adorno chats would take place, or the hour before I perform where, as my manager, you used to calm my nerves. You may not be here physically, but you are forever in my thoughts, my memories, my prayers, and my heart. I love you. Kiley

Name: Kiley
Comments: Andrew, I have read the guest book since the first entry, yet I never had the courage to actually place my own. I was too afraid that people would criticize or be unmoved by what I wrote or even worse, that I would appear vulnerable against the thousands who read your website. Yet, when I left your house Sunday night, still unable to say those three deceivingly easy powerful words, I realized this same wall guarding my emotions would ultimately cause me the most guilt and grief. Only you, as you lay in bed communicating by the squeeze of a hand, could continue to teach me about life and request me to reflect on my own. I am so grateful you did. If I hadn’t told you that I love you and will always love you, I cannot imagine the added pain and anguish I would be experiencing right now. Its funny how those three words that seemed so impossible to say two weeks ago, now do not even come near to doing justice to express how I felt. But I believe that you are in a place now

Comments: Dave, your writing is amazing. Thank-you for sharing your moments with Andrew with us all. I’m a writer too and i can’t imagine how painful it must have been for you to physically write what you’ve shared with us. I am so sorry for your pain but wanted to let you know that what you’ve written is beautiful and takes so much courage. Andrew is proud and IS listening, even if he’s not allowed to respond. Please continue the updates. You and your family are as important to us all as Andrew is.

Comments: hey dave i heard that you went down to where they creamated Andrews body. thats narly i don’t think i could do it. he was defnitely a stud so he deserved it but that had to be hard.all right keep up the good writting. we love Andrew!!!!

Name: A concerned soul
Comments: Dave, In this time of need I would like to do something nice for you. I am an interior decorator and I would like to help you with a redesign (if you’re interested). I will be in touch. Keep up your spirited writings as they are an inspiration to me. My thoughts are with you and your family. CS

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Usually I would be writing this to Andrew but this time I want to praise the family. WOW is all I can think to say. You guys are the strongest, bravest people I have ever had the honor to meet. You guys were the perfect family for Andrew. I read the “What’s New Page” all the time but sometimes the writing doesn’t make sense to me, an 11 year old girl. I don’t know if you saw Lynn and Rachel Smith’s entry but me not understanding reminded of their message. Someday I will understand why some things happen and why but… right now all I can do is try to understand. I’ve shed many tears for Superman and talk to him every night and day. When people say never “never forget” I find that crazy! It should be “how could you forget?

Name: 107099 – WOW
Comments: Look at the multiples of people that your son has touched and will live forever in the hearts of all these people – what a miracle! Your family has touched the lives of a community like nothing we have ever seen – “Tebo” Family – you are a blessing to us all – thank you for sharing Andrew’s story with all of us so that we can all know that life is to be cherished every day – that every day is a miracle AND a blessing. May the Lord, Jesus Christ, be ever present in your lives holding you so close to Him!

Name: maria
Comments: Sometimes God just says, “Enough! Come home.”

Comments: to be ready to write this message. I have read the notes from people sharing their thoughts in the message log to the regular updates by Dave, Andrew’s father. I have known Dave for about 25 years and I truly saw the depth of his despair in his recent writings. There is nothing wrong in that. I see and hear the loss felt by Dave, Nancy and Alex, but only they understand it. Everyone grieves in their own way and for as long as they need to. I am thankful that Dave chooses to share his thoughts with us. Andrew, rest in peace dear, sweet boy.

Name: Deborah Collette
Comments: For as long as this website has been up and running, I have followed Andrew’s life. The bottom line is that this is and was a kid who touched others in so many different ways. The Eagle Scout project was remarkable because it offered an escape to many others in the same situation that Andrew experienced. He jumped in and did it because it just needed to be done. I read messages from classmates, teachers, medical staff, as well as family and friends who all saw a part of Andrew that many of us did not see. Almost daily, I cried because of the messages I read. The kind words from the shy student who remembered Andrew talking to her in class, the wound care nurse who said that Andrew remembered the names of her kids and instructed her on some wound care tricks that she planned to share with other caregivers, and dear friends and family who will all be forever touched by his kindness, smile and humanity. Peace. At different times in our life we all need to find it. It took me a while

Comments: Dear Dave, Nancy and Alex…your loss is more than anyone can ever imagine if they have never gone through what you all have. May you find comfort in his memory and legacy. You will find Andrew in all that you do, all that you feel. Dave, you WILL one day find comfort, try to put your anger aside and see that there are people that want to help you through your pain. Your son Alex needs you more now than ever before, please don’t forget him in your pain. Alex is a wonderful son, please find the gifts in him, he has so much to give you as you do for him. May God love you and guide you. God Bless.

Comments: The miracle you were given, the “grace” to receive to feel and touch and be “concrete” happened May 30, 1987 when a new life began to be a part of your life, Dave. Sometimes we get confused and don’t really see God in action. How empty life would have been without the short time of this young soul who brought so much joy and love into your life. I’m so sad for your loss and words cannot express how unfair these last three years have been for you. No parent should have to suffer such an unimaginable journey and loss. My prayer for you is that someday…. you’ll find comfort again; you’ll want to live again and have that zest for life your son had, and you’ll see the little miracles in everyday life that we sometimes overlook. That’s where you’ll find God.

Name: con’t
Comments: rest and now at peace. Thank you for sharing this beloved child of God with us all. He will be missed, but trust that Andrew will live on in our hearts.

Name: Cynthie Bond
Comments: Nancy, Dave, and Alex, I was Andrew’s ninth gd. Confirmation teacher. And while I could expand on Andrew, it is you, Nancy, Dave, and Alex that I wish to address. Julian of Norwich, a 14 c. visionary wrote, “Here I saw part of the compassion of our Lady, St. Mary; for Christ and she were so united in love that the greatness of her love was the cause of the greatness of her pain. For as much as she loved him more than all other, her pain surpassed that of all others. For always, the higher, the stronger, the sweeter that love is, the more sorrow it is to the lover to see the body which he love in pain.” At this most crucial time, may God’s sustaining comfort be equal to your love for Andrew. And while we are all stunned by his passing, we understand it is you who are left to carry the greater burden, the greater pain. As the Communion of Saints, we hope to sustain you in that loss, conveying our deepest love and support for all of you, as well as Andrew, a child of God now at r

Name: Megan
Comments: Andrew…I am not really sure how and if i can put into words the way i feel. But i think that you know what i am feeling and thinking. I wanted to say thank you. I also wanted to let you know that what you said to me the last time i was with you meant so much to me, i cant even put it into words. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. I miss you andrew, we all do. And i hope you can hear my prayers and songs in heaven. Love you, thank you. See you later.

Name: Katelyn
Comments: I saw another broken sprinkler tonight..shooting straight into the air…This time I smiled. Those are signs I swear. It makes me feel comforted knowing that I see them though. Keep em’ coming, cuz we do see them. Missin’ you man. Love you!

Comments: thinking of you always buddy!

Name: jordy
Comments: thinking about you all the time, dear. miss you, andrew… thinking about you too, alex… can’t wait to see you this summer!

Name: Jeaneth Green
Comments: Andrew: Wheter you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying: ” This is the way : walk it” Isaaiah 30:21

Name: DAVE

Comments: I don’t understand what your trying to say Dave….????

Name: jamie lee
Comments: thinkin of you andrew. forever and always you have taught me a new meaning of life. forever flying superman.

Name: Camille Bradley/ your former employee at SDCCU
Comments: Dave, my prayers go out to you and your family on the passing of Andrew. I never met him, but from reading about him through this site i know he was a terrific young man. So now it is time to celebrate his life, because you will see him again! Hang in there DAVE, Love CAMILLE

Name: Brandon Thibeault
Comments: FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE: My band, Bretley & The Deal, will be performing on April 29th (my fathers one year anniversary) at Sierra Canyon Middle School in Chatsworth, CA from 1:00 to 7:00. The event is a school fair, we are the entertainment for the day and were devoting our performance to Andrew and Denis Thibeault. We’re also using this as a platform to raise money for the San Diego clan of the Thibeault family…Also in memory of Andrew, I will be playing the gig on his drumset, an honor im not nearly worthy of accepting…Please come out and see the show and support Andrew & Denis…also come to eat the food, play the games and enjoy all the wonderful things the fair will have to offer! For more information please email me at or call me at 818-515-7412. I hope to see all of you there showing your support for two incredible people im lucky to have known.

Name: Larry the Link in CO
Comments: Dave, Once again, some very moving, personal moments you had the grace to share with us all. Thank you, you made us all feel the intensity of grief from a loving father who misses his precious son more than anything. Somehow I missed the cliches.

Comments: It sounds like something pretty special went on last night!! Share with the rest of us….

Name: Keely Nunez
Comments: Hey Andrew, I only got the chance to meet you once. I just want you to know that you are an inspiration to so many people. It’s amazing how one person can affect so many. You’ve made me appreciate life, and as cliche as it sounds, to just truely embrace everyday. My thoughts, and prayers and love go out to you and your entire family.

Name: Spanish Fly
Comments: Marc Sawyer is the True Gabooey.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: TO ALL OF YOU POSTING ON THIS SITE: You all are amazing, and it is you who will help this family through the hard times. All your messages, all your thoughts and prayers will be remembered fondly, and you are what power this amazing family to move forward.

Name: Ryan Caputo
Comments: My Heart Goes out to the Friends and family of Andrew…..Rest In Peace, Brother.

Name: Jake
Comments: Andrew…i barely knew you. yeah, we talked, but i never really got to know you. but i feel like we have been friends for years. i have heard tons of storys about you from those who were fortunate to share more time with you than i got too. From the fire extinguisher story to your basic everyday humor. you were an amazing kid superman and i miss you so much. i am not an emotional guy and it is weird to be feeling all this. i am so happy that you are no longer suffering but yet so sad that you are gone. but i have felt your presence, especially at the candle lighting ceromony. you broke that sprinkler because you did not want everyone to be sad. but you are a true hero and people cant help but mourn. last night was the coolest sign, after hearing all the stories about u, i wanted another sign, and asked you to give me one. and you came and visited me in my dreams. it was awesome. Feel free to come any time. thank you Andrew and come see us again buddy. forever remembering~

Comments: andrew, i just wanted to express how amazingly loved you were by one of my precious friends, whos like a little sister to me…monica farinelli. stud, she loved you so much, as if you were part of her family. you saw what she did for you, her gorgeous paintings…and i know you loved them by that smile on your face and the opening of your eyes. she loves you with all of her huge heart andrew…i want you to especially watch over my girl, monica. she cared for you through letters, actions, and thoughts. she misses you dearly, as im sure she has told you through prayers. monica deserves your undevided attention andrew, and i know you…you’ll give it to her. you are everywhere andrew, i feel you…i feel your energy, i feel your power. i love you. watch over me. LOVE, YOUR STUD#1

Comments: thinking of you and loving you with ALL of my heart. you will forever play a huge part in my life. i love you, stud. <3 kt

Comments: Dave, Thank you for sharing your moments from Friday with all of us. You are very good at reciting “cliches”, so I’m sure you know the one: “A watchpot never boils”. Andrew is there with you….he never left you. No magic may have occurred when you asked it to, but I feel that you have plenty of “signs” that Andrew is there with you. Your heart knows the truth. Stay strong, but cry as often as you need to – I found that it’s helped me. All of our shoulders are here for you to cry on whenever you need us. Please also keep us informed of your needs (meals brought to the house, house cleaning, etc.) We are here to help and expect you to let us! Love to you, love to Andrew, and love to your family….

Name: Leslie Mauerman
Comments: Andrew: May God welcome you with open arms–Dieter knew you when he was at La Costa Heights, now finishing at the Academy, where there are many prayers for you and your family also…

Name: kel
Comments: Just thinking about you andrew. I LOVE YOU

Name: Angie
Comments: May God rest your soul.

Name: Jenny Milosch
Comments: Andrew, you are in a better place now, and finally free of your pain. My prayers are with the rest of your family as they are going through these hard times. Alex- I know I speak for all of us at USD when I say that we love you and we are here for you always.

Name: emily endres
Comments: Last night i shared your star with two great people. We just sat in the parking lot looking up through the window. The star almost shined as bright as you do andrew! You will never be forgotten and we will never stop talking thinking caring about you. You are here with us and looking out for each one of us. THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS ANDREW 😉 love you lotsss

Name: Llysia
Comments: superman. we miss you dearly. Its funny how much the word FAITH appears all over everything now. that is becuase you brought it to us. you will always and forever be our inspiration in life, and for that i thank you. keep on running as fast as you can and playing those drums so loud that we can hear you. you are an angel of god and the superman of our world. Watch over your family,everyone is praying for them. i will always love you

Name: Sogand
Comments: Andrew, I don’t know you, and i know that you never knew me, but hearing about this just makes you really want to reach out, and that’s what I’m doing. I know it’s a little late, but from what I have read and seen, you will always be remembered and loved by all your friends, family and even people who didn’t know you – like me. I hope your doing great in your new place, and that you will always be happy.

Name: Andrew Heidari
Comments: Hey, i am sorry to hear the bad news. May he lay in good hands now.

Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: I’m sorry we have written for a while. It is so hard to put into words how deeply sorry we are for your loss. Our love and prayers go out to the entire Thibeault family. Andrew you will be greatly missed by all, but we are thankful that you are out of pain and are in heaven with the Lord. We have been looking at pictures of you when you were younger and you always had a big smile on your face. Your wonderful smile, and your ability to touch so many lives with your courage and positive attitude will live on forever! God Bless you all!

Name: Colette Armstrong (wound care nurse)
Comments: For Nancy – thank you for the privilege of caring for your son. I cherish those moments in your home, changing Andrew’s wound VAC and listening to him joke around. There were days he was in obvious pain, and yet he’d ask me how my day was and always remembered the names of my children. He taught me a few wound care tricks that will be passed on to other nurses and patients. When I pray for him now, I feel a sense of joy — he was chosen by God for something much greater than anything we can understand on this earth. If he could talk to all of us now, I believe he would ask everyone to celebrate his life instead of mourning him. Remember the good moments– especially the funny ones– and carry out your lives abundantly. God Bless You and your family. What a gift Andrew was!!!

Name: Jen Brown
Comments: We miss you, superman..

Name: Godmother
Comments: I told Mike the other day that I wasn’t ready to do this, not yet able to verbalize my feelings. The pain is too deep, too raw. Subsequently and on a lighter note, Mike now thinks one of your last great accomplishments was that you left me speeechless. I know you’re laughing. You know I love you.

Name: Cecilia Kasperick
Comments: Andrew, I know you’re no longer present on earth. If I would have known about this site, I would have written sooner. However, I don’t think it’s too late. You can hear now, I’m sure of that. As a matter of fact, I think you’re in a good spot to help all of us still on earth. Your life was an awesome example of generousity and self sacrifice. I’m in awe with your Eagle Project and inspired by your tenacity to help others when you were suffering so much. Thank you for being exactly who you were, are and always will be. An incredible son of God. Enjoy paradise. We’ll see you soon. In Christ, Cecilia Kasperick USD Resident Minister (On Alex’s hall)

Name: shelly
Comments: i cry every day in the pain of missing you, but am always consoled knowing you’re running free now. you always made my days in the hospital brighter when i got to see you…i can’t even begin to articulate how much you’ve impacted me. miss you and love you forever. i can’t wait for when the day comes for me to see my boy again <3superman

Name: maria
Comments: don’t worry, andrew. alex is hanging in there. please tell me what to do so i can help him. he will never be an only child as long as he has you in his memory. love you..

Name: joe
Comments: Andrew~ i always enjoyed being in your presence. your spirit was so uplifting and inspiring, to be sad around you was not possible. you touched an endless amount of people with you tremendous courage. our memories together will forever be with me and i thank you for that. god picked a heck of a job for you and you defeated the darkest evils with your bravery. you will always be right where you belong…in my heart.

Comments: Forever in our hearts ANDREW TEBO…. you will forever be our Superman both down here on Earth and up there in Heaven

Name: Shannon
Comments: Not a day has gone by without thoughts of Andrew and his strength…thinking and praying for you and your family daily superman…

Name: Jen
Comments: Noting is more beautiful then strength in a wicked world. Your life and your love will remain in our hearts for an eternity and we will see your face in our moments of darkeness and remember you. And in those moments we will pick ourselves up, lift our faces to the sky, and continue on as you did.

Name: Jenny Sondag
Comments: Andrew has been an inspiration to us all. His life has touched many of us. I feel blessed to have known him. He will always be missed and never be forgotten. God bless Andrew and his family.

Name: Fletcher Fields
Comments: Andrew, We only met once a long time ago at St. Andrews, but I have thought a lot about your life and how much it affected so many people. I only knew of you and knew your mom pretty well, but I can’t stop thinking about you and your struggle these past few years. My youth group at St. Andrews talked about you for a long time tonight and it was great. Everybody had something to say, all positive things, and everybody was greatly moved by your story. Thank You Andrew.

Name: elena bloom
Comments: andrew i never got the chance to meet you, but i met your mom when you were in my mom’s hospital. she is a very very nice lady and that shows in you. you are an insparation to me and everyone. rest in peace andrew. much love. <3elena

Name: Nancie Lofgren
Comments: Thank you Andrew for touching my life! I pray you are now in the arms of Jesus and all the pain is gone and you can run! I tried to help you walk again and oh how you tried! I know that you are running in heaven!!! I pray for God’s peace and joy over your home Nancy and in your heart.

Name: kimberly
Comments: a luminaria was lit last night in loving memory of andrew at the american cancer society’s relay for life. those luminarias lit the way for hundreds of UCLA students to walk for 24 hours around what would have otherwise been a dark track. the fight will never end! with love and prayers for you andrew, and the thibeault family.

Name: Hanly Family
Comments: Your courageous battle inspires us all-may God’s arms embrace you and comfort you at this difficult time.

Name: Another LCC Mother
Comments: Dear Family $ Friends of Andrew…so many things have come to mind since Andrew’s passing none of which are worthy to write..Just please know that not one day goes by when all of you aren’t thought of and prayed for. Just know that Andrew will always be in everyone’s heart that he touched whether he knew them or not. This is truely one amazing story that should not go untold…it will keep Andrew’s legacy alive. Who know’s, it just might help someone else out there that wants to give up…Andrew NEVER gave up and that one of the lessons to be learned. I also feel God had a job for Andrew to fulfill, and fulfill he did. He was able to pull an entire community together in hearts and mind as well as extend himself to outer corners of the world, he got his message across. He lived out his life with spirit, dignity, compassion, love, humor, I could go on and on…but if you asked any one person about how Andrew affected their lives, it would all be very different with one common threa

Comments: good luck

Name: anonymous
Comments: god bless you andrew. god bless the thibeault family.

Name: Katelyn
Comments: So I prayed last night…again. And I just KNEW with all my heart that you are happy. It made me smile, instead of cry. Thank you! Miss you, love you!

Name: cont. Your Clementime
Comments: you around. I miss you superman. but you’ll be running through my heart always…as fast as you want. love forever-amanda clemens

Name: Your Clementime
Comments: As i sit here and think of what to write, i can not even begin to think of words that could explain because i have never felt what i am feeling now. I am happy that you are free of pain. I am sad that we can no longer make memories. i feel regret and sadness that you are gone and didnt deserve one bit of this.but andrew, i feel your energy. i want to make a point of thanking you…for including me in your life. a life that i will cherish unitl the day i join you. (and what a great day that will be). As much as i am hurting and missing you right now i am so relieved that you are in God’s hands. i will forever miss you calling me “CLEMENTIME”. not a day goes by that i dont drive by the place we crashed the pimped out Buick and laugh out loud. i will never forget our good times. you have some amazing people on earth that really love you andrew. including myself.”FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I hope that is true…and if it is. I’ll be seeing

Name: DeDe Phillips
Comments: It’s about midnight and I just got back from the rock climbing trip to Joshua Tree – lots of memories of you Andrew and Alex and your Dad, of course. Brothers talking in a tent, charging up a bunch of boulders, dumping food on the ground, everything competitive – even spanish counting!Thanks. Alex & Dave want to climb Mt Whitney this summer?

Name: cuz Bill
Comments: my new vocablary…..motivation, admiration, superman, inspiration, friends, strength, big bro. And many more. It’s all the same. It’s ANDREW.

Name: Kristen Grassi
Comments: Hey Andrew a lot of people r mouring you. We all miss you over at LCC. We love you RIP

Name: Natassia
Comments: As I sit here and reminisce on everything life has to offer, and I think of all you have accomplished in the past three years alone it really makes me re-evaluate how I am living. Not that I am living badly, I just see how you lived life, Andrew, and I know I could live and love better. Alex, Nancy and Marc said…everything that was good in Andrew lives in all of you. You were all so essential in his life, as much as he was in yours. Your family is such an amazing group of people. You should all feel so amazingly blessed. God loves you and so do I!!!

Name: Andrew McMillin
Comments: I pray for the repose of your soul and the consolation of your family. You are living in the presence of God, how great it is, cant wait to be where you are. You are in peace and home again.

Name: Anonymous
Comments: Andrew, you are home now. In the arms of God and the arms of the angels. Thank you for being in my life for you are the greatest inspiration one could ask for. My love and prayers go out to you, your family, your friends and loved ones. Words can’t begin to explain my feelings for you. So, I will end this with I love you, take care, and I’ll see you when I get there.

Comments: stud, i think of you constantly. not a moment goes by when i dont miss you. im jealous of your paradise now. where you are, is where i belong…where you are, is where i wanna be. although youre not here and it makes me sad, our talks through my prayers make me so glad to hear that you are happy. i miss you. not a moment goes by when i dont see things that remind me of you. i love you more than you can ever know. and i long for the day that i see you again. miss you, am thinking of you, and am so glad that you are free. you deserve heavenly treatment. thank you for touching our little town with the fingers of Heaven. thank you for all youve done for me. watch over me. i miss you. dont ever forget our times together. i dont even know how to end this…but i do know that this is not my last i write you, or the last i speak to you. i love you andrew. straight up, pure love. keep your eye on me, make sure i dont mess up. forever my love will be with you.

Name: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: We’re all saddened with the recent loss. To help ease the pain and provide the family with those happy memories we all have of Andrew we are assembling a memory book for Nancy, Dave and Alex. The book will contain those special photos, writings or stories you would like to share. If you would like to create your own page please use 12″ X 12″ strap hing pages (available at Michaels). Once you’ve completed your page please drop off at my house or at my work. Please get them to me by April 20th. I know the family will treasure these happy memories for a lifetime. Thanks, Carol Konoske 3551 Sitio Baya 753-7538 or Contract Carpet 436-9030 work

Name: allisa
Comments: i know u can fite it! may god be with you!

Name: Gidget-SDA
Comments: Andrew was such an inspiration to all. I didn’t even know him and he touched me more than words can describe. I started to follow andrew’s story after talking to a friend. Andrew has touched so many lives. I only wish that I could have had the pleasure to meet such an amazing human being. Not many people can touch those they don’t even know but he managed to do it with his strength, great outlook, and loving heart. God Bless you and your family. Always in our hearts.

Name: Juanita Belasco
Comments: God Bless You, you were a special soul.

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: WE feel helpless here on the ship, but we thank God for blessing our lives with Andrew for 17 years. OUr friends on the ship have ordered a cake for the 24th of April. AS they know how much kelly and i wanted to be with you all , but the cake says WELCOME HOME ANDREW. so we will be there with everyone in spirit, remembering the awesome man ANdrew was. And everything he did for all of us. Andrew thank you for everything .

Comments: I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.

Name: kaley kenney
Comments: ill be missin you….

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: I love you Andrew, thinking of you always.

Name: LCC Teacher
Comments: The life we choose to live matters to those around us. Through the past few weeks, I have watched my students, many of whom knew Andrew or had close friends who did, take stock of the value of their own lives as well as Andrew’s. He has modeled for them a life cherished, one lived fully. He spoke the truth to them and was himself-kind, brave, human. What a tremendous gift he has given these young people. He has left them, and all of us, transformed. Peace for your family. You are ever in our thoughts.

Name: Lauren Woods
Comments: Andrew you were such an amazing person and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get to you know in chemistry this year. You will never be forgotten. We love you.

Comments: It’s absolutely gorgeous today and it makes me wonder how heaven can be any better? But it must be. And then I remember that you’re there and that makes me feel better, because your pain is gone. I miss you-terribly, but I look at this beautiful day and I am happy for you, in heaven, at peace with God. That makes me smile between the tears.

Name: charlie
Comments: i didnt really know andrew although i heard a lot about him wondering who he was and why he had so much positive comments about so yesterday our english teacher nearly burst into tears thinking about u she was ur teacher to in 7th and 8th grade we spent the whole period remebring all the good things about ur life

Name: Afton Schmid
Comments: You always stood so strong and brave, You were always one who always believed, So many goals you set out for, So many goals you achieved, We will all miss you.

Name: Kelly Giblin (cont.)
Comments: u every single day, I have always and will always love you dearly. God’s angel, our Superman, my best friend.

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: So I’ve stared at this blank box numerous times over the past few days only to find myself at a loss for words. I can’t describe my pain for losing you, yet I can’t even seem to describe my joy for your relieved pain. Behind the smiles and the laughter I am still angry. I’m angry that I will wake up everyday knowing that my best friend won’t be there to see me through it. Perhaps it’s utter selfishness or perhaps it’s completely reasonable, but regardless I can’t seem to hide it. You are simply the first thing I have lost that I can never get back, clearly irreplaceable. However I do realize how lucky I am to have been your best friend, to know my superman for the past 18 years of my life. I will miss you smile, your jokes, and the fight in you. I could never be more proud of your life and the things you did. I find comfort in knowing that when I get there you will be standing on your own two feet with arms wide open, saving me a spot next to you. Can’t wait to see you again. I miss yo

Name: Aimee Barrere
Comments: Bless you up in Heaven…Your new venture has just begun…in our hearts & prayers FOREVER…XOXOXOXOXOXO\”/

Comments: i love your site, you were always happy and had a positive outlook on life, and i admire you for that. we miss you and will ALWAYS love you

Name: Lindsay
Comments: AS i sit here, reading each one of these comments i find it amazing that one young man touched thousands of lives. Andrew, you were and always will be an inspiration to us all. God Bless

Comments: Andrew has changed my life. I will forever be different and better person because of him. To his family: you guys are so strong. I admire your strength and courage. We are all here for you and love you. I love you Andrew…

Name: chris pruden
Comments: let god be with you 🙂


Name: Michele Knighton
Comments: Dave, Nancy and Alex, I was one of the fortunate who tended to Andrew through San Diego Hospice. The entire family is quite amazing and I know you all have made an impact on many even if you don’t realize it. He was truly special and affected the world in many ways. Thank you for Andrew and for allowing us the opportunity to care for him and your family! God Bless

Name: Joanne Tiffany
Comments: My children, Brad and Annie Tiffany, are so effected by Andrew’s death. They did not know him well, Annie not hardly at all, but each of them has been profoundly changed by Andrew’s passing. My prayers are with your family during this time. My children will be better for having this experience of Andrew, his struggle for life and his death. God bless you all in this time of sorrow. Joanne Tiffany LaCosta, CA

Name: A Friend
Comments: You are my hero Andrew, you really are Superman. Love always.

Name: The Hunt Family
Comments: We will always remember the “Verga Group.” When Frank, Andrew, Dylan, Michael, Bryan and and a scattering of others would bowl, go to movies, play poker,.. just be together! How special those times were. It is a lesson to cherish your moments when you have them. Those boys just “Were,”..without a worry. Now they can realize how preciouos those moments were. God bless you, and know that Dylan and the rest of our family will forever hold Andrew in our hearts.

Name: Melissa Capps
Comments: You are in a better place now Andrew. You can do whatever you want. You made a lasting impression on our world and you will not be forgotten.

Name: LCC parent
Comments: How much did Andrew mean to my daughter and her friends? Words cannot describe it! How much have worried about him, unable to sleep, etc? Well, Andrew must be in heaven comforting them as two of them are sound asleep upstairs as I write this at noon time. God Bless the Thibeault family.

Name: Diana W
Comments: Andrew, you are truly an inspiration, a teacher to us all. I will never forget your self confidence, courage and most of all the sparkle in your eyes when you smile:)

Name: LCC Parent -continued from below
Comments: He was relieved, to be able to finally take you away From all the pain and suffering that the cancer has caused and to bring you home in the comfort of his arms filled with His Love. A love greater than any of us could imagine. Andrew, I know now that you are in good hands. So now I will Pray for your family, and for God to give them the peace. But please just know I will always remember YOU.

Name: LCC Parent
Comments: Andrew, you may not remember me, but I remember you. I remember when my 10th grader came home to tell me about how you were sick with cancer. So we prayed for you everynight. As time went on, I remember asking her how you were and she told me how you had to have surgery to remove the tumor and that you almost didn’t survive, but your strong will to live pulled you through. That night I prayed for you alot. I remember when they did the blood drive at school for you and my daughter was upset because she wanted to help but was told she was too young to give blood. So we prayed for you some more. I remember hearing that you came back to school and seeing you as the Junionr class Homecoming Prince at the football game. Then I remember how just a week ago she came home and told me how the cancer had spread and that you were going to die. I remember how I cried and asked myself WHY? I truly believe that when you said you were putting your life in God’s hands, He was relieved, to be able to f

Comments: i close my eyes, and i dream, of my superman comin’ down to rescue me…

Name: Mary Arana
Comments: Sincere condolences. Though sadly short, a life well-lived, it appears, with friends and family in abundance.

Name: Dave, Nancy, and Alex –
Comments: All of the beautiful writings about your beautiful boy – to know all of you was to know him – he surely had the traits of each one of you – you should be proud of the “job well done” – your son was a “man before his time” at the mere age of 17. I am sure he would want us all to plunge forward with our lives and keep thoughts of him in a safe place in our hearts and minds. God bless and keep you all right now and know that there is a huge community out there for your support with lots of love to share with you all! In Christ, Margi

Name: Samantha
Comments: My thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew’s family and friends. I just read of his passing in the paper this morning. What a brave boy to take something like that on and still live with the goals and ambitions he had. My father was diagnoised with Leukemia when he was seventeen and fought until he died at the age of 32. I thank the Lord every day that I had my Dad as long as I did (14 years) and could not imagin what it would have been like losing him any earlier. Stay strong and God bless you.

Name: B-Rizzle fo Shizzle Hizzle Tizzle…
Comments: FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE: My band, Bretley & The Deal, will be performing on April 29th (my fathers one year anniversary) at Sierra Canyon Middle School in Chatsworth, CA from 1:00 to 7:00. The event is a school fair, we are the entertainment for the day and were devoting our performance to Andrew and Denis Thibeault. We’re also using this as a platform to raise money for the San Diego clan of the Thibeault family…Also in memory of Andrew, I will be playing the gig on his drumset, an honor im not nearly worthy of accepting…Please come out and see the show and support Andrew & Denis…also come to eat the food, play the games and enjoy all the wonderful things the fair will have to offer! For more information please email me at or call me at 818-515-7412. I hope to see all of you there showing your support for two incredible people im lucky to have known.

Name: A Friend
Comments: Mary Kate in an important way you WERE part of Andrew’s everyday life. Maybe you hadn’t realized it until now. You just described it beautifully. That is the nicest tribute among all of these and really captures the essence of what Andrew was all about. I know he enjoyed reading it as much as we did. God Bless.

Name: Kara Santore
Comments: Andrew, i will think of you when i can!

Name: Megan Poponyak
Comments: “Well done good and faithful servant”-you are with God now,but your life will not be forgotten on Earth.

Name: Big Bro
Comments: ***

Name: Big Bro
Comments: Little Bro, you beat cancer. You told me a couple days ago that you were ready to just go to heaven and be with God. You told me that you gave your life up to Him, and by doing so, you entrusted in his direction for your life. That direction is a painful one for me, and right now it sucks, but I find comfort in knowing that while that cancer has died away in your physical body, your spiritual body will LIVE forever, for eternity. In making that decision, you beat cancer, because it is dead, and you are living. How awesome, the cancer did not kill you. You triumphed over it. If you can beat cancer, I can do anything. And everyone that knows you, everyone that has even heard of you, should realize that if you can beat cancer, nothing is impossible. Just trust Him.

Name: Big Bro
Comments: ***

Name: Cindy Prieto
Comments: Andrew, thank you for teaching us all what it really means to live. i find myself up here at school telling your story to strangers and seeing the light and inspiration you bring to their minds and hearts. i will never forget what you have done or who you have been. i never really had a hero before and you have become so much more than that simple word for me. look out for us down here-make sure we are living life the way you have taught us.

Name: Darryl Johnson
Comments: I heard Andrew just passed away and I thought the whole situation was a very sad one. I didnt know Andrew, but i heard of him through one of his fellow classmates by the name of Corinne Mika. What she told me about Andrew was that he was a very loving individual with a big heart. She said he delt with his situation head on with no fear and he pretty much accepted what he had. To me it seems that Andrew was a strong individual at heart and we need more people like that in today’s world. I would like to say that Andrew will be missed. He is in a better place where he will suffer no longer. God Bless!!!

Comments: I agree with the person before me. You are not an imposter Mary Kate, just some touched by the caring spirit that was Andrew. Don’t hide that. Share it. He did. He would be glad you passed it on.

Comments: Mary Kate Ham – You have summed it up. I, like you knew Andrew perpherally, appreciated his humor and kindness, but wasn’t a major part of his everyday life. When I heard he was sick I felt blindsided, but I didn’t want to intrude on his life, his family. I was afraid others would think I was a “groupie”, following the crowd. So I suffered in silence as I checked this website daily-waiting to hear how my hero/friend was. You know what I learned? Andrew was Superman, mostly because he made everyone else feel super. I can’t be Andrew, but I can carry forward his spirit (and HIS spirit) by letting other know that I care. That’s what he did. That’s what your message reminded me. Thanks Mary Kate, thanks Andrew. Let’s keep the chain reaction going. For Andrew, for all of us.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: By losing one of the best friends I have ever had, I have gained a role model to look up to for the rest of my life. Even days after your passing, I am still able to feel your presence and thrive off of the motivation you have provided me throughout your struggle. I have always admired you and I promise to hold a piece of you forever. Now as for your brother, I will make an attempt at keeping him in line as I know you would want me to. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I truly love you as a brother. I miss your humor and caring personality. Alex, I will be here for you every step of the way. Stay strong and you too will persevere. I love you all and will hold Andrew’s memories close to my heart always.

Name: maryanne watson
Comments: andrew may you countine to do amazing things,and be with us always, we love you and you are in are thoughts.

Name: Bree
Comments: I just wanted you to know… you’re all in my prayers.

Name: Mary Kate Ham
Comments: continued… never wrote him a card, never even bought one of the cds. I thought What will people think?, will they say “how can she presume to be his friend, she doesn’t even know him.” And I didn’t really know Andrew but what I saw of him I liked. I feel like an imposter grieving for someone I barely knew when so many others knew him so well but I really will miss Andrew. The last time I talked to Andrew, at Heflin’s reunion, he said to me “I had forgotten how much fun it was sitting next to you.” That is something I will never forget.

Name: Mary Kate Ham
Comments: I almost wasn’t going to sign this guest book because I barely knew Andrew, but then I saw all the messages from people who have never even met him and I knew that wasn’t a good excuse. The real reason I did not want to sign this guest book was because I was embarrassed that people would see it and laugh, but I know Andrew would think that is a terrible excuse. I am very quiet and shy, especially at school. I was even quieter in 10th grade but I had the pleasure of sitting next to Andrew in Mr. Heflin’s class. Andrew said hi to me every day and would not let up until I said something in return. He asked me a lot of questions so I would talk and no matter how discouraging my responses were he would not give up even when other students laughed at his attempts. He did not just accept that I was hopelessly shy. I can honestly say I really missed Andrew when he stopped coming to school. I checked this website often, but I never went to see Andrew, never wrote him a card, never

Name: Micah Allen
Comments: Hey, I know your gone now…but we will miss you….Im so sorry life isn’t as fair as we sometimes wish it to be, but in the end….we all will see eachother again…. Know that you are loved…..and trust in you family….

Name: Ashley Wirkus
Comments: There are some who are remebered occassionally but there are some who are never forgotten. Andrew you are one them, your spirit will live on through all of us. Heaven is very lucky to have you because now they have met the man who brought so much LIGHT to the world down here. Now they are able to share in the warmth that we have all felt for the past years. I love you Andrew

Name: Terry Gardner
Comments: Dave…You and your family are in my prayers. I am so sorry, Love, Terry

Comments: andrew we love u

Name: kaley kenney
Comments: because of you, this world is a better place…

Name: Kim Chapin
Comments: I never knew you Andrew but you have been an inspiration to me and the entire school. Rest in Peace dear friend.

Name: Julie Koopmans
Comments: Although I never knew you, your story has made a huge impact on my life, and will forever. Your strength, perseverance, and determination touched me, and will continue to be part of my life always. You have been an inspiration to all of us, and will never be forgotten.

Name: Jayne Chippendale
Comments: Andrew. i have morned your death for quite some time now. I think it is now important to celebrate your extroadinary heroic life. You are an inspiration to many. im sorry you never made it the second time of dinner at our house. I miss you. Ivy and i prey for you often…

Name: LCC alumnai
Comments: I had only met Andrew once, and even at that one meeting he had become an inspiration to me. When I heard of his passing I knew God had taken him home, and that his pain and suffering was over…forever. My thoughts and constant prayers go out to the Thibeaults

Comments: i still need you andrew…be near me. i love you. <3katie bendix

Comments: andrew, my man…my superman…stud#2… i cant stop thinking about you. youre with me, i can feel it. shine down on me andrew. youll forever brighten up my world. you deserve heaven, you were too angelic for this world. OUR MEMORIES WILL LAST A LIFETIME, MY THOUGHTS WILL BE WITH YOU EVERY DAY, ILL TALK TO YOU EVERY MINUTE, AND ILL MISS YOU EVERY SECOND.

Comments: In my dreams Ill always see you soar above the sky In my heart there always be a place For you for all my life Ill keep a part of you with me And everywhere I am There youll be –our song, stud. Our song. dont ever forget it…or me. <3katie bendix–

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Alex, Nancy and Dave, I love you so much…as i sit here across the world…i know nothing else to do but to love you, pray for you, and think of you every day as i have been since this all began two years ago. There will forever be a place in my heart for you andrew.

Name: Katie Hurley
Comments: Andrew, you have made touched so many lives in this community and school. We will all miss you and be thinking of you all the time. Thank you so much for being so strong the entire time and showing everyone what an amazing person you really are. All my love goes out to you and your family.

Name: Kyle
Comments: I wasn’t really friends with you but you still had an impact on me as well as many others. I am happy that you are in a better place right now and my prayers are with you along with everybody else’s. Rest in Peace and may God bless you and you’r family.

Name: Ashley Williams
Comments: Andrew, You will be missed by everyone in this community. You have had an impact on everyones lives. I feel so honored to know you and to have called you my friend. I hope you are having a blast in heaven, I hope I will see you up their one day! You will never be forgotten. I love you


Name: Robert Plante
Comments: Andrew, you always will be in my memory. I’ll see you at the pearly gates.

Comments: God gave us a son To love and to hold Eyes full of laughter And a heart full of gold. God looked at him And said “well done, I need some one up here Just like your son.” You had him awhile So I’ll take him now You loved him so much, But I loved him much more. “He’ll be happy with Me Forever to adore He really was mine from The first day he was born. He will wait for you With laughter and smile And will be here to meet you On life’s last journey’s mile.”

Name: Aunty Kris Thibeault
Comments: Andrew – this song by Nicole Nordeman has always made me think of you,,,, now more than ever. “I don’t mind if you’ve got something nice to say about me. I enjoy an accolade like the rest. You could take my picture and hang it in a gallery of all the who’s who and so-n-so’s that used to be the best at such n’ such, it wouldn’t matter much. I won’t lie it feels alright to see your name in lights, we all need an atta’boy or atta’girl. But in the end I’d like to hang my hat on more besides the temporary trappings of this world. I want to leave a legacy. How will they remember me? Did I choose to love?” Yes, you will always be remembered, never forgotten and forever loved! WHAT A LEGACY!

Comments: Andrew- What can I say, there are absolutely no words to describe the impact that you have made on all of us. Your strength has given us hope for the future. You are amazing. Your smile would brighten my day. Thank you so much! I love you and I know now that you are with the lord. Save me a spot! I know that you are watching over us, so thanks. You are the wind beneath my wings and have taught me more than you will ever know. Hope, Faith and LOVE! Thank you and I love you Superman. Now you can truly fly. God needed an Angel…. He got Superman!

Name: Katelyn
Comments: The candle lighting cermemony was amazing last night…Just like you. Your beautiful light of life will now shine through in everyone you have touched through the years. I know last night you were looking upon us and telling us to stop crying because you were happy and free of pain up there. I know you are! Thank you for being who you were, and for being so brave and strong. Your forever in my thoughts and I can’t wait to meet again…Until that day… I love you!

Name: Angela Smith
Comments: Hey Thibeault family, I just wanted to send me regards and let you know that I am thinking of all of you and Andrew at this terribly difficult time. You are in my heart, my prayers, and my thoughts. Please, please feel free to contact me if you need anything at all. The Encinitas branch and I would like to donate some flowers for Andrew, my mom and I would put it together, she does beautiful work!! She could even do the flowers for the top of the casket. Whatever you want she can do. I know they can be expensive so we would love to help with this. Call me if you would like our help 760-525-8414 or e-mail me at All My Love, Angela 🙂

Name: Tamilyn
Comments: andrew, i cant even fathom what heaven must be like. I thought that the Amazon was breathtaking, so i cant even imagine what you are standing in the presence of right now. All that is running through my mind is that the second God saw you he said, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. andrew thank you for truly LIVING. you showed me how to smile and just live life. you will forever be in my heart. Welcome Home Andrew.

Name: Erich Skoor
Comments: On the wings of angels shall you rise; and rise you shall through and through, until the day breaks and you find yourself home. God speed Andrew, you will be missed now and forever.

Name: Ryan Gretsch P.T.
Comments: I am so sorry for your loss. Words can not explain. Please let me know when the funeral is, I would love to attend if possible. Thank you Ryan 436-6567

Name: LCC student
Comments: Andrew, you were sent here to show other people how to live and love. You are now in heaven and watching down on all of us. we love you tebo :-D. P.S. Dave you should post some pictures of andrew.

Name: Whitney Myers
Comments: This message is for Andrew’s family (especially Alex). You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Name: Morgan H
Comments: I am so sorry for your loss. Your story touched me! He sounds like one courageous Teenager! All my love and hugs to you all! Canada….

Name: Todd McGovern
Comments: Andrew we will see you again in heaven, you have made all who knew you strong to keep going on this earth. I thank God for sending us such a great person to meet. Thank you Andrew

Name: Kathleen Dowling
Comments: Andrew, it’s been difficult to put my feelings into words in the past couple of days. I have never really thanked you for what you’ve done for me. For the past two years or so, every time the going got tough, every time I was searching for a bit of courage or inspiration, I thought of you. I’m never going to stop that, Andrew; you will be my hero and inspiration for the rest of my life. And I can only hope to show a portion of the courage and strength that you have so that I can continue to change the world the way that you have. Thank you, Andrew, you will always be my Superman… 🙂

Name: Mike Giblin
Comments: Hey Buddy. OK,here is how I feel.I feel relief you are out of pain.I feel regret at the loss of such a talented,determined,fun soul.I feel fortunate to have shared your journey.From crawling to t-ball.From field trips to soccer tournaments.From big wheels to four wheels.You were not just the kid of my friends.You were not just friend of my kids.You & I became friends.I miss our discussions about politics,religion,sports & your ever changing “hottie” list.Dueling irreverence & sarcasm often left us crying in laughter.The tear I wipe away now are because I miss my buddy.I love you Andrew.

Name: callan
Comments: andrew, thank you for the faith you have inspired in me. i have never known someone more courageous then you and i feel blessed for the times we spent together. you are and always will be my hero. maybe one day we can all have one of those infamous block parties up in heaven. . . ..

Name: Janese Bee
Comments: It is natural to have such a deep impact on the many people in your life who you are close to and who love you so much. What is astonishing is the amazing impact you have had on the people, like me, who have never even met you. My heart goes out to the Thibeault family.

Comments: R.I.P

Name: Emily Wilson
Comments: Tonight during the candle lighting ceremony, I just layed on the ground and looked up at the clear sky. It was a perfect night, no clouds, and one where all of your close family and friends gathered to celebrate you. Looking up at those stars I was remembering all of the memories and the good times we shared. You have always been a part of my life, Andrew. You are an inspiration to us all and now that you have moved on to better things, that legacy will continue on. You have taught me to never take advantage of what I have, to live life to the fullest, and to embrace myself and my loved ones around me. Thank you for this. You truly are SUPERMAN and an angel sent from God.

Name: Sean Quirk
Comments: Andrew.. you truly have been an inspiration to everyone. I’ve never seen a community of people learn so much from one person. You’ve taught us to respect and live life to its fullest. My thoughts and prayers go out to Thibeault family. God bless and take care, you’re in a better place now, full of peace and comfort.

Name: continued from below:
Comments: Now I know that that number wasn’t just a number. It was a kid, a kid my age that I should have seen every other day in English class. Now I look at those sheets and I think of Andrew’s strength and courage and the legacy that he will leave with all of us.

Comments: Today my English teacher, Mr. Ferris, started the class with this, “There are 38 people enrolled in this class, but there have never been more than 37 in class. Andrew was here on the first day of school, but left soon after to be home schooled. But the school never took him off my roster, I’ve had to mark him absent. Today I looked on the screen and his absence had already been marked for me.” I didn’t know Andrew, but I did know of him. Through the blood drives, the supportive buzzed heads and seeing him in the home coming court I was well aware of him, his story, and how inspiring he was. In my English class my teacher posts our grades on the wall. A sheet of paper with all the assignments on them, labeled only with our ID numbers as to who is who. The person just two ID numbers under me has had everything excused all year, and thinking they’d switched out I’ve always wondered why that person was still on that sheet. Now I know that that number was just a number. It wa

Name: emily endres
Comments: i picked out a star tonight for you andrew… i know your smilin’ down on us right now, and im glad you are happy, we will all miss you and know you are watching over each one of us and thats what is keeping us strong. i can’t wait to see you, i hate having regrets of not seeing you sooner. i love you so much and Your life is being celebrated in each one of us. Thanks for letting me look at life in all new eyes. oooh what! AJT baby,supamann i love you and thanks for everything xoxo

Name: adam Palladino
Comments: im sorry to the family of andrew for there loss, im sorry he had to go through that terrible disease. my heart goes out to the family and friends

Comments: the candle lighting ceremony was great. Andrew i hope you got to see all the people that care for you. You will be missed but never forgotten

Name: Caleb Stratton
Comments: I wish i would’ve known you because what every single person in the world is saying is that you were an awesome guy. Have fun in heaven. Hopefully i can meet you up there.

Name: Donald
Comments: I am so sorry for your loss. I never knew Andrew all that well, but when I did talk to him, he was one of the most compassionate people I ever knew. The way that you guys (his family) responded to his cancer and to his eventual decision is miraculous… And I know your faith in handing your son to God and allowing him to make the crucial decision was perhaps the greatest reward you could ever offer to him – the sign of true love. May you all be at ease and may Andrew rest in peace.

Name: Brada Family
Comments: God Bless You Andrew. Your contributions in life meant a great deal to all those that knew you and those that wished they had.

Name: Mark Allen
Comments: I know how much you meant to everyone you touched. I also know how hard you and your entire family fought through this difficult time. I want you and your entire family to know what an inspiration you have been and how meaningful your all too brief time with us has been.

Comments: Andrew, you are truly an amazing person and have touched the lives of everyone around you, even the ones of those you have never met. Thank you for being so strong, you are an inspiration to all who know you. I’m playing in the Hoops For Dreams game on your behalf this Friday. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless.

Comments: Anddrew, You were a tropper till the end, we will miss you. All of our love goes to you and your family. Katie sends extra love.

Name: Brett Alters
Comments: Rest in peace. Although I only knew you for a few years, you were a great guy, and will always be remembered. You were always in my prayers and will never be forgotten.

Name: The Wigington Family
Comments: It is said in a Hopi Prayer: Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep I am a thousand winds that blow… I am the diamond glints on snow… I am the sunlight on the ripened grain I am the gentle autumn’s rain. When you awaken in the morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circle flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there, I did not die. Our greatest sympathies to the Thibeault family, your dearest son has not gone far.

Name: Katie
Comments: “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines upon us to let us know they are happy.”

Name: Lauren Falk
Comments: Hi, my parents, Ira and Melissa Falk are friends with you and my aunt, Pattie Vinson is as well and your neighbor. I met Andrew at my cousin Jason’s grad party and he was such a delightful presense. All last year i wore my Andrew bracelet because i realized that cancer is serious. I never thought to participate in breast cancer walks, blood drives, or any related things, but now that someone so close to my family has passed away, and i witnessed their pain, i want to step up and do something for cancer patients. I have talked to many friends of Andrew’s and each and every one cant stop raving about him. I only wish i could have become closer with him, he seemed like a really great friend and such a great company. I know God will take care of him up in heaven because Andrew deserves NOTHING less. All my prayers and love, Lauren Ashley Falk <3 Name: cortney Comments: i didnt know Andrew but you have really touched the lives of many and you have inspired so many people including myself! you are truly amzing! Name: Lori Musel Comments: Andrew, Although I did not know you, it is obvious that you touched so many lives in a positive way. I admire you, you make me want to be a better person. God Bless you for inspiring those that new you and those that only knew of you. You are truly amazing. Name: Matthew Leonard Comments: Ooooooh, On I Burn Fuel is pumping engines Burning hard, loose & clean And I burn Churning my direction Quench my thirst with Gasoline . . . Name: buckley Comments: though i only met you once you were, and still are, such an inspiration to everyone. you will be truly missed by so many, but never forgotten. Name: Comments: You have given me a greater apprecitation of life and I thank you. Andrew, you will forever be in my prayers and always in my heart. Name: The Ryglewicz family Comments: Andrew your life as changed me and my family in ways one would ever imagine. I can only send my prayers to you and your family. Me, my family, the entire school loves and will miss you greatly. But we will never forget the things you have gone through and the lives you have changed. GOD BLESS!!! Name: The SIlverwood Family Comments: God Bless You All. Andrew was truly a miracle and inspiration to all . To even those he never met. He taught us all and will always be missed .Thank you for sharing your son.We are the ones blessed. our prayers! Name: Jon & Heather Heggie Comments: Your purpose has been fulfilled and you are an inspiration to us all. God bless your entire family. Name: Comments: i saw your face in the clouds today…you were smiling. Now I know you are at peace. FAITH Name: Cara, Don,Jonathan & Rachel Kent Comments: Our hearts are always wrapped around you.Thank you for being a brother in scouts. We will always miss you and remember you with new love and peace. Name: Comments: Andrew-thank you for being such an inspiration to me and everyone else around me in this world. you have touched everyones hearts, and always will. You, Superman, will never be forgotten and left behind. You, Superman are the one right infront leading us all. You are one special guy. Name: Kevin Bendix Comments: Your positive outlook on life is an ispiration to all. You’ve taught me so much, and I will never forget it. You will forever remain in my prayers. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Name: Comments: “The Lord God will wipe all tears from all their faces.” -Isaiah 25:8 Name: Larry, Lil, Cory and Matt Volkening Comments: Andrew, you have once again shown us how fearless you truly are. Guess God has bigger plans for you. May He bless you and your family. Name: Doug Heflin Comments: Dear Nancy, Dave, and Alex, I will always cherish the times I was able to spend with Andrew. As so many others have said here, he and all of you have inspired so many of us to try and live better lives. I will especially cherish being given the opportunity to visit him Tuesday morning… Tuesday evening I saw a shooting star for the first time in my long life, and immediately felt Andrew. Thank you for sharing your amazing son and yourselves with us during these most difficult times. Name: Jeff Donnelly Comments: Andrew you were an inspiration to me. Your true enthusiasm for life inspired me the most and utilizing what you are given to the fullest extent. You will be in my thoughts and we will miss you. Name: Samir Shah Comments: Andrew, you’re in our minds when we pray you’re in our thoughts each and every day we’ll think of you from dawn till dusk and we know that when we look up, u’ll smile upon us Amdrew, you were an inspiration to all of us, we will miss you Name: The Serrin Family Comments: Our heart and prayers are with you Andrew and your family. Name: Howard, Marji, Sean and Brian Krausz Comments: Dearest Thibeault Family, Even though the light of the candle we have lit in memory of Andrew will eventually go out, his memory, spirit and courage will illuminate our thoughts and our hearts forever. Bless you Nancy, Dave, Alex and family. Name: Lindsey Ness cont. Comments: Andrew a.k.a SUPERMAN will never be forgotten.EVER and i just wanna take the chance to say to the entire Thibeault family, you are in my prayers everyday, everynight, and everywhere. Andrew was blessed to have people who cared about him as much as you did. And also to the Giblin family my heart and prayers go to you as well. FOREVER LIVES SUPERMAN! Name: Lindsey Ness Comments: Looking up at the sky i wonder what its like up there. wonder if there are those vivid green grasses, 1000s of beautiful bunnies, and that shiny gate everyone talks about but never really has seen. Down here the sky is looked at as a “heaven” a exquisite place where one can run free and do whatever they please. I hope that is true Andrew, and you can run like the wind, look down here at us on earth and lead us though our lives with the strength, courage and charisma you did while here. Although I wasn’t amoung the many lucky people who were Andrew’s friends, i have always had a place in my heart for him. in the hope that some day me and him would be formally introduced, and i could be a part of this amazing guys life. He was truely an amazing person who will never fade from the hearts of those he knew, or for that matter for those he didnt know but touched thier lives in one way or another. Andrew has taught many people the meaning of life as well as death. Andrew a.k.a SUPERMAN w Name: Dennis Alters Comments: Our family’s deepest sympathies to the Thibeault family on the loss of this special boy. Dennis, Allison and Brett Alters Name: THE WISNIEWSKI FAMILY Comments: DEAR NANCY, DAVE, AND ALEX, ANDREW HAS FILLED OUR LIVES WITH HIS LOVE AND HUMOR. WHEN WE WERE WITH HIM, HIS SARCASM ALWAYS MADE US LAUGH. ANDREW ALWAYS MADE THINGS LOOK EASY, WHEN WE KNOW AT TIMES THEY WERE VERY DIFFICULT. HIS INSPIRATION IS A GIFT THAT HE HAS SHOWN US ALL. ANDREW WE LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS. Name: Landreth Family Comments: Our thought and prayers are with the Thibeault’s. May all your loving memories of Andrew surround you and fill you with a sense of peace ~ Andrew has arrived to his eternal peace. God bless you. Name: 100362 Comments: WOW – THIS SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU TOUCHED THE LIVES OF SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE! Name: Comments: You’ve now received God’s most precious gift – eternal love and life with Him. Your work here will continue for all the ages, through all those you have touched. Goodnight, gentle spirit. Rest well. Peace is yours today. xxxxx Name: Dana Comments: You have touched the lives of so many people both young and old—truly an extraordinary accomplish for such a young man—So many people love you and will never forget what an amazing human being you are. Our thoughts are with you. God Bless. Name: Tim Sondag Comments: Andrew, you are an insperation to all of us. You will be missed and never forgotten. Everyone who has ever met you or heard your story is truely blessed. I know you will be watching down on La Costa. Thanks for everything. Name: Comments: Andrew J. Thibeault…”Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”…a.k.a. Superman Name: Comments: Dear Thibeault Family…”There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief…and unspeakable love.” Washington Irving Name: Shannon Shabram Comments: Hey Andrew, i am really going to miss you, today i dug through all my stuff and found the teddy bear you got me when we went to the Del Mar Fair. I also found a bunch of pictures of us having great fun… i have and always loved you andrew…and i want you to know, you will be on my mind everyday. I will see you agian someday!! so look foward to as many “Losientos” as you want!!! Name: Brookie Anderson Comments: you dont know me very well but ive herd alot about andrew through Ryan Seacrest and he was so blessed to have a friend like Ryan and i will keep you in my prayers Ryan and the Whole Family. may God comfort you in theasr hard times. your in my prayers. Name: Comments: i have never met andrew, to tell you the truth. He was always that person who inspired you through each and everything he did, even if you didnt know him. i have always wanted to meet him, i just never got the chance, i just would like to say that i am sorry, but may he rest in peace in a world he deserves. he will go on, and he will be there for you in your prayers, dreams, and hearts. Name: The Lievers Family Comments: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Job well done Andrew! Your legacy will live on in everyone you have touched and inspired. Go now in peace… Name: Shastina Fuhrman Comments: my god use you in heaven in as many ways as he did here on earth… Name: Maria Swalley Comments: I struggle to understand why God would take away someone so young, smart, with so much to offer and give back to society. Then I realize the answer is right here in every one of these amazing heartfelt messages. Andrew, God knew you would accomplish more in your 17 years than most of us could ever hope to do in 80. Your life has held a deeper meaning than anyone could have foreseen. My prayers are with you and all the Thibeaults Name: 100013 visit Comments: always and forever you will be missed andrew thibeault; always and forever u will be loved Name: Maria Comments: I promise I’ll take care of Alex for you Name: Alex Redlinger Comments: I will always miss you.Ilove you. Can’t wait to see you in haeven. when ever I play with legos Iwill alwaysthink of you and when my mom Jeanne lights candles she and everyone else in the house will think of you.see you later andrew. Name: rebecca Comments: I personnaly didn’t kknow Andrew but have heard of his works and he has truly inspired me and I believe he was an inspiration to everybody.I had received the Maverick School Newsletter and heard about his achievements and today at school when I heard I was very devastated , and so was everyone else. He was loved by many and will always be remembered. And I just want to say thank you to Andrew for changing so many lives with what you have done and continue to do so with your website. Name: brooke hartley Comments: never stop thinking about you and your family..god bless. Name: Jill Lax Comments: To the Thibeault family, I’m just going to speak from my heart. You have all been in my thoughts for so long. Andrew’s struggle was so hard and so courageous. We have all learned to live life and to celebrate people and moments more powerfully and with more wonder than ever before. Andrew was such a gift to everyone who knew him, and his approach to life and to his illness was nothing short of phenomenal. Alex, you have always been not only the best brother in the world to Andrew, but also a mentor, a friend, and a true inspiration to him. You, especially, are in my thoughts right now. Please know that I am here for you. I am sending love and comfort to you all. Name: Kelly King Comments: I never met you but I was in the same graduating class with your brother and I heard nothing but great things about you! I admire your strength and zest for life. You’re at peace and still very much alive in all our hearts. Name: Erin Comments: I will not say “I’ll see you soon” or “I’ll see you when I get there,” for I see you now, Andrew, everytime I close my eyes. I see you watching us and I see you running and I see you smiling. Never before have I seen anything so clearly. Name: Comments: Andrew you will be forever remembered and deeply missed. You are a true inspiration to all. Name: continued… Comments: God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding (Job 37:5) Vaya Con Dios (Go With God) Name: Comments: Andrew- Wow… I don’t know what to say…. I never really met you, but I know of you, and I’ve herd countless people tell me what an amazing guy you are…. When I herd the news, I could hardly believe…. earlier this year, you were getting better…. and then your Cancer spread everywhere…. You know how hard our whole school was pulling for you… The countless blood drives, the make a wish basketball game (which I will now go to in your honor) the times where about 50 total people have shaved their heads- all for you… We were all praying and hoping you would make it… I remember when we found out you had Bone Cancer, In christian club, and youth group, we sat down and prayed for you, and in the end, it all worked out right, it brought you to God. Anyways, we will always hold you in our hearts, and I will continue to pray for your family, and friends. Thank you for blessing each and every life at LCC. we love you, God bless… God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He Name: Jill Robinson Comments: I never got to meet you buddy, but I know that you are in a better place now! I am glad to see the hearts of people you have touched expressed in so many ways. You may not ever had known it, but you are an inspiration witout words! Thank you so much for everything you did! My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and loved ones! we’ll miss ya for always and forever! Name: John Cotter Comments: May our Lord Jesus Christ welcome you into Heaven Andrew. Your long battle is over. We will miss you but will never forget you and how you fought courageously with your family to live as best as you could. Name: britt lindstrom Comments: tebo, you were the first person that was nice to me when i came to lcc. Mr. herms, our geomostry teacher, made you sit next to me cause i was failing and you were sooo smart! I am so thankful I got to know you, you are not only the reason i passed that class, but you made me feel like i had a friend when i needed one so badly! you are an amazing person, and i think we are all jealous that God gets to see your smiling face everday and we don’t!! I will always remeber you~ Name: Tina Supplee Comments: I only had the chance to meet Andrew once, when he came into work with his dad – but he made such an impression. Strong, handsome, amazing… God always takes the BEST to become his Angels… Dave – you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, be strong. all our love, Tina Brett & Kitt Supplee >”<

Name: Maddie Flavin
Comments: I never got the chance to meet you, but you have been an inspiration to all us, and will be in our hearts always and forever. “God needed an angel, he got superman.”


Name: another lcc mom
Comments: Just a note to all of Andrew’s family, my heart breaks for your lost. If only words could make it better! My daughter heard Andrew’s story in her history class. WOW! An amazing young man with strength beyonds his years.

Name: The Chris Graeser Family
Comments: While it is very difficult for mankind to understand GOD’S INTENTIONS and HIS PURPOSE and the WORKING OF HIS HAND. If we observe the miracle that happen every day. We cannot help but be convinced that in HIS WONDEROUS WAY GOD makes what seemed unbearable and painful and distressing easily acceptable, when we view it as a BLESSING.. and that we close in the ANDREW was a blessing with a purposeful mission on this earth. May the LORD keep you all near and may you know how much you are thought of and prayed for everyday. We have another ANGEL in HEAVEN and may we ask him for the same courage he bestowed all if his earthly days. SIncerely, Chris, MElani,Christen and Amanda

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew will forever be part of our family. We will always remember him and what he did to excel throughout his short, but truly meaningful life. He makes us better people and pushes us to run just a little farther and faster to find our purpose. Andrew’s purpose was to stay in our hearts forever and help us become better people. Love to all the Thibeaults. Our hearts are forever with you.

Name: Xenia
Comments: Andrew was the first friendly person i encountered when i arrived at LCC..he made me feel welcomed and cared about everyone….he was always smiling and had a glow about him…I’ve never met anyone who went through what he had to go through…but he took it like a stud…i don’t think i’ve ever met a man so brave and kind as Andrew. But i don’t think we should mourn his passing but celebrate and cherish his life and the things he left behind. He will always remain a symbol of life, light, love, warmth, and bravery. Now Andrew can give other people strength and light and he is finally at rest and pain free….Andrew is in my prayers…we all miss you andrew!!!!And you will live on far longer than all of us!

Name: Walt, Andrew, Tom Bochenko – and family
Comments: God be with you. We loved you. Your spirit lives.

Name: Larry Kessler
Comments: I’m not one for public displays of emotion, but today is different than other days so I feel compelled to express my emotions. Andrew’s legacy is so important to our community because, like so many other parents who have witnessed Andrew’s journey I feel he represents every one of our children. What a magnificant young man, and what a profound effect his passing has made on Carlsbad and beyond. How would we, if given the same circumstances have handled the epic battles you all fought so bravely? Would we have shown the same collective dignity and grace throughout your ordeal? Dave, your intrepid reporting painted wonderful pictures, and, despite your ongoing frustrations and heartache, your writings sometimes brought a smile to us all. Nancy and Alex, you are towers of strength. Most of all, through Andrew, you have all taught us how to live, and taught us how to die, and for that lesson I will be eternally grateful to you all.

Name: Cindy, Rob, Shane and Jake Roberts
Comments: Nancy and Family, Andrew will live on forever in the many lives he touched by his amazing strength and courage. He is an inspiration to all of us. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Name: Mary Ann and Alan Torretto
Comments: Our prayers and thoughts will always be with your family. We truly loved Andrew! How blessed we were to have gotten to know him.

Name: Michele lobatz
Comments: I cant stop thinking about the impact you have made on an entire community. Andrew i know that you will forever live on in the hearts and souls of everyone you have touched. thankyou for all that you have taught me and shown me through your fight. You are truly a blessed person and I am proud to have known you, even if it wasnt that well. I know you have now found a place of comfort and peace. Much love.

Name: Leslie & Bob Sommers and family
Comments: Dear Family, We cannot express our grief and sadness for your loss. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. With much love, Leslie & Bob Sommers

Name: andy killion
Comments: i’ve been reading the book of Job this week… and how Job’s wife, when Job was stricken and afflicted with disaster, told him to just curse God and die. i think there are a lot of people that knew andrew but didn’t know his Jesus… and they probably didn’t understand why he didn’t curse God because of his affliction. instead andrew said, “i will bless God and LIVE.” he lives today.

Name: Heidi Moore & Family from Ilinois
Comments: Andrew, dear one – rest peacefully in the arms of your loving Father and know that prayers continue for your family. Wish we could have met but feel as though we knew you from all the loving support that overflowed from your family and friends. My sister Judy has the priviledge of working with your mom and has always kept us informed of your progress. How thankful we are to you for showing God’s true love and light in such a dark world. Heaven is really shining now! We look forward to meeting you there someday.

Name: Tanna, Dan, Kara and Amelia Pflaster
Comments: “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. -Sophocles To the Thibeault family, may you continue to be bathed in your love for Andrew and in his love for you. God Bless you all.

Name: B-rizzle fo shizzle
Comments: right now heavens freaking out cause they have two schmuks to deal with! if they thought DJ was too much to handle, waitll they meet ANDREW! the two of them are up there watching us, protecting us, making sure were happy and that we live our lives to the fullest. plus if we dont, were gonna have them to deal with them, which is never a good thing…everytime i sit down and play, i know andrew and my dad are right there next to me, telling me my fills are sloppy and my time is off, making sure i play the best i can, everytime…so many people love him and so many people will miss him…andrew taught us patience and strength and determination and hope and were all better people because of him…thank you andrew, well see you soon!

Name: jamie degnan
Comments: the colorado sky is crystal clear and blue, the sun is shining and warm, and the trees and grass are green……………..and i know why. “our shining star, too good for earth you are”

Name: Vinny Perretta
Comments: Andrew, even though i never had the privalege of meeting you, I just want to say that you have been an inspiration to me through what you have done. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Name: The Leonard Family
Comments: We all have a hole in our hearts today. We miss you Andrew but know that you are free now of your earthly constraints, and that you have touched the hand of God. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy, Dave and Alex.

Name: Suzy and Don Quasebarth
Comments: You will be missed very much. We will meet you again and snorkel together in the warm blue ocean.

Name: karen morton
Comments: God bless you and your family.

Name: Greg and Marianne
Comments: “Love the Lord and in Him go your way and we’ll be right there with you,..leaving no footprints when we go..only where we’ve been..a faint and fading glow. To the Thibeault family..God be with you all now.

Comments: i believe…

Name: gay bob
Comments: I love you and i will miss you

Name: Irene Brabant
Comments: Andrew will live on in me. Andrew should me courage, strengh, and compassion. I will never forget.

Comments: So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though the going is rough for a while down here…You love Him even though you have never seen Him; though not seeing Him, you trust Him; and even now you are happy with the inexpressible joy that comes from heaven itself. I Peter 1:6,8 TLB

Comments: thinking of you right now….

Name: Centering Prayer Group of S D United Methodist
Comments: We know you are at peace, and we pray that you and your family will feel God’s love. God bless you and keep you forever.

Name: ab
Comments: andrew you left footprints on the hearts of so many people, you will live forever in all of us

Comments: Andrew- Your devotion and courage has be an inspiration to so many of us. your strength has tought me so much. you will always be loved, Andrew, and you will never be forgotten.

Comments: Andrew- You will forever be in our hearts. our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Name: Maria Torretto
Comments: Andrew is finally able to be at peace and is in a far better place than we can even comprehend. Im so glad that he fought the good fight and held on for these past two years so that I had the opportunity to be touched by his life like so many others. Andrew made me laugh. My family and I are praying for all of you Thibeaults. Alex, wish I could be there for you in person right now. Even though I’m physically far away please know I’m just a phone call away. Love you. Take care and God bless.

Comments: God bless you, sweet one. May you now rest in peace. You are in a wonderful place. Ours hearts are relieved that you have no more pain. My love to your family.

Name: Coach Gary Hartmann Santa Fe Christian High

Name: LCC mom
Comments: God bless the Thibeault family

Name: SM
Comments: God needed an angel but instead he got superman! When the symptoms first presented themselves back in June of 02 I think we all knew Andrew was the type of kid that was going to pull through. Even though the road ahead was going to be long We all knew throughout hed stand strong. Whenever I see a picture of him theres always a smile strewn across his face And I was always wondering how could he stay happy in such a painful place?

Name: contd
Comments: There was love from those who knew him well and held him dear And even from those whose support wasnt always so clear. When the local community heard about his situation We all pulled together to in an attempt to alleviate his alienation. Strewn across this guest book are so many entries of people who never had the chance to see his face But still kept him tucked away in their own special place. So many have written about him and included their hopes and praise Even if that meant deviating from their normal ways. How can a young man bring so much light into some ones life he didnt even know? And in return how much love can that person truly show?

Name: contd
Comments: It must take a truly blessed man to be able to move so many with his sheer will to breathe And with this act how many people did he cause to believe? Andrew you touched thousands of peoples lives and gave them hope of fighting through to another day And although we all wish GOD had found another way¦ For those of you who look back on Andrew’s life with the slightest inclination of dismay Just remember that no matter how bad we wish Andrew could stay¦ Its foolish to mourn the men who died, and rather we should thank GOD that such men lived Andrew were all thankful to have been graced by your presence and will to survive, And even though you have moved on the a happier place, Your spirit will always remain alive. Throughout Andrew fought the good fight, he has now finished the race, he has kept the faith, and for that we are all truly blessed.

Name: SM
Comments: God needed an angel but instead he got superman… When the symptoms first presented themselves back in June of 02 I think we all knew Andrew was the type of kid that was going to pull through Even though the road ahead was going to be long We all knew throughout he’d stand strong Whenever I see a picture of him there’s always a smile strewn across his face And I was always wondering how could he stay happy in such a painful place? There was love from those who knew him well and held him dear And even from those whose support wasn’t always so clear When the local community heard about his situation We all pulled together to in an attempt to alleviate any feelings of alienation Strewn across this guest book are so many entries of people who never had the chance to see his face But still kept him tucked away in their own special place So many have written about him and included their hopes and praise Even if that meant deviating from their normal

Comments: I love you Andrew!!!

Comments: i am happy that it’s finally painless for you to run again. in my thoughts and prayers…with much love.

Name: Shannon
Comments: A new day will come but not without thoughts of you and the legacy you left behind to all who cared about you. Your strength and motivation were lessons to us all… you were too good for this earth and now you have the chance to watch out for all who have prayed and will continue to pray for you and your family… may the lord welcome you with open arms as I know he will… superman is now a flying angel in heaven…

Name: Jake
Comments: Definition of Hero: One who is endowed with great courage and strength…with the power to help and move others Definition of Courage: The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery. i did not know him well, but Andrew showed amazing courage and will always be my hero

Name: Lauren Nicholl
Comments: I love you Thibeaults. Andrew- thank you for everything you have given to our community and to me. I have never been filled with so much hope and inspiration and I know it is something I will always have now thanks to you. Alex, Nancy, and Dave- you are my heroes too. I can’t imagine a better home and family under which Andrew could be cared for. Alex- you are one of my oldest friends. Please know that I am here for you, for anything. I will be home soon to celebrate the life of this superman with you and my heart is content knowing that he is in a place where he no longer feels pain.

Comments: I barely know you, but your strength give me courage, your love give me hope and you will be forever my hero.

Name: Alex
Comments: You are one who will stay with me and everyone else for the rest of our lives. You have touched everyone around you in a way that is unfathomable. God bless…

Name: AJ
Comments: I am so sorry for your incredible loss. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and comfort you and give you peace. No doubt, Jesus welcomed Andrew with You “fought the good fight,” you “have finished the race,” you “have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). What an amazing and incredible life!

Name: Rachel B.
Comments: Superman– I don’t know where to start. I really miss you here. I miss sitting next to you in class the last few years. I’m gonna miss your ease and laughter as we’d joke about getting into college and other random stuff. Sometimes it made me a little uneasy when we’d talk about all the tough stuff like surgeries but I knew how much it meant to you to be heard. I wish I had asked more about it. You and your family are still in my prayers. You have a piece of my heart forever my classmate, my pal, my Superman.

Comments: we love you and forever will you be in our hearts. always our superman.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Alex, Nancy, and Dave…the hero in Andrew lives strongly in all three of you. You three represent all that Andrew stood for, never forget that.

Name: Michael Vargas
Comments: Thank you for inspiring all of us. You have changed many lives, and will never be forgotten. We know you are happy know, but we will all still miss you dearly. It was an honor to have known you. God Bless.

Name: The Newtons
Comments: The words from Superman: The Movie -Love Theme also called “Can you read my mind?” The other night we were remembering the lines (because of you) and quoted these lines: “Can you read my mind? Can you picture the things I’m thinking of? Wondering why you are All the wonderful things you are.” The next two lines from the song are: “You can fly. You belong in the sky.” We remember from baseball and soccer, you always could fly. You DO belong in the sky. God just loned you to us. Now you’re back where you belong, but we’ll never forget all you came to share. Our prayers are with all the Thibeaults.

Name: Dani Ruiz
Comments: Andrew, you and your family are in my prayers.

Name: Anna Poponyak
Comments: I know you are in great hands up there with the MAN. I pray that you have peace and tranquility in heaven. I am so glad that you can finally rest and be pain free. You are amazing in the way that you cared yourself and how you have touched some many peoples lives. Life on earth is just the warmup for what is ahead in heaven, now you have started your journey. Peace and Love Andrew!

Name: Dorothy (Laurie’s Mom)
Comments: Nancy, David, and Alex..My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you today..How PROUD as parent’s and brother you must be to know how many peoples lives were touched by Andrew..Our Lord brought Andrew into this world to teach many of us the precious gift of Life, Family and Love…Such a joyous thought to know that he is free of pain and with our Lord..”Eternal Life” is his…… We Love you…

Comments: God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God. –Matthew 5:8

Comments: Andrew, so many people here are thinking about you and have been with you from the beginning and though you are in heaven now, they still are. Thank you for showing us that we can be strong too. God bless you

Name: Ryan Bouchard
Comments: Superman, you’ll live in the hearts of hundreds forever In loving memory

Name: Mandy Herman and Corey Sitron
Comments: Dear Andrew, Neither of us got to know you very well during your all too short life but your strength has given us hope and faith. We will always remember seeing you around school smiling and laughing with many people around you. You will forever be in our thoughts… heaven is lucky to have you. Lots of love to the Thibeault family. <3

Name: Taylor Hess
Comments: May god watch over your precious soul. You and your family are forever in our hearts and souls. God Bless.

Name: admirer
Comments: Godspeed Andrew…you will be in our thoughts, and our prayers forever…may you be in peace in Heaven for all of eternity…

Name: LCC student
Comments: Andrew-i never had the pleasure to meet you. i saw articles and news reports about you. i bought cds, helped the make a wish foundation, and donated bloo. i only wish i could have done more. i can only admire the courage and patience that you put forth through numerous days and operations. courage and patience that i wish i had. Not one person hasn’t be impacted by your strength. People may have cried tears of sadness but also for joy. Joy that you still are alive in everyones hearts. Joy that you truly are in a better place. Joy that you no longer suffer. Your body demanded so much from you and you gave it all you had, but please just one last request. Stay patience and leave a sit for us, because we all we visit you sooner or later. Look after us all. Love you and miss you.

Name: Joe LaCavera
Comments: Hey Andrew. I don’t think you know me but I’d thought I’d say thank you for inspiring all of us to keep fighting. You are now in a better place and you are in all of our prayers. Keep fighting in heaven and God Bless You.

Comments: “god needed an angel…he got Superman”

Name: Julie
Comments: Heaven is lucky to have you… With all the great things you have done and the incredible person you are, we can never forget… we will only be inspired to live our lives with the strength and compassion that you have lived yours… love you andrew

Name: kaitlyn
Comments: i love you!

Name: da homies
Comments: rat crew is with you

Name: Mackenzie Atkinson
Comments: Andrew you are so strong. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every night. Mackenzie

Name: Audra
Comments: I don’t even know where to begin. Andrew was such an amazing guy and I will never forget him. He always knew had to make everyone laugh. Though his fight is over it will never be over to his friends and family. I will always continue to hold Andrew close to my heart and I know everyone that he has touched will do the same. I love you sweet superman and I know you are looking above me right now wishing I was not crying. Rest in peace Andrew I will never forget!

Name: continued
Comments: save me a seat, love. keep it warm for me. you know i hate that cold. you are my gaurdian angel. you will forever be in my mind. visit me. i will be speaking to you shortly. i will be seeing you soon. you are my love. love of my life. the years we spent will never be forgotten. memories never wiped away. heaven is where you deserve to be…this world isnt fit for such an angel. you keep it real up there, man. rock out on those drums, make us hear the music. i love you forever. we will be together in my dreams and prayers. keep me safe, gaurdian angel. keep this world spinning.

Name: The Nowak’s
Comments: Andrew, around 2 pm today I thought about you and wasn’t sure why. Now I know, it was an angel telling me that you were in Heaven. Your smiling face and great courage will be greatly missed. We were there at the hospital to welcome you into this world, and we will be there to say goodbye. Love and prayers to your Mom, Dad & Alex. Diane, Mike, Nick & Nate.

Name: DeDe P
Comments: Goodnite precious angel – I love you!

Name: Rachael Goldfarb
Comments: Mr. and Mrs. Thibeault- I’m not sure if you remember me. I got the chance to meet you both when I went to the hospital to visit Andrew with Alex back in the beginning of our freshman year at USD. You have raised two truly amazing young men and the world has been blessed by them both. I’ll never forget seeing Andrew that day and he will always be an inspiration to me. He never deserved the pain, but he was blessed with an unbelievable family. I admire you all so much. Alex- I’m always here for you. You never cease to amaze me. Andrew- You’ve made a lasting impression on me and will never be forgotten. Say hello to God for me, I’ll look you up when I get there!

Name: Jamie Lee Clave
Comments: I have struggled all day trying to decide how to express my feelings. I keep reading everyone else’s responses, and tears continue to roll down my cheeks. There is so much inside me, so much love, and most importantly so much I have learned through Andrew’s Battle. Heaven is the brighter side, the side where he can prepare a new journey for the rest of us. When our time comes, the gates will open and Andrew will be standing with open arms and a bright smile. The very same portrait stuck in my head, which will never fade. Together we will embark new adventures and thrive on new memories yet to pave. The drumsticks are in your hands; it’s your time to play the music for the rest of us to hear. Forever in my heart and just a prayer away, Jamie Lee.

Comments: andrew…its kates. i know youre watching over me. youre my shining star. you helped me through so much during our friendship, and i just wish i couldve helped you more. i know youre happy, and i cant lie, i feel pain. but id rather take the pain and have you be with God. i was praying for you to be happy…and i know now that God is what makes you happy…Heaven is where you deserve to be. Visit me often andrew…in my dreams, in my prayers, during the day, or in the middle of the night. im always open for you. youre such a big piece of my heart, a piece that will never be missing. i know that i still have you to talk to, but its just not the same without you to look at. pictures arent enough. im stubborn, i always get my way…you know that. 😉 and this is NOT my way. its a new deal for me…new experience. help me get through it andrew. be there with me. i know youre going to carry me through life, just like the stud you are. say hi to my grandpa for me. save me a

Name: The Untieds
Comments: We think of your smile, your laugh, and will miss it so. But you, Andrew, will always be with us, in our hearts. I suspect you are one happy camper about now…and that, my friend, is what counts in the long run.

Name: Natassia
Comments: You will be missed my friend. God has blessed you so much. I hope the best for all of you. See you soon.

Name: D.R.
Comments: Andrew- i’m so sorry for the misfortune that you, your friends and family have had to go through. The amazing thing is that you’ve been able to reach out to others in need and given them hope. It breaks my heart to know that we have lost such a beautiful person in our world but I know that now you are in a better place and that we will all go reach you someday.

Name: kaley kenney
Comments: this song is for you, superman… “Lord, when I get to Heaven, can I taste the Milky Way? I dont wanna come to visit, cause I’m comin’ home to stay. And I cant wait to see my family, and meet Jesus face to face. And do you think, Lord, you could use just one more Angel to help pour out the rain?” -buddy jewell

Name: Sloane
Comments: I’ve been in school with Andrew since 7th grade and he was always such a great guy. We shouldn’t mourn, but be happy because he always found a way to be happy and now he can truly be at peace. Love always.

Comments: you will always be in my heart ~~SUPERMAN~~

Name: Matt McDonald
Comments: Andrew’s family, Andrew will always be in our hearts and will truely be missed greatly. Andrew will never be forgotten. My condolences- Matt McDonald

Comments: Though i never had the oppertunity to actually meet you Andrew i have always heard you reffered to as Superman. Throughout the last few years reading about your condition, your daily struggle, and watching people from all over sending you messages of hope and strength to add to your bravery and strong will i have really come to understand the term superman they reffered to you as. You changed so many lives giving so many people hope and teaching them lessons through your long stuggle, you fought the whole way through– you deserve to be happy and were needed in a better place our SUPERMAN is who you truly are.

Name: Joelle
Comments: Andrew, you have touched so many lives and been an inspiration to us all. The impact that you have made here on earth is so admirable and so many of us have looked up to your amazing strength. Heaven has truly gained an angel. I know I speak for us all when I say that our prayers go out for your family. God Bless.

Comments: “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” —George S. Patton, Jr.

Comments: “God’s finger touched him, and he slept.” -Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Name: kel
Comments: Andrew your my inspiration and inspiration that will never leave me. i love you andrew. I am thinking about you now. just know that i love you, I love your laugh, your smile, and your thoughts. Your are too good of a person. forever will I remember homecoming sitting with yo watching that boy singing and remember talking to you about how amazing he was. he doesn’t come close to you, no one will. your in my heart, all of the memories, you have given me and how proud you made everytime I saw you. you’re in my dreams. FAITH

Name: David Schneider
Comments: Have fun in Heaven- the idea of you enjoying all the activities you have been deprived of here make me smile. You always did have the ability to make us all smile, and we love you for it. I’m glad your pain is over, you’ve earned whatever bliss you’re experiencing now. You are truly a Thibeault, a member of the strongest and kindest family that I have ever known. I hope all the sappy things we write make you smile because you deserve a smile. Go with God Andrew, we’ll all see you soon enough.

Name: Rachel and Lynn Smith
Comments: To Andrew’s family: The Folded Page – Up in an old attic; as the rain comes down, I sat and paging through an old school book, dusty, tattered and worn, I came to a page folded down – and across it was written in a childish hand, “The Teacher says to leave this for now, ’tis hard to understand.” I unfolded the page and read. Then I nodded my head and said, the Teacher was right, now I understand. There are lots of pages in the book of life that are hard to understand. All we can do is fold them down and write “The Teacher says to leave this for now, ‘tis hard to understand.” Then some day, maybe only in heaven, we will unfold the pages again, read them and say “The Teacher was right, now I understand”. When it comes to a sudden or tragic death, about all we can do is fold the page down and write “The Teacher says to leave this for now, ’tis hard to understand.”

Comments: Although I never knew you, your fight and your spirit has had a great impact on me. You are in my thoughts, Andrew.

Comments: Andrew you have touched my heart so deeply… you have taught me that you must live every day as if it is your last! May god bless you and forever keep in his watch.. I hope that you are at peace…

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Andrew you are an amazing person…. I thank you so much for the incredible impact you have made on my life and how i live it! You will forever be remembered in my heart! you are a true hero to all and will always be missed!!love you superman!

Comments: god bless you…you have impacted so many lives in a positive way…you will never be forgotten and always will be in our hearts

Name: Rachel and Lynn Smith
Comments: To Andrew’s family: Up in an old attic; as the rain comes down, I sat and paging through an old school book, dusty, tattered and worn, I came to a page folded down- and across it was written in a childish hand, “The teacher says to leave this for now. ’tis hard to understand.” I unfolded the page and read. Then I nodded my head and said, the teacher was right, now I understand.

Name: Carson McDaniel
Comments: We will all be there with you in heaven one day, but until that day be with god, and keep going on that adventure.

Name: Carson McDaniel
Comments: “Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die; and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life. Both life and death are parts of the same great adventure” -FDR Andrew- I have met you only on a few occasions and I don’t think you would remember me, but I can say with confidence that I remember you and that you made a profound impact on me during those times that we met. Your amazing personality and positive outlook taught me to appreciate everything that I had. Although we only met those two or three times, the news of your passing effected me to the extent of tears…the idea that you could effect someone (and many others) in this way that hardly even knew you proves what an amazing person you truly are. As FDR stated above, “Life and death are part of the same great adventure” I urge that people do not think of Andrew’s passing as the end, but merely the continuation of the adventure that he began here with us. Andrew, we will all be up th

Name: Ashley Roth
Comments: Andrew, you will always be remembered as a selfless, strong hero that brought so much positive energy and inspiration to so many people. i’m glad you are finally in peace. we’ll all miss you!

Comments: always in our hearts. ANDREW TEBO.

Name: Alyson Gilmore
Comments: I have checked this website daily for years and know that I am a better person as a result. Andrew’s life has encouraged us all to raise the bar. We have cheered his accomplishments and grieved his disappointments. Now it is time to celebrate his much accomplished short life. Thank you Dave for taking the time to maintain this website and allowing us all to share a part of Andrew. Much love and prayer to you, Nancy, and Alex.

Name: The Benson Family
Comments: May our Lord’s mercy, grace and peace be with you always. Thank you for sharing your dear Andrew with us. We shed tears with you…

Name: Lily Geisler
Comments: andrew you are so amazing, i wish i could hold onto you forever..but i know that you are in a better place now.. and i can picture you running free of all that has ever held you back. ill never forget our attempts to loosen up that shy friend of ours :)and we’ll keep trying! although we never really got to know each other that well, you treated me like we’d been friends forever and i want to thank you for that. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!! see you again someday my friend.

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: When somebody dies, a cloud turns into an angel and flies up to tell God to put another flower on a pillow. A bird gives the message back to the world and sings a silent prayer that makes the rain cry. People disappear, but they never really go away. The spirits up there put the sun to bed, wake up the grass, and spin the earth in dizzy circles. Sometimes you can see them dancing in a cloud during the daytime when they’re supposed to be sleeping. They paint the rainbows and also the sunsets and make waves splash and tug at the tide. They toss shooting stars and listen to wishes. And when they sing wind songs, they whisper to us,”Don’t miss me too much. The view is nice and I’m doing just fine.”

Name: The Stevenson Family
Comments: We have been praying for you and your family throughout your struggle and will continue to keep you in our prayers. You have been a true inspiration to all of us and reading your guestbook is evidence of the number of lives you have touched. You have taught us to realize that every day is a gift from God. We know that this will be difficult for your family but may their memories of you bring them comfort. And knowing that you are watching over them from heaven above will hopefully bring them some peace.<3 God Bless all of you!! Tim, Denise, Lauren and Ryan

Comments: Andrew we will miss you. you were always such a good, nice, and strong person

Name: Andy Cheng
Comments: I never had a chance to meet you, but from all the wonderful things that I’ve heard about you, i knew you changed many peoples lives with the effort you had by being their friends. you were a hero to all of us. RIP Andrew.

Comments: Andrew, I never had the privilege of meeting you but I was nonetheless incredibly moved and inspired by your story. Many of my friends who knew you spoke of your amazing strength, faith, and undaunted spirit, and after following your story I found that they had not at all exaggerated. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world for the time you had here on Earth; you have made a difference in the lives of many. Go with God, and may He be with your family during this difficult time. My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you all.

Name: Michael
Comments: Andrew we will forever miss you.

Comments: Andrew, god bless you. You have inspired everyone so much during your journey. Thank you so much for touching so many hearts. You’re in a much better place now. Peace be with you

Name: Jay Skaalen
Comments: Thanks for everything you have given us… you have forever made an impact on our hearts and lives.

Name: The Primes Family
Comments: Andrew, you have truly earned your wings. Enjoy your new freedom. You will continue to impact lives forever. Today, there is a void in our world.

Comments: Although I got to meet you Andrew…my brother did.i envy him because of this. you have been such an insperation to us all and we will miss so much. you were an amazing person. we love you and in time we will see you in heaven

Comments: always in our hearts forever. “as the tears and memories fall down our face, we remember that he is in a better place.”

Name: Sarah Aschbrenner
Comments: Andrew, you’re a hero to us all and you will be forever in our hearts…you are with God now…

Comments: We will miss you Andrew you have been an insperation to us all…you earned you place in heaven…watch over us

Name: The Nicholson Family
Comments: “You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons they’ll turn out to be heroes even if it’s just in your own eyes,” Walter M. Schirra, Sr. You are a hero in everyones’ eyes Andrew! May we always remember the footprints that you have left with us here on earth.

Comments: 96630… Andrew was and always will be an inspiration to all. LOVE YOU SUPERMAN

Name: Angelica Allen
Comments: Dearest Andrew – i never was lucky enough to meet you, although i came close a few times thanks to the many friends of mine who knew you well. I wish we had become friends, for your unbelievable strength and bravery through this ordeal has given strength to each person who knew of your story. You’re in a better place now; a place free from pain and anguish; a place where you can finally laugh and run again. We miss you, Andrew; every single one of us…

Name: Lindsey Ness
Comments: thibeault family, you are in my prayers. even though andrew is no longer here with us on earth, he is in fact in a better place. Andrew has touched the hearts of many, brought many smiles to the faces of fellow students and community members, as well as brought many people together. andrew has taught me to always look at the positive side of everything. Your son will be forever missed and never forgotten. Andrew i will be missing you until i see you again. GOD BLESS.

Name: Nancy Rothrock
Comments: Thank you for sharing Andrew with us…he gave us an insight into life like no one else could. I will be forever grateful to a pair of parents that loved him enough to share him with the world…we will never be the same. Having recently lost my younger sister to cancer…I suggest that everyone do what we did when she passed…we went down to the beach just before sunset and took a long walk and talked about the dearly departed…when it was time for the sun to set we carved a love note to [her]in the sand and turned and saw the sun sink in the west…just at that moment a flock of sea gulls flew right over our heads out to sea into the sunset…the waves carried our note away as well. Good-bye to our loved one, Andrew, Superman, we are happy your pain is gone. We will miss you and will think of you lovingly…often. God Bless You.

Name: Danielle Farinelli
Comments: Thank you for making me look at life in such a different way. You are my inspiration for a lot of things I do in life. Even though you aren’t with us any more, the memory of you and your love for life and others will always be with me. We will all miss you! <3

Name: from the Verga family
Comments: We will miss Andrew. We are sorry that Andrew passed away today. Our boys are really sad that Andrew has gone to Heaven. Our prayers are with the Tebo family. We love you all.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: to the whole family, i just want to say i love you and you are in my prayers. to superman…i want to say thank you for being an inspiration, you touched soo many lives and you are off to a better place. see you when i get you and god bless.

Name: Alli Gelles
Comments: Andrew,my mom and I will miss you dearly. After every appointment you had with her she would always remind me what an amazing person you are, have been, and will continue being. May you rest in peace.

Name: Greg Shabram
Comments: Thanks for helping me look for a new car when you were going out with my sister. In the few times we hung-out you impressed me. My regards to you and your family. Rest in Peace my young friend.

Name: jordy
Comments: wow, tebo, this is a lot harder than i could have ever imagined. i really dont know what to say, and i dont want to know what to say because i think that would be worse. you are amazing and i will never ever forget you. ever ever ever and i just wish the rest of the tebo family could know how many thoughts and prayers and just how much love is being sent their way. alex, i really think there is nothing more i want to do right now than give you a huge huge hug.


Name: Kendra Aronson
Comments: Rew Man, I know all is going well up in heaven, you are probably laughing and running and playing soccer and I can’t wait to see you when I get there! You are always in my thoughts and prayers and Im SO proud of the battle you put up with, you are one amazing individual who touched my life and many others. I’m going to miss your smile, sense of humor and outgoing attitude, but you will live in my heart forever. I love you so much.I will love you forever…Kendra

Comments: Hi, you never knew me but i have so many friends who are very close to you and i’ve been following your story. Please rest in peace, you’ve changed my life greatly, god be with you and your family <3

Name: Skylar
Comments: Andrew what has been most amazing to me through all of this is how strong you were. As much pain as you were in you tried so hard to make this as easy on everybody as you could. Even though it was you being affected most you understood so well how much you meant to others, and how hard it has been for everybody. In as much pain as you were in you helped to ease the pain of others. It’s so hard because you aren’t here anymore to make it easier for everybody. I hope you’re not scared Andrew and that you know we all will miss you forever.

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: -Nancy even tho Andrew is no longer with us, could I come visit YOU?

Name: Sarah
Comments: You haev made such and impact on me… THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR SUPERMAN!!

Name: Ed Kenney
Comments: I miss you Andrew You earned your place in heaven

Comments: I never got to meet you but i have been following your story. You have made a huge inpact on my life!!! Thank you for showing me that life is worth living each and every day!!!

Name: shanti deland
Comments: thanks for always being our superman andrew

Comments: i never got the chance to meet you, but for the last few months i have been checking your website daily and praying for you. you have become my inspiration,thank you for showing me the meaning of life

Name: Katie Benson
Comments: There’s a song lyric that goes, “nothing loved is ever lost” and I believe it. You are loved by so many people Andrew, and you will live forever in our hearts. You have made such an impact on our community and taught us all to cherish life, to run when able and fight when not. Love you Andrew, Always.

Name: Barent and Nancy Mynderse
Comments: God Bless you Andrew, our condolences.

Name: The Shamshoian Family

Name: David Boone
Comments: Andrew I will never forget the change you have made in my life. Your memory will always be with me. I know your in a better place now. I’ll never forget!!

Name: erin brown
Comments: you were and still are an inspiration to all of us. you have never been anything less than a generous, sweet, incredible soul and i am just awed by the fact that you are no longer with us. your spirit will shine down always. and thank you for protecting me from angus in eighth grade. fly beautiful angel, there’s nothing holding you down.

Comments: run with ur heart up there

Name: The Nourani Family
Comments: Death comes suddenly; but like birth, death is an open door to a new and greater life. Andrew has been freed from this sorrow-striken shelter and he has turned his face toward the Kingdom. Our prayers are with you all.

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: I’m glad you got my paintings before you left and I hope that you will take the memory with you. I know the reason you left was because every angel God sends must return sometime. We’ll meet up in the future. Until then everyone will be praying for Superman! I love you, Monica

Comments: we will always miss u. u showed us a new life. ur truly the definition of a superman. wait for me in heaven

Name: Andrea Farinelli
Comments: God sent us down an angel and got superman back. Love you andrew, watch over us.


Comments: God needed superman back…love you

Name: Brittni Gallucci
Comments: god wanted an angel, and he got a superman instead. My deepest sympathy goes out to you all. LCC will miss you so much. we all love you and now you can live with no more pain.You made a great fight.- U will be Forever Our Superman…

Name: An LCC Family
Comments: Andrew, You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten…go and soar with the Angels for you have been set free. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! May God’s peace and eternal life be yours! To your family…May God and Andrew’s peace hold you tight and comfort you always.

Name: oh and dont worry
Comments: OH1! andrew dont worry we’re still doing that basketball game. everyone is going to be there in your honor..

Name: Holly Wolfe
Comments: God speed, Andrew. Much love to Nancy, Dave and Alex.

Name: The Titus Family
Comments: Andrew, we will always remember you as the athletic, intelligent boy with a wry sense of humor, and a passion for life. A fighter until the end. You accomplished more in your short time on earth than many, and touched more lives than most ever will. We will never forget you!

Comments: What a legacy you have left behind, Andrew. Well done, well done.

Name: Susie Miller
Comments: Andrew was such an inspiration to all of us. I never met anyone who could bring a community together the way he did. He will always be in my heart as will the whole Thibeault family. Thank you for the gift of Andrew.

Name: Maddy Trafficanda
Comments: Andrew, i neverknew you, but you have touched so many lives at LCC and we have all been inspired by your story. you are such a strong man, and i think i can speak for everyone, we cant believe that you held on so strong… you’re a great guy, and now all the pain is gone. we know you’re watching down on us, and we miss you dearly.

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: It was a great honor to have known Andrew. He was one exceptional kid and quite a fighter. Our deepest sympathy goes out to you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: Caitlyn
Comments: Hey, I never got to know you, but I met you. And now you are not here with us anymore, but we are all thinking about you and about everyone who is close to you. LCC is behind everyone through this! WE LOVE YOU A.T.!


Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: To think that we were so lucky to have had you for a whole year with the JenKib Kids…You will forever hold a special place in my heart…Andrew, you were a “one of a kind”. Heaven will be an even better place with you there….

Name: Chris
Comments: Say “Hi” to Jesus.

Name: Philly Wisdom
Comments: You left with all of us a little bit of your spirit and determination. Thank you for touching SO many people. You will be remembered fondly by everyone. RIP. God be with the Tebo family.

Name: Zach Vlasuk
Comments: I will always remember you buddy, you were a great kid and fun to be around. A lot of people love you for your character and fight you have shown over the past few years. I admire you.

Name: devon donohue
Comments: gods speed

Name: Rachel Haberkern
Comments: Andrew you are in our thoughts and prayers we will never forget you. We love you.

Name: Robert Antt
Comments: God Bless you Andrew. (Nolan Huston’s step dad)

Name: Cha-Cha Simpson
Comments: You are forever in my thoughts and heart. Love you, thank you.

Name: the witzmann family
Comments: you and your family are always in our hearts. we love you.

Comments: you are our angel. You are an inspiration, our superman, and will always be with us, someplace in our hearts. Thank you for your time with us, it was truly a blessing. I love you, we love you.

Comments: Andrew, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: The Flannery Family
Comments: Andrew,Nancy and family..Our sympathy and prayers go out to your family..Andrew has been an inspiration to all of us. We know he is in heaven looking down on all of us. God bless and we will keep you all in our hearts..


Name: The Sonken Family
Comments: Our hearts go out to you and Nancy. This is so difficult because we lost our beloved son Matt a little over a year ago. I feel and know your pain. You are in our prayers. Words are not enough to express our deepest sympathy to your family. Andrew was a courageous spirit. May God bless you and carry you in this fragile time. We are there for you if there is absolutely anything we can do. You are in our prayers. With love, the Sonken’s.

Comments: god sent us an angel. . . .

Name: A Friend
Comments: Andrew..You are an inspiration to all of us. the lives you have touched are un countable..You will always be remebered..Thanks for the strength and passion and love you have taought me ..God bless

Name: The Wirth family
Comments: Andrew, you are in our hearts forever. You and your family are an inspiration to us all.

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: you will be in my heart always and forever! love you andrew!

Name: Emily Endres
Comments: Andrew, you have been a true inspiration to us all. Now we know you are safe in heaven smilin down on us while we pray for you. We hope for your prayers and we love you

Name: Katelyn
Comments: Forever in my thoughts…and thank you…

Name: Vicky Farinelli
Comments: We love you, Andrew, and we will miss you. For those of us left behind, we ask for YOUR prayers now.

Name: God Bless Andrew
Comments: You have truly been an inspiration to eveyone around you. You have showed me, and many others, not to take anything for granted, and to live life to its fullest. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.I know you will be missed greatly by all, and will never be forgotten

Name: kaley kenney & devon livingston
Comments: God needed an angel…he got superman

Comments: Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way: it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And now faith, hope, and love abide, and the greatest of these is love. – Corinthians 13 Andrew you possessed all of the qualities of love, hope and faith. You will always be in our hearts.

Name: Debbie Greve
Comments: I would like to say “God Bless You, Tebo family”. Thank you so much for sharing this very private family ordeal. Every day when I checked on Andrew (from here in Chicago), it made me appreciate the important and not-so-important things in life. I wish for you some peace, some healing and some closure to an unimaginable struggle. Thank-you so much.

Comments: andrew i think that you have proved this one The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’ sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever. we love you andrew

Name: Ona Albert
Comments: This is a heartfelt message to the family. Our daughter, Suzanne Albert, who is a Make A Wish Coordinator, just took such delight in Andrew’s spirit, will to live, and the amazing effort put forth by his High School friends who did fundraisers, etc. His body is free of pain now, and his soul can fly with the angels. Your are in our thoughts. Ona and Bill Albert Suzanne just wrote this e-mail to me, and we are all so sad!

Name: Miranda
Comments: Andrew–Love you…thank you.

Name: thank you andrew, for everything you have been
Comments: thank you andrew for your inspiration. you made me value the meaning of life and to live life to its fullest. you did nothing less that your absolute best and i appalud and look up to you for that. you are a stronger person that i couldnt even imagine to be. you truly brought faith and hope in to everyones lives and you will never be forgotten. you will be missed, but never forgotten. my love will be with you always.

Name: The Laurino Family
Comments: Andrew and Family, We are very sorry to hear of your passing. Our prayers have been with you from the start and will continue on. We pray for your family as these times will be so difficult for them. You have been such an inspiration to every child at LCC and every parent who has a child at that school. May peace and love surround you and all your loved ones. May Gods loving hands surround you and keep you until we all meet up together. You will be missed.

Comments: Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Andrew will always be your own special angel…We know there are soccer fields in heaven and no bad refs.

Name: Paula Hara
Comments: Andrew, You are an inspiration to all of us that met you on that day in June. I will never forget your smile and your courageous battle to live. You have touched many lives. Godspeed Love Paula Kaila and Alyssa


Name: Paula Hara
Comments: Andrew,

Comments: andrew i went to middle school with you and always knew there was something special about you. you were always smiling and happy, the kind of person that can light up anyone’s day. this summer i saw you for the first time since before your cancer, when you came over and we all hung out. you may remember that i was very happy to see you, i’d miss you. i can’t stop crying. i really don’t know what else to say, except that you’re an inspiration and have touched the lives of so many people, including myself. forever in our hearts. love, kendall

Comments: Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free.I’m following the path God laid for me, I took His hand when I heard him call, I turned my back and left it all . I could not stay another day to laugh, to love, to work, or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found that place at the close of day. If my parting has left a void, then fill it with remembered joy.A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah yes, thes things, I too, will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow. I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life’s been full, I savored much: Good friends, Good Times, a loved one’s touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief. Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free………


Comments: thank you andrew, you inspire us all.

Name: Robbie
Comments: you are forever in our hearts…we love you and now you can live without any pain…see you when I get there

Name: Bob Hawkins
Comments: My son Christopher just called to tell me of Andrew’s passing. Through the tears he said, “My hero just died.” I know that Andrew was the hero of many kids who passed through LCC and by living his life in the special way that he did, Andrew helped my son and their friends to become better men and women. He is a hero to all of us now. God bless and thank you for sharing his life with us here.

Name: Alex Higley
Comments: All the pain is now over buddy. You truely are one of Gods Angels, and you will always be Gods greatest gift to this world. “FAITH A.T.” I’ll see you when i get there.

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: To the Tebo family, Such an amazing journey, strength, determination,fire,guts,superman powers,able to make descisions that were inconcievable for a teenager to even think of. A true man in only 17 years of life, some boys never even become that kind of man. Andrew has left us with an intensity about life, that it should be lived to the fullest without all of the minor details. His courage to face his illness was greater than anything I have ever seen. He has forever touched the lives of those who have known him and those who had never met him. We will always have andrew and the tebo family in our prayers. Love, Marc, Kim, Robbie, Brooke and Molly

Name: Tiere Jenuine
Comments: I have never stopped thinking about you, Andrew, and I don’t think I ever will. Thank you for teaching all of us how special life is, and to make the most of our time here. Have fun in heaven- run with the wind! 🙂 Miss you.

Comments: Beyond life, you will always be an incredible inspiration. Your spirit lives on in all of us- those close to you, and those you may have met only once. Know that your love is changing the world. We love you forever

Name: Susan
Comments: Run as fast, as far as you want now Fetters flown, your strength’s unbound. The body’s such a fragile vessel for the soul. You rejoice in the new strength and peace you’ve found.

Comments: God bless you Andrew. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. May you rest in peace see you when i get there

Name: s.w.
Comments: A lesson for us all to be better and brighter and more like you. …may you rest in peace and show the rest of heaven the inspiration you have shown so many here on earth…angel

Name: Darla Razzani
Comments: My thoughts and prayers go out to your family in this trying time. May they know the lord is with them and will watch over you as one of his angels now. God Bless!!!

Comments: God bless you, Andrew. You are with the Lord now, and you have inspired us all!

Name: j.d.
Comments: run with all your heart……….we love you. see you when i get there

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: You’re with me always Andrew…always.


Comments: Godspeed Andrew. You will not be forgotten, but I am glad your pain is over. Our prayers continue for you and your amazing family.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: We are so sorry to hear that Andrew is gone. Our thoughts and prayers are always with Andrew and all the Tebos. Please call if you need anything. Run Andrew Run…….