Comments from Supporters in 2005

Name: Bryan Ernst
Comments: Stay strong superman!!

Name: Jeanette Houston…..Nolan’s mom
Comments: Hey Andrew, I just wanted to say thank-you for being such a great role model for my son Nolan. He’s the SPL in your troop 776 now and he speaks soooo highly of you and your brother. Such a strong path you have led. Our thoughts are with you……..

Name: Amy Womack, Paramedic in Ky
Comments: Andrew, my cousin Brian had bone cancer that started in his arm and I watched him grow from a boy to a young man through all of the challenges that he faced. I want you to know that I am praying for you and I hope that God gives you the peace that you long for. You are an incredible young man and always remember that someone, someday will benefit for the strife that you have faced. May God bless you and keep you all of your days.

Name: Barbara Artman (Zach Vlasuk’s mom)
Comments: Dear Andrew, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Name: St. John School
Comments: We are holding you very close in prayer and thank you for showing us how to live life. Your faith, courage, and determination inspire all of us!!

Name: Debbie Jones
Comments: Andrew, From someone you don’t know – you have been such an inspiration of strength, courage and hope. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You have fought a brave battle and are a hero!

Name: Susan Eidam
Comments: Dear Precious Andrew, I want you to know we love you…we love your spirit, your tinacity, your strength, and your example to our community and my kids. We have been praying for you and your family. You taught my son Danny at the camp in Cardiff. You were giving a demonstration about backpacking and camping to the cub scouts. My daughter Melissa tore her acl and had to have surgery etc. Soccer is very important to her and trying to come back has been an issue. It is hard when her mind and body does not cooperate. I told her Andrew used to play soccer and to imagine what he is going through etc. Well…every time she goes out on the field to play…she plays for Andrew. Melissa dedicates her play to him. I wanted to share a funny story with Andrew. We donated blood after his first surgery. There was lots of people in line filling out the questionaire they give you and waiting to give blood. The funny part was…I was in line next to a mom and daughter who were filling out

Name: Tait Campbell
Comments: Hey Andrew, Im good friends with Courtney Forrester and she has been keeping up to speed with you for at least a year now and I just wanted to say keep on fighting man! we all know you can beat it! YOUR A HERO TO ALL OF US up here in SB! tait campbell

Name: Sharon
Comments: Andrew, Peace be with you, dear Superman.

Name: Jen Brown
Comments: We are all keeping the faith for you Andrew!!!

Name: JT O’Loughlin
Comments: Hey Andrew, all of us out here at Colorado State have still been following your site religiously and it’s been no end of inspiration for us all. You’re strong in a whole lot of ways that it’s hard for any of us to fathom. You’ve always got our support, prayers, and good thoughts. I know Kelly wishes she could drop by and see you, but she sends her love too.

Name: The Griffith Family
Comments: Congratulations on both your Eagle Scout and your 10 Leadership award. Thanks for being such a role model for my 2 boys and for our whole family!

Name: Walt Bochenko – Andrew Bochenko’s dad
Comments: Hey Andrew: Its been quite awhile since I stopped by electronically… Congratulations on your Eagle acheivement! My love and admiration for your strength, both physical and mental. It is a grace most anyone would covet in today’s circumstances. Your strength gives all of us a reality check as to what the meaning of life is — and you have found it. Thanks for helping me and those around us deal with life’s challenge. May GOD be with you all days. Love and admiration, Walt Bochenko

Comments: Don’t be afraid…you are now in God’s hands

Name: The Thibeaults, Greg, Laurie, Steph and Chris
Comments: Andrew to you and your family our thoughts and prayers are with you. Lots of LOVE to all of you. Give Andrew a kiss for us.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: love you superman…

Name: Nancy Rapp
Comments: I am sending white light to you Andrew! You inspire others everyday as we cruise along effortlessly and watch what how boldly you have steered your life through this unrelenting challenge. Your in our toughts. I am so glad your effortshave helped so many. Be proud of yourself. You are loved.

Name: The Young Family
Comments: Dear Andrew, We continue to be struck by the good things you have been doing and the example you set. It is hard to believe a young man can already have had such a positive impact on his community and beyond. Thanks for your inspiration. Our family’s love and prayers are with you and your family. Coleen, Greg, Sam & Sylvia Young

Name: Lorraine
Comments: Andrew- I have turned to this Bible passage for encouragement for years and now more than ever it seems to provide comfort. “Therefore since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained acces [by faith] to this grace in which we stand, and we boast in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endruance, and endurance proven character, and proven character, hope, and hope does not disapoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans Chapter 5

Name: Miranda
Comments: Andrew, your life is a testament of how everyone should live their lives everyday. You are an inspiration to me–your heart, your determination, your incredible stregnth–thank you.

Name: Tammy, Taylor and Cameron King
Comments: Andrew, I don’t personally know you but I know your mom because my girls go to her preschool. And from what I do know of you, you are an inspiration to all kids and adults out there for everything you have done. You are a very strong young man. We love you and keep up that great attitude!

Comments: love life

Name: Melanie Cullen
Comments: Dear Andrew (and family), Our son Daniel is a fairly recent Scout to 776 as of last fall. We have never met but have followed with the troop one of the most courageous battles ever fought by a person and their family. I can only hope my sons will have even a few of the great qualities that you, Andrew possess. I am sure you have inspired many people to rise higher to an occasion as a result of so many lives that you have touched. I wish the best for you and your family. Sincerely, Melanie Cullen

Name: Vonnie Craig-Parker
Comments: Andrew, I was one of your wish granters for your trip to meet Faith. You are a true inspriation to me. I am one of the extremely lucky ones to have been touched by such a special person. May God Bless You. My Emily is waiting to show you the ropes.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: It doesn’t get any better than you Andrew, simple as that. You are in good hands and always will be, and I can say the same for your family, and that’s a promise. You mean so much to me Andrew, and I will cherish our friendship always.

Name: Margi
Comments: Andrew and family – God’s love is surrounding all of you right now – know that He will hold you all close and that Andrew couldn’t be in better hands than that of our Creator. God bless you all!

Name: Betsy
Comments: Hello, I am Kim Skraby’s aunt in Cincinnati. Kim is so fond of you. I am not sure what to say, you are so brave, I will pray for you and your family. Betsy Patterson

Name: someone who loves u
Comments: i belive

Name: andrew wanner
Comments: hi you have the same first name as me but i dont know you

Name: jamie d
Comments: i only wish i knew what to say. I love you buddy. our shining star, too good for earth you are….

Name: a church family
Comments: This message is to Andrew’s parents – what amazing sons you have. All the strength, faith, and determination that they both show had to come from somewhere….it came from you! All of their strength, determination and positive outlook came from you and your unending love for them. I know you couldn’t me more proud of the fabulous young men you have raised. Keep doing what you are doing and stay strong for each other. As always….you are in our prayers. Thank you for all you have taught me about what is important in life.

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Andrew, I simply don’t know anything about higher plans or purpose in any of this. But what I do know is that you are a truly special person who is very much loved and has profoundly affected so many people through your young life. Maybe that is enough to know. Thanks.

Comments: Dave, thank you for the vivid description and summary of all that Andrew has endured. It makes his statement about “giving (his) life to God” all that more meaningful. The way he has lived his life and the way his is facing his future is such a testament for the rest of us. At times it must be difficult for you and Nancy and Alex to share Andrew and his story with the rest of us. Thank you for doing so. You all make me truly humble. May God’s peace be with you.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Always thinking about you and praying for you sweet boy. You are facing this journey as I would have expected – with strength, determination and just the way you choose to. Love to all Tebos.

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Hey buddy!! Thinking of you always!

Name: lindsey ness
Comments: thinking about you… stay strong andrew

Name: Heidi Stuckenschneider
Comments: Good luck Andrew, you are amazing. Thinking about you often, you can do it, you are inspirational!!! Good luck!

Name: Veronica Baker
Comments: Andrew, I don’t know you personally, but feel like I do, as I worked at Make-A-Wish when you got your wish. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are truly an inspiration to the rest of us!! Hang in there and keep the Faith! Take care, Veronica Baker

Name: Veronica

Name: Jolie
Comments: Andrew, hey i just wanted to let you know that i am here for you until the end. I will never look at a cookoo clock again without thinking of you and our great times. Youre in my prayers…

Name: chelsea houldin
Comments: im praying for u

Name: Kim S.
Comments: Andrew, I’ve been looking back through all of my pictures and remembering all of the fun times we’ve had, and we definitely have had a lot. You are one of the most fun, and funniest friends I have ever had. Even when you sprayed me with the fire extinguisher and I was really mad, you still managed to turn it around and make it a really funny experience. I know that everyone has said this, but it really is true, you and your family are an inspiration. I love you lots.

Comments: Hey Pal — Just thinking about you and praying that Gods grace will shine through right now… you are loved more than anyone i know…

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: You are in my every thought….be strong Andrew….You are truly loved!

Name: kelley
Comments: hey andrew i just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you and that God’s love surrounds you and your family in this tough time. let God be your strength!

Comments: Wishing you peace, now and forever. Thank you, Andrew.

Name: Kali (loud Speaker!!)
Comments: Andrew stay stong your are to good to loose!! you are one of a kind!! we all love you so much and i dont know what LCC would be like with out your inspiration and kindness!!! stay strong my friend!!

Name: Andrea Farinelli
Comments: Hang in there Andrew. You are so brave and everyones praying for you. You are an amazing guy and i know gods watching out for you. Stay strong <3

Name: Andrea Farinelli

Name: Katie
Comments: hey Andrew, we dont know each other but i hope u get better real soon, i’ll be praying for you.

Name: Jay Finnen
Comments: hey whats goin on im chris prudens friend up in washington he’ll told me bout ya and i hope ya pull through ill pray for ya peace

Comments: god bless……..

Name: Bonnie, Ryan and Keith Regan
Comments: You’re in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Name: jenny randle
Comments: hey i just wanted to tell you that you are a really kool kid and your are an inspiration to many people. stay strong and dont give . we all love you and god bless

Name: jenny randle
Comments: hey superman, hows it goin. just checkin in hope your doing well.


Comments: i just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to many and a role model for how a person should be, you are in our prayers, i hope you stay well

Name: Emily Endres
Comments: Sit still Don’t cry In your dreams you learn to fly. In our Prayer and In our thoughts, is where your thought of lots and lots. In our hearts you’ve played big parts. Stay strong, Stay True, Don’t be gettin’ down and feelin’ blue. We’re here to stay, lay here and pray. Your beautiful, Beautiful inside and out. Your strong, So strong. Your fighting the fight, Your in the light. Our love,god loves you. Bless you,He blesses you… Andrew, i don’t think we have met, many once but You are such a fighter,and such a giving person, So many of us look up to you and wish for the best for your happiness. Thanks for being such a hero to us all. Love always, me! whatever makes you happy we are here.

Name: Matt Redlinger
Comments: Thank you so much for everything Andrew. You are the best friend a guy could of ever asked for, you have always been there for me. Its been really hard to see you strugge these past few years, I can’t even imagine your pain. You are a dedicated figher and you have an amazing spirit. You have taught me what true friendship is all about. I promise to stay strong for you. Love you man.

Comments: I am praying for your safe journey….I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

Name: Robbie
Comments: Thinking about you man! I am stoked I was able to see you last week. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Always in my prayers…keep your head up!

Name: Audra
Comments: Andrew… I saw you today and all I wanted to do was hold you and make everything better. You are such an amazing guy and I will never forget those math classes together. I still can’t believe you would always beat me by one point. if I has a 98 you would have a 99. You are superman! You have been such a valuable friend to me and I am so honored to have even been able to say that I had you as one of my friends. I love ya andrew and you are in my hopes and prayers.

Name: “clementine”….amanda clemens
Comments: i believe in you Tebo. Andrew…Superman, let peace be with you. keep up the fight. i saw you today, and i kept talking to you about our good times together…montes, car crashes, the radio game that i dominated in (haha)….those girls on the way home from your birthday dinner. oh man. you, me, giblin, and matt. GOOD TIMES. i could never forget. i love you.

Name: DL
Comments: To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded! – Emerson Andrew, You were brought back to life by GOD after your first surgery. HE had big plans for you, a purpose. And you have fulfilled that purpose beautifully, with such dignity and respect. You have forever changed and enriched the lives of so many people. The world is a much better place because you have lived! I for one will never be the same. You are the most exceptional and successful person. We all love you very much. MOOCHIE SMOOCHIES xxoo.

Name: The Bensons
Comments: In daily prayer for you and your family, we give thanks for your example of courage. God’s Peace

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, You are truly amazing and such an inspiration to many many people. THe affect that you have had on all of your peers will be remembered always. We love you and you are constantly in our prayers. Love, All of us

Name: Anna
Comments: Wow..Just beginning this comment is already very humbling. My boyfriend Rob met you the other day and I had the privaledge of hearing about you. You’re a true example of how someone you’ve never met,at any age,in any condition,can be used by God to bless and touch someone else. I am that someone else. Thank you so much for being you. Stay strong and happy. My prayers are with you, and I know that God is too! Take care and God Bless you. <>< Anna

Name: Anonymous
Comments: Andrew- Sweetheart, stay strong and keep fighting 😀 We are all praying for you and are all behind you in your struggle. Just remember to keep your chin up and think positively

Name: Missy Heller
Comments: Andrew, you are an amazing testiment to the power of positive thinking and strength! I have heard about you through a mutual friend – Frank Verga. I feel like I know you, and I want you to know that I actively keep you and your family in my prayers. Know that Jesus is holding you and your family in His arms right now and through Him ANYTHING is possible! Much love and admiration, Missy

Name: Michele Lobatz
Comments: Andrew and family, wanted you all to know you’re constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the support and love from your family and friends give you comfort and strength when you most need it.

Name: Seany Robins…. fellow fighter, fellow believer
Comments: Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. –Anonymous You gotta believe in miracles. You gotta believe in defying the odds. Hey, I’ve made a life of it 😉

Name: from one who has FAITH. . .
Comments: to BELIEVE that all things are possible through God – to Him be the glory – may the Lord hold you and your family so tight right now and that His peace and love will surround ALL OF THE “TEBO” FAMILY!!!

Name: One of many (obviously) who is thinking of you
Comments: Woke up. It’s 2:37 AM. Just wanted to check on you. Thinking of you, praying for you (all). Remember the song from Superman “Can you read my mind?” Especially the lines: Can you read my mind? Can you picture the things I’m thinking of? Wondering why you are All the wonderful things you are Thanks Superman for being all the wonderful things you are now and always.

Comments: thinking of you andrew—-we all love you so much and look up to your strength. you have taught us all so much about life. stay strong. — an old friend.

Name: Maria
Comments: i love you

Name: a believer
Comments: The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today; Let us move forward with strong and active faith. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Name: The Ferris Family
Comments: You are in our thoughts and prayers every night, Andrew. Tonight is no exception. Please stay strong and know that you are loved by many people. Consider yourself hugged! 🙂 See you soon!!

Name: The How family
Comments: Andrew, Nancy, Dave and Alex, You are all in our thoughts and prayers. The Hows (Jeremy, Jane, Alex and Zach)

Comments: just wanted to say i believe and i’ve got faith in you there buddy

Comments: we love u

Name: Lindsay
Comments: You will get through this and whatever happens you will be ok and god will be with you all the way. i will say a prayer for you! <3

Name: Brooke
Comments: I hope you feel better.

Name: Cus Bill
Comments: Peace Andrew

Name: Holly Wolfe (Marc Sawyer’s Mom)
Comments: My prayers are with you tonight, Andrew. Much love, Holly

Name: DeDe P.
Comments: I just got back from meeting Jaime (Scouting Digest Editor) for dinner in Los Angeles – he said the cover with you on it is great – it’s at the printers and should be ready to ship by the end of the week. He’s (as we all are) in awe of all you’ve accomplished and now we can spread stories about you all around the country. I’m honored to have you in my life!


Name: Katelyn
Comments: Just thinking of you…and I have so much faith. You don’t even know how much YOU have taught me. You amaze me.You can do this!Tons of love!

Name: Chris Pruden
Comments: Andrew, you dont know me but i have heard of you. My name is chris and Dorthy Batson is my Grandparant. I am 14 and heard that you are fighting cancer, when I heard about your story, I was touched, and i want you and your family to know that what ever happens, is in gods hands and everything happends for a reason, and my family and I are all saying a prayer for you. We all love you.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: thinking of you…

Name: Simpson Fam:Dale, Elsie, Amanda, Anthony,&Cha-Cha
Comments: Andrew, fight the good fight. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.


Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Amazing Andrew, if you catch a glimpse of your dad blowing you a kiss, don’t worry. He hasn’t totally gone bonkers. I told him to send you a couple from me. XOXOXOXO Aunt Donna :o)

Name: kaley kenney
Comments: keep the FAITH

Comments: andrew, i dont know you well but my brother does and i see how hard it is for him to see you go through this and see how much you mean to him. you are truly an angel, to be able to handle everything that has been

Name: Jim Kjar (Courtney’s Dad)
Comments: Hey Andrew. I saw you at Homecoming last year when you were one of the princes. Courtney has talked alot about you over the years. You have really made a big impact on her life. thanks alot.

Name: brookie
Comments: hey andrew you dont know me but i go to coastline and we pray for you continually and we will keep praying until you are compleatly healed your in our prayers always

Comments: Andrew, you are such a courageous young man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your entire family. May peace be with all of you.

Name: Gregory Farinelli
Comments: hi andrew. you will always be in my prayers. have a good day

Name: Gregory Farinelli
Comments: hi andrew. you will always be in my prayers. have a good day

Comments: as the tears fall down my cheeks i still dont see how its fair GOD sent us an ANGEL and now we know the world we’re living in has prayer you truely are our angel and our superman!!!!!!! you give us all hope and a reason for life. everyone is praying for you and the unconditional love around you is amazing!

Name: a believer
Comments: i believe

Name: The Cooke Family
Comments: Hi Thibeault Family, We want you all to know that we send our love to you and our prayers. We are thinking of you all. Love, All The Cookes

Name: Jessica aka L.A’s lil sis
Comments: Hey buddy how are you? I’ve never actually met you but know alot about you from my sister Llysia. I just want you to know that im praying for you and that you are in my thoughts and in my heart! Muhammad Ali said “It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges,and I believed in myself.” You definetly are not one to lack faith. you are an inspiration to all and bring hope to many people because you believe in yourself. Thank you for bringing me hope! with love, Jessica

Comments: hi andrew…i just wanted to say that your fight is an inspiration to me…i’m praying for you

Name: ashley daniels
Comments: andrew… i think about you everyday, and just want you to know how much i love you and pray for you… i have so much faith in you… love, ash

Name: L.A.
Comments: Dude so how cool are those bands made just for you! FAITH and A.T.,nothing could be more perfect. I love you buddy and keep up all the amazing work you have been doing. YOU ARE IN ALL OF OUR HEARTS 24-7. love you! ~L.A.

Comments: i believe….

Comments: just looked at my bracelet and thought of you. i’ve got FAITH in you… we BELIEVE. love you

Name: Seany R.
Comments: I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Dave. I am sorry you had to read that shit (excuse the language, but U can imagine how strongly I feel about people who say things like that) and I only hope Andrew didn’t have to read it. Tell Andrew I’m here, as always, if he wants or needs anything… even just someone to talk to tbat “gets it.” Take care Dave, hope to see you soon.

Name: Amy
Comments: Andrew: With each new morning, comes new hope for life and renewal. The pure love and faith of thousands envelope you like a blanket–holding you in their every thought and prayer, every minute of the day. You are a Survivor!!!

Name: Natassia Francis
Comments: Sorry to hear things aren’t going so well. I wish the best for you and hope that all this sunshine works wonders in your direction! God bless!

Name: Barry and Khara
Comments: We are thinking of you, Andrew. God bless you.

Name: Katelyn Chamberlin & Jake DeRoads
Comments: Just getting some updates on how you are doing! Hang in there Andrew! You are amazing and you’ve touched so many lives. Stay strong and remember that you’re in our prayers! Much love!

Name: Kadie Harry
Comments: I love you Andrew and you are forever in my heart and in my prayers. You are the strongest person I have ever met and I am amazed by you. Don’t give up. A miracle can happen! You are truely SUPERMAN! I love you!! 🙂

Comments: Peace be with you.

Name: *
Comments: Tell the one you love so deeply, that it is ok to let go

Name: Jamie Lee Clave
Comments: Tbo – You continue to be the spirit that inspires me to be a person without fear. Admiration is the best word to describe how I feel about your continuous efforts and battles you face everyday. My mom and dad shipped me up 20 wristbands today. Faith is the perfect word for one side and the ribbons and your initials are a constant reminder of you, Andrew. Not only have the wristbands become an inspiration, but others around me question and want to do something about the cause. Always in my heart.

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: I love you and haven’t stopped thinking about you!!! xoxo

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Every day a new challenge, every day a greater man. You’re amazing Andrew, I’ve never met anyone like you.

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-Man, I was in Texas this week for spring break and I saw a lot of cool shirts that said, “Don’t mess with Texas!” but I kept on thinking to myself those shirts should say “Don’t Mess with Andrew!”. Wow, I just realized how incredibly corny that was. Anyways, I was just thinking of you and I wanted to drop a line. I hope you’re spirits are up and that you stay positive. I love you man!

Name: A Prayer

Name: A Loving Heart
Comments: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies in us.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson–“However mean your life is, meet it, shun it, do not call it hard times.”–Henry David Thoreau– Andrew, these classic philosophers must have been talking about YOU. They would have been proud to know you, just as I am.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: i just wanted to say hello…still in my prayers superman….

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Andrew,Tamilyn and I are praying for you every minute of the day. Love you so much.

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Dear Andrew, Nancy, Alex and Dave…My prayers for you are daily and I’m sending love your way. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5 That is the verse that keeps coming to me as I think about you. Andrew you are superman!

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Andrew… I think its all been said… but you truely are an inspiration to me and everyone i know. Your postive attitude, determination, and strength has motivated us all to be better people! Words cant express how amazing you are! …. constantly in my prayers… love ya, courtney!

Name: Donald & Julie Newman
Comments: Andrew, Jesus is always with you. He’s your friend and companion in your journey that has inspired so many of us. May God bless you and your wonderful family with every grace. May he comfort you and your family.

Name: The Skaalens
Comments: ANDREW AND FAMILY, We have been following your battle with cancer for as long as you have been fighting it. We want you to know that our prayers have been and always will be with you all. Andrew is an inspiration to us all with his strength, determination and toughness. We get so lost and distracted in our lives by the insignificant things that we perceive to be problems. Andrew and his ability to battle this disease with humor and honesty helps to keep my family more focused on the things that are truly important in life, each other. God’s blessings to Andrew and all of you and thanks for the lessons you have taught us. With love, The Skaalens (Jim, Cheryl, Bevan, Jennifer, Erin, Jay and Chris)

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Dear Superman, If they canonized living persons you’d be my nominee for Sainthood. Rest easy with all our Love and Prayers. Nana and G

Name: The Winslow family
Comments: We love you Andrew! You are constantly on our hearts and in our prayers. Romans 5:3-4

Name: Lindsey Ness
Comments: hey buddy, i just wanted to say your amazing and i am prayin for you buddy. stay strong. you are loved by all. everyone is thinking about you, hang in there. love you andrew

Name: Paul Roland
Comments: You are in my prayers. You are in my son’s prayers (Greg Roland). Hang in there.

Name: Miranda
Comments: Hi, Andrew…you are truly a Super Man! Lots of love to you and the rest of the Thibeaults!

Name: The McCann’s
Comments: Lots and lots of love to you!!!

Name: Charlene Malone sister of Debra Clemens
Comments: God bless you

Name: The Collettes
Comments: You are forever an inspiration to many and always in our prayers and thoughts. Love to all the Tebos.

Name: jamie d
Comments: everyone knows that you are superman…….but i hope that you, at this very moment, are wearing your underwear over your pants, because that really leaves a statement. if i was cool enough to wear my underwear over my pants…i totally would.

Comments: You are a hero and an inspiration to everybody Andrew God bless you and thank you so much for being such an inspiration in my life.

Name: Lauren Adams
Comments: A hamburger, eh? You continue to amaze me Andrew … everyday! I love you a lot … and no I did not eat all your chocolate chip cookies!!! xoxo

Name: An Admirer of “Real” People
Comments: Knowing them has brought me insight, joy, and passion for life. I will forever be in their debt. Andrew and his family will forever be embedded in my heart and soul.

Name: An Admirer of
Comments: Andrew has the most incredible and loving “family”. Dave, Nancy, and Alex are the essence of what a “real family” is. Everyone can learn for them all! I love you, Tebos.

Name: Dede (MAW)
Comments: You’re still in my thoughts and prayers every day, and you occupy a very special place in my heart.

Comments: Your courage and determination is a gift to the world and will be making a difference for generations to come. Kiley’s song is right: you ARE an angel. Thank you, Andrew, so much.

Name: Jessica Rhoades
Comments: Dear Andrew, Your determination and strength is such an inspiration. Just like the energizer bunny…it helps me learn to be stronger too. Thanks for the help in my life – you don’t know me but that’s OK, my prayers are with you.

Name: Drew
Comments: Always thinking of you buddy. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Name: Colleen McDonald
Comments: Hey Andrew, We love the new bracelets! Keep the Faith!

Name: Dave & Cynthia Porter, Jessie, Drew and Thea
Comments: Dear Andrew, We prepare for the worst while continuing to hold Hope for the best. Keeping Faith that the world unfolds as His will dictates. Our family has and will always hold you and yours in our hearts and prayers. XOXOXO Dave & Cynthia, Jessie, Drew and Thea

Name: Bryan Ernst
Comments: Everyday we all pray for you. We look up to your courage and strength. You are truly an inspiration to us all!!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just got back from northern california, and we are glad to live in San Diego. Rob just came by after visiting you and I am glad that he had a chance to see you. We are proudly wearing our Andrew Tebo bands and will continue to wear it always. We love you and you are in our prayers daily. Love, All of us

Name: shelly
Comments: andrew, you are my hero. love you so much…

Comments: Stay strong, you’re in my thoughts, along with everybody else’s we all love you

Name: Audra Grossfeld
Comments: Hey Andrew! I just wanted to say that you are the strongest person I have ever met and I know you are trying your hardest to fight everything that has gone on the past two years. You are in my prayers and I will always remember math class when you would help me try to get a better test score then you. Too bad that never happened.

Name: Larry the Link in CO
Comments: Nicely written portrait of a part of Andrew’s character. Sez alot. Nice writing. Makes me realize too that (the very) most of us will pass through this world having never heard the kinds of things that Andrew has about themselves. The legitimate outpouring of love is very humbling for the rest of us as we reflect on our own impact in this world. In that way, he has been lucky, even though that may be hard for you to grasp right now. I know that luck would mean never having to experience any of this. This isn’t meant as consolation, I mean it–it is remarkable for a person to know how much they are loved and valued for being themselves. That may just be the most important thing in life.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: I’m glad I got to talk to you bud. It was good to hear that voice again, it’d been too long. I’ll call again tomorrow. Love you bud.

Name: callan
Comments: hey andrew. . .just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you and your family. I know there is nothing i can say that will tell you how incredible i think you are but just know that i do. i even bought kiley’s cd, even tho i already have a copy of it, just bc i think its so awesome what you are doing for children’s hospital. really. you are amazing there is just no other word for it.

Name: Katie Benson and friends from Chico
Comments: Andrew, you have made such an impact on all our lives and I want you to know that I am always praying for you. Stay strong. Much love.

Name: The Benson Family
Comments: Our prayers continue for you and your family. God Bless you.

Name: The Jordans
Comments: Hi Andrew, God gave you a wonderful family. We are thinking of you as are many others. You are surrounded with loving thoughts and prayers. Love, Bruce, Carol, Claire, and Mark

Name: L.A.
Comments: Andrew–i love you now,i love still…and i always will SUUUUUUPERMAN!

Name: John Angell 202-224-7800
Comments: I’ve had some limited experience with National Institutes of Health. If you need help there let me know.


Comments: GOD BLESS………………..

Comments: 90843…. WOW that many people hav visited ur website and they all care…well most of them. i saw the special note 🙁


Comments: i believe…

Comments: Hey buddy just checking in. i made u something and was hoping sometime soon i could give it to u!! god bless gotta love ya (how could u not?!?!?)

Name: jenny randle
Comments: hi you dont know me but i know the farinellies and i am really good friends withn them. i hope you are doing good. we love you superman

Comments: God Bless you Andrew………

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Andrew, you’re always in my thoughts. Stay strong.

Name: erika
Comments: andrew i want you to know that i love you so much. I dont know how to tell you without crying, but I love you……

Name: ivy
Comments: andrew i really miss you. i am always thinking about you.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: I’m pulling for you bud, I saw you last week, but you were sleepin, and I wouldn’t wanna disturb that peaceful slumber. I love you bud.

Name: Kevin Barth
Comments: Man andrew, u are awsome, i cant imagine how much u have gone through. U are an inspiration to us all to keep on trying through the hard times. Me and my family continue to pray for u. Man u are awsome.

Name: clementine
Comments: tebo…im amazed at all you do, and at who you are. YOU ARE SUPERMAN. i love you man. keep it up.

Name: LCC Student
Comments: Hey. I’m a junior at LCC I was in your biology class as a freshmen… You probably don’t remember me as I vaguely remember us talking. However, you provide me with something that nobody can ever offer, and that is life. You might not know this but there have been times where I have been down and thought that there was nowhere to turn, but I look around and see the inspiration that you provide for everybody at the school and it is tremendous. I look at myself and realize that I am nothing but a selfish idiot and then I look at you and I see a figure that everybody should model themself after. I just wanted to let you know that you truly are my hero. Keep fighting bud I will be by your side till the end.

Name: Taylorrreeve
Comments: hey andrew! always thinking about you!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: I hope that you read these messages often. They say something truly profound about you. It becomes so apparent that you are really wonderful and important to so many. The total count is now over 90,000 viewers to your website. These are all people who you have touched in so many ways. You are so special. Love to all the Tebos.

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you, Andrew. Your strength and stubborness are unbelievable. Be strong!

Name: Godmother
Comments: Andrew you are my Godchild, a special child your parents loaned to me to love.

Name: Lauren Nicholl
Comments: Still haven’t gone a day without your bracelet on my wrist. It’s lost a few beads and the leather is definitely beat up and worn down, but just like you, it has stayed in tact and that little “A” is still there for me to look at everyday. I saw a shooting star tonight and thought of you Andrew. Keep holding on. All my love to you and your family, Lauren

Name: Ryan
Comments: hey andrew my name’s ryan and i’m a sophomore at lcc. i don’t know you personally, but i do know you from word of mouth from all of us here at school about you’re courage and perseverence in dealing with your bone cancer. your struggle really has touched all of us because for you, someone our age, this cancer has shown us that things like that can affect and hit home kids our age and those close to us. tho my situation is not near as severe as or similar to yours, but i myself am a type 1 diabetic and have on occasion had to go into the hospital due to complications with it. so maybe in a way i can maybe get a little taste of what it is to be in your shoes, being in that hospital bed and having such uncertainty. i just want you to know that you’re a hero as far as i’m concerned, and that i think i speak for all of us here at lcc, as well as the whole of the community, when i say that you’re in our prairs and hearts. hang in there bud!

Name: Lorraine
Comments: Andrew, I wanted you to know your are in my DAILY thoughts and prayers and everyone in Santa Barbara that i know is praying for you!!!!

Name: The Howley Family
Comments: Are whole family is praying for you, and we hope you pull through this….

Name: Miranda
Comments: Just wanted to say “hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!”

Name: alexandra
Comments: We’re all praying for you!!!

Name: lauren adams
Comments: Hey Andrew!!! Hope you had a great time in Big Bear! I missed you and am glad you’re home! Love you lots! xoxoxo

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Andrew hope Big Bear was awesome for you. I will be home from more travel on Friday and will bring you some more goodies! Miss your smiling face! Coach Justin says “LIVESTRONG”! God bless,Margi

Name: The Collettes
Comments: We are thinking about you and praying for you everyday. Peace.

Name: Cheryl Goodheim
Comments: My prayers are with you and your family

Name: lauren adams
Comments: Just wanted to remind you that I love you and that you are my Hero!!!

Name: Kathie Jenuine
Comments: Out of the 60 JenKib Kids, YOU were chosen Student of the Year in 6th grade! You STILL are! Keep rockin’, Andrew! I think of you everyday! -Mrs. Jenuine

Name: Robbie
Comments: Whatup buddy? Hope all is well. I was bummed I was unable to see you over break because I got sick for the week. Hope to see you soon. Keep your head up! Livestrong!

Name: The Bobele Family
Comments: Andrew, we are lifting you up in thought and prayer everyday in many ways. You are such an inspiration and blessing to all of us. The butterflies have been amazing. I hope there wild flight has captured your attention. Jesus loves you and so do we!!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Always thinking about you……

Name: R. Montes
Comments: Hey bro, You’re in my prayers.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: im thinking of you superman… hang in there…youre in my prayers


Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Good Morning Andrew! You are in my thoughts and I am praying for you today. Don’t forget that Jesus has you in the palm of his hand. Much love and hugs to you and your family….

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Hey hun!! I just wanted to say hi… and let you know that im always thinking of you! you’re amazing!! livestrong

Name: Clementine
Comments: Hey Bud…just saying hello. im thinking and praying for you constantly. you are such an inspiration to me…to every one. thank you for being so strong. love you man.

Name: kevin
Comments: yo whats up andrew my friend told me bout ur fight wit cancer i hope you pull thru homie anyways god is on ur side youll pull thru it

Name: a Hulk Hogan-like person
Comments: Hey Andrew, Tell that cuz brandon to stop making fun of big daddy t. Gray hair is okay and as for him not being able to see his feet, maybe he just has small feet. Put your energy in getting well and I’ll take care of taming the unruly, relative if needed. Just let me know. You keep up the good fight with Hulkster tenacity. I hope today is a good day. Thinking about you always my friend.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: We are always thinking of you with warm thoughts and best wishes. Keep fighting and hang in there. Love to all the Tebos.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What up buddy? Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I hear things have been steady and you should remain optimistic no matter the situation because crazy things can happen at all times. Keep the head up and I will be by soon. Livestrong

Name: kaley kenney
Comments: you’re in my prayers

Name: A Loving Onlooker
Comments: Your cousin sounds like an awesome dude…sounds like he’d be fun to have around…shake things up a bit and add some levity. He is TEBO, and so are you!! Love you Andrew.

Comments: andrew…i miss you. i love you. you are such a big part of me. please never forget that. im here for you. LOVE you. kates

Name: An LCC student
Comments: I just bought your CD and i think your story is amazing, i began crying when i heard the song, i have never met you but i think that you are awesome i saw you on the news and i have never heard of anyone that is as caring as you are, i just hope you know that a lot of people here at La Costa Canyon care about you, and i hope you get better, and i mean it from the bottom of my heart

Name: Emma Hancock
Comments: Hey Andrew-im a cancer surviver myself AND a sophmmore at LCC….if you EVER need anything just give me a call im in the directory

Name: Andrew S.
Comments: Hey, I just wanted to say, good luck fighting your cancer. My cousin had bone cancer for a few years, and got through his therapy successfuly and survived. He is now sixteen years old and doing great, so good luck, man. Hey, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t donate money. I would If I had some with me and if I had my credit card.

Name: Your extraordinarily handsome cousin brandon
Comments: you went to stomp?!? yeah well i, uh, i went to uh, i went to…ok i didnt go anywhere…someday…just wanted to see whats crackin an see how its going…i talked to yo crazy whack a$$ brother but i havent seen the senile old man in a while. tell him he needs to die his hair or something, anything to hold onto his “glory days” (when he could see his toes)…im coming down soon, whether you like it or not, so be ready…ARE WE NOT MEN? WE ARE TEBO!

Name: Philly (friend of friends)
Comments: I want to recommend a book to the Tebo family.It’s called “Why Bad things happen to good people” by Harold Kushner. It has to do with God’s involvement in life and how to continue loving God and yourself even when things get tough. It’s a really inspirational and overall great book.

Name: Barbara Peterson
Comments: Keep up the good fight. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

Name: Linda MacKay
Comments: Hi Andrew, Kelly called from her Semester at Sea (she’s in Cape Town, South Africa) and wanted to call you too but it was 6am and she was afraid to call so early. So Hi from Kelly. We’re all still praying for you. Love and Hugs

Name: Katelyn Chamberlin
Comments: Thinking of you SUPERMAN! Stay Strong and know we are ALL praying for you… <3

Name: wright family
Comments: andrew, we just wanted to say that you are still in everyones prayers. we hope that all is well with you, and that you start feeling a lot better soon. you are an amazing person, and an inspiration to everyone who has heard about you. best of luck to you!!!

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! I just wanted to let you know I’m always thinking about you and praying for you. Keep fighting!

Name: Louis Petrella
Comments: Please forgive us for not getting in contact with you but you have been in our daily prayers constantly.May God give you the stregnth to carry on.Love

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just checking in, to see how it is going. Robbie wanted to stop by this weekend with ryan guy but he was sick so decided not to. He keeps up with th latest as he has a couple of classes with alex. We are praying for you daily and just remember how many people love and care about you! You are the best and the most inspirational teenager we know! Love, Marc, kim, robbie, brooke and molly

Name: HaPpY EaStEr AnDrEw!!!
Comments: You are being prayed for by so many people that God will have to give an answer for you – there is a reason for everything dear Andrew – we just don’t know what it is . . .yet! But everything is to His glory and you are such a wonderful messenger for Him – you have no idea the people you have touched and inspired and “softened”. YOU are the miracle today and forever in all of our hearts.

Name: Dorothy (Laurie’s Mom & Bills Mother in
Comments: Don’t know if Bill likes to admit that I am his mother in law…(just a joke)…I LOVE the Schwartz family..GREAT people…I can still remember you and Alex when you were just “Little Guys” and ooooo so cute…keeping you in our prayers and give Mom a “Big Hug” from Sequim, WA

Name: Tacy and Allie (and family)
Comments: Hi Andrew! We think about you all the time and are praying for you.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: love you superman. you’re the greatest

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Always thinking about you and your family. Swing in your hammock and enjoy everything around you, especially the butterflies. Please share with us your thoughts. I miss not seeing an entry on this site from you. You are a special young man. Love

Name: Kessler Family
Comments: Hope you had a Happy Easter with your Family!! Keep up the fight. You are truly one amazing guy. We’re thinking about you daily.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: HaPpY EaSTeR Buddy!!! enjoy your day, byeeeeeeeeee

Name: clemetine
Comments: just wishing you a Happy Easter… YOU’RE A HERO TO ALL.

Comments: Have a blessed and joyous Easter! I am thinking of you and praying for you. Christ our Lord is Risen today!

Name: The Nowak’s
Comments: Happy Easter to the Thibeaults. May you have a wonderful day today. You are always in our prayers and we miss you.

Name: Craig Cohn
Comments: Hi Dave and Andrew…Craig for D’s work here…just been forever since we have spoken D and just wanted to say hi…Not sure you know me Andrew but wanted to say hello…ur dad and I used to work about 30 ft from each other and talk about you, life, work, whatever…I think of you both often and always keep a good thought for you both…

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hey Andrew! Happy Easter to you and your family – a time of new beginnings and also promises of what is beyond all of this here on earth. I think we can all relate -that there has to be more than the everyday challenges this life produces, and isn’t it so like Satan to try to corrupt and intervene, to destroy what we believe and trust in for our future, to make us weak and needy in the process. Especially now at Eastertime–when God’s love is so obvious and so real. My prayer for you, Andrew, is that you rise above all of this negativity and continue to trust, to grow and to be all you can be–in spite of your circumstances. It is so easy for me to say, Andrew, but you are living proof that God is at work and is bringing others to believe, because of you. Forge ahead and know that you are being prayed for more than you will ever know. I have to tell you that you are so high on my prayer list and I trust that God has the answer. There is no where else to put it. I am so happy for

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just wanted to wish you Happy Easter! I hope that the Easter Bunny brings all of your favorite goodies. We are thinking about you and you are always in our prayers. Love, The Hartley’s

Name: tamilyn
Comments: well hello from the east coast of south africa, we spotted land today, and yes it is finally my home, so i arrive on the 28th of march in cape town , then will be flying home, to then see all the family, ANdrew you are in my prayers everyday, keep the faith, i love you man. kelly sends her best wishes to.

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: Hey Andrew, i am just saying hello from the coast of Africa. I hope all is going well with you. See you when i get home. byebye

Name: Marc Kobernick
Comments: Hi, Andrew. I visit your site often to see what’s up, though I haven’t left a message. You’re often in my thoughts with lots of warm wishes and prayers. -Marc Kobernick (Jesse’s dad)

Name: The Swansen’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and hope you and your family have a blessed Easter. Our prayers are with you now and always. Love Sue, Bill, Mike & Dani

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew….I was just thinking about you and thought I’d wish you a Happy Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you…you deserve it!

Name: Bill
Comments: Hey Andrew, i have heard that u have heard what happened. Ill be sure to donate some blood. Good Luck Buddy! SUPERMAN!

Name: Miranda
Comments: Hi, Andrew–I don’t think I can say anything new that someone else hasn’t said already, but I think you are amazing. And I want you to know I am thinking and praying for you every day.

Name: CLEMENTINE aka Amanda Clemens…
Comments: HIIII Tebo! i miss you man! just looking at my braclet again, and wanted to drop a hello…keep being Super.

Name: Carol Jordan
Comments: Hi Andrew, I know you have been studying so I have something to help you if you have Chemistry homework….. A sodium atom walked in to a bar looking sad so the bartender asked what was wrong? The sodium atom said, “I am lonely because I am missing my electron.” The bartender asked, “Are you sure?” and the sodium atom said, “Yes, I’m positive.” Mark had an organic chemistry test today so I sent him that joke also. All the Jordans are thinking of you and your family with love and we wish you a peaceful Easter. Bruce, Carol, Claire and Mark

Comments: andrew you are truely amazing, you are constantly running through our minds. stay strong buddy we are all praying for you. God Bless – The Ness Family

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: I just went through your whole guest book and Kelly Giblin must really care about you since she has about 51 messages in there! WOW! Plus I couldn’t read all of those! there is too many people out there thinking about you including the Farinelli family.

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Number of Visits to the Website: 87374 LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOU!!

Comments: Just thinking of you again…i believe you can do this Tebo…your the man. I hope your feeling better today…love you man, always will.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Keep pushing for all that you want. We loved your Dad’s insightful message about watching you and what it meant to him. You continue to inspire everyone, including your family. We are always thinking of you and all the Tebos with lots of love.

Name: ivy and jayne chippendale
Comments: hi andrew we miss you and want you to come for dinner again. my mom says she misses you

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just thinking about you superman, hope all is well. love ya bud, playin for you tomorrow

Comments: “This boy has a million number 1 fans For he is truly SUPERMAN”….Just starring at the “A” on my wrist. Thinking of you every day tebo…I LOVE YOU MAN…P.S. this phone tag game is getting old. lets hang out already!!

Name: Amy Robins
Comments: Hi Andrew. I can’t wait to buy Kiley’s song, written for you–I’ve never heard the whole thing–I’m excited! We think about you every day, and your battle against the EVIL CANCER–we continue to have faith and hope for your restored health and bright future–a renewal of body and spirit. With Much Love.

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-man, Sorry its been a while since my last message. I hope you’re doing okay and that you can survive the senioritis that is spreading to everyone. It is unusual not to hear, “I’m already in college, why am I here?” daily if not more. Just thought I would give you a taste of the LCC senior atmosphere. I hope there are more nice spring days to come so you can enjoy another relaxing afternoon in your hammock. Talk to you soon.

Name: Melissa and Leanna
Comments: Our thoughts and our prayers are with you. You are an inspiration to do something that makes a difference.

Name: Miranda

Name: Kevin Barth
Comments: hey andrew it is kevin barth. I just want to tell u, that u are a AWESOME person and are so brave. My prayers are with u. Sincerly Kevin Barth

Name: -written by lcc student-
Comments: Andrew! yay 10 News leadership award! You are an amazing rolemodel Andrew we have never met but You are always in my thoughts! Sit still Don’t cry In your dreams you learn to fly. In our Prayer and In our thoughts, is where your thought of lots and lots. In our hearts you’ve played big parts. Stay strong, Stay True, Don’t be gettin’ down and feelin’ blue. We’re here to stay, lay here and pray. Your beautiful, Beautiful inside and out. Your strong, So strong. Your fighting the fight, Your in the light. Our love, we love,they love god loves you. Bless you, We bless, He blesses you

Name: Walter Bill Yeats
Comments: Let me “third” that!

Comments: Hey Andrew’s Dad–Thanks for sharing your image of a perfect day. A good reminder to us all-savor the simple things. They are often the most beautiful. Thanks.

Comments: Hey Andrew’s Dad–Thanks for sharing your image of a perfect day. A good reminder to us all-savor the simple things. They are often the most beautiful. Thanks.

Name: Trevor Carr
Comments: Just a simple whats ups man…Keep it real.

Name: Heidi Marvin (Dr Marv)
Comments: Our prayers and best wishes continue to be with you and your family. You are an inspiration to thousands! Keep up the fight, Andrew!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: Just thinking about you always SUPERMAN. love you bud, always will

Name: Jim Smith
Comments: Congratulations on your Eagle and your Leadership Award.

Name: gregory farinelli
Comments: hi andrew. get well soon. you are in our prayers

Name: The Collettes
Comments: For those of us not in San Diego who couldn’t see the actual TV leadership story…we did access it through the Internet by doing a Google search. We read the story and watched your video. What a star you are! We heard your Dad and saw your Mom. This is so great. We are impressed as always with you and what you accomplish. Always thinking of you and your family with love.

Name: Degnan, J. (2005)
Comments: procrastination….ain’t it lovely. cause that’s what i’m doing…but don’t worry i still cited my name in correct APA style so as not to lose any points in my grade. one week and it’s spring break and i’ll be showing my beautiful face around your domicile? any requests?…like…… I don’t know…maybe an ass kicking in HALO 2? cause last time was a fluke. but you already knew that, huh.

Name: Katie Benson and Kelsey Wright`
Comments: Hey Andrew!! Congrats on the leadership award!! We hope you’re doing well and always thinking of you. You’re such an amazing person and we admire all that you do. Stay strong. –Katie and Kelsey

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, hang tough. I will be home in about two weeks, and I will be over there ASAP (but dont expect any massages FROM ME!). You’re doing great bro. I love ya Andrew.

Name: Cousin Bill
Comments: Andrew, the channel 10 snippet was awesome. It was presented in a very classy way and your gift to the hosp. showed your compassion. Say hi to L.T. for me. Bless you.

Name: Seany
Comments: Thanks for the “props” Dave! Glad my method could be of some service to Andrew, 🙂

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, We hope that you had a great time at stomp and just getting out and about. I am glad to hear that you have good counsel in your brother alex! It is spring break for some of the colleges so I am sure that you will have plenty of visitors! Keep up the fight, you are truly amazing!! Marc,Kim,Rob,Brooke and Molly

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: heyyy just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well. hang in there buddy! ..thinking of you…

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Cuz I’m hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today, Take this music and use it Let it take you away, And be hopeful and he’ll make a way I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay. cuz we hopeful everyone is hopeful. hang in there

Comments: View Andrew’s Leadership Award Clip!

Name: Miranda Toledo
Comments: Andrew, I am so proud of you–Channel 10 picked the right man for the award \”/ Praying and thinking of you and your family–Love, Miranda

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Andrew- I missed your debut on the news, but I hope to see a re-play from someone who taped it??? (Anyone???) Anyway, all this goes to say–every day is worth a lot and YOU make the most of each and every. You are touching many lives and you are teaching me to slow down and enjoy TODAY! Every day counts as a new gift and thank you for your continuing perserverance, hope, and faithfulness. God is so proud of you Andrew and so am I. You rock. Keep on keeping on, okay? I am so impressed by you and I hope you are having an awesome week. Love from Linda Armento

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: look at you gettin’ all famous. hope you’re feelin’ as good as you’re lookin’. love ya superman.

Comments: Oh, yeah– you rule! Now (because of Channel 10) even more of the world will know it!

Name: Debbie Greve
Comments: Hey Andrew, I live near Chicago and I just saw your Channel 10 segment on their website, along with the video clip. Very cool! Congratulations! Rock & roll, buddy!

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Darn!! I was hoping to be the first one to sign in and tell you how awesome you were on TV tonight. I’m sure many more will follow mine. Enjoy your fame! And know that we are thinking about you and sending our love.

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Andrew: Just saw you on the Channel 10 News tonight. It was so awesome. You truly are one amazing one man. You absolutely deserved that award. WOW!!! Hang in there bud. Be strong.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Congrats on being a recognized for your work on the materials for Children’s Hosptial…and on TV. You are a star! Even people who do not know you will now know what the rest of us do and that is that you are a true star who amazes all of us everyday and in so many ways. WOW, Wonderful and oh so cool. Love to all the Tebos.

Name: ivy
Comments: heyyyy andrew hows it going? i hope that we can hang out soon…maybe this weekend? if you havent already, we should watch wimbleton! have a good day

Name: A guardian angel
Comments: We judge a man’s wisdom by his hope— Our greatest glory consists NOT in never falling, but in rising every time we fall—Ralph Waldo Emerson Andrew, you are beloved.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Movie Star!!! Haha, that’s great you get the recognition for all the hard work you put into this video cassette project! Take care bud!

Comments: You are an inspiration…keep up the courage and stay strong! Your amazing!

Comments: Just wanted to say keep fighting Andrew, from someone who doesn’t know you at all. You are truly an inspiration.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just thinin of my superman. youuuuu’re awesome, nothing less. love ya bud

Name: Matthew Jaeger
Comments: What is up Andrew? I’m a friend of Miranda T’s. She keeps me up to date on your situation and I wanted to let you know I’m praying for you. Miranda thinks the world of you so I’m sure must be a quality kid. Best Wishes, and God’s blessings!

Name: Matt Flood
Comments: Keep on keeping kid, people that don’t even know you are rooting for you.

Name: Dorothy Batson (Laurie Schwartz’s Mom)
Comments: WOW Andrew..Heard you are going to be a celebrity on Channel 10..what a great project you completed for Eagle on the site that you drove your car…you are ONE TOUGH GUY…Laurie has kept me posted on the recovery of your Grandpa Schwartz…and how well he is doing…you got that good ole “Schwartz Blood” in you…take care and keeping you in our prayers…give Mom a “Big Hug” for me…

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Happy Monday! I want to hear more about this March 10th TV spot. Fill us in. What’s new? Thinking of you.

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-man, Sounds like you have been keeping busy with school work. That makes two of us. I hope you’re feeling stronger and happy. Have a good weekend!

Name: The Sauer Family
Comments: Andrew we love you and you are always in our prayers! Tom says “mooooooooo!”

Name: Nancy Rothrock
Comments: Andrew! Hey, I did not mean to remain anonymous lol …nr

Comments: Hi Andrew! Heard you were home and I will be watching Channel 10 on 3/10/05 to see you get your reward! Welcome home and “Good Morning Sunshine, Wake Up Buttercup!” LOL 🙂 I sincerely hope all is well with you, God Bless you…Thinking of you always, take care.~nr

Name: Kelly Mac Kay
Comments: ANDREW!! hey man! i am now in India and was finally able to check you website to see how you are doing. i am thinking of you always. love you byebye!!

Name: Brett J Benson
Comments: Your a hero to many Andrew, and your beyond the word cool as well. If you ever need anything, this Irishman will glady lend a hand. Peace Bro.

Name: Carrie Dew
Comments: Hey Tebo, It was good seeing you again last week. We’ll stop by again soon. Hope you’re enjoying those exciting soccer videos haha. You’re awesome! Love, Carrie

Comments: liveSTRONG buddy

Comments: MR. TEBO- You HAVE TO turn all of these writings into a book one day. I know not only will I read it again but it will inspire others who are either under the same conditions as andrew or as yourself as a parent. You talk about important facts about andrews health as well as what its like to help a cooperating son. God bless you Andrew.. keep fighting your prayers are with me always.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just wanted to say hello superman and congrats on the leadership award, definitely well deserved

Name: Seany R.
Comments: Ditto. Hang in there buddy… life can be a real bitch as you and I both know, but its worth fighting for. If you ever need anything, wanna go do something, or even just chill @ the house, lemme know. Your Dad’s got my # if you want it. Hey, if you feel alright, you and I can cruise for chicks in my red convertable… trust me, its a magnet (even when going through treatment 😉

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Dear Andrew, You are on our minds, part of our conversations, and definitely in our hearts every day. We send you all of our best thoughts and wishes.

Name: Cheech Marin
Comments: Wow man. Good to hear that people are still smoking living rooms. Nothing like a good mellow sofa. Andrew, you will love college this fall. People there can smoke dorm rooms.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: So glad to hear that you are like a free-flying bird, driving around with the sun shining on you. We miss the ocean and want to come out and share it with you and your family. Keep up all your efforts to kick this thing out the door. Stay well.

Name: Robbie Hartley
Comments: Hey Andrew! Hope you are loving being back at home and closer to all your friends. Just wanted to say whats up and let you know we have been thinking about you. Glad to hear you are progressively getting better and fighting. The next time I am up in Encinitas I will be by to hang for a little bit but until then MUCH LOVE!

Comments: hey there, hope all is well, i havent talked to u in awhile, and know that ur always in my thoughts…take care bud! much love

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just thinking of my superman. love ya budddddy

Name: Andrew Nacario
Comments: Andrew, I’ve been thinking about you a lot and know my mom stopped by last week. I wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration to me! My family and I talk about you constantly. You are awesome man…GOD BLESS!

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What up buddy…glad to hear things are continually getting better. You are the topic of conversation daily between my friends and I. I hope you are having a good time at home and are able to enjoy the little sun we are getting! Promise to be by soon, but until then take care. livestrong

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Andrew you are seriously awesome!!! and an inspiration to all!! always thinking of you!

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-man, I hope all is well. Congrats on driving out into Encinitas on Thursday! I miss you and I am going to stop by soon. Wasn’t it amazing t hear Kylie on the radio? Keep your spirits up and we’ll have a Harry marathon soon!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: i freaking am amazed by you superman, you’re the greatest darlin’. love ya bud

Name: Jenna… Ryan’s friend
Comments: Hi Andrew. I’m one of Ryan’s and the Fink’s friend. For the last 6 months I, and my school (Santa Fe Christian), have been praying for you daily. Just wanted to let you and your family know that we think about you constantly and send our best wishes. I cannot even imagine what you are goin through but our Father does. God bless you, Andrew. I Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient and my power is made perfect in your weakness.”

Name: Deb Fritsvold
Comments: Hi Andrew, I am a very good friend of your very good friend, Leslie Gelles. She asked that I tell you that she carries you in her heart and that she loves you. She isn’t feeling well today or she would be writing this. And I say that any friend of Leslie’s is a friends of mine. Take care, dear friend, and know that a lot of people love you and are thinking of you. Deb.

Name: Virginia and Sarah Mann
Comments: Andrew – we were so happy to help you with your video collection for CH. CSU San Marcos collected hundreds of videos on your behalf. Sarah (sophmore at LCCHS) spent a week in Children’s Hospital around Christmas and you were her inspiration. Our best wishes to you!

Name: Ray Combs
Comments: Andrew, Word Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: the hometown hero known as superman…….woo love ya

Name: LT
Comments: It’s awesome that you can smoke week legally now 😀 Can I come take a hit 😀

Name: The Collettes
Comments: So glad that you are home.

Name: Miranda Toledo
Comments: Hey Andrew–Thanks for having me over last night–it was fun hanging out with you and catching up (smoked up living room and all \”/) Hopefully we’ll see you this week at the B-ball games!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: thoughts pour through my mind every single day, love you always superman

Comments: GOOD MORNING FROM VIETNAM, yip, i have been staying on the largest delta in vietnam, and i am having the most amazing experience. From nearly dying on theship to now,it just undescribable.SO i will have to comeby in the summer adn bringyou tons of photos. I am thinkin and praying for you , kelly sends her love.

Name: kathy fritz
Comments: andrew, my son kyle paben played soccer with alex and i remember you at some of the games. we are thinking of you and praying for you. hang in there.

Name: Kyle Paben
Comments: Hey andrew I played soccer with alex for a few years. Hope you’re feeling ok and I’ve been thinking about you since I heard. I have a disease of my own, so I can sort of relate, but I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you and your family and I hope you get better.

Name: Jamie Lee
Comments: Wishing I was home to come see you Andrew. Thinking about you so much up here. Always praying and always thinking about you. Forever Superman!!!

Name: Katie and Brett Benson’s Family
Comments: You haven’t heard from us in a while but prayers from Bethlehem Lutheran, good thoughts and vibes are being sent your way daily. Love to you, Alex and your parents. Jim, Pauline Brett and Katie Benson

Name: Bill Hood (aka Logan’s Dad)
Comments: Andrew – Welcome home. Hope you like the new colors in the house – I really enjoyed painting your place – and especially thinking of you coming home to see it! (Logan’s room is next – what do you think about black and orange? Maybe pink, just to bug him?! Ha! Ha!) Think of blue skies to come – and waves of good days coming your way! Take care – Bill

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey Bud, I’m in Arizona right now with the girlfriend; just thought I’d send some thoughts your way. I miss ya bud, and my Sping Break is in a little over a month, so that is all the time for us to catch up.

Name: gary
Comments: i love men. lets get down

Name: 420
Comments: Blaze up my bro. snap all of the dankies but dont drink the bong water.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: thinking of you as the rain falls. enjoy your day superman, love ya bud

Name: The Bruners
Comments: Hi Andrew!! We are so glad you are back home. We are praying for you honey! We love you

Name: Paula McCann
Comments: Hello to you…I have a cool banner and some tapes of the boys & girls soccer games played in your honor (Senior Night) against Mt. Carmel. Not too exciting of games but something for you to watch. The girls from the team will call you next week and stop by if you are feeling up to it. Glad you are home and if you or your mom needs anything, please give me a buzz…love to you.

Name: Miranda Toledo
Comments: Hi, Andrew! It’s been awhile since I’ve written you, but I think and pray for you and your family every day. CONGRATULATIONS on coming home…WOO HOO!! \”/ Jon and I will be by to see you soon! -Miranda

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Hi Andrew! Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you on this rainy day and I hope you are feeling well today. So glad you are back home! My prayers for you are endless!

Name: cuz Bill
Comments: glad you are diggin’ your made over crib. And mom likes it too. whatever it’s got to be awesome to be in your crib again. late.

Name: JT “and Nicole and Kipp and Jeff”
Comments: What up buddy. I hope everything is going well with you. My friends say “what up!!?!”. Did you hear from Kelly? Her boat got hit by a FRICKIN tidal wave!!!!!!!! She was stuck in Hawaii for a WEEK! Can you believe she was COMPLANING?!I’m stuck here in SNOW!!! WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?

Name: kelsey bulkin
Comments: Sir Andrew, I am truly amazed by this site. It’s beautiful to see how one individuals fight brings out the courage in the rest of us. I send my thoughts and admiration to you and your family.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: thinking of you superman, thinking of you all the time. here for ya, you know that. love ya bud

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew! So glad to hear that you’re back at home…there’s nothing like your own bed! You are one strong boy….I admire you greatly!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: i don’t know how you do it, but i know there is no one else who could. i adore every bit of you superman. love ya bud, always will

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hey bud, I am so glad to hear you’re finally out of the hospital and having some time at home. Your girl Faith looked pretty damn nice at the Grammys.

Name: Billy (your cat)
Comments: I missed you soooooooo much! I’m so glad you’re home! Love Billy (your cat)

Name: Amy
Comments: Hi Andrew! I’m thrilled that you are home, finally. At the hospital today, it did my heart good to see someone else’s name on the door of room 120–hahaha. Jane says she misses you! My very best.

Name: The Graeser’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Christen truly enjoyed visiting with you. We think about daily and you are at the top of our list of special intentions. Hey I watched the Grammy’s with Christen and I learned who Maroon 2 was, Ha. Hey but I did enjoy ALL of the country singers. And boy is Keith Urban cute! So glad you are home. Be good. Love Melani Graeser

Comments: Soooo glad your home Andrew.

Name: Susan McMonagle
Comments: So glad you’re feeling better and are home now! Congrats on the Eagle Scout. You’re a high flyer.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: So glad to hear that you are home. That is the best news ever. Yeah!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Glad to hear that your are finally home and can relax without alot of poking and proding! I know that big easy chair is better than a hospital bed. Keep fighting and continually amazing everyone. Love, All of Us!

Name: Pam Reynolds
Comments: I’m sorry..I didn’t know you were home until I read the guestbook! Wow, that’s great. I’m so happy that you are finally back home and that the pain monster is finally under control. Andrew, I know you as one heck of a great guy…but after reading all these emails…it’s pretty clear EVERBODY LOVES YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day again!

Name: Pam Reynolds
Comments: Hi Andrew! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: because i have been wearing an “a” on my wrist for two years now and having you home is the greatest valentine’s gift a girl could ask for! love ya superman

Name: The McCann Family
Comments: Love,prayers and thoughts are with you…when you are home with appetite we want another excuse to hit Ruth Chris and you be it!!!let us know. Keep fighting…Jamie, Paula, Kelly, ALlison and James McCann

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: So glad to hear that you are home Andrew – you must be so happy to have finally escaped! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family – to repeat what someone else said – “do you feel the vibes?”

Name: The Nowak’s
Comments: To Andrew and family: Our love and prayers go out to you on this Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t it be a great day to come home?

Comments: Hey Man. It’s Valentine’s. We love you man, do you feel the vibe?

Name: nick tessieri
Comments: hey andrew… i don’t ever think i met you, but i know a few people who seem to be really solid friends with you. i just wanted to say that you’re an amazing kid – and that i’ll be praying for you as much as i can. god bless my friend. -nick.

Name: Chelsea Westcott
Comments: There are so many people praying and believing in you. I give you all of my prayers.

Name: Jamie Lee Clave
Comments: hellloooooooo tbo. wishing you all the best. im praying for you all the time and constently think about you. forever and always superman.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Hang tough bud. I know it sucks to have to keep going through this, but I know you’re going to come out on top big man. I love ya and miss ya.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: thinking of you all the time, can’t wait to see you. love you buddy, more and more every single day. you’re the greatest superman

Name: The Thibeaults
Comments: Hey Andrew and family want you to know you’re in our thoughts and prayers. The kids have been enjoying some snow days we havent seen this much snow in awhile more light snow today we got about 10-14 inches ontop of all the snow from the last blizzard. Hope you feel better soon Andrew. Love Greg, Laurie, Steph and Chris

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, We hope that you can come home by chariot sometime today. It is pretty ugly outside, and if you stick your head out the window you might get wet! We are glad to see that you are getting some relief from the pain, and that you can get home to your own bed, in the newly remodled house! As always you are in our prayers. Love, All of Us

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What up Bud… it was great seeing you again yesterday. It is very encouraging to hear that things are going as they were typically planned. I hope you felt well enough to make it home today but if not, the time is near. So hang in there and things will turn out. Take care

Name: cousin Bill
Comments: patience, brave, blessed, just a few words I looked up in the dictionary and found a picture of YOU. Fighter was one of those words too. Email me some of that pain, I’ll gladly take some from you. God Bless your strength.

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: Andrew, Hope that nausea is under control and that you are freed from the hospital today. Continuing in prayers, Ravonda Schwend

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hope that today is a home day. Always watching, thinking about you and praying. Love.

Comments: Hey Andrew…what is up with your house? I was reading some entries and some people mentioned something about your house? Hope you are able to manage the pain Andrew…we all pray for you to come out of this healthy and happy

Name: AJ
Comments: Hi Andrew and family, You don’t know me; I was just checking out the RSF soccer web for tryouts for my daughter and they had your website posted. I read each of your web entries and they all speak of one amazing individual!! You keep fighting, Andrew-show em how it is done!!! I will be praying for you and your family – when I was reading of your horrific pain, it reminded me of the verse in the Bible that says “God himself will be with them; he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying NOR PAIN any more, for the former things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:4) May God give you an abundance of comfort and peace! Love and blessings to you all.

Name: Louis Petrella
Comments: Keep hanging in there Andrew you are constantly in our prayers.Lou & Julia

Name: The Liberty’s
Comments: Hey Andrew – I have been traveling for work waaaay too much – I got a phone call that your home is lookin’ pretty awesome and your mom is really happy – isn’t that what we were goin’ for? Be over with some goodies – hang in there – you are always in our prayers. Hugs from the Liberty’s

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: always on my mind superman. the house looks amazing, yet it missing its king sitting on his throne. can’t wait ’til you come home, love you buddy

Name: Carol Jordan
Comments: HI Andrew, As I was reading some of your mail, I remembered a joke. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fa Drizzle Mark and his friends thought it was funny. It is nice to think of you smiling. Love, The Jordans

Name: shannon
Comments: hey andrew…whats up….i hope you are doing well. i am callin gyou right now, but youare not picking up so whats up..hehe….we have to hang out some time

Name: Ls
Comments: God Bless you today Andrew. Today is the begining of Lent and hopefully a begining of a cure to your disease.We pray your pain is manageable and the medicines do the work they should. You remain in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Name: Carol Jordan
Comments: Hi Andrew, I hope your experience at Scripps La Jolla was clinically excellent. I worked in the Pathology Lab there for eight years when Claire and Mark were younger. I always felt the facility and staff were the best in San Diego. What a blessing to think your pain will be better managed. Dr Jordan says Hi and that you have great teeth. All of us pray to see you at home in Carlsbad soon. Love to you and your family, Bruce, Carol, Claire, and Mark Jordan

Name: gangstas don’t have names……(but mine is jamie)
Comments: so i’m driving along today, down the mountain, when i decide…hey, this is a good time to rally… i start to rally around the windy roads…like ya do….until i notice an area covered with an excessive amount of ice and snow….so i think to myself, hmmm…this looks like a good area to slide around….so i give a little tappy tappy on the brakes, but what i should have done was a little down shifty shifty. incidently, instead of sliding around the bend nicely….i slide around the bend and then off the road and miss a pile of rocks to my right. well anyways its funny now cause nothing bad happened. but hey you know…i think i need to leave you with some words of wisdom…..and here they are…….life can be tough, but no matter what happens,….stay iced up like a freezer!….GGGGGGG-UNIT!

Name: Touched
Comments: You are an incredible inspiration. Thank you for touching so many lives. God bless you, Andrew!

Name: Cynthia, Rusty, Mitch and Connor Griffith
Comments: Congratulations Andrew on your Eagle! Way to go! What a great project! Love, The Griffiths from Troop 776

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: constantly thinking about you superman as many others are as well. love you, always will


Name: The Collettes
Comments: Hurry home…we will send some Cold Stone. My favorite, too.

Name: Nancy Rothrock
Comments: Hello Andrew! Dropped in to say “Good Morning Sunshine, Wake Up Buttercup!” LOL 🙂 hope all is well with you, God Bless you…Thinking of you always, take care.~nr

Comments: You are truly and inspiration. The Tebo’s, though I have never met them, will always been in my heart. Good luck, Andrew.

Name: Ivy
Comments: Andrew i am thinking of you and i miss you alot. i cant wait to see you!!

Name: Haley
Comments: srry superman We love u

Name: taylor
Comments: u did ur best


Name: kelly giblin
Comments: thinkin of you superman, always am

Comments: Hey, I’m a frequent visitor too. I check a couple of times a day because I want to know how Andrew is doing without intruding (I know him through church and community but as a 60’s something lady her really doesn’t need a visit from me). It’s amazing to me that over 100 people can visit this site almost every single day. Andrew, you touch lives. Thank you just for being you. We are blessed.

Comments: Andrew, Love You! What about accupuncture for pain! It really, really, REALLY helps. There is a husband and wife team in Encinitas that are amazing.

Comments: I too am thankful for the more frequent updates. I check your site every day, it helps me to put things into perspective. I have been going through surgeries for retinal detachment, in hopes of saving my eyesight, but it’s nothing like the battle you are having for just one pain free moment, and for your young life. God Bless you Andrew, and family.

Comments: Andrew (and Dad)thanks for the frequent updates on your website. By nature I am not a patient person. Your example of taking it “one day at a time” with grace and dignity (and an occasional, and very understandable retraction here and there) is a lesson I am absorbing almost daily when I click on to see how Andrew’s doing. Thanks for sharing.

Name: Paula
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just wondering how you are doing?I think of you often and pray for you and your family. Take care my friend Paula at Scripps

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Talked to your brother last night and got me up to speed. Sounds like you’re handling this pain the best anybody could possibly imagine, and I know soon enough you’ll be out of that hospital and back home. Take care bud.

Name: Angela Smith
Comments: Hey Andrew, I haven’t written to you for a while, but I wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Congratulations on receiving the high honor of eagle scout!! I am so proud of you. That is definitly a big accomplishment. I hope you start feeling better soon, and that some of that pain medication will give you some much needed relief. I think of you often, and hope you are doing well. Love, Angela 🙂

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: Andrew, Push ups — amazing!! Unforunately we are familiar with the IV pole trips, but maybe girls are a bit more predictable. We haven’t jerked out any needles yet. So glad to hear the port is functional now. What a relief — so nice to have a ray of sunshine amidst it all. Still praying for you, for a resolution to the pain issue and that they can find a treatment that will help. God’s daily grace to you.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Good to hear that you are out of bed and on the go. Impressive. I bet that home is next on your mission to keep moving forward. Can you walk home with your Dad in tow? Have patience with him, he tries really hard to keep up.

Name: Schwartz’s
Comments: Andrew, you rock! Hope you are going home soon. I’m sure Billy is missing you.I’ll bring Monca and Panca by to see you soon and also a Mango-A-Go-GO!!!!Continued prayers for pain relief. Love you!!!!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: i don’t know how you do it, but i love the fact that you do… i guess it’s just what a guy named superman does. love ya buddy, always will

Name: tamilyn
Comments: Well, the prayers dont stop, we are hitting up 10 countries, so guess what, YOur story is going around the world. We love you andrew.

Name: Sam Lea (Jordan Vergas friend)
Comments: Hey Andrew have a wonderful Valentines Day.My family wishes you well.I pray for you to have a wonderful life.We love you Andrew.Olivia Lea wishes you well so much.We love you.Happy Valentines Day.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: Hey buddy, it was great to hear from you the other day over the phone. You sound a lot better!!! Anyways just wanted to let you know I am here for you, just like the other 78,000 people that think of you on a daily basis. Stay strong and I will be by very soon. Take care!

Name: LS

Name: Anyone and Everyone
Comments: We all HATE the thought of you suffering in pain…may they find SOMETHING to ease it. With hope and faith…Anyone and Everyone God Bless

Name: Kennedy Gilbert
Comments: Hey Andrew, I hope you will get over your cancer! I will say a prayer for you.

Name: taylor
Comments: Hey i hope u get well soon. I just heared about what happened. Im crossing my fingers andrew. FROM TAYLOR M.

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Get rid of that terrible infection and get home. Everyone wants you home, including your cat. Save us some donuts.

Name: David Eccles, Past Council President
Comments: Congratulations. You are an inspiration to us all who care about others. As a scoutmaster and leader I have had about 50 eagle scouts, so I can say with authority that you are one of the best. God bless you in your life.


Name: kelly mackay, tamilyn, and ashley
Comments: hey andrew, i dont know if you know, but our wonderful trip around the world has slightly been delayed due to a horrific storm so now we’re in hawaii! anyways, we just wanted to check up on your and see that you’re doing ok. we all love you so much and hope to see you up and about when we get back. we’ll have heaps of pictures to show you 🙂 love you sooooo much! byebye

Name: Taylor Mitchell
Comments: Keep on truckin’, kid. You have the kind of strength that the vast public does not, and it will take you to great heights in life. May we all be as blessed as you are.

Name: Jme_D…..cause i’m a gangsta
Comments: gangstas don’t leave messages….sucka a.k.a….i’ll see you in march cause i feel i should get a rematch, i was unprepared that day. and ambushed. don’t try and deny it.

Name: Courtney Forrester
Comments: Andrew… Congrats on becoming an Eagle Scout… thats awesome!! Your the man! Your always in my prayers! luv ya!

Name: Kelly Giblin
Comments: superman – – providing hope for others since 1987 – – love ya buddday

Name: Brendan Gaughan (Michael Farinelli’s neighbor)
Comments: Hey kid-or should i say man. Congrats on becoming an eagle scout. Love ya bro. You can do it superman.

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Andrew, what do you think about me selling t-shirts for you? tell me your favorite colors.

Name: taylor
Comments: hey i hope u get well soon taylor

Name: Monica Farinelli
Comments: Hi Andrew. We all love you and are praying for you every morning, day and night. Hang in there.

Name: The Rothrocks (Jason and Nancy)
Comments: Eagle Scout! Faith Hill! GREAT! What’s next? May healing hands come your way, our prayers are with you. Andrew, it was fun collecting tapes for your Eagle Scout project, WOW, 3,000 of them…people really showed up! How cool is that! Listen, do ya have any ideas for another Eagle project? Jason needs a nudge…LOL~Best personal regards, Nancy Rothrock

Name: Another LCC Family
Comments: We keep hearing about your courage…we pray for you everyday…keep up the good fight.

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: i just keep thinking about you everyday….hang in there buddy, you can do it 🙂

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew…hang in there big guy. We are so sorry to hear that the pain won’t quit. What about medical marijuana? Isn’t is legal in CA for this purpose? You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love to all the Tebos.

Name: another angry friend
Comments: we all must be naive then – I don’t understand when a child(but almost a man – sorry) is in pain why some stupid doctor just doesn’t step up to the plate like this young person has for so long – ridiculous that there is so much bureaucratic bull!

Name: Angry Friend
Comments: “Clear and reasonable guidelines”–sounds very academic. Hmmm. What about human pain and suffering? I guess I am naive.

Name: Godmother and your Insurance Agent
Comments: Andrew, We moved your bedroom dresser for you. Oh…..we also found your fireworks {:

Name: Susan Hinckley
Comments: Hey Andrew! It was great having you drop by last summer, I can’t tell you how I much I have thought of you, I was so happy to see you “walk in the door” – very nice surprise, you looked great and your happy face and great smile stay in my mind…..I am so sorry to hear of your recent challenges and we all send our prayers and best wishes for your health and happiness…..I have followed this website since it started, (nice job dad)….Andrew, just because you are almost 18 don’t start chasing those cute nurses around 😉 and say hi to all your family from me and all of us here…..Mike says a personal hello and get better soon……we think of you so often….take care, Susan

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! Congrats on becoming an Eagle Scout! Just wanted to say hello and kepp fighting! Love ya!

Name: Aunt Donna
Comments: Hi Andrew. When I think about all the accompishments my brothers have made, the most spectacular are my four fantastic nephews. You are all such bright, wonderful people. Brandon has a talent few could ever imagine. Chasen is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Alex can do anything he sets his mind to. And you, well, you have an extraordinarily special ability to inspire and motivate people to be better than they are. That really is what it means to be Superman! And Brandon is right – his dad knows you’re fantastic, as do we all. luv ya, kid!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Hopefully that epidural will help with the pain,it is amazing to me that in the year 2005 they can’t find something for you. We are thinking about you and hoping that the pain will ease soon. Superman is a great word for you because there is noone else who could have withstood this for this long. I think Bionic Man would be a good one too! It continues to amaze me how many people check this website everyday, over 77,000 people have been here and left messages, i hope that some day i can say that i touched the lives of 77,000 people. You’re the best! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Cousin Bill
Comments: Congrats on the Eagle Scout award. You are the video KING. God Bless

Name: Yo cuz B-Dizzle fo rizzle on da wes-side fo sheezy
Comments: dude, youre a friggin eagle scout. thats off the hizzle. congratulations are in order, but words hardly do justice. i dont know what to say other than youre friggin incredible man (and i know my dad is saying the same thing). were way proud of you man. chasen and i are coming down again soon, no matter how hard alex and your dad try to keep us from coming! -Are we not men?!?!?! We are Tebo….

Name: Lauren
Comments: Hey buddy, you may not remember me but I hung out with you a couple of times with Brooke and Ryan. Just wanted to say congrats on the Scout honorship and that I wish I could achieve what you have. You’re truly inspirational man

Name: Gregory Farinelli + Brendan Gaughan
Comments: Congradulation on becoming an eagle scout! hope you get better ASAP

Name: The Krausz Family
Comments: Congratulations, Andrew!!!!! What an incredible goal to reach. You are always in our prayers. Our love to you and your family.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: keep lookin at that A on my wrist….love ya superman

Name: Henry Herms
Comments: Congratulations on your promotion to Eagle Scout. Sorry I don’t write as often as I should, but I want you to know that I’m waiting to congratulate you on a FULL recovery. I know you will fight this and pull thru. Keep up the GOOD FIGHT and GOD SPEED your recovery

Name: Colleen Bruner
Comments: Andrew honey, Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout. I’m impressed with your determination! You’re amazing! Honey we are praying for you daily that God will comfort you and ease the pain. We love you. The Bruners

Name: Jamie D
Comments: did i mention they were the peanut butter kind?………………..cause they were……..they were the peanut butter kind.

Name: jamie(space)Degnan(exclamation point)
Comments: Eagle scout huh?…wow. that’s impressive. i’m not sure i really know what to say. I ate a girl scout cookie once. that should count for something right? ok ok…so i ate the whole box…….”LAY OFF ME I’M STARVINNNG!”

Name: The Afsahi Family
Comments: Andrew, Congratulations on earning your Eagle Scout award. You are an inspiration to us all. We think of you and your family so often and send our thoughts your way. God bless.

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Dear Superman, Kudos and accolades on your recent accomplishment. What’s next? Mount Olympus? Don’t stay too long or they’ll mistake you for one of the gods up there. It’s one thing to become an Eagle Scout, but to have achieved the rank through the veil of adversity is doubly commendable. Love Ya, Nana and G

Comments: SALUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s an incredible young man amongst us. We knew that even before he got his Eagle Award. This just goes to show ya!

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout Andrew! That shows so much perserverence and dedication on your part, which I know has also pulled you through this journey you are on. What an amazing guy you are….facing each hurdle and tackling it, head-on. You bless me every time I read about you. I’m continuing to pray for you, Andrew, and will never stop asking God to heal you and ease your pain. With this message comes much love from our family to yours.

Name: MaryKate
Comments: I’m a friend of Adrienne Keene’s, and I know how much your life has touched hers. I followed a link from her to your website, and I’m so moved, impressed, and motivated by the great works you accomplished yourself and inspired in others. As someone who has needed blood transfusions, I share your gratitude to those who give such a simple but important gift.

Name: Courtney Forrester & Danielle Farinelli
Comments: heyyy andrew!! We just want to let you know that we are always thinking of you, stay strong!! You’re in all of our prayers up here in Santa Barbara!

Name: brooke hartley
Comments: i just wanted to say hello and see how you were doing.enjoy your day buddy… youre in my prayers!!!

Name: Larry Collette
Comments: Just wanted to add my congrats on the Eagle Scout accomplishment! Plus consider this: 2,882 movies at approximately 2 hours each=240 entire days worth of movies or 66% (two-thirds) of an entire year’s time worth of movies. That is one enormous accomplishment and a great gift you have given to others. And that doesn’t even begin to measure the happiness you have delivered for those who will view them. Amazing.

Name: The Neubauers
Comments: Congratulations Andrew on getting your Eagle Scout. We are very proud of you. (Did you know that Rich was an Eagle Scout too?) We hope you will soon be home and feeling better. You always did soar like an EAGLE!

Name: Doug Heflin
Comments: Andrew-dude! Big-time congratulations on earning your Eagle Scout status — you certainly worked hard for it, deserve it, and will be a fine representative! Good luck with all those drugs I can’t pronounce and keep on fightin’! Keeping those strong, positive thoughts and vibes for ya, doug

Name: THe Hartley’s
Comments: Congratulations on your Eagle Scout! That is another huge accomplishment underneath your belt! It doesn’t surprise us as you are an amazing man who continues to surprise everyone! Keep up the fight and we hope to see you home soon. Love, Marc, Kim, Robbie, Brooke and Molly Hartley

Name: The Ferris Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, What an awesome accomplishment! 3000 tapes – you should be very proud. They must love you at Children’s!! Congrats on becoming an Eagle Scout, that’s a major achievement! But then you are the king of major achievements! Hope you are back home again soon. See you in a bit. Love ya!!

Name: Tom Reid
Comments: Congratulations, Eagle Scout!

Name: Maria Swalley
Comments: Congratulations on achieving Eagle Scout! That is a high honor that not too many experience. You must be so proud of that accomplishment….I know your dad is!

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: CONGRATULATIONS on making Eagle Scout!!! You deserve it my man.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: congrats on eagle, more then deserved – – every single day superman, each and every one of them. love you dearly

Name: The Swansen’s
Comments: Congratulations on making Eagle Scout! It is such an amazing accomplishment. We are so proud of you and feel blessed to call you “friend.” Hoping you will feel well enough to come home soon. (I see your little friend misses you, too.) Love Sue

Name: Billy (your cat)
Comments: It’s been very quiet here without you. I’ve been listening to the stereo, but it’s just not the same. Come home soon so I can snuggle up with you. You’re the best Andrew! Love Billy (your lonesome cat)

Name: Debbie Greve
Comments: Andrew, I’m so happy that you completed your Eagle Scout Project; and with a bang! at that. Being an Eagle Scout is a great honor and shows determination and the ability to follow through. I wish for you some pain free moments and a plan that will work. Stay with it..

Name: The Collettes
Comments: You did it! Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout. Not everyone can do that and you did it. In the process of your meaningful efforts, you also made Children’s Hospital a better place. Keep astounding all of us with all that you do. We are always watching with love, admiration and prayers for you.

Comments: Eagle Scout – WOW -Congratulations! You have always done gone above and beyond. We are blessed to have you in our lives and in our community. As the old Irish Blessing goes “May the road rise to meet you . . . may God hold you in the palm of His hand.” I believe you are in His hands and our prayers are right there with you.

Name: Coach
Comments: Andrew – just like on the playing field you go above and beyond and do more than your share for your project. Great job on becoming an Eagle Scout!

Name: John, Elizabeth, Matthew, & Katherine Leonard
Comments: Andrew: John felt so priviledged to be a part of your Eagle Board of Review and Court of Honor. We are so proud of you! We pray for you daily, and Matt is always asking about you. Sure glad that he got to visit with you before he went back to UCLA! We hope to see you back at home soon.

Comments: CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW! Well deserved and earned. Your much admired. Stay strong and know that your not far from everyone’s heart. From an admirer

Name: The Spiro Family, Mark, Barb, Kevin and Rebecca
Comments: Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout! Wow, if anyone ever deserved it, it’s surely you!

Name: Ryan G.
Comments: I believe that I proved that I am not the worst Halo player on the planet, as we all thought, no that title might possibly belong to Jamie D. Anyways I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Name: TayTay
Comments: hey andrew! always thinking about you! positive thoughts::

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: think about you constantly, day in and day out. adoring you to the fullest my superman….love you

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Good luck bud, I know you’ll get through this like you always do. Congratulations on the success of your Eagle Project…3,000 VHS tapes?! Atta boy, that is an amazing gift…just like you.

Name: Natassia “college girl”
Comments: Hey Andrew- It’s been much too long since I have last stopped by to say hello, and I have no excuses except I am a freakin dork! I have so much faith in you, and I hope everything is getting better for you! Lots of love. God bless.

Name: Nolan Giblin
Comments: What up buddy? It was awesome spending time with you the other day, I think we all had a great time. Again, I was very impressed with the way you deal with the pain and the determination you show walking those halls. I see the struggle you continually go through and admire everything you have accomplished. Take care and I will be by soon again…and I will make sure to bring the $10 I owe you. haha talk to you soon

Name: Teresa Roberts
Comments: St. John School (whose mascot, coincidentally, is the eagle) sends all their love and prayers, especially the 6th grade class who coordinated the video collection project for our school. People couldn’t wait to help and will be so excited to hear that you made Eagle!! What an incredible accomplishment to add to your long list. I remember, long before my son entered Troop 776, hearing about the Tebo boys and what model Scouts they were. You couldn’t be more deserving of this honor– you have truly earned this rank. You are nothing short of a heroic role model not only for Boy Scouts, but also for all of us. Thank you, Andrew, and we hope that, whatever God has in mind for you, you will rest in the knowledge that “God will raise you up on eagle’s wings.. make you to shine like the sun…and hold you in the palm of His hand.” Hope you can get home soon and bask in the love that surrounds you from so many corners of the earth.

Name: Dean and Dran Reese
Comments: May God grant you strength. May you seek his wisdom for life and living. And may God shine his face upon you and heal you.

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Wow Andrew! Your Eagle Scout project sounds like it was a huge success. Congratulations on a monumental project. I hope you can get out of the hospital soon. I’m sure thinking of you!

Name: Linda Armento
Comments: Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and the challenges you are enduring. Andrew, you are so loved and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for treatment for the pain you are in and I pray for peace to overcome you. Just remember that God will never leave you or forsake you. I know that is easy for me to say….but what else do we have to count on? Just know that we love you and we care….Linda Armento

Comments: As I sit here thinking…what could I possibly say that wasn’t already said? Just know Andrew that you are in just about everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Your not far from our minds and hearts. All our Love…from afar

Name: Carla
Comments: Andrew you have to hurry home. I’ll tell you when you get here. Well maybe

Name: Drew
Comments: Andrew… just look at how many people have visited this site! That is really a good sign of how many people are thinking of you everyday. I know things may be rough right now, but just keep that mental strength. I am sending healing vibes your way each and everyday. I hope to see you in a few weeks when I come home to visit. Keep strong dude.

Name: kelly mackay
Comments: andrew, i continue to think of you daily while on board here at semester at sea. keep fighting and i cant wait to see how far you’ve gone when i get home 🙂 love you

Name: Jamie Lee Clave
Comments: Hiiiiiii TBo… Greetings from the Sacramento International Airport. I am flying home to sunny San Diego. Hopefully I can bring some of the sun back up to Nor Cal. Everyday I am amazed of how remarkable you are. You are a huge inspiration to not only me, but everyone around you. (Even others you don’t even know.) Keep up the fight. Everyone is here for you. Love Always, Jamie

Name: The Titus Family
Comments: Hey Andrew, if “No pain, no gain” is a truism, you are setting yourself up for one amazing payoff! You are in our thoughts and prayers every day!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: Andrew, What do we say to someone who is such a great inspiration to so many, other than thank you. You have made our lives better because we are kinder, more understanding and more thoughtful. Keep fighting for what you want and being the inspiration that you really are. Love.

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that you’re such an inspiration. Keep fighting!

Name: Collin Erie
Comments: Keep up the fight dude

Name: Katie Benson
Comments: Andrew–You’ve inspired us all to appreciate what we have work hard for what we want. Keep up the fight Superman. I’m always sending you good vibes. –Katie

Name: A Friend
Comments: You are such a brave guy! My whole bible study is praying still… I hope all is well and you aren’t losing faith! God is there for you, remember that everything happens for a reason! : ) Philippians 4:13

Name: Kaley Kenney
Comments: Andrew, you’re such an inspiration to us all…you’re in my prayers every night, hang in there…

Comments: yo yoo! just sayin hi!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: your name is superman for a reason. love you.

Name: Sarah Kibbee
Comments: Hey Andrew! I was just checking up on you via the website…hang in there, buddy…you’ve got lots of people out there saying lots of prayers for you!

Name: Kevin O’Connell
Comments: You’re my hero, my prayers are with you.

Name: eileen goss
Comments: I know too well how difficult your fight is, but it is what it is. I wish you peace on your journey, wherever it takes you.

Name: Mary Tigue-Velardi
Comments: You don’t even know me, but I feel like I know you. Gary Untied’s mom, Pat, is a friend of mine through my previous church. She’s been keeping us updated on your trials and we’ve been praying for you since all this crap first hit you. (My favorite stories were related to your driving experiences!) Hang in there.

Name: The Brown Family
Comments: Keep fighting Andrew. Our family prays for you daily, and we won’t stop!

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Andrew, Sorry to hear that u are back in the hospital, hopefully they will find something to help with the pain. Just remember tht there are plenty of people who are praying for you and thinking of you daily. Keep fighting! Love, The Hartley’s

Name: Keith, Bonnie and Ryan Regan
Comments: We just want to check in and say hello. We are looking forward to seeing you and we know that will be soon.We send all our love and smiles. Don’t forget, we are thinking about you everyday! Say hello to your Mom and Dad for us. Love, Keith, Bonnie and Ryan

Name: Laurie And family
Comments: Sorry to hear you’re back in the hospital,but do hope and pray that you get some pain relief.We think about you every day and pray ,pray, pray for you!We love you.!!!!!!!

Name: The Collettes
Comments: We love you and your family and think of you always with only the fondest thoughts.

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Andrew, whats goin on with ya? Been a while since we talked and havent heard much recently on the website. School is KILLING me right now, it’s such a wonderful feeling…ew. Hope all is well bud, miss ya.

Comments: Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. Jeremiah 17:14 “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: because you allow the impossible to seem possible. loving you everyday more and more superman

Name: Laura Malter
Comments: Prayers and love to you! (from troop 776)

Name: Christian, Susanne, Jacl, Hayden and Lauren
Comments: Andrew: We haven’t met, but are members of St. Andrew’s Church in Encinitas. We have been praying for you since we heard of you and your fight. Keep fighting–you are a courageous young man, and there are many, many people who are pulling for you!!! We are friends of Katelyn Silverwood and her family, who have helped to support the Make A Wish benefits. We hope you had fun with Faith Hill. How cool was that? Katelyn herself is a cancer survivor–she graduated from TP last June, and is now at Santa Clara University. We just saw her over Christmas break. I know she would love to get in touch with you. Her email address is She is an inspirational wonderful gir. We are keeping you in our prayers. Love from the Bentley Family

Name: So many friends
Comments: Hey Dude! You just keep hangin in there. You are so amazing. Everyone loves you so much. You are blessing to anyone who’s path you cross. Miracles do happen. So please try to hang in there!! xoxoxoxox

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just wanted to say hello to the one and only superman, you’re awesome and i absolutely adore you. love you dear, adios,see you soon

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Hi Andrew! It’s a gorgeous, sunny Sunday. I hope you get a chance to get out into it a bit. I’m thinking about you, as always. With Love.

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Dear Andrew. I want you to know that I think about you all the time. There is no word in the English Language that fully describes your character or your courage. I may have to submit to Webster, a new definition for the word “Andrew”; unrelentingly courageous, toughest of the tough, bravest of the brave,determined beyond human comprehension.

Name: Mandy
Comments: Hi Andrew. I met you in Vegas at Faith’s show. I wanted to let you know that we’re all thinking about you here in Nashville and hoping that you’re keeping that beautiful smile on your face! We feel lucky to have met you and your family. Take care and keep in touch! xo Mandy

Comments: John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: my main man, superman – – – hellllllo. i’d have to say the amount of tapes you raised was very much impressive, so a job well done. had a splendid time hanging, just as always and keeeeep smiiiliiing. love ya budddy

Name: The Hartley’s
Comments: Hey Andrew, Just checkin in to see how you were doin! We are always thinking about ya and we hope to see ya soon. I am glad to hear that the trip back east was a good one. Keep up the fight! We love ya!

Comments: hey andrew! happy new years! and merry christmas! my new years was spent in mammoth..but i slipped on some ice and hit my head! yikes! what a way to ring in the year!! hope all is well! we’ve all been thinkin about you!

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-Man, I am so glad to hear your road trip went well! Did you do to Texas? If you did, I am very jelous! Anyways, I hope you had a good new year and are taking some time to relax. Congrats on the amazing collection of VHS tapes too! I know you’ll make it to your Eagle Scout rank. I will talk to you soon, dude!

Name: Adrienne Keene
Comments: you’re in my thoughts and prayers everyday, andrew, and I am constantly amazed by your strength and courage. keep it up, we’re all praying for you up here at stanford.

Name: Ravonda Schwend
Comments: Andrew, Still praying for you often, in so many ways, here in SC. Hope that a clear plan will emerge from the specialists soon on how to proceed. May you find comfort in the Lord as you wait. Ravonda, Mom to 21 yr old Tracy Chrondoblastic Osteosarcoma Dx 3/2004

Name: Nikki Grant
Comments: Hey Andrew, I’m sorry we haven’t seen you in so long. I talk to my mom often to get as much info as I can about you. I want you to know we have been and will continue to be praying for you. We are planning to come and see you in the very near future. I hope everything is going as well as can be. If you or anyone else get a chance send us a little note back, we’d love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Andrew, again I apologize for not visiting or writing sooner. We will keep up the prayers. Take care of yourself and know you’re loved by many.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: just wanted to say hello and hope you are enjoying the rain while sitting by the fire sippin’ on some hot chocolate! love you my superman, always will.

Name: Anna Poponyak
Comments: HI Andrew- its been a while, I am really sorry that i didn’t come visit during Christmas, the vacation seemed to go by so fast. I have been back at school for one week and i am already ready to go back. Kelly told me that you went to Texas, i hope that went well, I have been praying for you. I hope all is well, hope you grandparents are doing well. Peace OUt Andrew

Name: katie
Comments: hey my love, just saying hello and preparing you for my phone call…miss you a whole lot, and lets plan on hanging out soon like after school. love you. you give me happiness in this crazy, messed up world. you’re always on my mind. love, katie bendix

Name: Randy B
Comments: Hey Andrew! You don’t know me, but my daughter Molly does. She never takes her yellow bracelet off. Ever. I read your dad’s notes pretty regularly. I keep trying to write the words in my head to say how amazing you are, so I am writing them to you today. You are some incredible fighter. Your mom’s notes are wonderful. I keep you in my thoughts. Randy B

Name: Catherine
Comments: Hey Andrew- I’m a friend of J-Degs, and I wanted to give you a shout out from here in Orange County! Looking at all the comments posted by your friends and family, it’s obvious that you have amazing support, but I just wanted to let you know that The O.C. is holding it down for you…and thinking about you- Catherine

Name: j.degs
Comments: so liiike…what’s the haps my man? i’m hanging out on a rainy day crocheting (sort of like knitting), watching a movie and baking cookies. wait, no…i mean, i’m using a power drill and i’m building a gun rack. Enough with the rain already damnit. so i’m coming over tonight, so be ready….cause i’m going to slaughter you in video games. you pick it..i’ll crush you at it. i don’t mess around. I’ll show you how we do it out in B-town. so until then…as the italians say….ciao.

Name: Susan Kessler
Comments: Been thinking about you lots. Keep your chin up bud. You amaze us all. Keep up the fight!!

Name: Nana and Gramps
Comments: Dear Superman, It’s so gratifying to hear that your eagle Project went “over the top” Another demonstration of all the kind folks in your corner. Incidentally, what did your Dad mean by “love notes as appropriate” in his last blurb? Love and hugs, Nana and G

Name: Drew Bangert
Comments: Hey An-man, I hope all is well. I look forward to our Harry Potter marathon soon! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Keep up the good spirits and never give up! I will always have faith in you and I love you man!

Name: Clementime
Comments: super duper superman!! just saying HELLO, hope your holiday and new year was happy! keep up the strength…movie time soon! for reals this time ayy?! love you man.

Name: Amy R.
Comments: Hey Andrew! I noticed that the number of ‘hits’ on your site is 73337–definitely a lucky number. So I thought I’d post. I’m having a glass of wine at this very moment, and am toasting to the next phase of your courageous battle and ultimate WIN!!! Fight on, Oh fearless one!!!!

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: so you’re pretty much the world’s greatest. still adoring you superman, love ya

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: Hey dont forget how i eat my ice cream……mmmmmmmmmmm… tasty

Name: Erika Redlinger
Comments: I miss you Andrew!!!! I hope you had a great new year!!! I love you sooooooooo much and I want you better soon so you can come pick on me again like old times!!!! Love you and have a good night sweetie

Name: Jessica
Comments: hey andrew, my names jess and im a friend of your cousin brandon. i’m keeping you in my prayers. good luck with everything <3

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: happppy new year superman!!!! love ya budddddy

Name: Marc Sawyer
Comments: Happy New Year Andrew! I hope this year brings you great health and speedy recovery. I love ya bud.

Name: Megan Miller
Comments: I’m a friend of Jamie Clave’s, and I can tell she loves you very much and you’re such an inspiration to her. Stay strong.

Name: maria
Comments: Happy New Year, Andrew!!

Name: Victor Graves
Comments: Hey Andrew, just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! And to let you know I am thinking and praying for you, and know you will make it through this once again. Oh and tell your brother that I have been steering clear of 7/11, but stopping at home depot every chance I get.

Name: Maria :0)
Comments: Hey kid! I know you’re way the heck out in Boston or Texas…but I want you to know that I’m praying for you and all those doctors. Can’t wait to see you! It was awesome to spend time with you on Christmas! Love u kid.

Name: the nacario family
Comments: we wish you and the family a happy fun new year. we continue to pray along with others in the prayer chain at north coast calvary.we would love to bring the boys over to visit sometime. if there is anything else you need email think of you often.

Name: kelly giblin
Comments: superman’s turnin’ a cowboy out in texas and hope you’re having a great time. have an awesome time in boston too, keeeep waaarm!!!!

Name: Megan Forster
Comments: Hey Andrew! Hope you had a great Christmas, and a good New Year’s! Keep staying strong!